Grace's blitz: 10 mad points

HARARE - Like the feared tsunami, First Lady Grace Mugabe has left a trail of destruction around the country in the past few weeks, as she has shot from the hip and spewed bile at virtually all her “Meet the People” rallies.

In these rallies, her message has been a mixture of a little good, plenty of the bad, and truckloads of the ugly.

Today, the Daily News spotlights some of Mrs Mugabe’s not so-amazing statements, that have left the ruling party seriously divided and on the brink of unprecedented anarchy and intra-party violence.

From calling the beleaguered Vice President Joice Mujuru a thief, a factionalist and a gossiper, to threatening supporters who were walking out from her Bulawayo rally, and putting the lives of journalists at stake with her crass utterances, Grace said it all.

In the final analysis, it does not take a PhD for one to conclude that Grace’s rallies have left Zanu PF in intensive care, rather than the unified movement that her supporters promised it would be.

Indeed, not once did she articulate a profitable, progressive idea or policy in this inauspicious tour, that could improve the lives of the suffering millions. It was merely hate speech after hate speech, mostly targeted at Solomon Mujuru’s widow, Joice.

A brief history of events thus far here can perhaps help put things into perspective; Grace having been nominated to take over as the Zanu PF Women’s League boss.

She has since then, gone on to host chiefs, pastors, youths and women at her Mazowe Children’s Home.

And basking in her newly-found political glory, Grace has visited every corner of the country, ostensibly to thank supporters for nominating her to be Women’s League boss.

So, here are the Daily News’s choice 10 “mad” points around the infamous “Graceland Tour”:

1 Like her husband, Grace spoke for long hours, incoherently lurching from one topic to another. This made it difficult to follow her outbursts. Her humour was dry and her acrid attacks on senior Zanu PF officials only seemed to serve to confirm the long-held view that the ruling party was hurtling towards its demise.

2 Claiming to speak in tongues and to have an ability to see heavenly visions, she told pastors at her Mazowe business hub that she was a prayerful woman who was married to a priest. And then, with neither shame nor conscience, the “pious” First Lady later told a rally in Gweru that she was ready to spill blood if she was forced out from her Iron Mask Farm that she grabbed from a poor family in Mazowe — their only sin being that they were white.

3 Grace, who says she takes care of abandoned children at her Amai Mugabe Children’s Home and proudly sees herself as the Mother of the Nation said, in thinly-veiled remarks made in Bindura and aimed at Mujuru, that it was time to “baby dump” some people in Zanu PF.

“The youths have alerted me about someone who is spearheading factionalism in this (Mashonaland Central) province and I told Baba (president Mugabe) to ‘baby-dump’ that person. I told him that if he does not dump the person, we will do it ourselves,” Grace thundered.

What ugly, un-motherly and unFirst Lady-like language!

4 She displayed an amazing lack of emotional capital in Bulawayo when she rebuked women who walked out on her, brazenly threatening them to the effect that she would withhold donated farming inputs.

“You are disorganised Bulawayo. This is disrespectful. We are about to finish. Sit down. Where are those women going? Anyone who doesn’t sit down will not receive the farming inputs I brought,” she said in annoyance.

“If you stand up while I am speaking, you are inferring that I am speaking nonsense,” said the upset Grace. But the women of Bulawayo, where Zanu PF does not have a single parliamentary seat, continued to stampede out.

5 Grace’s fixation with Mujuru eventually began to sound like a broken record. Initially, she tried to be subtle about thus, but eventually lost the plot, attacking Mujuru in an unrestrained and unedifying fashion. Mujuru was accused of being corrupt, power hungry, selfish and a champion of western interests. According to Grace, the MDC and Mavambo were formed in Mujuru’s house.

6 MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai was never going to escape Grace’s acerbic tongue. While he might be struggling to keep his party afloat, his name was invoked by the First Lady at most of her so-called “Thank You” rallies.

Indeed, it seems as if Grace will not rest as long as Tsvangirai is alive. Among other unsavoury things, he was accused of being a womaniser, a Satanist and of course, an incapable leader.

But the opposition leader answered her in kind, and with some interest! He said that while Mugabe’s first wife Sally was on her deathbed, Grace, a former typist to our nonagenarian leader, was having an adulterous affair with him. Ouch!

7 As if her very life depends on being elected the Women’s League boss, Grace has spent more time on the “campaign trail” this year than her husband did in his bid for the presidency last year. The irony of it all is that she is uncontested in this relatively junior party post. So, who is she competing against?

8 From grandstanding as the de facto leader of the country by traversing the land in military helicopters — heavily guarded by law enforcement agencies and accompanied by some top Cabinet and Zanu PF officials — Grace has made strong statements such as that her husband will select members of the presidium.

She spoke as if the ruling party does not have a constitution and structures by which it makes and takes decisions. Still, Grace clearly showed the world that she is in charge and that she controls Gushungo.

9 She might be known as the shopaholic wife of Africa’s oldest president, who owns a vast business empire and lives in an opulent family mansion in one of Harare’s leafy suburbs, but Grace unashamedly told Zanu PF supporters that Mugabe is the world’s poorest president. Really?

10 And of course, she wickedly celebrated the death of author Heidi Holland. Speaking with a straight face, she said that she had prayed for something bad to happen to Holland. All this coming from a pious Catholic Family!

Holland, the hugely popular author of Dinner with Mugabe committed suicide last year.

“There is a woman who wrote a book saying Mugabe’s wife is a dreadful person. I simply took that book and prayed to God, (saying) if this is true, reprimand me, but if they are lies, deal with this person. The woman killed herself as a result,” said Grace.

And at her Marondera rally, she could have caused the deaths of the Daily News journalists covering her rally when she took time to castigate the popular newspaper and demanded that the journalists identify themselves.

What a Christian.

Comments (35)

What can you expect of someone of her back round. She has no class at all. Fortunately for Zimbabwe she has started the demise of this evil party.

Do little - 21 October 2014

Well articulated observations

ALUTA CONTINUA - 21 October 2014

Why doesn't someone ask where the First Family got the $20million invested in the Mazowe projects given the presidents official salary? The question is there in front of your nose and Daily News would do well to do some investigative journalism. I am disappointed that the so called independent press is now shadowing The Herald - What a shame really!

Chitambo - 21 October 2014

A gold digger remains a gold digger for for life.There is no way a woman can truly love a man 41 years older than she is.Political power spoils a careless person forever.

gukurume - 21 October 2014


Sekuru Miripiri - 21 October 2014

She is just a village whore! why worry about that one? Thats why I left her and used to beat her a lot! Matibili will kick the bucket soon, and she will run like a headless chicken!

Goreraza - 21 October 2014

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Ndinotengesa mazai please.

aAH - 21 October 2014

So that evry Zimbabwean knows ... that young legislator called Justice `Mayor' Wadyajena is Mnangagwa`s secret boy. I used to see Mnangagwa visit him often at his Fidelity Life Tower Offices. Justice Mayor handles all of Mnangagwa`s minerals deals or should I say corrupt dealings. Please Zanu PF look into this coz it is true. That is why this young man is so big headed.

kwazvo - 21 October 2014

I have always said political rallies are a primitive Third World practice. I have seen people being beaten up for simply not cheering as the politician said something or someone beaten up for standing up to look for a toilet before the rally is finished. Nothing sensible comes out in these primitive rallies. What Grace has done shows a society which no longer as any morals. A society where people are afraid of the leaders when it should be leaders who should be scared of the people. A society which does not understand that a leader is a servant of the people not a master of the people. For as long as some politicians think the country is their personal property there will not be any progress. Black nationalism is based on barefaced lies. Politicians lie as a matter of course. From 1960 I have seen and heard politicians lying and keeping straight faces with no shame whatsoever. People cannot start lambasting Grace now when all along they are the ones who have been praising the lying and other immoral behaviour from politicians. Let me give examples - if politicians egg their supporters to invade commercial farms, loot and beat farm workers how can these same politicians turn around and say a person should be arrested for stock theft (stealing cattle or other farm animals from an invaded farm)? Or if politicians massacre unarmed civilians in Gukurahundi and over 80 000 people are killed how can these politicians sentence a person who murdered one person in an armed robbery to death? If you are a parent and you come home every day drunk and urinate in the house can you turn around and try and bring your children on the straight and narrow? Not a chance. Just like Grace who prays to God to have her enemies killed! What is that? I shall write about my favourite subject - colonialism vis-à-vis morals, truths and myths.

Musona - 21 October 2014

Well spoken Musona, nothing more to say.

ronaldos - 21 October 2014

Well said Musona. Your submission also helps to explain why 'dis'Grace is being escorted by a horde of ministers who seem oblivious to the toxic waste that is coming out of Grace's can be forgiven to liken her uncouth statements to excrement!! More disturbing is the too obvious fact that she is doing this to further the power interests of the Ngwena faction. Vicariously Mnangagwa, Jonathan Moyo and company are culpable in this uncivilized way of politicking that Grace is exhibiting. How are they any different? In fact we know that they are not, but to stoop this low, makes them rabid political dogs who are only interested in themselves and do not give a fiddler's fart about Zimbabwe!

Farai - 21 October 2014

varume ava vasatiuraire musangano wedu pls. janasi akagara ati anoda kuparadza party iyi from inside. its not about factionalism its about the revolutionary party. lets stop this confusion and resolve our issues amicably.

taurai - 21 October 2014

When are the "Thank the people" rallies? I can't wait....... The sooner this revolutionary excrement kill one another, the better!

Nduna - 21 October 2014

People get tired of supporting dynasties. Examples worth noting: Italy's Mussollin and wife,Romania's Caucescu and wife, Phillipines Marcos and wife and more recently some Ggabgo and wife in some West african country. Dr Grace should be aware that she may have to walk a very long walk to an illegal exit point on Zimbabwe's borders when the people who happen to be the realy masters (as already been said in an earlier comment) start baying for the First Family's blood. Zimbabweans are very tolerant but tolerance ahs a limit.

Gun Point - 21 October 2014

You omitted to observe that after she said her husband was the poorest paid President in Africa,she went onto to boast of investing US20 million at her farm,thanks to looting Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe from Bacossi.Kereke tells it all.

Kufandada - 22 October 2014

Psalm 69:5 our sins are not hidden from God. What are the wages of sin? Death! Some in Zimbabwe are playing with fire! God's fire!

Maid Marion - 22 October 2014

Exposing the corrupt VP is not leaving a trail of destruction around the country. If there is anyone who left a trail of destruction around the country was your now useless favorite puppet, chematama. icho

reason - 22 October 2014

Amai hachaiswa ava, she now has too much energy. Ko bodyguard nemagarden boy varikuitei mazuvano kumba kwaBob uko. Mukadzi wemunhu wekupi anofamba achituka varume vakuru vane mhuri dzavowo kudzimba. Hure remukadzi raitora murume wemunhu airwara. Toda kumupa ground naTeurai Ropa vapedzerane.

Yoel - 22 October 2014

When the faction that supports Grace unleashed her onto the public to 'thank' them for the nomination, they couldn't have in their wildest imaginations thought she would actually go on and do so much damage to their camp. Jonathan Moyo tried in vain to translate her speeches to us at first, but he soon found out he might as well be whistling in the wind as she took it to another level labeling Mujuru by name and acting so undiplomatic by refusing to shake her hand at the airport. Wherever they are they must be pretty occupied counting their loses with the destruction she caused while those in opposition watch the unfolding events with so much glee. That's what you can expect from someone with such low intellect who believes everything is up for her taking, from land, a husband, milk product markets, a PHD, women's league top post and now the vice presidency. Now that they have learned, the next time you unleash her, do so with her armed with a prepared written speech to save yourselves from such undignified embarrassment.

Dr Know - 22 October 2014

i am sure she will visit chingwizi and build a children's home if she is not doing the charity for Mashonaland to build their mash-empire

xhuxha - 22 October 2014

It looks like Robert Mugabe has decided to go for broke. He has decided together with his wife Grace to align himself with "Team Weevils" to retain power and protect his and the First Family interests. To do this they are destroying mai Mujuru and her "Team Gamatox". The plan has to work otherwise the fall out will be too ghastly to contemplate. In this case failure is not an option. Bob has chosen to travel on high risk road indeed.Lets wait and see how things will pan out.

David - 22 October 2014

please ndiregerereiwo ndanzwa nenzara yebonde since last year but one ndizvo zvokonzeresa hasha ndinzwireiwo tsits mabodyguard nemagarden boy vari kutya murume wangu uyo asicharugona remember kuti ndakamborara na goreraza, pamire, makamba, zhuwawo nevamwe but mazuvano ndiri patight chaipo

gmugabe - 22 October 2014

Never underestimate Jonathan Moyo.The wicked prof is babysitting Dr Grace for a reason.Mark my words!

Johno - 22 October 2014

No disrespect to other sane, rational catholics, but; belonging to the Catholic Church should not raise our expectations of Dr Mugabe's moral standards...especially considering Catholic Church is prophesied in the Bible as being the Horn that speaks blasphemous things (Daniel 7), and also as the Harlot sitting on the beast, dressed in purple and scarlet (Revelation 13). remember the same church wedded them under unclear circumstances of Grace's marital status, clearly against Luke 16v18 ( Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.) the Catholic Church is both a religious and a Political entity, which has paganized true Christian worship, and fought the truth when it stood in the way of Political gain. Armageddon is here!

berean call - 22 October 2014

So, to you Fungai Kwaramba, Grace attacks on the Ndebele people in Gwanda does not qualify as madness; seeing that you left this out? Looks like a lot of Shonas are just the same tribalistic lot. I surrender!!!!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 22 October 2014

Guyz lets wait and see, panotofiwa chete kucongress ukoko

magwizizi - 22 October 2014

A lot of nonsense and non nonsense stuff. I agree she said a lot of regrettable stuff but...Land grab what!-who grabbed land from who? Zimbos reclaimed their rightful land. The white settlers grabbed land from Africans that's a fact.

Zimbabwe - 22 October 2014

its very natural that a woman who hasnt had sex for a long time gets emotional too chicky. Impotence long since hit in that bedroom.ZHUWAWO cant gara nhaka he has a worm. lets forgive this woman pray for her i see elements of satanism

Goremusandu - 22 October 2014

we the people of Bulawayo don't tolerate nonsense,we attend a rally you speak like an idiot and we juss walk away coz the more we listen to idiocy the more we share in the idiotic realm. That is a lesson the so called first lady shld comprehend!

sibbs - 22 October 2014

I wonder why people underestimate the can do that at your own peril he tried to end the dynasty by opening the debate on succession (TSHOLOTSHO DECLARATION) but becoz he is from the region of distant cousion's you did not credit him now he support the so called dictator you cry foul so what do you really want him to do.As long we view people as mandevere or mashona we will continue being at the receiving end as these power hungry leaders divide us to line their pockets.

HENERI - 24 October 2014

the midnight hour is upon us , the call of the hyena can be heard throughout the land,a dictator and his wench are about to first hear the call and then feel the bite of hatred, fear, desperation, and anger. God bless Africa.

Judith - 24 October 2014

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