Grace markets Daily News again

HARARE - First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday made the outrageous claim that Vice President Joice Mujuru had bought a 10 percent shareholding in the Daily News, but the paper’s editor replied her with a humorous riposte.

Addressing mainly war collaborators and youths at her Mazowe business hub, President Robert Mugabe’s wife accused Zimbabwe’s top-selling and independent daily — that was violently and unjustly shut down by her husband’s government in September 2003, and which only returned to the news stalls in late March 2011 — of publishing negative stories about her in the alleged service of Mujuru.

“Don’t be surprised to see negatives stories of me every day,” Grace said.

“She (Mujuru) bought 10 percent of Daily News. Daily News yakatengwa ndosaka muchiona vachingonyora nezvangu (She bought the Daily News that’s why they criticise me),” she added.

Last week, she incited Zanu PF supporters against journalists from the Daily News, alleging that the country’s leading newspaper was being used by factional leaders to wage a war against her.

Commenting on Grace’s utterances, the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe Group Editor, Stanley Gama said he could only thank the First Lady for continuing to market the popular daily “with such admirable zeal”.

“It is good to see that Mrs Mugabe continues to confirm very openly the fact that she, her husband and her family are avid readers of our paper, which is understandable given that hundreds of thousands of other Zimbabweans have long decided that our winning, credible journalism is the best on the market.

“While she is plainly wrong about Mrs Mujuru having shares in the Daily News, I must also, nevertheless, thank the First Lady for continuing to market our inimitable paper with such admirable zeal, particularly today (yesterday) where she did this without inciting violence against our staff.

“In fact, we will be getting in touch with her to offer her a free subscription copy of the newspaper for a year in light of the good marketing job that she is doing,” Gama said.

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dextor - 24 October 2014

Hey ! Ja, zvirikunakidza. Ah, Grace anovava vakomana. Tofunga gore riye President pavamboda kuita meso-meso vachitarisa Oppah vakaona moto.

selele - 24 October 2014

Jesu chidzokai henyu

bvondo - 24 October 2014


girlycee - 24 October 2014

Well said Gama. I hope the daft Grace will understand your article and the real message you have conveyed to her. I will encourage current readers of the Herald not to waste their money buying but rather suscribe to the daily news like sisi Gire

garikayi - 24 October 2014

hahahaha Editor Gama makaenga lol, torai sando dzenyu

DonComforts - 24 October 2014

Given your obsession with painting her negative all the time, I'm not surprised she is making those allegations. You need to balance your news Mr Gama to get credibility.

MaMoyo - 24 October 2014

Mai Mugabe is saying the truth and what will you say if we prove that she has shares in your company. It is purely irony to suggest that Mai Mugabe is selling your shit ideas. Be balanced, real and practical on this allegation. We are kindly waiting the response by Mai Mujuru!

Chatama - 24 October 2014

Gire is news these days why is she not telling us her deals and those of all the elites in zpf becoz hakuna asina kutorera varungu and macompany ku zpf. regai paper ritiudze.All are corrupt in zpf hapana kana one mutsvene zvake its stinking.....

hezvoka - 24 October 2014

Gire is news these days why is she not telling us her deals and those of all the elites in zpf becoz hakuna asina kutorera varungu and macompany ku zpf. regai paper ritiudze.All are corrupt in zpf hapana kana one mutsvene zvake its stinking.....

hezvoka - 24 October 2014

Well, in as much as this 'n' that has been said on the Mujuru Faction... I do have a few questions, Dr please take my questions, summon whoever and answer them again on air. 1.) Why are you wasting much of your time, resources, effort, etc on one Faction. What about the other. 2.) In Midlands and Matebeleland, it was Mujuru, why not Mnangagwa yet in Mashonaland (kumusha kwaMujuru) waingopopota nezva Mujuru. Is that the only faction? 3.) Is your objective of these last 10-meet-the-ple rounds, 'nip factionalism in a bud' only targetted on Mujuru ko Mnangagwa is he not a faction leader? 4.) Do you know who killed Mujuru Solomon, spill the beans please amai, ko munongofona ka? 5.) Can you account for business rakaitwa naMujuru when he was out of Government since 1992... kuti harina kukurawo nhai, handiro here ratenga ma10% nokuita zvose izvi. 6.) Ko nhai 'QUEEN' mazoti Munangwaga nhasi ko pose apa? Mujuru azoshata nhasi. Ndimi ka mogadza 7.) by the way is queen a new executive post in Government, is Zimbabwe under a queen? 8.) Ko iyo MDC yakatanga 1999 but you went on to appoint Mujuru into office in 2004, reelected her in 2008, killed her husband zuro uno apa, ko why would you appoint an extorsionist into that High office? 9.) Ko iyo Corruption yacho ndimwi munoite deal with it, where is police, where is the law? 10.) Ko kusa onana kwenyu naMai Mujuru kunei nehuVP, oh by the way, you appointed her into office to pay you allegiance kkkkk.... I NEED ANSWERS TO THESE AND SOME QUESTIONS THAT I SHALL POSE AT YOU 'QUEEN'

Drs is Disgrace - 24 October 2014

NO, no, mr editor, you got it wron, You always right shit about her, and for that someone shows her the paper , not that she buys it, secondly, your sales are dwindling for what you are, hogwash publisher and not a serious daily, and as for the share, considering how you have been campaigning for Mujuru, its not surprising, but however you always good at flogging dead horses, and mai mujuru is one of your recent picks.

reason - 24 October 2014

Faction means there are two parties or forces involved, why attack only one faction and not the other

Drs is Disgrace - 24 October 2014

reason uri mhata

chimuti - 24 October 2014

The problem with Grace is that in her own small brains, she believes that whatever she tells us the public, we swallow hook line and sinker, which is very unfortunate. When she tells us her husband is a ' fountain of knowledge', a 'priest' , 'he loves people', and that Mujuru is the only corrupt person in her beleaguered disintergrating party, does she honestly believe we take that as the gospel truth as she expects us to? Newsflash First Lady, we're not that daft.

Dr Know - 24 October 2014

What a message, hope the Dr understood

samukelisiwe ncube - 24 October 2014

Via kuru vanities kutya chati kwatara hunge unite katurikwa. This is very true chock wadi chino Rwanda nguva dozes that's why Sisi Gire vac hi maker sure Yakutia she checks on The Daily News paper. Same thing you are afraid of Mai Mujuru there is something in her which is threatening your day to day life. Let's not talk of the unfounded 10 percent stake that you are talking about. Why don't you tell the Nation how much percent age that you hold in the Zimbabwean Economy that you have never paid for. You can get whatever you want at any time. Siyanayi na Mai Mujuru. Hamunyariwo here Kongo attacker manhunt akazvinyararira vake. Tell your husband to chase away from Office then you will see what comes out next don't say she should resign. Just give your orders of sacking then deal with what comes next. Tone kiting munozoudzima here moto Wachovia.

Karigamombe - 24 October 2014

This disgrace keeps humiliating herself in public. How can she claim Mujuru owns 10% of daily news without substantiated evidence. Shows what kind of a bad leader she is. We all know why Solomon why killed manje, so that Zanu would have a go at Joyce Mujuru.

hamunyari - 25 October 2014

If you want hot or cold, control yourself Sisi Gire. The room is already fitted with aircon.

Mashonaland Dickmarsh - 27 October 2014

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