'They want to topple Mugabe'

HARARE - The ugly infighting currently devouring Zanu PF is getting nastier, with party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo coming out guns blazing yesterday and stunningly accusing party members loyal to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa of plotting a second “Tsholotsho Declaration”.

The “Tsholotsho Declaration” refers to the failed Zanu PF putsch that allegedly sought to oust President Robert Mugabe from power in 2004.

Addressing a Press conference at Zanu PF’s headquarters in Harare, an angry Gumbo said he could no longer hold his peace on the ugly goings-on in the ruling party, particularly as State media — and chiefly the Herald newspaper — were clearly running a campaign to denigrate Vice President Joice Mujuru.

He further accused the Mnangagwa faction of being manipulative and always scheming to destroy Zanu PF.

“It’s unfortunate that we are witnessing Tsholotsho Two Declaration,” he said.

“The people who were involved in Tsholotsho 2004 are now are involved in Tsholotsho Declaration 2014, the aim being to bring down the

government and effect regime change.

“The aim is not only about bringing down President Mugabe, it’s not about bringing down Mujuru, but it’s about bringing down the entire

legacy of the liberation struggle. It’s about bringing down all the fighters who died in the bush,” Gumbo added.

Asked to name those who were behind the second Tsholotsho Declaration, Gumbo retorted, “We know them. The six provincial chairmen who were suspended in 2004 are still there and all those who were involved from the Mnangagwa faction are still there”.

A number of senior Zanu PF officials were either suspended or expelled in 2005, after holding a meeting at Dinyane Secondary School in

Tsholotsho in 2004, where an agreement was allegedly struck to oust Mugabe from power and install Mnangagwa in the presidium. Mugabe later on confirmed that a coup had been plotted against by the Mnangagwa faction.

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda, former Masvingo provincial chairman Daniel Shumba, former Manicaland chairman Mike

Madiro and former Cabinet minister July Moyo were among the high-profile casualties of the Tsholotsho debacle who were suspended from the party.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo, who was viewed as the chief architect of the alleged putsch, was banished from the party and only

allowed to rejoin in 2009 after winning elections as an independent.

Gumbo said yesterday that Mujuru was the vice president of the country and would remain in that position until Mugabe decided to change that.

He also said the vice president had delivered a “strong and comprehensive” presentation during Thursday’s tense politburo meeting,

chronicling her journey with the party.

“What people should bear in mind is that Mujuru, whether we like it or not as of now is still the vice president of Zanu PF and the vice president of Zimbabwe until changes take place,” Gumbo said.

“Accordingly she deserves our respect and protection. We cannot have the vice president of a country being treated the way she has been treated.

“The vice president made a powerful and lucid narrative about how she joined the liberation struggle in 1974 and linked up with President RG Mugabe in Mozambique in 1975.

“She noted that she has never sought any positions in the party. She was always asked to take this or that position in the party and government. She spoke well and eloquently with dignity and maturity, demonstrating her fantastic leadership qualities,” Gumbo added.

Gumbo said those supporting Mujuru had not committed any offence as Mugabe had previously said that the vice president should aim to continue rising up in the party’s leadership ladder.

“When Mai Mujuru was voted to her position as vice president, the president said are we going to leave her on that post or will we support her to rise. And that is what we are precisely following and if there is a change of heart we will be told,” Gumbo said.

The Zanu PF spokesperson expressed his umbrage at how the State media was reporting on Mujuru.

“Politburo called upon the media to report objectively about the politburo deliberations. It was therefore shocking and unfortunate to see the Herald dedicating a lot of pages on the vice president.

“The Herald was particularly negative, damaging and unprofessional.

This is our public media which should report objectively but no, it has decided to go to town about the vice president and on allegations which have not been proven,” he said.

Gumbo said all the allegations that were being peddled against Mujuru “are false and the work of forces who want to bring regime change”.

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Gumbo talks a load of crap. Parroting George Bush's phrase “regime change” this Gumbo fellow. Gumbo is in the Mujuru faction and is doing everything to defend the faction he supports. After 34 years of one-man rule I do not see anything wrong with changing.

Musona - 1 November 2014

Mnangagwa is going to be engulfed by the flames (Grace) he are using to burn down Joice Mujuru. Now that Mnangagwa nad Mujuru have been fingered as the instigators of factionalism both Mnangagwa and Mujuru will be disqualified from contesting positions in the party. Both will be punished for fanning factionalism. It's a bad political calculation by Mnangagwa. If he thought he was going to edge out Mujuru then he has a surprising waiting for him. Mnangagwa has been hoisted by his own petard. This now opens the way for ZanuPF to change their constitution so that Mugabe hand picks the two vice-presidents. This is where Gideon Gono comes into the picture. What would stop Mugabe appointing Gono and Grace as his deputies because one has to be a woman? This is how I see the situation panning out. I could be wrong of course. It's “game over” for both Mujuru and Mnangagwa.

Musona - 1 November 2014

Why is competition being called factionalism? One should expect that two people (or groups) should compete for positions. This is what politics is all about. Whether one group should use the media, well you use whatever legal tools you have at your disposal to win the position you want. Mujuru and Mnangagwa are doing exactly that. This is the most exciting Zanu PF politics since independence. I do not expect Zanu PF to split, I expect one group to win. The losers are likely to sit in the party licking their wounds. By the way, getting the party leader on your side is also a strategy in any political battle. If Mujuru was beaten to that card, she has to find another one. Blindsiding the leader is also part of the political game. Who know, Mnangagwa might pretend to be on Bob's side, and surprise him with a secret ballot at the Congress! Either way, this is exciting politics.

Zimbo - 1 November 2014

Grace openly supported Mnangagwa. I'm told she is also behind Gono.She openly declared that she had substantial influence upon the big man and it seems she is the one calling the shots. Grace is in charge and she is slowly positioning herself strategically. It seems that these guys are afraid of something, something so imminent we the outsiders do not know. In fact they now behave like a house without a father and the mother is overwhelmed by the children who are too many for her. The President's cancer seems to be at a very dangerous stage now, otherwise why would there be this sudden escalation to the dog fight if the status quo hasn't changed. The dogs are now uncontrollable, even the big man cannot handle them. He raised them that way, to be a group of thugs with a culture of violence and greed. It's pay back time. What goes around comes around. Even if he threatens them like what he did to Jabulani they are not moved at all. In fact after every attempt to rein them in it appears the opposite rather occurs, they go berserk. Unfortunately the father is reaping what he sowed.

mosquito - 1 November 2014

Both Mujuru and Mnangagwa are being played against each other by the grand master.The two are not in his plans and will fall by the wayside soon.The President's ultimate goal is to perpetuate the Mugabe dynasty through his wife.The hired mobs will eventually be turned against the crocodile too when the time is ripe.

Malaika waMalaika - 1 November 2014

Who let the dogs out hoof!!! hoof!!! Langoba dibula batibula mwana asinatate mu zanu yaMugabe But i think this is a bad omen something big big big is about to happen and what we see happening is a fore runner possibly the big mountain of zanu is about to collapse wiilli liil liii liii tshayanani zithuhani siyaso ayi lamula yena yeka yena tshayana bulalana bathakathi.

Diibulaanyika - 1 November 2014

Mugabe wants to sacrifice Mujuru but he has left it too late.Mujuru will be voted as Vice President.He wants to bring in Gono to work with his wife and Chombo.The securitas have not accepted that.The old man is old,and you can see his confusion.One moment he is playing to the gallery and the next he succumbs to the Politburo.The onslaught by Mnangagwa,Oppah and Grace has been halted by the Commission of Enquiry.Meanwhile the Congress is drawing nearer.The President is scared to ask for nominations which will confirm Joyce Mujuru,and she can not be disqualified alone.If there is disqualification,then both Joyce and Emmerson would be disqualified.If this happens,the two of them can unite to vote against Mugabe at Congress.Icho!

Kufandada - 1 November 2014

In this instance Gumbo is right to say this is Tijotijolo No.2 and look at the line up Mnangagwa, Johnso Moyo and his gay friends, Jonathan controls the state media so we are not surprised about the nonsense they are writing about mai Mujuru. Mugabe does not have any friends..even his own wife is not his friend saka he only prays kuti angofa zvipere. Anonzi masiya ndaita. I am not a Zanu supporter but to read the Herald you can tell it is Jonathan writing all those articles. Beware Mugabe the time of reckoning is fast approaching. Mai Mujuru you have the respect of a lot of people within Zanu, MDC 1, MDC2, MDC3, UANC, another Zanu, ZUD, NDU etc..vana Munangagwa know that so remain resolute

Garikayi - 1 November 2014

This is what happens when a country has no democracy or respect for the law - and is run like a Mafia State.

The Black Aristocrat - 1 November 2014

With a bit of luck this bunch of buffoons will destroy each other, and new national leadership (from whatever party or combination of parties) emerges.

david taylor - 1 November 2014

Maybe appointing Grace as his deputy would be see as nepotism by Mugabe. He has to think of Zapu in ZanuPF. And one deputy has to be a woman. He might settle for Sithembiso Nyoni, the incumbent Minister of Enterprises, from Matebeleland as the other vice-president. Mugabe hasn't got many choices. But, in my opinion, Gono is likely to be the second deputy. Grace is sure to get some ministerial position unless the lunatic fringe in the party push Mugabe to appoint Grace as one of the two deputies. In African politics the president is wary of appointed a too powerful or too ambitious deputy. Khaya Moyo, Mphoko, Mohadi and others have no chance in my opinion.

Musona - 1 November 2014

Whats happening is ZANU PF self introspection. It was long overdue. Surprising including opposition intends to advise. Ndezve vebwo vatorwa bvirai kure mozocomenda mava kudzimba.

liberty shungu - 2 November 2014

Thank you Cde Gumbo coming out in the light about these weevils "zvipfukuto" filthy elements within the party.Its time we need to be as calm as possible even if they rig or intimidate or even anathematise fellow sensible cdes by fabricating stories like they did to Cde Temba Mliswa and now Kaukonde and of late our clueless President is touching Cde Gumbo.in a nutshell,they want to kill team Gammatox and remain with the Zvipfukuto the ones who are as weak as worms,ones who have not either national or regional recognition.The looters of our ecomomy,the immoralists and ruthless opportunists.If it means we compromise cdes and make a coalition with MDC,MAVAMBO KUSILE its better as now we have a common enemy.This old man wants to turn our country and party into a monarch.he wants to turn Zim into North Korea.No way look at Burkina Faso all hare-brained people always take that route as noone is indispensable.Long live team Gammatox you are the solution

carson Macate - 2 November 2014

gumbo is a shame of a man.sucking the behind and front of joyce,mazishaya.harisvodi zirume ziguru.

cheyameni - 2 November 2014

gwanetsa,gumbo,kaukonde,mutasa,mliswa are excuses of men.u want to suck the back and front of joyce

cheyameni - 2 November 2014

gwanetsa,gumbo,kaukonde,mutasa,mliswa are excuses of men.u want to suck the back and front of joyce

cheyameni - 2 November 2014

It doesn't need gumbo to reveal that what is happening in zim politics is a tsholotsho part 2 no, people can discern it for themselves from the state media. he is write to finger the herald as the instigator and weapon that the tsholotsho 2 architect has. from the time the architect became info minister, the tone of the herald changed in favour of the faction aligned to the tsholotsho 2. no wonder mrs mujuru is seen as the only currupt character in zanu yet there are many others who openly display corrupt practices. the good that comes out of current issues is that more and more zanu officials are becoming militant unlike the yes men and women we had gotten used to. this creates a competetive political environment. the likes of gumbo, sibanda, mliswa and mutasa may have lost their footing but the fact that they are corrageous to stand for what they believe is demonstrating a neo political phase in zim. in the end, we may start to see proper political dialogue in zanu which may result in positive economic changes as well. if anything, we as a people should encourage our politicians to mature such that they do not only agree with the leaders for the sach of it but should have the courage to respectfully disagree where ever appropriate.

zvirozviyedzwa - 2 November 2014

Does Gumbo not know that when The Zimpaper stable goes overboard with somebdy they real go for broke. He used to enjoy when it was Tsvangirayi and his women yet we all know in ZanuPf they change wives like underwear.That is its modus operandi.

maita - 3 November 2014

If Mnangagwa wants to remove Mugabe I will support him. Mugabe must be helped to retire. The General who put him there is no more. I don't worship personalities. There is nothing in Mujuru, absolutely nothing worth supporting. She is not a woman of substance. She didnt even have the guts to divorce her cheating hubby. She still took all the corruption money and bought Mutasa strong whisky, thats why he is drunk to this day! So give Mnangagwa a chance. Joyce, Mugabe and Solomon have been running this country for far too long.

Nduna - 3 November 2014

@nduna, but munangagwa does not want to be president if we go by what he says through the media. at least joice feels she is presidential material not those who deny by day and say it in the darkness of the night.

zvirozviyedzwa - 3 November 2014

Mugabe did not form ZANU.There is absolutely nothing wrong with removing&replacing his leadership if need be.He is just a human being like any Zimbabwean.He is not a well of wisdom as some idiots would have us believe.

goremucheche - 3 November 2014

So, Dongo is right and Rugare Gumpo concurs that it is Mugabe who fires and appoints. It should not be the case - congress must elect - introduce secret balloting and problems will be over otherwise this will lead to the demise of Zanu PF which will be a very good thing for this country as Zanu PF is an impediment for democracy since they have in this party the liberation war gains of destruction - they have been and are still very dangerous to the politics and economy of this Canan of ours.

clement moyo - 3 November 2014

I have allways said and will say again that Jonathan Moyo is the most evil person ( if we can be kind enough to call him a human) that) ever to be born in this country. Get rid of it (permanently that is) and everyone's life will be much better!

Johno - 3 November 2014

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