I will never surrender - Mujuru

MT DARWIN - Embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru yesterday celebrated her recently acquired Doctorate Degree with her supporters in her rural community of Dotito, Mt Darwin, determined to overcome First Lady Grace Mugabe’s recent scathing attacks on her, and vowing cryptically that she would never “surrender”.

The massive graduation party attended by thousands of people from around the country, was held as information filtered out last night that the beleaguered widow of the late liberation war hero, Solomon Mujuru, was feeling confident about her chances of withstanding the current political storms buffeting her within Zanu PF.

It also emerged yesterday that Mugabe and Mujuru apparently met twice last week, after Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting and before Friday’s tense politburo gathering in Harare.

It is believed that Mujuru confronted Mugabe about his wife’s recent shocking attacks on her during the frank tête-à-tête engagements, where she also reportedly gave the president the green light to sanction a police probe into her if he believed Grace’s allegations.

Well-placed sources also told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that Mugabe did not appear to agree with his wife, particularly Grace’s public shellacking of Mujuru — a development that gave the under fire VP cause for optimism.

Another source said close Mujuru confidante, Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, also spent more than two hours alone with Mugabe before Friday’s politburo meeting, where assurances may have been given that the president would not allow the tense situation inside Zanu PF to get any worse.

Analysts canvassed by the Daily News on Sunday also described Mujuru’s holding of her graduation party as a sign of confidence that she had weathered the current vicious onslaught on her by Grace and her Zanu PF faction, at least for now.

Addressing the crowd at yesterday’s graduation party, amid deafening chants from her supporters of “Amai muri Huchi” (Mother you are Number One) and the derogatory “Pasi nezvipfukuto” (Down with weevils, targeted at her opponents), Mujuru revealed how hard studying for her PhD had been, and that her supervisor had been a Professor Chanetsa.

As she spoke, some of her supporters shouted provocatively that:

“Degree raMai Mujuru nderekushandira, harisi rekupihwa (Mujuru earned her degree which was not dubiously awarded to her) a thinly-veiled low blow aimed at the First Lady whose PhD has elicited much controversy.

She also narrated briefly her war history, saying it had been Mugabe who had encouraged her to join the liberation struggle, and vowed that she would never “surrender or sell out” President Robert Mugabe.

Mujuru has been sensationally accused of plotting to topple Mugabe by Grace.

“If I leave the President outside then that is not Teurai (her nom de guerre). When I left my biological father James, VaMugabe took over from where he had left. Ndivo vakanoita baba vangu kuhondo kusvika nhasi ndirikutaura pano (he is the one who become my father when I went to war),” she said.

Imploring party supporters to unite, Mujuru said all Zimbabweans should work in harmony.

“Ukada kupinda munyaya dzezvematongerwo enyika tinobvumirana. Pindaiapa, apa hamukwane apa mirai imimi mupinde apa. Chiregerai kurwadziwa mongoti Mwari mandinzwa. (If you join politics it’s fine),

“We just had elections last year and we are left with about three-and-a-half years before the next elections. From today let’s not attack each other,” she said in remarks that were interpreted by many as directed at Grace.

Regarded as a moderate, Mujuru said the ruling party was wasting time on trivial matters instead of looking ahead and seeking to help improve the lives of Zimbabweans.

“Nokuti nhasi uchamurova uchamutuka kwasare less than three years kuti umuti huya undivhotere anenge achine chigumburo newe. Tirikutora nguva yakawanda yakawandisisa tichiita zvisina mubhadharo, ahehwa, ndakuudzai kuti ndaakukwana 60 years. Ndirikufunga kuti chandinofanira kusiya ndaita chinoratidza kuti vaMugabe vakadyara mhodzi ino yakabuda yaita zvibereko kubatanidza vana vemusangano.

“Kubatanidza vana vemusangano. Ndoda kuti vaone kuti dzidzo yavakandipa yashanda. Handidi kuvashaisa hope kuti ndapa mwana wangu dzidzo chave chipandu pandu, chakufamba chishaisa vamwe vana,” Mujuru said.

She added that Mugabe has gone through enough and she would never sell him out.

“Ini mwana wavaMugabe handifi ndakatengesa vamwe vangu vari muna Kagombe na Karoyi, varikukamhina hazvigone,” she added. (I will never sellout).

“The education should help to organise even those who persecute us they should be told to join us. Even those who hate me you will you will like me when I give things that will change your life.

“Nyangwe ukasandifarira hazvigone nyangwe mese muripano hamungandide zvakafanana hazvimbondirwadza kuti haundidi asi pane acha benefita neezvandakupa.

“Ndinezvitadzo asi musanyepe, zvandingaite handiite. This is not a day about politics we came to talk about education and I am grateful to the President and Zanu PF. Now it’s my turn to unite the party tigare zvakanaka muruwadzano,” Mujuru said.

Harare and Manicaland youths, who have silently endured withering attacks from Grace shouted “nhasi ndezveduwo” (it’s our turn)  and vowed that they would never let Zanu PF be destroyed by “weevils”.

Among the prominent people who attended yesterday’s graduation party were Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, Cabinet ministers Webster Shamu and Slyvester Nguni, former Cabinet minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, Deputy minister Fortune Chasi, Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman Amos Midzi, popular war veteran Dick Chingaira and dozens of Members of Parliament.

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Could it be that all those who usually pass comments cannot do so today because they use office internet facilities? The silence is too loud!

Kongonya - 26 October 2014

We hope Mugabe does what is good for the country but leaving Mai Mujuru alone. Mugabe has a problem with his wife. MAKOROKOTO mai MUJURU. I remember as a youth weZanu in 1980 muZimbabwe Grounds tichirara takachengeta ground redu kuitira kuti Smith and his wevils vasaise nyoka. Well done Teurai Ropa you are an inspiration. Do not be distracted nemahure vana Grace and gay gandsters vana Jonathan Moyo and kasukuwere. Pamebei nemi mai Mujuru

garikayi - 26 October 2014

Manzwi magara moyo.

mutare - 26 October 2014

God bless Zimbabwe, every Zimbabwean soil, stone, tree, animal and its own people. Let peace and love lead in everything that we do, Amen.

Baba Juju - 26 October 2014

A house divided on its own cannot stand. Imagine husband going this way and the wife going that way.Typical ZANUPF. They have been pretending that all is well but now okulempondo kakufihlwa/rinenyanga hariputirwe. Not so long ago they were busy celebrating their evil success of breaking Biti and Tsvangirai. Now I see this happening to them. They should taste their own medicine. Kana zvavekuitika kwavari Hanzi mavara azara ivhu. Mr Mugabe and his party cannot run their party and its pretty politics. How then can they handle the nation. No wonder the state of affairs today. Mr Mugabe is in a tricky situation. He has to choose between his deranged, rustic, immature, ridiculous, clueless but still trusted and beloved wife and a trusted, a bit more mature, abit more reliable, loyal, and tested right hand person and colleague. Its like choosing between two jealously irrational wives. The good part is that neither the opposition nor the west are involved.

mosquito - 26 October 2014

"Pretty" to read petty, "abit" to read a bit.

mosquito - 26 October 2014

It's not true that “…it had been Mugabe who had encouraged her (Joice) to join the liberation struggle…”. Joice only met Mugabe in Mozambique in the late 1970s as far as I know. She ran away from school in her early teens - nothing to do with politics. She was far too young to understand politics. Joice's speech in Mt Darwin in which she tries to put the record straight does not make any sense - talking about sanctions which have nothing to do with the present internecine fights and vacuous call for unity at this juncture. In piranha Zimbabwean politics it's not what you said or not said or done but what the powerful clique in the party says about you that matters. That is being too powerful for the leader's and leader's family comfort. In this case Grace, the leader's wife has singled Joice out and her political life is about to come to an end. Her mistake was getting the doctorate which some, including Grace, saw as a person trying to be too clever for their comfort. No number of rallies or explanations or meetings are going to change that. The die is cast. It's pointless to mention Mugabe, and praise Mugabe when Mugabe's wife is telling Mujuru to resign. I cannot see a situation where Mugabe sides with Mujuru and opposes his wife. The one who is dispensable in this love-in is Mujuru. I cannot see any compromise. I don't see anything cryptic in what Mujuru said yesterday.

Musona - 26 October 2014

This is how a mother should behave,to unite and not to disunite.Mai do not hit back at weevils,they will be sorted out at Congress.

Kufandada - 26 October 2014

What a situation we people in Zimbabwe find ourselves in. The two dumbest woman, with poached doctorates fighting each other for the presidency of Zimbabwe !!!!!! To be honest I am ashamed of all of us in Zimbabwe to have ever gotten ourselves into this mess. I regret the day that we did not take the late Vice President, Simon Muzenda's advice, which was that if Zanu PF nominated a baboon as a candidate, we should all vote for that baboon. How we all laughed at his suggestion! but quite honestly if a baboon was put on offer today, I am sure many like myself, would actually vote for the baboon, the way things are going. It is sad but it is the truth

ronaldos - 26 October 2014

Ndoo zvatinoziva zvinoitwa , ukaona benzi wariziva chasara kuti woitasei naro. Ribatsire , ndoo zvamaita amai mujuru. Asi iri ranyanyo rasika motoramba makashinga nokuti ringaedza kuti mufanane naro . Teurairopa uri gamba.

chipazhamongo - 26 October 2014

Well done Mai Mujuru that was excellent. You are a true Hero do not be intimidated by those Mafikezolo who when given platform they will start behaving like a Monstrous Cricket that will go to an extent of ripping off its fat stomach simply because it is trying to draw the attention of every animal that it can make noise. This is Politics where we are going now we now need people who can now stand up and say this I will not accept. Time for Hongu Shef is gone its now time for people to say thats enough. People talk of Corruption when they are the ones displaying it on daily basis. In Shona they say Gunguwo kuseka Zizi iwo muromo uchinga Demo. When one finger is pointing at someone three are pointing at you saying look at this. Do not be forced to resign by anyone allow them to say you are Fired from Office and then the truth will come out. People will fight for you whilst you are quiet. Keep on meditating on the word of God and you will see the true results. One day you will be in that Hot Seat giving Orders to the same people that are persecuting you today. Well Done Comrade

Karigamombe - 26 October 2014

@Musona.I agree with Bro Musona and his analysis is spot on.The die is cast and Joyce is a goner.In fact she should be ready to get her P45 next month.It was foolish for the gamatox to try and contest against Mnangagwa and Jonathan Moyo.These guys are crooks.

Guranyanga (PHD....WhatsApped) - 26 October 2014

One thing I find very hilarious and mysterious is these politicians, not least ZanuPF ones who break into song, trance-like, when they want to convey a message. I have never felt like breaking into song when I want to convey a message. Makes me cringe. It only happens with ZanuPF politicians or their supporters. Why is that so? I read reports Webster Shamu broke into song in Mt Darwin praising Mugabe. I cannot stop laughing. Singing of so-called revolutionary songs - are these sung to instil fear in the opposing groups or the people in general? These are some of the idiotic, inexplicable things in society which are meaningless like people going to the airport every-time Mugabe is going out or coming back to the country. This, to me, is how personality cult is nurtured.

Musona - 26 October 2014

For the next 1 or 2 months this will be a very topical issue, and after a close observation ZPF has always made lots of noise prior to any of their elective congress that are strategically done 4 years before national elections. All our attention is now drawn towards all this noise but come 0500hrs, 1300hrs and 1730hrs ZESA shuts off. In government office service delivery remains poor. Zim Asset dream of employment creation remains a dream!!!! Let us wake up Zimbos and smell the rot, this is clearly a smoke screen meant to distract us from the real issues that affect our day to day lives. All that I want from governmentis accountability and better stewardship of our national resources not this abuse. We are being urinated upon and what makesit sad is that our mouths are wide open:-(

imhenyu gammatox - 27 October 2014

Spot on imhenyu gamatox, this faction thing has been blown out of proportion and is being used as a time wasting tactic so our focus is diverted from important issues of national development and the survival of our suffering families. We will be talkiing about factions and the congress in the whole of next year as things get worse

mukanya - 27 October 2014

Oppah put out the fire you started! Now all is blamed on Oppah.But Oppah ignored the warning that,''Uchapemberera n'anga neichabata mai.'' Hezvoko Oppah.

MANATSAMUKANWA - 27 October 2014

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rains - 27 October 2014

What goes around comes around, truly these people are fooling us. All people have now put attention on the so called confusion in the part yet people are getting poorer each and every day. May these people address the poverty and unemployment issues on the ground. This , that, she all does not bring food on the table.

imiwoye - 27 October 2014

Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss. Kana pataura mai unonzwa kuti zvino mai chaivo vazotaura. Kana pataurwo vasiri unongohwa nehlamba kuti ma1 aya azotanga manje Viva mai Mjuru bereka sub tiende chauya-chauya, singing kkkkkk

rutenziyana - 27 October 2014

Grace has managed to destroy ZANU PF in 2 weeks. America & Britain have failed in more than 33 years. VaMugabe remember how Sampson was unmasked by her wife. Watch this please.

Bob - 27 October 2014

Mukoma Nhongo bereka sub tiende...Hona Amai Nhongo berekai sub tiende...chauya chauya...

Godfrey - 27 October 2014

musona hapana kwaakanga asiri. kumozambique aiveko achiona zvaitika between joy and mugabe. kunana smith aiveko futi achiona zvese zvaiitwa na smith. this man knows everything under the sun. he has the datails of joice's life in his brains. very clever man he is. i bet you he knows even the time joy fled her home to moza and the time she arrived. mr 'I know it all'

taurai - 27 October 2014

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ZimBusiness - 27 October 2014

you reporter you are now hooked to politics look the economy now instead of checking the current things you are busy with politics. Papers are ignoring bread issues now fooled with political games. you are indirectly supporting zanu at the expense of mdc they are getting publicity december and january we will reach not drawing attention where it matters most. Musadherera ajona moyo. Attend to the economy not politics TANETA tinodya politics here do not publicize zanu

ben - 27 October 2014

what is happening is unbelievable

kagi - 27 October 2014

The struggle was not about individuals and their inflated egos, rather , it was about our freedom and emancipation, pasi nezvimbwsungata

kazembe Stranger - 27 October 2014

At the Graduation celebration meeting Mujuru should have owned up and told the world that it is not true she downed a helicopter. I was not in Mozambique in the 1970s. I have followed political events since the 1940s. When Mugabe first selected his cabinet in 1980 there were reports on who was who in the cabinet where Teurai Ropa Nhongo narrated how she became a member of Zanu. She said at the time she ran away from school and ended up in Mozambique. How then can she change now to say she was encouraged by Mugabe? Where was she encouraged by Mugabe? Did Mugabe go to Mt Darwin in 1975 to tell Joice to go to Mozambique? Why did Mugabe especially encourage Joice, a school girl, of all the people? I know a lot of the stuff because - I have followed events for a long time and that I am not gullible. I know the history of this British construct like the back of my hand. Joice narrated her life history herself on 1980 on how she ended up in Mozambique. She never mentioned meeting Mugabe in Rhodesia before then. Where did they meet? I know Mugabe was in Ghana from 1957 up to 1960 BUT I never went to Ghana. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AT A PLACE TO KNOW SOME FACTS. We know man set foot on the moon but we never went to the moon did we? I know Mugabe was born in Kutama but I was not there when he was born. Silly argument.

Musona - 27 October 2014

WHERE AND WHEN DID MUGABE FISRT MEET JOICE, A MERE SCHOOL GIRL IN HER EARLY TEENS. TO ENCOURAGE HER TO JOIN ZANU? In 1980 she said she had run away from school and ended up in Mozambique. What would a 11 or 12 -year old in the Reserve know about politics at that age? Did she know who Mugabe was? She first came to Salisbury in 1980 - she said so herself in 1980 why would it change now?

Musona - 27 October 2014

Mai Mujuru, should prove the nation, because i doubted her, considering statements at Chinhoyi, salarygate"She said lets not expose other Comrades on the public, on its own that was a sinful statement" she is one of the looters who does not consider the ordinary man. First lady is ok, if whatever she has mentioned, can be proved. But i have problem on why she is protecting the other faction, if she really mean it she can simply expose all the faction, so that we take her serious.

basviri - 27 October 2014

When Mugabe was released from detention in 1974 I met Mugabe in High field - he spoke to me and a relative of mine briefly. Mugabe does not know me. A few days later we learnt Mugabe had skipped the border and was in Mozambique. At no time in the reports did we read that Mugabe had gone to Mt Darwin to meet an 11 year old school girl by the name of Joice. Why would Mugabe be talking about serious politics to an 11 year old girl?

Musona - 27 October 2014

ichokwadi ichocho mai mujuru vakaenda kuhondo nokuda kwava Mugabe not kuti vakavonana here kana kwete. nhasi uno vanhu vadiki vanokura vane chido chikuchengeta nyika yavo coz of Mugabe history. nokuda kwava Mugabe' s publicity mai Mujuru vakafadzwa navo vakati ndoda kusongana nemunhu uyu vakaenda kuhondo. kana uchida kuvona tiza Mugabe kana tsvangirai nyika inokuramba mai mujuru love Mugabe and joined liberation struggle.

namwari kudenga - 27 October 2014

I think the time has come for Zimbos to define our destiny. We either take this opportunity to choose who we want to lead the country post Mugabe or we stay with the same for another 34 years. Attendance of rallies of the two should send a clear message who has the people.

Gondobwe - 27 October 2014

lets not argue much about grace and mai mujuru because severalpeople have dreamt sydney sekramayi ruling zimbabwe after mugabe. its all done and said....but he will be a worse ruler than the current one. WATCH SEKERAMAYi. he will take over soon. be prepared to die if you are lazy and corrupt because the man is srious. people who live in differnt regions can not have the same dreams about the same man. remember joseph and pharoah

judgement day - 27 October 2014

@taurai Musona even knows when Amai is going to toilet, clever Musona. He seems to be knowing every politician. He appreciates, know one likes know one but himself.

Sdazo - 27 October 2014

@taurai Musona even knows when Amai is going to toilet, clever Musona. He seems to be knowing every politician. He appreciates, know one likes know one but himself.

Sdazo - 27 October 2014

@taurai Musona even knows when Amai is going to toilet, clever Musona. He seems to be knowing every politician. He appreciates, know one likes know one but himself.

Sdazo - 27 October 2014


kunta kinte - 27 October 2014

ndoo kuti amai zvee uku...

Minister - 27 October 2014

makorokoto amai mujuru musapedzwe simba,masvika.

tagaman - 27 October 2014

@Sdazo - idiot - yes I know all the Zimbabwean politicians. What is so strange about that? I read the newspapers, surf the Internet, I have got a TV, cellphone and radio. Brainless idiot.

Musona - 27 October 2014

"The massive graduation party attended by thousands of people from around the country". This is unbelievable, such a statement or acknowledgement concerning a ZANU PF figure coming from dailynews. I smell a rotten rat.

Ndugu - 27 October 2014

@Sdazo - I also know when your mother is going to the lavatory. Idiot.

Musona - 27 October 2014

@sdazo where were you all along musona achikuvadza vana nenhema? ishuwa anoziva zvakataurwa namai mujuru such that zvavakasiirira vakazozvi taura anogona kuti kunyepa nekuti anoziva zvese including what she has not said. hakuna munhu anogona kutaura history yake yese even in a book. she may have chosen to give the nation more personal information about her life. how does one conclude that the is lieing? only the one with all the details of the person's life can make such claims. only mr musona has that capability. kudos to musona.

taurai - 27 October 2014

Well befitting for Presidential material keep up the spirit mother.The weevils are coming home to roast come Congress unless otherwise they become some sorts of magicians

carson Macate - 27 October 2014

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dextor - 28 October 2014

God is able kneel down and pray daughter of the soil lord god lead us forever

josh - 28 October 2014

Looks like Joyce Mujuru has benefited from the death of her husband, not only materially but also politically. She has a lot of sympathetic support, inside and outside ZANU PF, so it has become very difficult for Mugabe to remove her without splitting the party for over.A split ZANU PF will mean enormous insecurity for his family which he will leave behind shortly. For the benefit of his family, Mugabe needs to leave behind a united ZANU PF because it can only be a united ZANU PF which can protect Garace and his children, including the illgotten wealth

dzingai - 28 October 2014

Musona, does one have to talk to you to encourage you to do something? You can be encouraged by one's action and resolve to do something. So that is another way of encouraging someone. I do not see anything wrong.

Rwatida Makuwe - 28 October 2014

Musona pliz pasi ne hate language asi hauna mafacts here? why do u behave like grace in hating others ? people are only saying mujuru fought the liberation struggle and was mature in her response to Grace.hapana akachena kuZPF its all corruption and junk.

hezvoka - 28 October 2014

Musona pliz pasi ne hate language asi hauna mafacts here? why do u behave like grace in hating others ? people are only saying mujuru fought the liberation struggle and was mature in her response to Grace.hapana akachena kuZPF its all corruption and junk.

hezvoka - 28 October 2014

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