Grace divisive, self-centred - Makoni

HARARE - Opposition leader Simba Makoni has branded First Lady Grace Mugabe a liar for claiming that his Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) was formed at Vice President Joice Mujuru’s house.

“No, MKD was not formed in any person’s house,” Makoni told a news conference yesterday.

“It was formed in a public place. There were a lot of consultations at my house but even that does not go for forming a party at a private home. So that’s a total lie that MKD was formed in Mujuru’s house.”

Mugabe’s wife told a rally last week at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera that both MKD and the MDC were formed at Mujuru’s house.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC has also rubbished the claims.

Makoni told reporters that while he was close to Mujuru’s husband, the late liberation war hero Solomon, the retired general was never involved in the formation of MKD.

“General Mujuru was never involved in me quitting Zanu PF and becoming an independent candidate in February 2008 nor in the formal launch of MKD on 1 July 2009 as a party,” Makoni said.

“One of my nephews is married to Mujuru’s daughter. So VaMujuru nditezvara wangu (Mujuru was my in-law). So we couldn’t destroy that relationship because we belonged to different political parties.”

Terming the first lady a classical example of a disrespectful woman, Makoni said “the purpose of her current activities is not national”, but partisan politics.

“Her messages are not those of the mother of the nation, but are partisan, divisive, combative and self-centred,” Makoni said.

The former Zanu PF politburo member said it was imperative for President Robert Mugabe to react to Grace’s allegations as Mujuru was a State functionary.

“The president  must come out clean and open and defend his vice president or act otherwise if he doesn’t have confidence anymore in his vice president,” he said.

“Since Mrs Grace Mugabe started her campaign, president Mugabe has gone underground…Does he approve of all statements being made by Mrs Grace Mugabe, on matters of State and government? Has he abdicated his responsibilities to the people of Zimbabwe, in defence of his wife?

“Is he acquiescing to, aiding and or abetting the paralysis of government by Mrs Grace Mugabe?”

The former Finance minister urged Zimbabweans to resist the creation of a Mugabe dynasty saying, “Zimbabwe is not a dynasty and we call on the people of Zimbabwe, especially the leaders and other members of Zanu PF to resist the dynastisisation (sic) of our country.”

Makoni accused Grace of abusing State resources and paralysing government business.

“Substantial State logistical, security, communications and other resources have been deployed in her service. Yet, besides being the wife of the head of State and government, Mrs Grace Mugabe is not a State functionary,” he said.

“And the position and functions of wife of the head of State and government do not attract the focus and limelight that have attended to her over the past two months, nor demand the resources being deployed to her.”

The former Sadc executive secretary said the resources dedicated to the first lady could have been put to better use.

He demanded that Cabinet ministers who gallivanted with the first lady the breadth and length of the country ought to explain what government business they were doing at the “meet the people” rallies.

Makoni implored legislators to take ministers to task on how much State funds were used on Grace’s rallies.

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So that people know..... that young legislator called Justice Mayor Wadyajena is Mnangagwa`s secret key. I used to see Mnangagwa visit lot at Wadyajena`s office at Fidelity Life Tower along Raleigh road. Mayor Wadyajena is the one who handles all of Mnangagwa`s corrupt dealings. We all know that all his monies actually belong to Mnangagwa. Please Zanu pf investigate this. That is why this Mayor wadyajena is so arrogant.

Kwedu - 22 October 2014

Beginning of the end, in Tsvangirai, Mujuru and Makoni, we Zimbabweans have an option not not only to the power hungry hawkish security apparatus but also to the so called gay gansters hoodlum and the bunch of academic professors and lawyers. We have in these three ordinary leaders who identifies with ordinary Zimbabwean people. The line up for a Government of National Unity will be President J. T Mujuru, VP M Tsvangirai and PM S Makoni. Its a winning team and a panacea to our economics problems and biting poverty . They will free the country from its current hostage takers. Yes we shld shun the Mugabe dynasty, the end is near.

Upfumi - 22 October 2014

I wld like to see a coalition yaMai Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa ....

Ivhu Kuvhu - 22 October 2014

mai mujuru is being victimised because she tried very hard to find out what consumed his husband in that fire arson.

njovandi - 22 October 2014

I am for that coalition as well, it will be the most representative coalition Zim has ever had. Mujuru a Zezuru, Dabengwa a Ndebele, Tsvangirai a Karanga and Makoni my home boy a be precise Muungwe. The domination by Zezurus must be stopped in any future dispensation in our country coz not only are Zezurus cruel and totalitarian, they are nepotistic. In Mai Mujuru we will be having an uneducated but very wise, reasonable and accommodating Zezuru. Jonathan Moyo and his ilk should be banished to the dustbins of history, as all they touch turns into a mount of Salt, they stagnate things, they are very manipulative and counterproductive. I think in his political engineering, Moyo is aiming for something that we have never witnessed in our land and for that reason, he must be discarded.

Tonderai Gonzo - 22 October 2014

Upfumi you are dead right. Surely where does gire get the guts to behave in the manner she is doing. kikikikiki. tichaonerera ma O vet aya achisaruta gire. Ende wavasetera Team Hombe vezanu.

Tichaonerera - 22 October 2014

Upfumi you are dead right. Surely where does gire get the guts to behave in the manner she is doing. kikikikiki. tichaonerera ma O vet aya achisaruta gire. Ende wavasetera Team Hombe vezanu.

Tichaonerera - 22 October 2014

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Foolish suggestion. Why are we recycling tried and tried and tested losers. Where a new visionaries for a country of highly education people. Mapenzi!!

maiguru - 22 October 2014

war vets where are you when yo sistren in the trenches is being vilified by this typist cum husband snatcher , are yu waiting to hear from his Highness so that yu can start barking? yu are going to salute the typist soon.

hezvoka - 22 October 2014

The suggestion of a coalition of purpose is noble.Rome was not built in a day but surely many Zimbabweans are now thoroughly fed up with ZANU PF lies.

ZHARA YAKAURISA TOSE - 22 October 2014

Dr Makoni do not be intimidated by all these allegations, even if it means that your Party was formed in the Vice Presinents House was it supposed to be formed in Mazowe or Borrowdale. The truth is that you saw that something in the name of Democracy was totally wrong and you formed your Party to address that which was wrong. The same applies to MDC its unfortunate that every corner in Zimbabwe there are those who are given a small of cake just to make sure that Oppression will rule forever. Elections are rigged at the expense of those who are working out so hard to weed out corruption, yet when you see the ones who are controlling the Economy even a young child will be labelled a Millionaire before they even work. This is what they are protecting on daily basis. If what they are doing is to share the economy why is it that there are so many suffering, to an extend of failing to have one proper meal a day. Is that what we call Democracy. Lets Keep on Pressing and praying to God.One day God will say enough is enough He has heard the cries of all the millions suffering people at the expense of few individuals who are pocketing from the suffering Masses

Karigamombe - 22 October 2014

i thnk wat mai mugabe wants to create tension btwn Robie and Joy in order to Damp her bt she is doing it the wrong way

cmpa - 22 October 2014

bob APERA Grace ipfambi yapihwa mukana wekutaura panevanhu yaakudbvisa bhurugwa nekuti dozvaakajaira

Harare - 22 October 2014

The suggestion of a coalition would never work in a country full of greedy leaders like ours. Imagine how bloated that government would be, Mujuru would drag her gang of thieves and murderers along, Tsvangirai would also have a hard time placing his cadres who are already at each other's throat over the party's upcoming congress. Makoni, Dabengwa and their sleepy comrades would wake up from their deep slumber and want a piece of that cake too. That would be just as chaotic as the introduction of Grace onto the political scene where she was expected to tone down factionalism but instead went on to fan it even further. Makoni must just be a man enough and inform the nation what he really stands for, remember this is the same man that divided the vote in 2008 and because of him, an outright victory was lost.

Dr Know - 22 October 2014

ko grace ari kudanana naani

Harare - 22 October 2014


John norton - 22 October 2014

Something I have come to expect from Simba Makoni is, that he is always re active and never pro active . Not the signs of a good leader. We need someone who is prepared to tackle Zimbabwe's mafia bosses head on no matter what the consequences are, ie full time not part time. He is a bit like a mole , you know he's there because you see the mound of dirt piled up but you never see him above ground level. Just like all the other opposition political parties. Total commitment is what is required. I used to believe Makoni had what it takes to sort out Zimbabwe's Mess but I have my doubt's now .

ronaldos - 23 October 2014

@Ronaldos. The formation of Mavambo was a proactive move which was sabotaged by bootlickers who remained in Zanu-PF after discussing a wholesale departure of young turks in Zanu-PF. Some of the people who are now boolicking Grace were part of the group which "encouraged" Simba to work on an alternative front to the die-hards-lead Zanu-PF. Makoni has a CV which a few people have in Zanu.

makado - 23 October 2014

I wish Mujuru and Mnangangwa wld understand that they both need each other. its only fair that Ngwena rule Zim from 2014, and hand over power to Mujuru in 2024. they shld shock Bob at Congress in December by removing him and his wife. Yes Tsvangson and Makoni are also needed in the mix, but that can always be worked out. i am particularly bitter with Grace when she makes it clear that we all owe it to her husband. NO NO NO! we all had a part to play for the eventual liberation of this country, including the ordinary citizens who played the role of water as we "FISH" could not survive without them. when we went to war it was not for personal gains.

chando - 23 October 2014


DONGAWATONGA - 23 October 2014

I take great umbrage at maiguru, who think to cover her lack of own ideas, she has to insult people who are articulating the discourse Zim has to take. She calls ppl fools for merely suggesting that Tsvangirai, Dabengwa and Makoni must form a coalition but surprisingly with all her "wisdom" she fails to articulate her own thoughts. This is what we have been reduced to as Zims, good at complaining and insulting others but clueless when it comes to proffering solutions. If maiguru has nothing to offer to this forum I think she better does what she knows best...get some afternoon bush sex...

Tonderai Gonzo - 23 October 2014

Dai Grace achigona kuverenga aisiya zvaari kuita. In the 10 rallies that she addressed, she did not mention anything about what she will do when she becomes leader wemadzimai...why on earth did she waste all the money for? Kushandisha mari kuenda kunotuka...stupid woman

XOXO - 23 October 2014

Greetings Makado, yes you have a valid point of which I respect. Yes Makoni was pro active in departing from zanu pf and double crossed by his backers, but he should have seen that coming. I do give him credit for having the guts to call a spade a spade. But since then plan B has never really been implemented, certainly not on a full time basis and that's my point, he has the credentials but he also needs to be seen to be active full time and not part time. Only then can he be effective and taken seriously. We the people of Zimbabwe also need to come to the party by being more mature in decision making when choosing a leader who will respect our constitution . The first step would be to refuse to be coward or forced to attend political rallies that we don't want to attend. Once the political thugs get the message that people can now think for themselves and refuse to be bullied or intimidated , only then can Makoni's credentials be meaning full. Thankyou.

ronaldos - 23 October 2014

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