Grace's 'Final Push' in limbo

HARARE - First Lady Grace Mugabe’s “Final Push” to oust Vice President Joice Mujuru from her party and government positions appears to be in tatters at the moment, analysts say — pointing to a number of developments within Zanu PF over the past few days.

An angry Grace went berserk at her meeting with mainly war veterans and youths at her Mazowe business hub last Thursday, lashing out even more fiercely at her perceived enemies, particularly the embattled Mujuru.

“Today is the day for (the) final push,” she said. “I’m no longer going to beat about the bush. The moment of truth has arrived. Mujuru should go and rest because she has failed,” she thundered then.

But analysts interviewed by the Daily News yesterday said the fact that the politburo had failed to expel Mujuru during its tense meeting last Friday, as well as the reluctance by war veterans to join in the massive assault on the beleaguered VP despite the first lady’s chilling call for her removal on allegations of corruption and fanning factionalism within Zanu PF, were instructive indicators that the “final push” plan was floundering.

In the case of the politburo, it instructed outgoing Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri to compile a report on the goings-on surrounding Grace’s controversial “Meet the People” rallies, to be presented at another gathering of the party’s highest decision-making body later this week.

In the case of war veterans, the chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, Jabulani Sibanda, bemoaned the plotting by certain “evil elements” within Zanu PF, who he said were planning President Robert Mugabe’s removal from power through the cunning abuse of Grace.

“I think in my view the First Lady is being abused. Let me put it this way, the First Family is being abused. There is a sinister motive being carried out by a few people who are anti-Mugabe, anti-First Lady and anti-Zanu PF.

“The same people want to play smoke and mirror games to hoodwink people not to see their real agenda. Unfortunately, we can see through the smoke.

“We have a few people who are anti-Mugabe, anti-First Lady and anti-Zanu PF who disguise themselves as the ones who love Amai and the party, but we can see through their shenanigans,” an angry Sibanda charged in a no-holds barred interview with the Daily News last week.

Analysts also pointed out yesterday that the fact that Mugabe appeared not too keen to show the popular Mujuru the door also indicated that the “Final Push” was in limbo at the moment.

Yet others interpreted the fact that the other strategy by Mujuru’s Zanu PF opponents to expel the party’s provincial chairpersons believed to be sympathetic to her had hit major turbulence was a sign that the VP was unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday swatted down “people” who were trying to engineer the removal of some party provincial chairpersons such as Mashonaland West’s Temba Mliswa, who is believed to be supportive of Mujuru.

The deduction by analysts yesterday was that if Mujuru’s provincial supporters retained their positions, this would prove key at December’s do-or-die national elective congress, as Zanu PF’s ballot procedures dictated that candidates for national office should be nominated by provinces ahead of the congress.

In that light, provincial elections have generally given a good indication of the outcome of the national congress in the past. And so far the vice president has support in all of the country’s 10 provinces who can be expected to nominate her again for the VP position in December.

Gumbo said yesterday that this Thursday’s politburo meeting would discuss and finalise the party’s electoral procedures for the forthcoming congress.

During her country-wide rallies, the First Lady said the party’s two vice president posts should not be elected positions, but should rather be appointments to be made by Mugabe — a move that would sway the scales in her opponents’ favour should this proposal be adopted.

Famed international analyst Stephen Chan said: “There are certainly many dynamics right now. One of the key dynamics is a concerted push by both Grace Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa against Joice Mujuru. Some of this has been very savage.

“Either the Mnangagwa faction feels very confident and is making a final push ahead of the party congress, or it is very worried and trying desperately to garner support by going on the attack. However, the congress is still six weeks away, and to an outside observer it all seems too loud, too soon on the part of Mnangagwa’s people”.

Another analyst said: “Do you honestly believe there was a Zesa blackout during the politburo or it was an engineered act to avert discussion on the contentious issues to buy time for a choreography for this week?

“It also came after a failed ‘Final Push’ and this is why the State media at the weekend desperately attempted to rekindle matters through a bogus story that Mujuru wanted to oust Mugabe.”

Journalist-cum-political analyst Jealousy Mawarire said he did not see the faction aligned to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa prevailing against Mujuru in December, as the VP had “a sound support base”.

“They are not going to succeed because people in Zanu PF are seeing what they are doing. It is unprecedented for Zanu PF to make radical changes derived on submissions by people who lost elections, namely Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Chris Mutsvangwa,” he said.

Mawarire added: “They have been rejected by their own people in their own constituencies and now they are trying to come up with a list. Why should positions be filled by people who have lost elections?

“The people in Zanu PF can see what is happening and they will not want to entertain these people who are trying to bring in a foreign doctrine of disrespect for leadership and homosexuality.”

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kuzanu z the same even takabvisa kana kuisa chero these must not waste our time with their game

johanne - 28 October 2014

By publicly attacking Joyce Mujuru, Grace is unwittingly widening Mujuru's support base, both outside and inside ZANU PF. I think Mugabe has already made a decision, but his problem is how to remove Joyce Mujuru without fatally deviding ZANU PF. A devided ZANU PF will be a great danger to his wife and children when he is gone. It is only a united ZANU PF WHICH CAN BE ABLE TO PROTECT HIS FAMILY AFTER HIS DEMISE.

dzingai - 28 October 2014

why not harness all our efforts towards the betterment of our people rather than spend our energies on futile attempts on removing people whom we never elevated. Zimbabwe ndeyeropa

nzou hombe - 28 October 2014

why not harness all our efforts towards the betterment of our people rather than spend our energies on futile attempts on removing people whom we never elevated. Zimbabwe ndeyeropa

nzou hombe - 28 October 2014

why not harness all our efforts towards the betterment of our people rather than spend our energies on futile attempts on removing people whom we never elevated. Zimbabwe ndeyeropa

nzou hombe - 28 October 2014

“…the First Lady said the party's two vice president posts should not be elected positions, but should rather be appointments to be made by Mugabe — a move that would sway the scales in her opponents' favour should this proposal be adopted” - how can that be? The reporter does not know what she is talking about. If Mugabe is going to choose the 2 Vice-Presidents then surely Grace will be involved because they are living together as husband and wife - why would Mugabe choose Grace's perceived opponents as vice-presidents?

Musona - 28 October 2014

I agree with Dzingai's comments above. Mugabe has already made a decision on who to anoint to succeed him when he finally leaves power. What remains are the mechanics of removing Mujuru and appointing his choice. He would like to do it while leaving the party intact which is probably impossible at this stage. Things fall apart in Zanu Pf becoz the centre can no longer hold.

Chando - 28 October 2014

vanochemera mujuru you are flogging a dead horse.she was there in the presidency supporting corruption we are fed up Grace is right lets show Mujuru the door we need new blood.

GUMBORECHIDEMBO - 28 October 2014

There is just no logic in people dwelling on Grace versus Mujuru issue.This is a none event.Grace, Mujuru,Mnangagwa&Oppah are all ZANU PF.All will vote ZANU PF & THAT'S WHAT MATTERS MOST. The December congress is like the MDC T impending elective congress. There will be winners& losers but they will embrace each other thereafter.

TIMEWASTING - 28 October 2014

As a Zanu Pf staunch member i appeal to my fellow countrymen irrespective of political affliation to go behind team Gammatox the weevils have to go and go for good.They have looted,messed up relations in the party and are at the centres of all scandals.Now they are having sleepless nights about Kaukonde,Mliswa,Midzi to name just a few because they know they are men of men.Long live Gammatox i will be joining you soon Cdes

carson Macate - 28 October 2014

We know daily news you are busy fighting for survival, because the 10 % shares owned by the big mama corruption, the VP, will crumble like a deck of cards, Its not surprising that at this daily you sing , eat and praise corruption, thus the wishful articles you publish in favor of this evil mother of corruption, fake chopper downer. No matter how much you praise her the writing is on the wall, she has been dented, even a lot of women who i hear talking of her, the VP is politically dead and buried, we just waiting for the tombstone unveilling.

reason - 28 October 2014

as long as people know that there is one who wants to severe the party, their choice then would be better informed. the tsholotsho architect is keen to see zanu splintered and destroyed. remember he acknowledged that the party is too strong for one to destroy unless they did it from within. it looks this is what he meant then. armed with the influential state media, he seems to have found a tool for his long-desired project. the herald publications covering the vp's elleged corruption is deliberate attempt to divide zanu pf. lets be warned. better together cdes.

sunga - 28 October 2014

As somebody else has observed before, readers of this newspaper and its website must at least give the desperate @reason his dues for his valiant, but futile effort to scandalise the Daily News. To the editor of the Daily News and your staff I say, Phambili, nomakanjani.

Dinizulu - 28 October 2014

Joice was the only zpf leader who said to zpf murderers if u kill people in the name of zpf ngozi haiuye ku zpf but kwauri during their killing orgy and Grace said she wanted to hear the vp say pasi neMDC surely who is a mothre here?

asi chii - 28 October 2014

Joice was the only zpf leader who said to zpf murderers if u kill people in the name of zpf ngozi haiuye ku zpf but kwauri during their killing orgy and Grace said she wanted to hear the vp say pasi neMDC surely who is a mother here?

asi chii - 28 October 2014

Cdes, the real issue is the succession of Cde RG Mugabe and H.E. needs to sort this issue now or NEVER. Thus the only way of keeping Zanu PF together.

martin chipimo - 28 October 2014

Reason, please do not pretend that you are not aware that the VIP housing scheme collapsed because Grace fraudulently drew money from it even though she was not a civil servant and had therefore not contributed a single cent. She shamelessly built a mansion on a stand she wrestled from the city council without paying for it and sold it to the Libyans at enormous profit. She and her husband have 13 farms between them and she has ruthlessly pushed peasants off land they had occupied since 2000. She took $8 million from the Reserve Bank to purchase the state of the art dairy equipment from Germany and has not paid it back. Indeed Dr. Mujuru, as is the case with all Zanu p.f. officials especially Robert Mugabe is corrupt. All this is public knowledge, as is the issue of the Mansion in Hong Kong. But, if what Grace is alleging is true, why hasn't her husband, the commander in thief, done something about it? Because he is corrupt and condones corruption.

Abbie - 28 October 2014

Whatever happens in our beautiful and rich country one needs to be optimistic about the opportunities available. we need to look beyond politics and plan ahead. start your own business. @ Flixcom Solutions we will help you register a company from scratch and help you register with the relevant authorities like Zimra, Ministry of finance etc. We also offer bookeeping and accounting services. Call us 0771 419 294 or 0776 228 760 email

flixcom solutions - 28 October 2014

Ana Musona, read again, Inga its clear wani. I agree with u Dzingai.

Camarada - 28 October 2014

I didn't know Spokespersons are that powerful. Rugare Gumbo is on the loose and hey he is the most powerful power base in Gamatox

Tshotsha - 28 October 2014

So that people know..... that young legislator called Justice Mayor Wadyajena is Mnangagwa`s secret key. I used to see Mnangagwa visit lot at Wadyajena`s office at Fidelity Life Tower along Raleigh road. Mayor Wadyajena is the one who handles all of Mnangagwa`s corrupt dealings. We all know that all his monies actually belong to Mnangagwa. Please Zanu pf investigate this. That is why this Mayor Wadyajena is so arrogant.

kwazvo - 28 October 2014

@camarada, chenjera unotukwa namusona. vanhu vasinga wirirane nenyaya dzake vonotukwa nasekuru ivavo. vakadzidza maningi colonialism degree ravo nguva yasmith. maybe raivashandira nguva idzodzo. hameno iyezvino kuti richikudiwa here. maybe raive ne module yekutuka degree iroro.

taurai - 28 October 2014

carry out a survey as to who people want between Mugabe and Mujuru.

dovi - 28 October 2014

I just cant understand these Zimbabweans, together with their so-called analysts. Kuthiwa Grace final push in tatters - what tatters are you talking about? Robert plays you around on his finger and you keep doing some stupid analysis, what exactly is wrong with you people? Look here, DisGrace is Mugabe's wife; they are together everyday, every night. Not one day has it ever happened that Mugabe travels alone - not one day. So, what is it that makes you think what DisGrace is doing is not what Mugabe agreed to? This prolitiburo thing is nonsense. Its Mugabe testing the waters; then pulling back to see what the reaction of the party and the public will be. He is pretending Grace is doing her on thing independently and yet there is nothing like that. You wait and see - all your stupidity will be laid bare. This is why you have all failed to dislodge him - you are not all that clever!

Phunyukabemphethe - 28 October 2014

Please Daily news these so called analysts you are using are not convincing what ever they talk is off the mark .We are tired of these people .Mujuru is going the writing is on the wall inkosi 's wife has already hinted what is remaining now is the congress where she was elected and that is where she will be told to go and rest bcoz she has failed .Do you have ears or you do not understand Grace's language she said if firmly and loud that the present deputy president has been depending on her husband too much and must go yes going she is like it or not yena hamba kuphela. Ungadlali ngemenemene uMugabe ufana ka chimwene

Diibulaanyika - 28 October 2014

@Camarada - you don't know what you are talking about. How does Mugabe appointing vice-presidents instead of them being elected sway the scales in her opponents' favour should this proposal be adopted? What is clear? The reporter is confused. The people appointed by Mugabe will be ones also the ones his wife wants. My comment has absolutely nothing to do with what Dzingai has said - it is directed at the reporter. I quoted what is in the article which is senseless. I would rather the reporter answers not you. You are an idiot. You are the same idiot who calls himself taurai. Swine. Your mother did not teach you manners. Trying to provoke me you idiot.

Musona - 28 October 2014

“Journalist-cum-political analyst Jealousy Mawarire” - How can a person be called Jealousy? The parents wanted to say “Jairos” or “Julius” and it was corrupted to “Jealousy”. Is this just a nickname? It's important to get the name spelling right and the sex as well. Some decades ago one boy was given the name “Noreen” by her mother. Actually, the mother wanted to say “Nolan” but it was corrupted to “Noreen” and was registered at school as “Noreen”, which is a girl's name. When it came to the exams the school clerk went around the classes where girls were separate from boys' classes to check on the names to be registered in the exam - the clerk went into the girls-only classroom looking for “Noreen” among them and they did not know who “Noreen” was. Noreen, the boy, missed the exam, he was not registered because he was in the boys-only classroom! The first impression, say, an Englishman who does know about Jealousy's name anomaly, gets would be this person called Mawirire is jealous. Strange name indeed - Jealousy. I came across someone called Maknoton when it should have been McNaughton. And Menad when it should be Maynard. And, of course, Perence Shiri, when it was meant to be Parents. Some mothers in the Reserves just pick on mellifluous English names with wrong spelling which causes problems when the person is grown up and famous.

Musona - 28 October 2014

ko renyu rinonzi anini baba. musaseke zita remumwe. inga muchinda we golf anonzi tiger wani. names don't matter what matters is the character of the person. better a corrupted name than a corrupted character. his name is jealous its a popular name in my village and obviously not in london sir. in zimbabwe we do have names like that and that perfect with us.

taurai - 28 October 2014

Kupedza naro let's vote. We the people choose from Mugabe, Mujuru, Munangagwa and even the stupid one can also stand. Mai Mujuru will romp to victory with 75%. Ndiko chete kupedza nharo. Kwete kutongwa negotsi apa baba vacho vakafa karekare. Kunyengerera kuchinjwa pampers?

Tagarira - 28 October 2014

As a bonafide ZANU member I know all zanu supporters know that Grace is simply abusing state machinery aided by Jonathan Moyo, many of you speak of Mujuru being corrupt .....who isnt in zanu what about Grace using Presidential Helicoptors and resources to fund her political career hinched on a Demanded and Donated PHD degree. grace must be arrested for abusing State funds before you even talk of Joice this Joice that. In zanu we do not know what position Grace has in the Party or Government, being Mugabe's wife is not a government position nor a party position. Who is Grace to tell the politiburu what to discuss, who to fire ect since when do we fire anyone in zanu for corruption. Be warned people of my land tomorrow mumwe nemumwe achamira nezvake tozoona acharemerwa. A word of advice to Grace, Let Zimbabweans bid farewel to Bob munezvakanaka, nemhuri yake inosara inerugare kwete kuda kukanganisa hukama hwedu naBob, he has done a lot as well as not done a lot but as our founding primeminister we have learned to love and hate him and learned to forgive him, the same forgiveness is not sexually transmitted. We acknowledge Joice Mujuru's contribution to this land, her late husband as well, she is a no go area.

Team zanu 1963 - 29 October 2014

zanu pfungwa for life

MBOKO - 29 October 2014

ZANU PF, and indeed Zimbabwe will never be at peace as long as Jonathan Moyo is alive.He is the mastermind behind all this, the real weevil!.

Johno - 29 October 2014

pliz lets all vote WALTER MUZEMBI for president

GIRE - 29 October 2014

kuangoti bwai wanike #zinyeke-nyeke

Zuruvi - 29 October 2014

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