'Mugabe riding a hungry tiger'

HARARE - While President Robert Mugabe seems comfortable being the leader of two factions fighting within his Zanu PF party, analysts have warned he is riding a tiger which he can only disembark at his own peril.

They believe that, while Mugabe has for a long time played the factions led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa against each other, his latest move to take sides with the Mnangagwa faction in the convoluted succession race could devour him.

In his first public reaction to the boiling succession pot last week, Mugabe put up a brave face during a luncheon to mark the official opening of the Second Session of the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe, claiming Zanu PF was a solid party, and seemingly taking sides with the Mnangagwa faction. He said all the infighting that has been going on would be dealt with at the forthcoming December congress.

“The party, party, party bleeds,” Mugabe said. “Some war is going on in my party. People want positions and they want to push senior people out.

“Those things are not acceptable. If you are in a certain position, use it effectively. Do not to push others out as if you have delivered in your current position. I can assure you that Zanu PF is a solid party. We will not allow that nonsense.”

He implored party members to unite and stop fighting each other.

He warned those working to succeed him to stop, saying he was still around.

Commentator Cathrine Murambwi said the latest developments within Zanu PF point to the fact that Mugabe had lost grip of a force engineered from his own bedroom.

“He is certainly not happy with the factions and while he sides with the Mnangagwa faction (in support of his wife), he is also aware that Vice President Joice Mujuru is a force that cannot be ignored,” Murambwi told the Daily News.

She said while Mugabe plays the stable leader, it was evident that the once-lovely pet was now showing its teeth, ready to pounce.

“Because of the bickering in his party, Mugabe is now behaving like a tired, fearful leader whose train has gone off the rails,” she said.

Media activist Tabani Moyo said Mugabe rides on balancing the interests of the two factions and taming the powers of the one which would have shown capacity to outdo the other.

“So the long and short of it is that, there are no party elections at congress as the provinces will nominate candidates soon and Mai Mujuru will retain her post and Khaya Moyo,” Moyo predicted.

He believes while the statements by Grace Mugace might have caused public panic, she was not in any party or government structure until appointed as such at the congress.

“This entails that, while the threats could have caused tremors to public sentiment; it has in actual fact consolidated factional groupings in the party,” Moyo said, adding that it should be noted that Mugabe has never shown interest in shaking the top four in his Zanu PF party.

“So it is given before us, there was no need to convene an extra-ordinary meeting to discuss Grace’s utterances because that was going to sound like undressing the president and his wife,” he said.

“After all, the first lady’s threats will not change the political dynamics on the ground.”

Opposition NCA spokesperson Blessing Vava said Mugabe was a shrewd politician who has survived on a divide and rule policy.

“The more the factions fight among themselves, it leaves him untouchable,” he said

Amid the fights, Mugabe is keeping his cards close to his chest.

“He will leave it to the official organs and platforms of the party to deal with these issues, like at the congress, but we all know that he has his ways of intimidating and whipping into line those whom he does not prefer prior to the holding of these meetings and ultimately it is his preferred choice that prevails,” he said.

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    continue dreaming dailynews.anyway you are paid by joyce to shape public opinion.but joyce wont be president of zim.go back to working for your families

    cheyameni - 3 November 2014

    why read the daily news if you are not happy with thier coverage of this story? why follow them all the time? There is nothing wrong with people choosing who they want for president. let there be competition friend this is what was missing in our coutry for long. we welcome this development. whoever outstarts the other camp should be allowed to lead the country. the loosing camp can form an opposing party if they so wish and that would create real competetion for governance. no need to denigrate people. let what would be - be.

    tula - 3 November 2014

    no one said joice will rule zim but who ever is going to rule should be identified for bob'S time is coming to an end. vakura sekuru nguva yamwari yave pedo.

    asi chii - 3 November 2014

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    Flixcom Solutions - 3 November 2014

    The day Mujuru is ousted i will hang myself because the future of Zim will have been doomed.

    muhidjeen - 3 November 2014

    @muhidjeen...kwana. Hanging yourself for what?

    selele - 3 November 2014

    Now its in all who have clear mind to be able to see that Zanu PF is a Satanic Party!Too much blackmailing and dirty tactics all in the name of Factionalism.The work of Jonathan Moyo to sweat poor Journalists at Herald coheiced to jot downs cooked lies and image excretion smearing!Zanu PF has finally exposed itself.The have no interllect to govern and develop the country,they have master thinkers in tarnishing the person's image and to kill.Blame game is their art.They managed to fool Zimbabweans that Tsvangirai is used by the British and Americans.Now they use the same too to bedevil anyone who is in Mujuru's faction.It was Mai Mujuru,Themba Mliswa ,Sundaymail nailed Kaukonde as a sexual pervert,now its Gumbo.It is no secret that who ever side with the devil will be devoured by the very same devil one day.Taming a hynea will attack your kids one day.This party called Zanu Pf is now showing true colours if one has a clear mind.Its for all to see that we have been made a destitute nation with no basic infrastructer as a result of greed vampires who have no idea of how to develop a nation but to destroy it and to kill innocent beings.Robert Mugabe has failed to run this state ,and only sane person will support Mugabe's agenda to handover power to a former typist who have no knowledge of running her own kitchen.A typist who failed to obtain 5 subjects at A level and have the effrontery to bring the academic heritage to shame,by claiming to be awarded a Doctrate degree UZ academic authority under duress . The country has fallen and it has fallen !Forget Sovereignity utterances by the nanogerean,the colonialism rhetoric monology on each and every podium.Colonisation ended long long time and there isnt any.Propaganda never build roads,bring food on the table. Mugabe must go!Mugabe should go he failed ! Mugabe must go he failed !Mugabe should go he failed.

    Mugabe Must go - 3 November 2014

    @Mugabe Must Go.Spot on Mugabe treats Zimbabwe as his own property.Mugabe and his in-laws are filthy rich and have appointed each other in top postions in government.They own vast tract of land which they barely utilise.Whilst the people wallow in poverty and Mugabe blames the west instead.Its a pity the people in the rural areas are coerced to believe this cheap propaganda.

    Guranyanga (Dr) - 3 November 2014

    we are our own enemy as a people. we idolise these leaders till they conclude that we are happy with the status quo. there is nothing wrong telling our leaders what we do not want as long as we do it respectfully and democtratically. we should learn to treat our leaders as poeple not to idolise them. look what the mdc t people are doing to tsvangis. tomorrow he will turn against them once power is in his grasp. right now he is refusing to go and they will be stark with him for many more yrs to come. leaders are humans just like us. lets not idolise them. Ngatinamatei Mwari kwete munhu anemazuva mashoma ekurarama panyika. vamwe pazambia apa vakaurairana sata. nhasi uno arikupi? we are our own problem.

    zvirozviyedzwa - 3 November 2014

    Koo ngava ridzezve Pembe Yekuti Mai Mujru takudzinga nekuti you are corrupt. That will be the beginning of an ugly end. Do not look down upon a quiet person and judge her to be a fool. This is what you call Hondo yeku Tonga Nyika.

    Karigamombe - 3 November 2014

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    GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 4 November 2014

    The president is like riding on two horses, of which if one horse gets frustrated it will stride away from the rider leaving the rider falling...that is the situation with the factionalism currently faced.

    Love Zimbabwe - 4 November 2014

    No comment form Chihuri and Chiwenga why on this circus?. Are they victims or winners in all this . They commented on the rise of MDC and have managed to bring on its knees. Are they plotting the same with Amai Mujuru?

    mujidjeen - 4 November 2014

    Chiwenga is a Mnangagwist and Chihuri is a Mujurist!

    John o - 4 November 2014

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