What's wrong with Grace?

HARARE - It is never easy to focus the spotlight on one so high, such as the spouse of the leader of the Republic, but the recent random behaviour of President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, compels us to ask — out of genuine growing concern for her and our country — whether indeed she is well.

Let’s pick one relatively small, but important issue to illustrate the point.

Addressing mainly war collaborators at her Mazowe business hub on Thursday, in her ongoing and curiously themed “Meet the People” engagements, Mrs Mugabe alleged, without batting an eyelid, that Vice President Joice Mujuru owned a supposed 10  percent shareholding in Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, publishers of the inimitable Daily News, the Daily News on Sunday and the Weekend Post.

“Did you know that she (Mujuru) holds 10 percent shareholding in the Daily News? That is why you see the newspaper write negatively about Grace Mugabe everyday. Hameno kuti vakandionei. Vanondiona se toilet yekuti kana akuda kuita zvinhu zvake anongomhanya ikoko kutoilet (I don’t know why they are doing this to me. They are treating me like a toilet which people use whenever they want to),” she said.

What contrived and almost pitiably-false horse manure.

For the record and avoidance of doubt, neither Joice Mujuru nor any of her associates has a single share either directly or indirectly in the Daily News.

While we are obviously flattered to learn officially that we are not just followed closely but also taken seriously by the crème de la crème of the country’s VIPs such as Grace, and that our titles appear to occupy such a hallowed place in the body politic of our country as to sometimes induce unfounded hallucinations, it is worrying for many reasons when a First Lady, of all people, lies this blatantly and maliciously.

For a start, one would expect that someone who has boasted very openly during her controversial rallies that she is at the heart of decision-making at the highest level in this country, including deciding who becomes and does not become the Vice President of Zimbabwe, would have accurate information on something as straightforward as the ownership of the Daily News.

The incontrovertible fact is that Amai could easily get this public and unsophisticated “intelligence” from any number of statutory organisations such as the direct media licensing body, the Zimbabwe

Media Commission, or the Registrar of Companies, if she really wanted to know this information.

But this is of no consequence to her, and she definitely does not want to know the truth. Because that would get in the way of her toxic and malicious snake-oil political conspiracies.

While we hold no brief for Mujuru, who herself has been at the receiving end of sharp criticism on many occasions in our newspapers, Grace’s all-consuming mission at the moment is to destroy and annihilate the embattled VP, by any means necessary. Even if this means telling a blue lie about an imaginary shareholding stake in the Daily News by Mujuru.

For us, the ramifications of the First Lady’s destructive game and lies are potentially severe, given our painful experience at the rough hands of her husband’s government.

First, our staff were harassed and imprisoned willy-nilly in our early years at the direct instigation of many in the motley crew that now makes up the backbone of Mrs Mugabe’s Zanu PF faction and support.

And when this did not yield the desired results, our printing press was completely destroyed in a barbaric bombing in January 2001, that followed threats from a garrulous Cabinet minister and that was widely believed to have been carried out by State agents.

And finally, the same cast of anarchists who are evidently micromanaging Mrs Mugabe contrived to shut down the Daily News violently and unjustly in September 2003, after they enacted a legal instrument solely for this morbid purpose. The paper was only able to return to the market in late March 2011.

Of course, history has recorded that some of the worst excesses of Zanu PF’s well-documented misrule of the past 34 years occurred around the time that the Daily News was out of circulation.

And with the newspaper for the people not there to hold leaders to account, Zimbabweans and their beloved country paid a high price for this, including Operation Murambatsvina, a record hyperinflation and the vengeful murders of opposition supporters that followed Mugabe’s stunning loss to Morgan Tsvangirai in the disputed 2008 presidential election.

So, yes Mrs Mugabe, we fully comprehend what this game is about. Your advisers first alleged, unsuccessfully because it was false, that we lived on donor funding, and have now moved to this outrage.

Let no one be surprised if we are next accused of being baby dumping cannibals, to use their popular language. We indeed expect worse more from our detractors. Watch this space!

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The short answer to the question posed by the headline is that 'Everything is wrong with and about Grace!'

Musorodamba - 25 October 2014

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Gerald Bradley - 25 October 2014

Where and how does the ZANU PF constitution enumerate the duties and responsibilities of the first lady? Your reference to the frivolous and nefarious claims as to the ownership and control of the Daily News shows that Grace cannot add 1) 10 per cent is not a controlling interest and 2) the statement is a lie by a liar extraordinary. How can we believe the rest of her utterances. If she is looking for a thief why not attack Obert Mpofu and Chombo.

Ndaneta - 25 October 2014

she isn't well just like the husband. these people have overstayed in power and delusion is what now defines their characters. that dream she spoke of as seeing herself ruling the heavens is purely a demon inspired dream. what they are doing is not from God but from the devil himself.

Devil incarnate - 25 October 2014

I agree with those who think this lady is sex starved! She is beginning to show signs of Alzheimer's and other hallucinatory diseases! Imagine sleeping with an un-horny old man for a year. A man who is talking alone and sometimes sees whites in the bush, dissidents in Matebeleland, and is scared of Mujuru! Its enough to get anyone mad!!!!!!!!

Nduna - 25 October 2014

Kuvhukwa kunoita semunhu akarohwa nezvitupwani ndiko kunoita Gire zvimwe svakarohwa mbama pavuruzvi ndosaka ongoita semupengo . Unofunga kuvata nababa Chatunga unhongofuma woita kunge nyika yake . Team Mberengwa taramba

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 25 October 2014

What is wrong with Grace is that she is stupid and a novice in politics . Politic is not her game she must try something else .Staying away from politic Will be the answer . But on the other hand she has a point Mujuru is corrupt to the marrow . When the late William Nhara was caught with a bag full of diamonds Mujuru was fingered as the one who had sent the poor guy to go and sale the stones on her behalf across the border.By that time she was loved everything was swept under carpet nothing was done to her. This woman pretends to be scared of snakes and majongolo when actually akasungirira shato muchiuno she is skelem .

Diibulaanyika - 25 October 2014

She is rotten. What a shameless whore!

farai - 25 October 2014

She is rotten. What a shameless whore!

farai - 25 October 2014

Didymus Mutasa has jumped ship. Those on Joice's side were at the meeting in Mt Darwin but Didymus Mutasa was no there and reported to be in Nyanga meeting reading a prepared speech by Grace. This is not a good time to be in ZanuPF. There's no way you can be in both Grace's camp and Joice's camp. It looks like Didymus has had time to reflect and decided to jump ship.

Musona - 25 October 2014

By the way you attack Lady Grace and the way you defend mai mujuru it ia clear that she has some interests in your company. You support mai mujuru more than you have supported morgan and that is very telling. It is so obvious even a blind man can see it

mujurumustgo - 25 October 2014

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ZimBusiness - 25 October 2014

dis-Grace Mugabe. Africa's most corrupt first lady showing her true colours in delusions of grandeur. the bought PHD is meant to make her appear educated in front of the people. unfortunately zimbabweans have had enough of 'educated' to know its not exaclty what they need to lift the country out of the mugabes mess.

Rufifes ma - 25 October 2014

these guys could be fooling us all including ngwena himself , trying to demonise mai Mujuru in the public eye so that she can sympathy from the nation and international community so that when she takes over it might make the economy and investors trust her thereby lengthening the life of zanu pf . lets not be fooled guys these quarrels are a way of making us not see the truth .

Ini Ndini - 26 October 2014

as long as the alternative is not tsvangson. he just as well has failed his party and would equally overstay his welcome. as a matter of fact he has already overstayed and demonstrated arogance that resulted in another split in his self-named party. we must also not be fooled enough by what's going on such that we endup making mistakes. lets think deep and come up with the best possible alternative not people with handiende attitude like morgan.

zvirozviyedzwa - 26 October 2014

Dr Grace Mugabe is overrating her power. She will soon have a very BIG EGG on her face

Torai Jukwana - 26 October 2014

Didymus, or Gammatox as Grace's gang refers to him has always been, is now and will forever be a cowardly ass-licker!

Johno - 27 October 2014

Greed Greed Greed

Gluton - 27 October 2014

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Dextor - 28 October 2014

Grace is a horrible experiment gone wrong. ZANU PF created a monster in Mugabe .At first they thought they were going to control him. The creation of the executive presidency was a big mistake. If Mugabe had remained a Prime Minister probably we would not be in this mess. the next stage is to turn the presidency into a monarchy. Grace is already preparing for this . She is already speaking like a queen, the Marie Antoinette of Zimbabwe.I have never heard of a person who demands to be recognised as First Lady. Why does she constantly remind us that she is the First Lady?Does our constitution recognise this position? Was it proper for her to use state resources in the absence of her husband during her nationwide rallies? Is this not corruption which she is accusing Joice Mujuru? Indeed this lady is big news and should not be allowed near something called politics and power.

jaku - 28 October 2014

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