I'm in charge, says Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday boasted that he was still firmly in charge of Zanu PF and the country, warning all those he claimed were seeking to remove him from power that he would descend on them heavily.

In his coded speech, Mugabe virtually attacked everyone, including Mujuru, his wife, gays and those sucking up to foreigners, especially whites.

From Bishop Trevor Manhanga’s “unity” prayer, it was clear that yesterday’s event was a well-choreographed affair and the 90-year-old leader reminded his lieutenants about how he had “united friend, and foe at independence” — especially racial enemies in 1980.

In rebuking ambitious, but quarrelsome lieutenants, Mugabe said no one was in his generation and therefore, people must stop dreaming about pushing him out of power.

Crucially, he said the attainment of educational qualifications must not be used as a means or platform to fight others and instead called on his officials to concentrate on infrastructure-build.

Mugabe did not mince his words about his disgust at the goings-on in his party.

The Zanu PF leader not only gave one of his most balanced speeches in as many years, but also set the stage or tone for tomorrow’s crunch politburo meeting.

Mugabe, who had until yesterday remained quiet in the public fallout between his wife and Mujuru, also hinted at sacking his political adversaries and making drastic changes within Zanu PF during the party’s December elective congress.

Speaking at a luncheon to celebrate the opening of the Second Session of the 8th Parliament in Harare, Mugabe launched furious attacks which some analysts said were directed at Mujuru and her supporters and the anti-Mujuru gang led by Grace.

Mugabe sarcastically said that that some people were now “accumulating doctorates” to use them to remove him from power. Both Mujuru and Grace obtained doctorates recently.

“We are preparing for the congress and we have people in the party fighting for positions trying to push each other out ... I can assure you that we are not going to have this nonsense of senior party members fighting each other for positions.

“I know that some are saying hanzi vaMugabe vachembera ngavabve. Kwandakabva nemabhunu ndongonzi nekamwana kadiki ndibve, I will not go anywhere. Hapana kwandinoenda. Ndichiripo, nguva yangu haisati yakwana. (Some are saying Mugabe is old and must go, I have come a long way and I will not go. My time is not yet up) I will end all this nonsense at the congress,” he warned as the MPs he was addressing looked stunned.

Without mentioning the names of the politicians that were allegedly plotting to topple him, he accused some officials of allegedly working with Britons and Americans to engineer his ouster.

“We have some that have doctorates, they want Mugabe to go ... they went to USA to get billions and what rotten thinking is that? All these years you have never learnt that these people will never be your friends,” Mugabe said.

He said he did not want to see his party splintering into factions as was happening currently in the opposition MDC.

“There are too many MDC factions. There is now MDC renewal, what renewal are they are talking about yet in the inclusive government they were one?”Mugabe asked.

Conspicuous by their absence at the luncheon were Mujuru and Grace, both of whom had earlier attended the official opening of Parliament with him.

Mugabe’s tirade yesterday happened as the top echelons of Zanu PF are riven with palpable tension ahead of the party’s politburo meeting slated for tomorrow.

Last Friday’s much-anticipated first round politburo bout on the controversial “Meet the People” rallies addressed by Grace over the past few weeks, and where she slaughtered the embattled Mujuru, ended in the dark and with a whimper.

Firstly, the standby power generator at the party’s Harare headquarters mysteriously failed to kick following a mega Zesa blackout, and then Mugabe cunningly postponed the Grace/Mujuru hot potato by a week after he granted outgoing women’s league boss Oppah Muchinguri her request to be given more time to compile a comprehensive report for the politburo on what transpired during Grace’s rallies.

However, insiders told the Daily News yesterday that the Mujuru camp will still be pushing for Muchinguri to explain circumstances surrounding the divisive Grace rallies, where the first lady accused Mujuru of being corrupt, plotting to topple Mugabe and fanning factionalism in the party, among many other serious allegations.

The final straw for the Mujuru camp was Grace’s last meeting with mainly war collaborators last Thursday, at her Mazowe business hub, where she ratcheted up her attacks on the VP.

Against all expectations that she would endeavour to control her emotions ahead of last week’s crucial politburo meeting, after weeks of heightened tension in the party that she is partly responsible for, she went berserk, lashing out even more fiercely at all her perceived enemies including the embattled Mujuru and Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman Ray Kaukonde.

“Today is the day for (the) ‘Final Push’,” she said.

“I’m no longer going to beat about the bush. The moment of truth has arrived. Mujuru should go and rest because she has failed,” she said.

Also for the first time, the feisty first lady appeared to show her hand at that meeting when she called on Zimbabweans to “respect” Mnangagwa, whom she said had done “the honourable thing” and let Mujuru take the post, although he had been voted by eight provinces to be VP a decade ago.

“Mnangagwa is a man of honour. In 2004, he had the backing of eight provinces to become vice president.

“But when the president said that position was now reserved for a woman, Mnangagwa respected the decision despite having popular support. He never left the party in protest to form his own party because he respects Mugabe,” Grace said.

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ibvaapo mhani iwe chembere. Mumwe adona ku Britain ndiwe wasara. urikungo hukura hu hu hu ko iwe usingadi kubva pachigaro ndiwe ani? pfutseki mhani. wakatumwa here kuti upinde munezvematongerwo enyika? handiti wakasarudza kuti unoda politics? wakundikana basa, hapana chauziva.

Der - 29 October 2014

Mvuma wachembera

Gwenaz - 29 October 2014

There is nothing new in what Mugabe said. He knows what he wants to do at the congress and he will do it and nobody will oppose him. Grace lost her opportunity to show her political leadership and Mugabe noticed that hence the attack on both Grace and Mujuru. Mugabe wants to die in power. period. Kwaari no one is capable of running this country better than himself. Saka mafactions aya can be destroyed na Mugabe because he is the appointing authority, from cabinet ministers to the politburo. Anyone left out of the politburo cannot have the power to lead a faction. Mugabe knows exactly what he wants to achieve. He knows that Mnanagwagwa and Mujuru are fighting. Basa reCIO nderei?

Dunga - 29 October 2014

Mugabe was clearly attacking Mujuru and her faction not Grace, can't you see that mr reporter. Kana Teurai Ropa achirikufunga ramangwana mupolitics its time she starts undoing the current cat fight propaganda she is receiving from Grace, Mugabe and their new found faction. These monsters now know that Teurai Ropa is the people's choice and they can't stand that. they have now chosen to use every trick in the book to undo her, i tell you by the time we get to congress, their propaganda machinery will have potrayed her as a baboon only fit stay in the mountains and their supporters through instilled fear will fall for it. Just wait and see.

Mugabe, Grace, Mnangagwa vs Teurai Ropa - 29 October 2014

same old story from RGM .he presides over non performing ministers promises action and ends there . no amount of posturing will change the ministers they are used to idleness and become active in looting. cry zim mwari tinzweiwo

hezvoka - 29 October 2014

Another moment of madness is on the cards guys. watch out lest you get into crossfire.

Tichaonerera - 29 October 2014

The other one with a PhD being talked about here is none other than Cde Professor Jonathan Moyo kwaks!!!!! Three PhD holders all with various ambitions!!! Billions from the Ford Foundation

chamatama - 29 October 2014

It is clear that opinion is against Muguru ,whatever journalists dream up. She is a violent con artist, looting at every corner. No one trusts her its not just Grace

infairness - 29 October 2014

No man can replace that man(Mr president) ever, hapana. wihout him our future is uncertain. mark my words.

tendai - 29 October 2014

Only one person acquired a PhD . And that person is Mujuru. We all know that. Saka Mugabe was directly attcking Mujuru. Its about time diplomacy is thrown out through the window Gamatox Faction and take these Zvipfukuto faction toe for toe. Everything that Grace has been saying is being said by Mugabe .

Dr Pombiyadonha - 29 October 2014

Mutumwa Grace akatadza kusvitsa message zvakanaka ndosaka asimuka ega RGM

kkkk - 29 October 2014

What a dark site for the party,If Cde Mugabe doesnt want to leave power under such circumstances we have no option Cdes.The only way forward is to stop factionalism we need to unite as one and relieve him off the duties.We dont take out by force our elders we ought to work out a mechanism to convince him and make him see that he has played his part and now someone should also come in and play his part as the second President

carson Macate - 29 October 2014

izvi zvihombe izvi. gore rino rakaoma. mapadza anenge atombokandwa pasi vanhu vachidashurana. kunesu vamwe better to pray for our country. we have suffered enough.

simbi - 29 October 2014

Sheffield read the book of Prophet Daiel chaper 4 from verse 1-27 where Nebchadnezzer in his dream was saying I am in charge and I will not go anywhere because he was the one fighting all enemies and making sure that he had plenty in everything. God came to him and said you are going to spend 7 years with animals in the Bush eating what birds and animal eat and enjoy. It's after this period you will know that I am God. So Shef it's by Gods Grace that you are still there but don't use your own Wisdon in running a Nation

Karigamombe - 29 October 2014

Shef read the book of Prophet Daniel chaper 4 from verse 1-27 where Nebchadnezzer in his dream was saying I am in charge and I will not go anywhere because he was the one fighting all enemies and making sure that he had plenty in everything. God came to him and said you are going to spend 7 years with animals in the Bush eating what birds and animal eat and enjoy. It's after this period you will know that I am God. So Shef it's by Gods Grace that you are still there but don't use your own Wisdon in running a Nation

Karigamombe - 29 October 2014

This country has been under Pet coat Government, since Mai Sally died. How can the VP be upraised by a house wife. UBaba ufika ethule konke kuBoss, atshoke uBoss, So-So is nonsense remove or put him/her to line

PB - 29 October 2014

Mugabe, like his wife, has no respect for other human beings. He treats grown up people like small children being taught to read and write. When he talks about his journey in politics you would not think his school and college fees were paid by the whites, that he was not given a house to rent in Highfield by the whites because he had no money to build or buy a house of his own and that he was not employed by the Southern Rhodesian government as a civil servant. He man talks a load of garbage. The whole political system in Zimbabwe and ZanuPF is not right - you cannot have one person ranting and raving like a lunatic for 34 years with impunity.

Musona - 29 October 2014

One guy i gave a lift just burst out and said "ah Mugabe is a sceptic woundm" Chero akaenda anongoti mabhoyi ndakaonesa nhamo vakomana iyezvino vana mai varikurara vachitengesa madomasi pakona pa Julius Nyerere na Robert Mugabe apo vachinzwa havo music from The Liz. Chave Chimurenga.

maita - 29 October 2014

So that people know..... that young legislator called Justice Mayor Wadyajena is Mnangagwa`s secret key. I used to see Mnangagwa visit lot at Wadyajena`s office at Fidelity Life Tower along Raleigh road. Mayor Wadyajena is the one who handles all of Mnangagwa`s corrupt dealings. We all know that all his monies actually belong to Mnangagwa. Please Zanu pf investigate this. That is why this Mayor Wadyajena is so arrogant.

kwazvo - 29 October 2014

What did I tell you in that stupid report on "Grace final push in tatters....". Zims are stupid, that's all. I told you everything that Grace is doing has the approval of gukurahundi Mugabe. She is not acting independently - now you have heard it from the horse's mouth. As he said, the December Congress will sort all this nonsense out - is that not what Grace told you during a Insults Rallies? If after 34 years of the gukurahundi rule, you still cant understand his tricks, you will never be able to dislodge from power - rest assured. There are people in Zim, who have such a soft spot for Mugabe, despite all his failings such that they will always give him the benefit of the doubt; they will always excuse him come what may. I don't know why. You hear people say "eehe; its his Ministers, its not Mugabe...". What utter tosh! Who is the party leader? Who is the head of state? Who appoints the Ministers? You are an embarrassment - so much for being the most educated fools on the continent - SUFFER!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 29 October 2014

pfutseki mugabe

decky - 29 October 2014

Sando kuna Bob he knows how to diffuse the situation. Mark my words he will balance the interests of both faction come December congress. He cannot afford to side with one though its quite apperernt his preferred heir as confirmed by Jezebel the harlot is Ngwena.Unfortunately he cannot fathom the courage to say so and wants to put Mai Mujurub in a tight corner and force her to accept a junior post in both the party and government. Remember when Ngwena was fingered in the Tsholotsho debacle he was demoted to a minister of Rural housing and social amenities. For being perceived over ambitious Mai MUJURUR WILL BE DEMOTED COME December CONGRESS.iF THE PRESIEDNT LOVES THE PARTY AS HE CLAIMS ANDS WANTS TO LEAVE IT INTACT THEN HE HAS TO BALANCE THE ACT.Pardon my indulgence : Mnangagwa for president, Mujuru first vice president, Sk Moyo second vice president and Mutasa NATIONAL CHAIR WITH MUCHINGURI ASSUMING SECRETARYB FOR ADMINISTRATION POST.

Aluta Continua - 29 October 2014

We know, thats why the country is in ruins.

Nduna - 29 October 2014

fo God so loved the world.....

the voice of one crying in the wilderness - 29 October 2014

I'm in charge says Mugabe, well if that's the case then Mugabe you must take full responsibility for the mess Zimbabwe finds it's self in. So what you are really saying is that " NO ONE COULD HAVE RUINED THE COUNTRY BETTER THAN I " Please zanu pf get rid of this guy for the sake of Zimbabwe and all it's people , he is just too embarrassing. He really needs to be put out to pasture so that he can detox the hatred he has in him tribally ,culturally and racially.

ronaldos - 29 October 2014

This old thing called Mugabe has poor memory like ngulube. He talks of factions in MDC forgetting that zanu pf is a faction of zapu . ZANU ndonga is a faction of zanu pf and at present we have Munangagwa and Mujuru factions in zanu pf all this the educated one does not know, hey this fool demety Some of us have known this moron 's tricks . When ever he feels scared of a certain individual he cook stories against that person you remember how he lied that they were lots of rebels in Matebeleland of which he went on to create a special army callled gukurahundi led by his good boy Munangagwa to fix the people of that region who did not vote for him in the first election in 1980 by killing 20000 unarmed civilians , Ndabaningi was next he accused him of wanting to kill him . then came Morgan also his crime was wanting to kill him he even brought an international crook Manashe as his witness now is Mujuru working with whites to remove him what a heap of junk and cheap politics from a stupid old man ,

Diibulaanyika - 29 October 2014

Ukanzwa zvichinzi politburo meeting kana kuti central committee ungafunge kuti hameno hameno kunofiwa nyambisirwa hapana zviripo Mugabe ndiye ega anenge achiitaura vese vachingogutsurira mazidzoro. Hakuna anombopikisa zvinenge zvataurwa na Mugabe. Mugabe ndiye politburo ne central committee yacho. Mugabe akafa this week sezvaita Sata tinoonerera akomana.

Musona - 29 October 2014

hevoi vasahwira musona. maswera sei vakuru vedu? tose tiri kunzwa shungu kuti dai nyika yedu yabudirirawo. whatever happens its my prayer that we as zimbabweans will come together and work for the betterment of our country. tanzwa nekusekwa nemamwe marudzi uye mvura inetsvina nemigwagwa yakaora. its times like these that require a united front for the future of our young.

taurai - 29 October 2014

Hapana zviripo apa nyanga dzeziziz.

mukwerekwere - 29 October 2014

Go on uncle Bob! Urinate and defecate on all of them. They cannot do anything to you. They are at your disposal. Yet they go in the evenings to their wives, husbands and children chest-thumping and telling them how tough they are. As Zimbabwe falls into a bottomless pit, they will be clapping for you. And next time when you make your very frequent overseas trips, particularly when going to bury the late president Sata, Uncle Bob, please leave Dr Grace acting as the president. Also dish out some top ranking jobs to your son and daughter. You never know these things!

Kisa - 29 October 2014

A good tone from the centurion. Deserved speech. Tone down all tempers. Zimbabwe has tested lasting peace which should not be disturbed. If peace is a problem we can never ever envy to try war. Its absurd. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Somalia the least is endless. Remain uniting factor President. Age and wisdom go together. World must learn from us. Squabbles demand lasting but peaceful solutions. We do not want start of veld fire. Let extinguish trouble beforehand.

liberty shungu - 30 October 2014

Mugabe is in charge for now but knows that at 91 years old and the economy collapsing in his eyes, his days on earth and in power are numbered. Mugabe's priority right now is to secure his and family political and business interests after he leaves office. Mugabe has made his mind and will appoint a team shortly to safeguard his interests post his rule. Mugabe and his team are working out hard and fast the mechanics of achieving his goals including amendment of the Zanu PF constitution and the Unity Agreement. Mugabe would prefer to leave office the "Sata Way" unless he is compelled to do otherwise. What Mugabe wants is not what people want and democracy is a myth to him. With Sata gone Mugabe has little time left. Pressure for Mugabe to go are growing by the day.

Gomba Guru - 30 October 2014

Methinks that these are divide and rule tactics at play.

Dopori - 30 October 2014

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If anyone ever thought Mai Mujuru would land the highest office in this country, then its so pathetic. If you dreamt that, then its a bad dream, and if you wish that, then be prepared to weep non stop for the rest of your life. The VP is so dull such that she thinks corruption is normal business practice, and she loves fake cv's , like downing a chopper. She has been hallucinating for quite a long time now.

reason - 30 October 2014

Mugabe is a fool. He is in charge, in charge of what?? In charge of gays surrounding your so called wife!!! There is nothing left. No economy, no strong nation no ZANu, broken family. Just shut the f*** up. We will destroy your family when you finally go and take every cent you milked from Zim and DRC. Let us see how sort out the mess at the congress

Garikayi - 30 October 2014

reason, you are obsessed with mai Mujuru. The article is about a 91 year old who does not even believe that he is old and that when he says he is in charge he is for the first time accepting responsibility for ruining Zimbabwe. I guess he could urinate and defecate on you and you would still sing his praises.

Abbie - 30 October 2014

"No man can replace that man(Mr president) ever, hapana. without him our future is uncertain. mark my words." True words by a certain Tendai. With Mugabe our future is certain-down into the darkest abyss. tendai - 29 October 2014

Johno - 30 October 2014

Daily News Work up please. Since Geof Nyarota left aaaaa you guys are pathetic. You get your news from Chronicle or Herald. eeeeeish this is too bad for a paper with your history

masende mpisi - 30 October 2014

Ichi ndochikwambo chinotaura sechakarwa hondo chega .Anyone can rule zim we just need democratic constitution.90 years chibva washaruka waora zvakwana mhani.

njombo - 30 October 2014

Mwari ndibatsireiwo kuti ndirarame ndione kufa kwa mugabe. Kurarama kwake kunondishungurudza nekuti vanhu taona nhamo munyika pamusaka pake. Dai zvaigona pfuudzai harahwa iyi mutipewo mutungamiri kwaye ...... amen

tozvireva - 30 October 2014

Its tru Nugabe, there's no one of your age not only in Zanu PF but in all politics worldwide. Vana Kaunda, Nyerere, Mandela etc vemazera ako are either dead or retired and thats were you belong, either the grave or retired. Hamunyarewo sekuru kutomira pakati pemazera avana semutungamiri, your time was up when you turned 70, two decades ago. Hamba we will not miss you.

Samaita Dube - 30 October 2014

Kuno kwandari brother Bob kwakanaka, vaya vaiti ushe madzoro inhema usanzwe, hwangu vushe ndangosvika ndikau piwa, dai kufunga kwako kuri kwangu ungadai watichimbidzikei kuuya zvimwe murawo ungangochinja ukazouya kuno zveuPresident carry over zva bhaniwa. handichauyiwe kuhope dzako nekuti iwe hauna kwako ungamukazve mangwana wave kuti "zviroto zviroto ngazviperere ikoko kuzviroto". Madire ako eVushe mumwe wangu atityora mbabvu kuno nekuseka.

Uncle Sata - 30 October 2014

Grace was escorted out of the State house this morning. From the source he had a heated argument nemudhara. Mudyara ashatirwa akadaidza vakomana kuti vamutore. Looks like Grace was doing her own things without Gushungo's approval. She thought she was safe because Thaana post yekunyengerera semamwe maMinisters. Mugabe will not dare divorce Grace. We hope vakomana havamurovi kafiramberi. Will update paTwitter, source renews ids Siri padhuze nemashefu at the moment

Saxtom Mutundashuga - 30 October 2014

Big SHAME on Tendai&Johno. Mugabe is not God who created Zimbabwe. RGM may be irreplaceable in ZANU PF but NOT in Zimbabwe.God never anointed anyone to lead&destroy their own country. God will always be on the side of his suffering people.CHETE MWARI HAADI KUTI MUTADZI AFE ASI KUTI ATENDEUKE ARARAME & that includes Robert Mugabe himself.


FINALLY Mugabe admits that he alone has ruined the country not others, apa kachemebera rough but kachiramba, mtukudzi aizviva akati, bvuma wasakara bvuma waunyana bvuma kuchembera

Harare - 30 October 2014

The Prophecy Has Come true- The Professor is destroying Zanu from within with his usual strategies(perfected on MDC attacks)- rented mobs at impromptu rallies- holding placards that are more expensive than what's in the holder's pockets....State resources (Herald, ZBC and Zupco) used to attack an actual cadre of the struggle...in support of an office secretary, whose only sacrifice in life was openly cheating on and dumping her husband.... so what about the actual virtues of the struggle? whatever happened to those statements about leaders being part of the struggle- when did husband cheating secretaries become the icon of the party... he is called Professor Jonathan Moyo! We all knew it was going to happen- destroy the party and its values from within like those pests in the sack....

Truth Sayer - 31 October 2014

It's now more suspicious who killed Rex Solomon Mujuru. It was not a candle fire.Surely how can a true national leader openly take sides on silly,personal issues like the one between Grace&Joyce? Is this country now under petticoat government? SHAME,SHAME,SHAME!!

PAMUROMO CHETE - 31 October 2014

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