Politburo rejects 'wafer-thin' Grace report

HARARE - The vast majority of politburo members contemptuously dismissed Zanu PF secretary for Women’s League, Oppah Muchinguri’s report on First Lady Grace Mugabe’s “Meet the People” rallies that was presented at last Thursday’s tense meeting of the party’s highest decision-making body.

Impeccable sources told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that this rejection of the “biased and wafer-thin” report is what forced President Robert Mugabe to establish a commission of inquiry to probe factionalism in the troubled party.

Curiously, Muchinguri’s report, which is in the possession of the Daily News on Sunday, did not delve into any of the contentious issues such as the scurrilous attacks on Vice President Joice Mujuru by Grace, a development that left many in the politburo “thoroughly unimpressed”.

Despite many skirmishes and violence marking the so-called “Meet the People” rallies, Muchinguri claimed that the gatherings, that were held in all the 10 provinces of the country and left the party on the verge of collapse, were successful.

“The Women’s League is of the opinion that this very successful programme aroused such interest in the party that the party is called upon to embrace similar programmes in the future,” reads part of Muchinguri’s report.

Skirting the contentious issues of corruption and alleged acts of treason that Grace raised against Mujuru, Muchinguri’s report surprisingly focused on issues relating to sanitation, load-shedding, erratic water supply, harassment of vendors and “the need for peace and unity in the party and Zimbabwe generally”.

This left the politburo unimpressed, leading Mugabe — who had earlier on told bussed party supporters that had been brought to the venue of the meeting by Mujuru’s opponents that his wife had every right to enter politics — to resort to damage limitation measures, after respected politburo members such as Angeline Masuku complained about the first lady’s conduct during her controversial rallies.

Mugabe swiftly moved to rescue Muchinguri by mooting the idea of the commission of enquiry to probe the party’s rampant factionalism that threatens his party and also singled out Mujuru and Mnangagwa as leaders of factions.

Mugabe has also since fingered both Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Mujuru as the leaders of rival factions in the party that are angling to succeed him.

But it was the conduct of his irascible wife that pre-occupied the politburo meeting. For example, Grace addressed bemused party supporters in the Matabeleland provinces in Shona and also accused the men from the region of being lazy bones that were only interested in procreation.

Grace also accused men from Matabeleland South of not developing themselves, but only being interested in going to South Africa to do menial jobs.

A furious Masuku said she was surprised that Grace, a person she regarded as a child, would make such scathing and ill-advised allegations.

Grace also attacked party supporters in Bulawayo, who walked out on her while she was still addressing them.

“You are disorganised Bulawayo. This is disrespectful. We are about to finish. Sit down. Where are those women going? Anyone who doesn’t sit down will not receive the farming inputs I brought,” she said in annoyance,” Grace said.

But Tshinga Dube, a politburo member, said organisers of her rallies were to blame for the chaos that took place in Bulawayo, since they started distributing maize seed packs while she was still speaking.

On the other hand, Rugare Gumbo, Zanu PF spokesperson, is said to have accused his fellow politburo members Emmerson Mnangagwa, Patrick Zhuwao, Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere of having hijacked the first lady’s rallies for their own narrow interests.

“Gumbo took no prisoners and accused Mnangagwa of plotting to denigrate Vice President Joice Mujuru. He accused the Mnangagwa faction of plotting another coup and when an angry Mnangagwa tried to stand up and defend himself, he was told by Mugabe to sit down,” said on one of the high level sources.

There was initially a feeling in the politburo that Grace’s first rallies were for the good of the party, but the events had degenerated into a factional project when Moyo, Kasukuwere and Zhuwao allegedly joined up with devisive elements in the Women’s League to hijack the rallies.

Our sources also said the politburo had noted the current “desperate ploy to banish outspoken war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda” — and had questioned the wisdom of such a move, which Mugabe appears to have already endorsed.

The concern was that the contrived expulsion of the outspoken Sibanda could further divide Zanu PF, not just only along factional lines, but also dangerously along tribal lines.

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Why does Mugabe say my Party as opposed to our Party? Does he personally own it? Is there democracy in Zanu PF or it is now a one Man Party?

Dhidhidhi - 2 November 2014

zanu is changing. people are beginning to express themselves while guided by their own consciences unlike yester years. this is a very positive development in our country. the next important thing to learn is respectfull disagrements. that would be good for the country and its economy. yes all the time is very costly. we have to learn to tell our leaders that we do not agree with them in points where we see thing differently. nothing wrong with that. we can now say we have a proper politburo not a rubber stamp organ.

zvirozviyedzwa - 2 November 2014

Did anyone really expect anything from a report coming from the Oppah? Did they expect anything of any profundity from a ZANU PF Women's legue? There's more depth at a tupperware party than from these vile women.

breadbasketnolonger - 2 November 2014

Domgo there is nothing ne you are telling us. What did you do about it. Join MD-T and make positive contribution to the country. Stop narrating stories of how ZANU guys are corrupt the whole world knows that saka hapana nyaya yauri kutaura. You are being used by the Daily News kuti tabloid Daily News paper riite mari. I enjoy reading it anyway!!! Hahahahahahah

garikayi - 3 November 2014

The EU has removed sanctions and soon Obama will be reviewing ZIDERA. Already the UK has sent a trade delegation to assess investment opportunities in our country. But you as a Zimbabwean remain sitting on the fence analysing politics. Dont be left out start you own project. we will help you with the company registration procedures including all statutory requirements. emails us flixcomsol@gmail.com 0771 419 294, 0776 228 760

Flixcom Solutions - 3 November 2014

The worst thing is that Mugabe did not form Zanu, he was a member of Zapu when Zanu was formed. But Zanu people have been roundly f#%*@d by him as if its his phe party. The man was invited by Sithole and had to be begged to join the party. But yho! It now looks like he formed the party, no one else must lead Zanu. He talks of mafikizolo, yet he is one! He removed Sithole from his own party..............

Nduna - 3 November 2014

How can a true national leader commit the whole politburo to discuss personal vendettas?There simply is nothing meaningful in Oppah's report just as there was nothing positive in all the 10 rallies addressed by the the first lady.The president will soon embarrass himself by his unreasonable taking of sides in this very personal issue.

HAPANA CHINOBUDA - 3 November 2014

Now that the chickens are coming home to roost lets go back to that fundamental question: Who paid for Grace's tour? Can Mr President please tell the nation. Is this not corruption at its ultimate?

Johno - 3 November 2014

@Nduna When using dots at the end of a sentence, it means there is lots more one had to say/is saying/wanted to say. Just verifying: Are you still typing? Waiting.....

Fairtalk - 3 November 2014

isu tinoda hondo toitawo ma ovheti tombo dyawo ,to rorawo two two kana seven seven pamberi ne gamatox

gamatox - 3 November 2014

they continue to have in-house fights at the expense of an already dead economy,

ndasara ndega - 3 November 2014

Do not be deceived my fellow Zimbos. this is ALL MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!!!!!!

TRUTH SAYS - 3 November 2014

I cannot believe that maPHD nema Masters Failed to write a report

Dr gonna PHD - 3 November 2014

The sad fact in all of this is that Zim is ripe for another revolution. The unemployment rate, failed economy, corruption etc have now made citizens more brazen and cunning. Just go to Market Square and see vapfana vemaRaum doing as they please, even bloking roads right ib front of the police. Imagine giving a loaded gun to those 'suicide drivers'. I tell you, vadhara havasi kuziva havo kuti anytime chinobvondoka regai muone zvenyu. Nero fiddled while Rome was in flames.

Mangoromera - 3 November 2014

Paita bonde panyaya iyi, mudhara has always bn level headed. But rwendo rwuno hameno kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe. How can mudhara stand on podium to say congress will deal ne corruption iye ane ministry yese yakatarisana naizvozvo. Ko mapurisa oita basa rei? He would have kept his cool and let the arms of his govt deal with that sekumuziva kwedu but gumbo raamai ndiro ranetsa apa varume!

Bundu Mupindu - 4 November 2014

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