Plans to expel Mujuru allies resisted

HARARE - Plans by supporters of Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to unseat Zanu PF provincial chairpersons perceived to be sympathetic to embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru have hit a brick wall.

This emerged over the weekend after the party held tense provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meetings in almost all of the country’s provinces, where moves to either suspend or expel seating chairmen took centre stage.

In the Mashonaland East PCC, the executive defied President Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and Mnangagwa’s supporters, saying they had confidence in the beleaguered provincial chairman, Ray Kaukonde.

Sources who attended the meeting said yesterday, central committee member and Marondera West legislator, retired brigadier-general Ambrose Mutinhiri moved the motion that the province fully backed Kaukonde.

“Mutinhiri was the one who got the ball rolling by stating that the province fully backs the executive, including plans to expel Mujuru allies resisted Kaukonde. (David) Chapfika seconded the motion and said the province was united in its support of the executive,” one of the sources said.

“Everyone who attended the meeting agreed that we are all behind the executive and everyone is united. Ministers Sydney Sekeramai and Olivia Muchena also attended the meeting,” another source added.

Recently, Mugabe and his wife accused Kaukonde of sponsoring factionalism and causing mayhem in the party during the First Lady’s rally in Marondera.

Supporters of Mnangagwa have since moved to try and expel Kaukonde, riding on the First Family’s publicly-stated dislike of the man.

Some war veterans in Marondera, led by Patrick Makombe, have also threatened to stage a demonstration against Kaukonde for allegedly fanning factionalism in the party and protecting white commercial farmers in the province.

In the Midlands PCC meeting held on Saturday, plans to suspend provincial chairman Jason Machaya also hit a brick wall after his supporters apparently mobilised youths and war veterans to demonstrate against his ouster.

“The attempted vote-of-no-confidence failed to take place as war veterans, youths and women who support Machaya countered it at the conference, waving placards and denouncing factionalism,” a party insider who attended the meeting said.

“So, in the end they (Mnangagwa’s supporters) could not go ahead with their plan. The meeting then went ahead with deliberations on the forthcoming congress,” the source added.

Similarly, a provincial executive council (PEC) meeting held on Saturday in Masvingo and attended by 35 members,  affirmed retired brigadier-general Callisto Gwanetsa’s leadership of the province.

The PEC meeting also unanimously resolved to pass a vote of no confidence in Gwanetsa‘s deputy, Paradzai Chakona.

Gwanetsa is said to have argued that his purported suspension was a nullity as Chakona had not followed proper procedures.

Chakona on Thursday said Gwanetsa had been booted out for allegedly promoting factionalism, abusing office and failing to execute his duties as chairperson.

In Harare, sources said there are continuing plots to oust chairperson Amos Midzi also for allegedly fanning factionalism, a fate also facing the Manicaland chairperson John Mvundura.

All these machinations led party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo to speak against the expulsions of provincial chairmen on Friday.

“I have heard about Gwanetsa and am surprised. Is this how things are done? We are aware that there is a congress but some of the things happening are not okay,” Gumbo said.

Temba Mliswa was ousted as the Mashonaland West chairman earlier this month and the politburo has since moved to affirm the decision against all expectations.


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Please do not say the mnangagwa camp its the mugabe-mnangagwa camp , not that mugabe likes mnangagwa more that mujuru he is just destabiising the mujuru camp which had become too strong for his liking

Harare - 3 November 2014

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Flixcom Solutions - 3 November 2014

It's befittiing to not that these PEC will be considered to be consisting to be Gamatox. Anyone who goes against the weevils is Gamatox even if there is no hidden motive at all. Some people are just logical and want to do the right thing every time. The PEC knows that these Chairpersons have been delivering hence their ousting should be through proper channels like the congress not being baby dumped before their time.

Minister weevil - 3 November 2014

That camp is no longer Mnangagwa camp it is now Mugabe camp, Mugabe has taken over this faction.

maita - 3 November 2014

The brain of anyone over 90yrs old is equivalent to that of a 10yr kid. Gushungo revealed how old age has taken its toll on him both mentally (his speech delivered in Shona at Shake Shake hse on 30/10/14 was incoherent) and more important physically (both wrists and all fingers are irregulary swollen and deformed due to a crippling arthritis which even NIKKUVU cannot remedy). And so Hon. Dzikamai Mavaire was right. Mugabe should GO.

Tico - 3 November 2014

The rules of power are that if you don't organize for someone to take over from you and you continue to think you are the only one who can run the organization, your subbordinates will form factions agains you and against each other. And you will be responsible for the consequences. Mr Mugabe is the cause of the factionalism in his party, simple!

chenjerai hove - 3 November 2014

Thanks Jah...... imagine 1/2 a liter of bronco that cheap all junkies from the ghetto would flock to MSU me included 1-Broncleer is sold in 100ml at $4.00 2-Marijuana is sold for a dollar a satchet abouth 50grams 3-Mugabe and Zanu PF suck 4-There is no God, Miracles,Demons,Luck, Angels,Mdzimu,Madlozi is an imaginary social construct, to control people 5-Islam is bullshit and very violnt especially the Hadis and the Sura they kill everyone who disagrees(infidels,apostates) 6-Mathematics frees the mind from prejudice and superstition 7-Theres no life after death,heaven,hell. 8-Zimbabwe is a failed state........ 9 The biggest lie Zimbabweans have been told is that if they vote Mugabe out the whites will colonize Zimbabwe 10- Mugabe and Zanu -PF refuse to accept that corruption and neopotism bred by him in the country has destroyed the state while MDC and Tsvangirai refuse to acknowledge the effects of the REAL economic sanctions on our economy

zimbabwe is FUCKED - 3 November 2014

dream on but joyce wont rule in zim

cheyameni - 3 November 2014

What about this one from Mujidjeen "So its allowed for Grace to campaign for the higher post but Mai Mujuru is forbidden . Zim gyz enlighten me on this one . It is sinful for the VP to campaign for a post but its not sinful when a first lady campaigns for the same post . Samanyika vafarisa rimwe zuva vakati handichaziva kuti imwi ndini kana kuti ini ndimwi. Kuridza here pito yekuti Mujuru akafa ngatitambudzei mukadzi wacho . But what i know is that the God i know is for Widows and Orphans . He has never abandoned them from the beginning up until kingdom comes." muhidjeen - 1 November 2014

Sikorokoro - 3 November 2014

Tico kunyepa Cde Mugabe is still twice as rationally strong as you. And, a ya, Daily News each passing day shows you are fighting in Mujuru's corner.

Observer - 3 November 2014

grace ndiye asingafi akatonga nyika, neither munangagwa, plan yamugabe yekuda kusiira grace chinzvimbo failed, mugabe wanted to use munangagwa kuti agosiira grace chinzvimbo, kana grace ashaya mukana mugabe haafi akasira munangagwa nekuti anoziva kuti imbondi angaurairwa mhuri, remember mugabe was coughted saying, 'mujura, munangagwa is fit for office' hazvishandi, mujuru ndiye achato-tonga, they are failing to find a formula to block her, then nyika yedu inobva yanaka, mujuru likes the west, how can we asked to hate the west, whilst we are told to like the eats who are doing nothing than looting our minerals to china, what chinese are doing in our country, we are struggling with electricity, no roads, no everything but asked to clap hands for them, for what? we are now a chinese colony, if we chase away the americans, the chinese too, vanhu ve zanu imbwa dzevanhu

mambo - 3 November 2014

mambo maita hasha zvinji. machaina maramba zvedi. hanzi vaombererwe kuti zviite sei? look east yaramba here nhai mambo?

taurai - 3 November 2014

The living truth is that Mujuru is the one with the ball, hence every idiot in Mugabe/Munagagwa/Grace camp is trying to disposes her. But the truth is these idiots won't win because unlike few years ago when Bob was strong and fit and dictating whatever nonsense, people in Mujuru camp have rightfully realised that Mugabe izizi without horns, hence they are prepared to take him head-on. Fight on guys, 90% of Zimbabweans are totally behind Mai Mujuru.

Muchandiona Munondidii - 3 November 2014

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We have said it before and reiterate again,noone is above our struggle there is no boss in our revolution but we are all Cdes there difference is others are active portifolio holders whereas others are not.So you the Zvipfukuto led Mugabes,Mnangangwa team are doomed.We Zimbabweans are not like west Africans so we will not let you go the Blaise Campaore because of the spirit of comradeship.You remain our heroes,however, now corrupt,unethical and divisive elements.That is why our victory is justified as our cause for the struggle is clear in team Gammatox.

carson Macate - 4 November 2014

If reports about the faction fights in ZANU are true that it is actually a fight between Western powers and the Chinese with Mujuru being aligned to the West and the other faction with the Orients, then the battle has already been won. Most Zimbabweans regardless of race or political affiliation would not have a hard time choosing between the Chinese and the Europeans. The Look East policy has totally failed, it has actually made our lives a living hell. For just that fact, I symphathise with Mujuru. We all know everyone in that party whether a weevil or poisonous Gamatox is corrupt to the core, how many farms do they each own, how much shares did they assign to themselves through the controversial 'Indegenisation policy', how many of them are deadwood recycled over and over again for the main aim of looting resources?

Dr Know - 4 November 2014

MAKOROKOTO Mash East for being men-enough to stand up to Mugabe. Now the revolution has started. The old man's magic spell is broken.Come on Zimbabweans its time to reclaim our country from MugabeThis country is not his and Graces's private property. t The old man is running scared.ZIZI HARINA NYANGA!!!!!!!!!

Johno - 4 November 2014

Viva team gamatox!

toxic - 5 November 2014

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