Mawarire lays into Moyo

HARARE - Jealousy Mawarire, the journalist who was mired in controversy ahead of last year’s disputed elections, has fingered Information minister Jonathan Moyo as “the architect and inventor of confusion” in Zanu PF.

In an unsolicited, hard-hitting opinion piece delivered to the Daily News yesterday, Mawarire — who unexpectedly dragged President Robert Mugabe to court last year and forced the election to take place before critical reforms had been put in place — accuses Moyo of introducing an alien doctrine of “disrespect for party seniors... which has gotten resonance in the State media and lately the First Lady Grace Mugabe’s so-called meet-the-people rallies”.

“Moyo did not just wake up one morning and decided to rubbish senior party leaders but he carefully created a team of editors and party personnel who, like Moyo himself, have deep-seated hatred for Mugabe (President Robert) and are well-known rabid critics of the incumbent in their not-so distant past.

“For some of us who have known Moyo for some time now, we don’t regard him as a chameleon, he does not change his colours only that as a trained social scientist he knows too well the art of participant observation and this is what he has been doing in Zanu-PF — observe from within and continue with his fight against the party and its president from a vantage point and from within,” Mawarire writes.

He added that this was the reason that Moyo had allegedly appointed as editors of State newspapers the likes of     Mduduzi Mathuthu and Edmund Kudzai, “whom we are gathering is set to bounce back to his position soon, (who) were fished out of the UK to come and edit the Chronicle and the Sunday Mail respectively”.

“To think that these are the same guys who were savaging Mugabe in 2008 and a little longer after, but now they find themselves in very influential positions appointed by a Mugabe appointee and therefore serving at the pleasure of the same president they savaged and ridiculed not long ago, boggles the mind but also explains the nature of the task they have for their master and the targeted individual cannot be anyone but the president himself,” he says.


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Hapana nyaya apa. Jonathan Moyo is not that clever. He is just a Mugabe praise-singer.

Mer - 23 October 2014

Ndaona njanji yanga ichibva kure.Pedyo, yanga yava mujecha sekugwenga.Payanga ichifanira kunosvika panga pava pedyo pedyo.Asi kuti isvike panga paine rwizi rwune zambuko.Ndaona munjanji muine varume vanga vachifamba vachinzi ndovaya vakarwa Hondo yerusununguko. Vanga vachifamba pamwe chete asi paine mapoka maviri anga akapfeka zvakasiyana. Vava pedyo nekunoyambuka, pedyo pedyo, zvekukanda dombo, ndaona njanji yapazika, simbi dzayo dzamwararika, nezambuko rapazika.Zvapazika njanji ndaona vaita kutungana kwembudzi . Nguva yekukumbira kunaBaba vekudenga kuti vavake kuti njanji inosvitsa varume ava ichiripo asi zvirikwavari.

hwayana - 23 October 2014

Jeolus Mawarire, before and after your petition, you falsely indicated that you are not into politics, and you caused the election to be run whilst the inlcusive gvt had a lot to work as united Zimbabweans, why, its because you thought and still believes that Mai Mujuru would take over together with the MDCT puppets, now that your sponsor has been exposed, you have compromised yourself. We now know where you got the money to initiate your court action, from the coruupt VP ocof course, Jonathan Moyo will soon expose you too.

reason - 23 October 2014

Reason, you clearly do not take after your name and all the endevours of your team are doomed to fail. Political power is not sexually transmitted and Gucci grace should have joined structures long time ago ~ maybe by now she would know the ethos of the party and be in a position to even challenge for the VP post. Instead she was busy closing down malls in foreign countries so that she could shop whilst "her" people suffered. The truth is hapana hapana. Its a little too late

One Ariega - 23 October 2014

There are still on going arguments over whether the elections in Mozambique were free and fair or not. Just the mere fact that a tainted and discredited body of ZEC headed by Makarau announced that they were free and fair has brought in so many question marks. Same with this story, while it may be a good observation, the mere fact that it was penned by a dubious character who now wants to claim heroism after his political backers sponsored him to rush the country into elections which were not prepared for through the court, brings a foul taste to the mouth.

Dr Know - 23 October 2014

So that people know..... that young legislator called Justice Mayor Wadyajena is Mnangagwa`s secret key. I used to see Mnangagwa visit lot at Wadyajena`s office at Fidelity Life Tower along Raleigh road. Mayor Wadyajena is the one who handles all of Mnangagwa`s corrupt dealings. We all know that all his monies actually belong to Mnangagwa. Please Zanu pf investigate this. That is why this Mayor wadyajena is so arrogant.

kwedu - 23 October 2014

I hope amai remembers what they wrote about Bona

Wasu - 23 October 2014

Daily news should re-run old stories in which moyo was denigrating the president. in his old-time rants moyo argued that even a donkey would win an election against the president. he has not changed. he sounds as if he is against the vp but his intentions are aimed at the president. jealous is right. there is a carefully calculated method that moyo is using as information minister. from the time he became information minister, the tone of the herald changed and became harsh towards a certain section of party officials . herald does not easily negate high ranking officials as is happening now. there is power hehind all that is being printed. that power lies in the office of the professor. but then, it sounds as if irikunyangirwa yazvina.

sunga - 23 October 2014

Reason i girlfriend ya jonso becoz moyo is gay ask themba

Harare - 23 October 2014

Zimbabwe is a tribally divided country that is in denial. Its time for Zanu PF to collapse because their ideology of nationalism is rubbish - we need provincial devolution of power urgently.

clement moyo - 24 October 2014

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Flixcom Solutions - 24 October 2014

Grace is an idiot and let us all wait and see where she is driving to. Robert is too naive to reign in on this loose cannon because akadyiswa kunyasi

mhofu - 24 October 2014

We have to desist from letting our ethnic diversity cloud our sense of judgement by embracing common values and intentions in tackling issues affecting us as Zimbabweans.Accusing Jonathan for no reason is unwise ,zanu pf does not belong to certain individuals any zimbo has a right to join it and be part of it and having different views to that of someone is welcome in a democratic society.In any party divergence of views is there so the fact that Jona used to say bad things about the president is immaterial even Joshua Nkomo and Mugabe used to undress each other but they ended up being together so in politics or in workplace you can work with your enemy and what binds you is the written code of conduct of the organization.Moyo like anyone has a right to be in zanu and for those who do not know Moyo went to study in America through a zanu bursary so he is not a mafikizolo in zanu as most of you think.

OHARA - 24 October 2014

The issue of 2013 elections without required reforms was another ZANU script. A puppet disguised behind a defective,oppressive,discriminatory prohibitive and primitively crafted constitution petitions the President to uphold the law and hold elections. Surprisingly that President suddenly is very law abiding and quickly whiskers the nation into a controversial election despite glaring irregularities and valid complaints from various stakeholders. Why are the President and his party afraid of fair play. If he is so popular as he and his deranged wife and supporters claim, why then are they afraid. Why are they bothered by a bunch of 150 demonstrators staging their sit in or whatever at a city park, so as to send troops of riot policemen to assault ,arrest and harass them and everyone else who unknowingly and innocently passes by. The people ,even from the smallest of minorities have a lawful right to express their displeasure on any matter however trivial it may seem. The government and especially the President has a legal duty to interrogate those complaints, and to resolve them. Not to suppress all forms of dissent as is the case. And when people complain that the president and his government are too authoritarian they get offended.

mosquito - 24 October 2014

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