Mutasa showers praises on Mujuru

HARARE - Didymus Mutasa, the Zanu PF secretary for administration, on Friday showered Vice President Joice Mujuru with praises, saying he could tell from way back in the liberation struggle that she was destined for greater things.

Mutasa made the remarks during a fundraising dinner for the party’s December congress held at a local hotel.

Addressing corporate executives as the chairman of the fundraising committee, Mutasa had the delegates eating out of the palm of his hands, leaving most of them in stitches for most of the time.

Looking relaxed and composed, Mutasa said Mujuru had leadership credentials.

He chronicled how he met Mujuru during the liberation struggle.

“I met Mai Mujuru a long time ago in 1977 when she was a very young girl. I said to myself, ‘Oh, this young girl’,” said Mutasa, drawing laughter from invited guests.

“What are you laughing at? What you are thinking is not what I wanted to say,” he clarified.

“I saw her before she was married and I saw her getting married. She led the women’s league and I said ‘Can a young girl lead the women league?’. That is what I wanted to say before you all laughed. She did an excellent job and it was at that time that I realised that she had leadership qualities.

“As such, I was not surprised in 2004 when Baba Mugabe appointed her vice president because she had the capabilities of becoming one. The president saw that she had intrinsic qualities of becoming a vice president.”

From there on, Mutasa said enough funds must be raised for the congress because at the youth and women congress, president Robert Mugabe attacked him for lack of resources.

“Today is our day,” he said. “We would like to raise adequate money for the Zanu PF 6th people’s congress. As you know, for the youth and women congresses or conferences, we didn’t raise enough funds. And you all remember how I was attacked and embarrassed for that,” Mutasa said amid laughter.

“I don’t want to get insults again and we should work tirelessly to raise adequate money.”

Before his address, Mutasa chanted the “Pamberi neZanu PF slogan” and when it came to the “pasi” (down with) part, he deliberately was slow to finish, causing the corporate executives to burst into laughter.

After a while, Mutasa then said, “Pasi neMDC.”

Mujuru, who was immaculately dressed in a silver habiliment, told corporate executives that the banquet had raised over $1 million.

“Today, before we came here, we said we wanted to raise at least $200 000 but l was shocked to gather that we have raised more than $1 million,” she said.

“We want to be fully-prepared for the congress. We don’t want what happened at the youth and women conferences where we had to go to our farms to look for food to feed the delegates.”

The vice president said the December congress will formulate new policies that will guide the government.

“We are not going only to elect new leadership but we will also be discussing our country and how it should be run in terms of the economics, politics, social and otherwise,” she said.

“A lot of policies will be originated from the discussion during the congress. Whatever will come out of the congress will not only benefit Zanu PF members but everyone.”

Mujuru said that her party is seized with resuscitating industries as their demise has allowed for the influx of cheap imports.

“As a party, we are working, through the Industry ministry, on how to change the obsolete machinery in industries because the market is now flooded with cheap imports. If you go to Bulawayo it’s not pleasing at all. Bulawayo is now a ghost town. It is very sad,” Mujuru said.

The vice president praised Zimbabweans for their tenacity and resilience.

“One thing I admire about Zimbabweans is that they are hardworking and resilient,” she said.

“This is a rare gift. Some countries suffer and yet they have land, good rains and there are no sanctions. But us here, with all the difficulties, we are still making progress.”

Other guests  who attended the function that was punctuated by pomp, funfare and splendor were Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, Labour minister Nicholas Goche, Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, deputy minister of Energy Munacho Mutezo, minister of State for Harare Province, Miriam Chikukwa, Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman Amos Midzi and Zanu PF deputy secretary for finance, Charles Tavengwa.

After the dinner around 22:30pm, just before they left, Mujuru, Mutasa, Khaya Moyo, Gumbo and Goche took to the stage and danced as the police band serenaded the delegates with music.

Comments (17)

Viva Mai Mujuru Viva!

Moffat - 2 November 2014

she is the 'better' among this pack of corrupt people. better than gina, and the so called gay gangsters.

zvirozviyedzwa - 2 November 2014

mutasa u are a old man like you licking joyce's pants and butt.shame on you,rugare,mliswa,midzi,gwanetsa and all the men in your faction

cheyameni - 2 November 2014

mutasa did u also get the cookie from joyce like jabu sibanda,mutezo,willie nyemba khaya moyo who all sampled her goodies,that u are parotting her praises.oh i forgot,u hope that u will be vice president if she becomes old man like u,wakazvinonokera,how can u honestly father a child at your age,u can hardly walk,but there u are having a 3 yr old child,shame

cheyameni - 2 November 2014

No one is listening to old man Mugabe and his wife.Behold the future Chairman,and two Vice Presidents of the party.This is the Praesidium.

Kufandada - 2 November 2014

kufandada,aaah these ones wont make it.vanofira mutry.and like your name vanofa vachida

cheyameni - 2 November 2014

allow mutasa to express his own choice of the leader of this country. There are so many people in this coutry who can be nominated to lead the country. some people are stark with one name forever yet life is very temporal. nothing wrong with mai mujuru aspiring to be the head of the state. at least these guys have the guts to stand for what they beleive the rest just go by what they dont even like only to phone the daily news by night to express thier true feeling of the issues earlier denied. sorry maningi machinda.

tula - 2 November 2014

Taura hako Wasu.. Joyce might not be a saint but Mugabe is a corruptt, inept leader, a demon, stupid leader who allowed corruption of unprecednted proportions, looted the state coffer etc. I am not a Zanu Pfutseke Party but I will stand by Joyce Mujuru in piece and war.

garikayi - 3 November 2014

The EU has removed sanctions and soon Obama will be reviewing ZIDERA. Already the UK has sent a trade delegation to assess investment opportunities in our country. But you as a Zimbabwean remain sitting on the fence analysing politics. Dont be left out start you own project. we will help you with the company registration procedures including all statutory requirements. emails us 0771 419 294, 0776 228 760

Flixcom Solutions - 3 November 2014

Gammtox crew!!

jojo - 3 November 2014

faction or factions, if there are factions then there is no need of blaming one group. My Mugabe is 100% wrong coz if she was serious about denouncing factions then she should have blamed both sides, coz u can only have faction if there is another.

aluta - 3 November 2014

cheyameni makadhakwa mujuru atobata nyanga kudhara, mugabe ikaita mistake yekuda kumudzinga that wil be the end of him (Mugabe) after all mugabe is a mere man he is not god

Harare - 3 November 2014

when Baba Mugabe appointed her vice president - So she was not voted in as Chris confirmed.

Timothy Thorton - 3 November 2014

viva Cde Amai Mujuru,,, We love you and like you,our future President

freedom - 4 November 2014

No Mujuru, Bulawayo was destroyed deliberately and people should not shed crocodile tears about it. Corruption is corruption and will never be little as a sin is a sin no matter its size. We will never know how much of this corruption there is but remember chitutu chaMai Mujuru from the Yamamota Document on corruption in Zim. corruption.

clement moyo - 4 November 2014

viva aMai Mujuru

gandanga haridye dere - 4 November 2014

viva aMai Mujuru

gandanga haridye dere - 4 November 2014

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