Police disperse Harare protestors

HARARE - Police yesterday dispersed protestors from Harare’s Africa Unity Square as journalist-cum-activist Itai Dzamara continued to lead a sit-in pressing President Robert Mugabe to step down.

Dubbed Occupy Africa Unity Square, the demonstration attracted a heavy police presence.

Dzamara said he was chased away from the park together with dozens of  other people.

“We have embarked on processes through our lawyers of pursuing legal channels because the police are in blatant violation of both the law and my constitutionally guaranteed rights,” he told the Daily News.

“We had gathered at Africa Unity Square because I am waiting for a response from President (Robert) Mugabe to my petition. I submitted demands to him including that Mugabe and his government must admit and declare that they have failed to run the country.

“I demanded that he must agree to dissolve his government and engage all national stakeholders in finding a new solution to the challenges. I notified President Mugabe and the police that today I will be at Africa Unity Square until I get a response and I want it urgently.”

AGGRIEVED: Itai Dzamara (left) and fellow activists of the Occupy Africa Unity Square protest, have vowed to continue with their sit in until their demands are met by President Robert Mugabe.

Dzamara said no response has come from the head of State who arrived in the country on Tuesday morning from Rome, Italy.

“If the President does not respond to my demands as he is doing now, I will continue with my mission of demonstrating,” he said. “I am demanding that response. We shall continue occupying Africa Unity Square. Just a while ago as you witnessed, we had gathered with 150 people who are committed to this mission. The police ended up clearing everyone out of  Africa Unity Square.”

Dzamara said they had held more than five meetings with the authorities.

“They admit that there is no breaking of the law,” he said.

Dzamara delivered the petition at Mugabe’s offices and copied it to the Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda on October 17. 

His demands to the President are that;

1) Immediately admit and declare that you and your government have failed to run the country, and must to step down.

2) Agree and pave way for a process of engagement involving all national stakeholders, towards establishment of an administration that takes over, to manage the country and prepare for fresh elections.

3) Make a commitment and public announcement that you shall not abuse state security agents by unleashing them to either intimidate the people, or usurp the people’s power and responsibility of determining the establishment of a new way for solving the national crisis.

4) Agree to, and accept that your party Zanu PF ceases to be the “ruling party” but becomes one of the national stakeholders, to be involved in the national engagement, and in equal capacity with the rest.

Dzamara has vowed not to stop his sit-in until he gets a response from Mugabe.

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Hope dzenguruve kurota ichibhururuka.

chimuti - 23 October 2014

Zvitombori nani pane zvana MDC-T svisina nematuro ese. Pamberi na Dzamara. Uyu ane chivindi nekuti he actually went and handed a petition kuma hofisi acho aMugabe. Ndirikuuya kuzoita join mu protest.

Mer - 23 October 2014

no, Dzamara its you who wants to disrespect the constitution, remember we voted Mugabe into office and who are you to go against what the majority through constitutional means, endorsed. It shows how idiotic you are. The police may just leave you alone but varikutokutyira kuti you will end up defecating in Africa Unity square uchiti marights ako, zvetsvina hatdi ba.

reason - 23 October 2014

ngaamboita. Vachiri kukusakuri zvavo. Vachazonyatsomuputira mbanje vonwira-nwira kuti vanyatsomudashura zvakanaka. Ndinoaziva magandanga.

selele - 23 October 2014

muchamamiswa dzungu iro rakapera chete rambai muchiita musara , munofira yavatenzi .

mucha - 23 October 2014

Yahhh the above comments clearly shows kuti Zimbabwe tinemagwara ega ega anofa nenzara akatarisa .Pane asingazvizivi kuti Zanu Pf yakauraya nyika yavakapuwa naSmith yakanaka.Basa kutsvaka wekunenera mhosva,Masanctions,Tsvangirai now zvakunzi Mujuru.Dzamara arikuita zvechirume zvinoitwa chaizvo.Nyika vanhu!Egypt ,Tunisia neLybia vakazviita zvekumira izvo vakazvisunungura muma dictator.

mamb mupuputi - 23 October 2014

Reason and your gang of foolhardy idiots have not the slightest idea of a constitution and constitutionalism. State agents are state machinery and not party machinery. However you fail to separate government and a party. My understanding is that Zimbabwe is a democratic country and in a democracy leaders are elected by the and are for the people. It should not be a matter of objects and subjects, the "them and us syndromne". Dzamara is standing for what he wants and cannot be cajouled or manhandled into submission to the whims of anyone. Itai is a man, indoda sibili. This guy must have bollocks the size of a bull's.

ndozvo - 23 October 2014

@mamb mupuputi. Aika...all we are saying is that unodashurwa! Whether uri nhinhi, brave, militant oe what what hazvina basa. Kana veriot vanzi kwaturai vanhu munochiona musi iwoyo. Inga munozviziva wani ? Isu vamwe takambodashurwawo wani pasina zvataita..just being on the wrong place.

selele - 23 October 2014

So that people know..... that young legislator called Justice Mayor Wadyajena is Mnangagwa`s secret key. I used to see Mnangagwa visit lot at Wadyajena`s office at Fidelity Life Tower along Raleigh road. Mayor Wadyajena is the one who handles all of Mnangagwa`s corrupt dealings. We all know that all his monies actually belong to Mnangagwa. Please Zanu pf investigate this. That is why this Mayor wadyajena is so arrogant.

Kwedu - 23 October 2014

riot batai munhu uyo anoda kuita zvisina basa. arikudaro after all haana kundovhotera party yake. isu takavhotera ZANU PF tikahwina zviri pamutemo. Riot itai basa, mudzidzisei gwara mwana arasika uyo. Pane arikumutuma i know hangu

wind - 23 October 2014

ooooooooh! i wonder y,how can we become democracy with people like mucha ,selele,reason,wind? munhu afunga solution momuvhunditsira.WHAT KIND OF LIFE ARE U LIVING, U GUYS ,ARE WE IN THE SAME ZANULISED COUNTRY? Hey guys svinurai muone vanaamai varikuchema kumusha uko.Partly , i support u Mer bt pakushoora MDC-T ummm sha that party ine "muto" wese.bt we cant see the muto with people like wind.NEVER !!!!!!!!! Dzamara hatidzokere shure dzamara zvaita .

yale - 23 October 2014

Dzamara you are wasting your time because toilet iri paya unotobhadhara saka uchapedzisira waita tsvina apo panobuda mvura. Vari kuti you have balls ngavakujoine mutambure mese

Chatama - 23 October 2014

@Yale, I dont care what vaSelele say ndinoenda kuAU Sq chete, better ndife ndichifira kusunungura nyika instead of kufa nenzara ndakatarisa vana mumba! We want to feed, clothe and educateour children and we will never be able to do it with this evil regime in power. Ndinoenda chete!

MaMoyo - 23 October 2014

very few words , this guy is a hero forever shall you be remembered my good friend Itai Dzamara . continue and more shall be inspired by you and join the revolution .

Ini Ndini - 23 October 2014


lee moyo - 23 October 2014

Remind this boy that we are not 150 in Zimbabwe. He should go back and think of solutions than creating problems for himself.

Truth - 23 October 2014

Idiotic lunatics sitting in for their supper.

peter mayor - 24 October 2014

Educate them and make them complacent! Basa rekuita reason and not taking action hino nyika yoitwa dynasty! Kudos to you Dzamara chero ukaita sit in uri one at least you are doing something about it!

Mai Jefule - 24 October 2014

i strongly believe Itai will prosper. as long as his mind is set for change without violence or braking any law, he will prosper. keep at it Itai, you shall make history.

Du Toit - 24 October 2014

WELL DONE - Thoughts become things, and this is only a start. Be persistent at it and do not give up. Rewards are coming, all Zimbabweans shall honor you for this. WELL DONE ITAI

Millionaire - 24 October 2014

I think Dzamara does NOT have enough marbles in his head!!...does he realistically expect Bob to actually reply to his silly petition??!! Achimbozviona saaniko??!! DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, among other maladies, is what I can easily diagnose...

ZVOKWADI - 24 October 2014

"Mamb mupuputi" pliz do not display your ignorance on a public forum like this!! Are you really sure about the truth of what you wrote: "Egypt, Tunisia, Libya vakazviita zvekumira izvo vakazvisunungura mumadictator"....it's quite clear you're still reading newspapers from years back when the Arab Spring had just started; pliz read/watch current news to bring yourself up to speed with what's really happening!!

ZVOKWADI - 24 October 2014

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Flixcom Solutions - 24 October 2014

Ndiwo warume chaiwo wanonzi madoda sibili. The comments by many show how so terrified many of us have become of Zanu PF thuggery. Dai 150 awo wakawanda kusvika pa1500. zimbabwe inochinjinja. Dzamara-leading by example

madagara kasulumane - 24 October 2014

Guys we need to be aware of our own home made constitution and also be able to interpret it correctly in its entirety. The President is a democratically elected national leader whose power is ushered through the majority vote. If one belongs to the minority which lost, then it is wiser to wait for the next elections and do the correct thing by overwhelmingly voting for the candidate of their choice. It will not help matters wasting time by destroying 'innocent' flora and fauna in taking part in this so called futile 'Occupy Africa Unity Square sit in'. These guys are looking for the obvious problems of their own creation and shld nt cry foul if they are served to the dishes their hve so ordered.

Baba Juju - 24 October 2014

This itai guy is a man indeed pane vamwe varume. For 30 years you have sat on the fence and watched nyika ichienda.

chemsoro - 24 October 2014

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