Blood and thunder politburo meeting

HARARE - The stage is set for a bruising battle between rival Zanu PF factions which lock horns today in a potentially explosive politburo meeting that could define President Robert Mugabe and his party’s destiny.

In a statement, Zanu PF’s secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa announced that the politburo meeting that was initially set for Wednesday, had been moved to today.

With Mugabe’s wife leading a vicious and unrestrained attack on Vice President Joice Mujuru, relations in the ruling party are at their lowest ebb and today’s politburo meeting is expected to demand answers not only from the 90-year-old party leader but also from Mujuru and other party functionaries.

So frosty are relations between Mugabe’s wife and his deputy that the first lady on Tuesday petulantly and shockingly refused to shake an outstretched Mujuru’s hand at the Harare International Airport.

Mujuru, who has remained silent as the First Lady verbally pummeled her, will today lead her incensed faction to demand answers from Mugabe who returned from Italy on Monday.

Although Mujuru has not responded to Grace’s attacks on her, she has been openly and embarrassingly snubbed by the First Lady giving traction to views that Mugabe himself tacitly approves the abuse of his deputy.

While the reasons for the high profile fallout remain hazy — there has been manoeuvres from some government officials for Mugabe to sacrifice his deputy, something that his wife suggested as “baby dumping.” 

Mujuru is accused of fanning factionalism, demanding 10 percent shares in foreign firms, back-stabbing the President, and having played an active role in the formation of the MDC and MKD but the widowed VP is yet to respond to the serious allegations that came from Mugabe’s wife.

Political analysts and party insiders have warned that the ruling party will split if Mugabe takes sides with his vituperative wife whose entrance into mainstream politics has shaken the ruling party to the core.

Alex Magaisa, a professor of law at Kent University in the United Kingdom, said Zanu PF could not afford to ignore the “elephant in the room”.

“They can’t let it go like that,” Magaisa said. “It has become vicious and embarrassing to everyone and it’s the elephant in the room that they cannot ignore anymore. Grace has shown her utter contempt for a party senior, breaking all forms of protocol expected of a person of her position.

“I think she has made her case weaker by showing herself to be petty, vindictive and child-like in her attitude and approach to the Vice President.”

Respected party elder Cephas Msipa has made it clear that he is going to demand answers from both Mugabe and Mujuru, setting a tantalising battle of the titans.

Msipa has previously warned that unless Mugabe skillfully manages the raging succession wars, the ruling party could split.

Pedzisai Ruhanya, a media and democracy scholar said Mugabe’s word or desire will carry the day.

“There is nobody who will challenge Mugabe,” Ruhanya said. “The outcome of the politburo meeting will be desirable to Mugabe’s political planning ahead of the December congress. I don’t see any person who will challenge the position of the leader. Mugabe is the prince of power. But he will find a way of managing the factions and will not allow any movement towards party rapture. He is clever and he knows how to handle rival factions for his own benefit.”

Insiders say the politburo will also likely discuss the proposed amendments to the party constitution and the Unity Accord, amid a renewed push that vice presidents be appointed and not elected.

“There is no way that the president will let this slide because he knows that once his wife decides to go against Mujuru, it will automatically translate to that all positions in the presidium will now be contested,” the source added on.

Another political analyst, Maxwell Saungweme said the developments in Zanu PF showed a president losing his grip on his party. 

“He is too old to comprehend everything around him,” Saungweme said. “He can’t control his wife. He cannot resolve anything at this stage.

“The problems are too huge for him.”

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Eldred Masunugure said Grace, who does not hold any official position at the moment, had in fact become a defacto prime minister whose utterances are being treated like policy.

This can be buttressed by the fact that even before she has been appointed into an official position, she has already started enjoying the benefits of leadership.


Comments (17)

Never thought fiction political moves on American tv series Scandal could happen in real life.

ttttttttttttt - 24 October 2014

Grace kane huturu. Pinduraika tione handiti mabudirwa pachena? Chitirakidzai manje kuit hongu Gire kapenzi.

selele - 24 October 2014

Nothing special'll come out of this politboro indaba.The first lady could be fighting a personal war with VP Mujuru.

KUDYAZVEMAREMA - 24 October 2014

Zimbabweans the moment of truth is upon us, we are cursed . I feel sorry for all of us with Grace pa nyanga.

chipazhamongo - 24 October 2014

Nothing new is going to come out of a gathering of old and stupid people .Vose vakadzi vaMugabe.

Aluta Continua - 24 October 2014

Those expecting an immediate shift or change from the ZANU PF fray and especially after the politibro meeting should only expect to be disappointed, for nothing of that sort may ever come out. All we are likely to hear is 'so and so said this to so and so and he/she also shouted back and said this.......', before Mugabe calms everyone down and urges them to unite for the sake of the party. And then on to the next thing on the agenda. Whatever Mugabe says carries the day as we've come to know.

Dr Know - 24 October 2014

Remember Dingani and Shaka!! That is what Bob needs. Let's see what comes out of the politburo meeting but this time round some will ask...WHY WHY what has gone wrong with the rvolutionary party. Mugabe was warned kuti stay away from bitches...they love you when things are rossy now DisGrace arasa muswe. She should be taken out permanently, she is one of the weevils so lots of gamatox is required!!!!!

garikayi - 24 October 2014

Slaves can never question their master doing that would result in death or exactly what is happening to Joyce right now. Remember Mugabe is nkosi in zanu no one can tell inkosi what to do or voice some displeasure against inkosi . Meanwhile everyone in the politburo is busy saying yebo nkosi yebo nkosi and then the meeting will finish like that and inkosi will then return to indlovukazi of zanu Grace with happiness over his ancient face

Diibulaanyika - 24 October 2014

Nhai veduwee, mapengero aGiresi anenge emukadzi wakatoregwa murume naJoice. Giresi seems to think the presidency is a family affair in which the Vice President should necessarily have an affair with the President. As the two top people in the government, they have the right to sit privately in the president's office to share the secrets and goings-on of state. Whether Giresi likes it or not, the VP and the President(her husband) will have to sit alone in an office to run the country together. Her petty jealousies have made her run a hysterical campaign which is so degrading to herself and her husband. Poor old Mugabe, to be stuck with such a fiery young wife whose sole mission is to destroy the party! Maybe she wants to finish him off while she is still young so she can get a replacement. Unfortunately for her, the man is still reasonably healthy for his age although his mental capacities now leave much to be desired. If such a woman were to run the country one day, our country will be called Zimbabwe Tantrums. Joice should remain as cool as a cuccamber. Joice ngaamedze zvake fridge!

chenjerai hove - 24 October 2014

Dnt jus rubbish wht Grace said, Joice respond if what Grace said you are and you did is not true.....

Temba Mliswa - 24 October 2014

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Flixcom Solutions - 24 October 2014

But what if Grace is right, what if Mujuru is really corrupt? Remember how she watered down salarygate? Joyce may not be as clean as we would want to believe.

bonza - 24 October 2014

ZIMASCO chaiyo is being destroyed by Mai MUJURU people are being paid $1700 regardless of your services as package and now her daughter is taking over pickmine to run it but they are saying there is no crome never sympathise with is widow many families are suffering because of her there is no one perfect in zanu pf .vana chinotimba never fought the lebaretion struggle but today they are called war vets matsotsi ose zvawo

MR HONEST - 24 October 2014

Ziso rino ona choumwe, dzose imbavha ngatisa vharwe kumeso, mafarms mangani aainawo iye gire, akamawana sei,

Chenjera nyuchi dzaRevMakandiwa - 25 October 2014

Handizvo zvaitaurwa naSpiritual Father wangu here Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (planting right seed at the wrong time, it will be chaos soon). Itai tione we are watching

eddie - 25 October 2014

Munhu akashaya bonde rakakwana pfunga dzinozungaira. Zvera iro richikudawao bonde weduwe varegererei.

Kushaya Bonde - 25 October 2014

Nhai veduwe Amai Mujuru vakaita zvakanaka kusapindura nokuti dai vakapindura zvaiva shoresa. Zvakafanana nokuti ukaenda kurwizi kuno geza benzi rosvika rotora nhumbi dzako rotiza nadzo iwe ukatandanisa benzi iroro vanoona vanoti mutandanisi ndiro benzi nokuti unonga uri musvo. Keep it up mother Mujuru you showed the world how the leader should do. We are behind you do not worry about empty vessels.

KOKONYA - 28 October 2014

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