Weevils eating Zanu PF from within

HARARE - I have followed the circus coming out of Zanu PF’s succession battles before the party’s elective congress in December this year and have observed that while it is intriguing to watch, there is a fatal ailment that has struck this liberation movement whose genesis can only be traced to toxins emitted by weevils that the party has failed to gamatox.

Despite President Robert Mugabe’s arrow-headed diatribe at these weevils, first at the funeral wake and later at the burial of Dr Nathan Shamuyarira at the Heroes Acre on June 7, 2014, it seems his attack on the weevils, or “wee evils” group, has been full of fury but lacking in action.

However, the president was spot on when he singled out Jonathan Moyo as the architect and inventor of confusion in the party.

Moyo has introduced, like Jezebel in the biblical kingdom of Israel, a foreign doctrine of disrespect for party seniors and an insatiable affinity to scold and disparage the senior party leadership which has gotten resonance in the State media and lately the First Lady Grace Mugabe’s so-called ‘meet-the-people’ rallies.

Moyo did not just wake up one morning and decide to rubbish senior party leaders but he carefully created a team of editors and party personnel who, like Moyo himself, have deep-seated hatred for Mugabe and are well-known rabid critics of the incumbent in their not-so distant past.

For some of us who have known Moyo for some time now, we don’t regard him as a chameleon, he does not change his colours only that as a trained social scientist he knows too well the art of participant observation and this is what he has been doing in Zanu PF — observe from within and continue with his fight against the party and its president from a vantage point and from within.

If this is not the case, how else can you explain his perchance for surrounding himself with the most rabid critics of Mugabe, especially those that he appointed to influential positions immediately after he was made minister of Information and Broadcasting Services? He has this unexplained liking for people who have savaged Mugabe and called him names including creating false news reports of rape against his daughter.

The list is long. As if this country, and Zanu PF, has no trained media personnel of its own, Moyo immediately after his appointment into government, looked beyond the party and appointed people who are well-known enemies of Zanu PF and the first family into influential media positions.

In fact, he gathered weevils into the Zanu F media granary and ensured no gamatox comes near the storehouse and what we are witnessing is just but the fruition of his project.

Mduduzi Mathuthu and Edmund Kudzai, whom we gather is set to bounce back to his position soon, were fished out of the UK to come and edit the Chronicle and the Sunday mail respectively.

To think that these are the same guys who were savaging Mugabe in 2008 and a little longer after, but now they find themselves in very influential positions appointed by a Mugabe appointee and therefore serving at the pleasure of the same president they savaged and ridiculed not long ago, boggles the mind but also explains the nature of the task they have for their master and the targeted individual cannot be anyone but the president himself.

The list of these rabid critics of Mugabe whom Moyo claims to have rehabilitated does not end with the two I have mentioned, but also includes Psychology Maziwisa whom we are reliably informed was ear-marked to take-over from Happison Muchechetere as chief executive officer at ZBC, had Muchechetere not legally challenged his suspension, and one really wonders what is going on.

Apart from the fact that most of these Moyo-blue-eyed boys have no sound media training and therefore cannot be trusted with running the affairs of national news institutions as if the country is short of qualified people, there is a sickening rumour trailing each of the three and Mathuthu confessed in an article in the Chronicle in July this year, that people suspected them of being homosexuals.

I am not by any means trying to accuse anyone here but simply re-iterating what Mathuthu rightly captured as sentiments coming from the generality of the public.

The most important factor, however, is that these media appointees have something in common, an intrinsic hatred and disrespect for Mugabe and therefore are the right candidates to do a hatchet job on the Zanu PF leader, either directly, or indirectly by attacking his juniors as is happening now and consequently divide and weaken the party.

It takes quite a lot for small boys like Mathuthu, Maziwisa, Kudzai and now Caesar Zvayi and Mabasa Sasa to all of a sudden wake up and begin to attack senior party leaders except they have a godfather known for this kind of political jabbing and Moyo can only be the godfather for he is the one who is renowned, and has perfected the art of denigrating those in political leadership positions that he aspires to fill.

He was doing that on Mugabe with sickening regularity now he has set his terriers and fellow weevils on Vice President Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and anyone whom he thinks is aiding the duo’s cause. But is Zanu PF full of fools that it cannot read the game when it is so clear the weevils have taken over the party and are presiding over its demise?

We gather the weevils have managed to convince Mugabe that they are the ones responsible for his re-election and Moyo and his cabal were responsible, not only for securing the Zanu PF victory but also ensured elections were held last year.

It is also unfortunate that the First Lady has been fed with this sickening lie and she has gone out attacking Mujuru insinuating that she and her purported faction, did not want elections.

Since I have never met the vice president personally to hear from her what her position pertaining to elections was, I know too well that I secured the election date through my individual court application which was not a collective effort with anyone including Moyo and his group of weevils who are trying to insinuate through their rallies that they brought the elections.

I also got no communication from Mujuru or any emissary from her office or anyone from Zanu PF for that matter, to drop my constitutional court application although various European embassies accredited here tried to reach out through family connections, to persuade me to withdraw my application.

It is quite mischievous for Moyo and his group of ungamatoxed weevils to claim they wanted elections and therefore brought them and by extension caused my court application.

Moyo and his group should try and find something substantial that they did for their party not trying to reap where they did not sow, especially when the person responsible for calling for the election is alive. I was ridiculed for this, threatened and escaped physical attacks for this court application and trying to mix issues and drag me and my court application into their factional fights is a sign of major disrespect for my person, family and my associates. I am no member of a faction in Zanu PF and I have not worked with any faction within the party and Moyo and his weevils should stop insinuating they had anything to do with my court application because it is a lie.

If Moyo wants credit and in turn favours from the president and first lady, he should find something other than trying to insinuate he brought elections and by extension worked with me.

If Moyo and his group wanted elections, what did they do to ensure the elections were held? Why, if they wanted the elections and prepared for them so well, including getting 11 motorbikes from the Chinese, did he lose in an election that he had longed to have, obviously after assessing the environment and seen he could win?

It is clear Moyo is destroying Zanu PF from within and that he carefully planned his ball-game so well, including creating myths around himself of being a genius and that he alone is the man in Zanu PF.

He, however, should answer questions why suspected homosexuals have suddenly found a haven in institutions under his ministry and why Mugabe’s rabid critics have all of a sudden become his most trusted spin-doctors rather than try to insinuate he and his group brought the elections when court records are clear what happened!

*Mawarire is a trained journalist and Executive Director of Centre for Elections and Democracy in Southern Africa (Cedsa). He made the court application challenging President Mugabe to come up with an election date. He writes in his own capacity.

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    realoly Mr Mawarire? Is this you complaining? what did you to Zimbabweans last year? I see the hand of God.

    Tonderai Gonzo - 23 October 2014

    Mr Mawarire I, for one, have no sympathy at all for you. The truth is through your stupid, pathetic, insensitive and cruel Court application last year, Zimbabweans were denied a chance to express themselves and had their hopes were dashed. For us you are the biggest sellout and ARE WEEVIL NUMBER ONE . Deny it all you want, Zimbabweans are not stupid, we know your court application was not initiated by you, it was an application concocted by an evil cabal with evil intentions and for an evil outcome which you got. I all along thought Jonathan Moyo is fighting people but thanks to you with your privileged inside information, I am now know the truth. Infact if what you say is true, then I love Jonathan Moyo coz he is doing a great job of ridding our country of evil. If there is any lesson ever to be learnt, it is that nothing lasts forever. When you applied for Zimbabweans to be stampeded rather devilishly into an election which you knew Zanupf would win, little did you think that things can take a turn for the worst for your party, did you? You thought the application was going to help you realise your evil desire of seeing Zimbabweans wallowing in poverty and being the laughing stock of the world. Well, am sure you can see now that you were dead wrong. Seeing that your party is disintegrating and that there is nothing you can do about it , what do you do to save face, you rush to the Daily news accusing Moyo of not doing enough evil to save you. Unfortunately its too late bro. For what you did in 2013, I think you deserve the misery you as Jealosy Mawarire individually and Zanu PF collectively find yourselves in. If you have any iota of humanity inside you, please honestly tell us...why you made that application last year? Be honest!!!

    Murambiwa Mandishora - 23 October 2014

    Gore rino Mawarire taste your own medicine l wish more evils befall on you. God is not only for you ndewe munhu wese. good day

    goodlife - 23 October 2014

    zvagwadzaka nhaiwe Mawarire? Waifunga kuti wakangwaraka?

    matindo - 23 October 2014

    At last someone who has hit the nail on the head.Yes Jelousy Mawarire, your analysis and observation is spot on. All the confusion reigning in Zanu (pf) all come from one source,that is, Jonathan Moyo's office. The man is a brilliant tactician and smooth operator who has seen the greedy ambitions of the likes of Emmersson and now pretends to advance his cause but if truth be told, Jonathan Moyo has his own secret tribal grudge to finally decimate the stranglehold on power by the Shona ruling cabal.The only viable method for him to do so is to execute a James Bond like operation by destroying the wicked and rabidly tribal Shona cabal from within. Moyo is too intelligent to really believe that Grace is anything but a dumb twit whose only use is to use her as a safe diplomatic passport to penetrate the evil secret chambers of Zanu (pf) I also doubt if Mnangagwa's crowd does not suspect that their chief strategist has his own ulterior agenda once Mugabe and Mujuru are out of the way. Mugabe and Mujuru are seen as representing and perpetrating an evil Shona hegemony on Zimbabgean politics. They are to other lesser Zim tribes what the Hutu are to Rwandan politics. For all his brilliance Moyo risk being rewarded by his wicked handlers with a bullet behind his thick skull because, like the mafioso they are, they know in the end, it is only one thug who should get away with the whole loot, not half of it.No sane Ndebele, |Moyo included, can ever forget let alone forgive Shonas for the Intumbane genocide and Mnangagwa knows that once Moyo gets his opening, he will certainly fry them all on a braai- stand for that Matebeleland holocaust. These are indeed dangerous times indeed.

    tafamutekwe - 24 October 2014

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