Who is fooling who in Zanu PF?

HARARE - If politics is a game of numbers, then Vice President Joice Mujuru and her band of allies can “safely claim the mantle of being the real Zanu PF owner and kingmaker” today.

But despite coughing up nearly 700 000 voters to President Robert Mugabe and his vanquished party – with her Mashonaland East comrades – in elections dating back to 2 000, the Mashonaland Central supremo now lies at the mercy of unelected vultures hiding under Grace Mugabe’s skirt.

This is the downside and reality of Zanu PF’s topsy-turvy succession drama superintended by an ageing player or actor for decades.

And if one were to land from mars, they would be excused to think the Oppah Muchinguris, Shuvai Mahofas and Jonathan Moyos of this world – the drivers, and propaganda enforcers of this political process – remain the best thing that ever happened to the party since it was formed in Enos Nkala’s house.

But far from it, the issues at play point out to a tragicomedy symptomatic of a movement in the deep throes of disintegration.

And if Grace thought her newly-found enemies, led by Mujuru, would be rejected by the proverbial Bindura flies, then this particular cadaver called Zanu PF could even be rejected by the legendary Chingwizi flies – cynically named after her presumed opponent.

One is tempted to say so on the premise that if the Zimbabwean First Lady continues with her indiscriminate, if not pastime pummelling of all and sundry with such reckless abandon, then it is only a matter of time before we see this once-popular party edging closer to the precipice – if not below-the-ground.

But like her thoughtless, conceited and self-appointed advisors, Grace’s “vengeful spirit-like” conduct is likely to worsen or escalate Zanu PF’s demise if it is not kept in check.

Just as her 90 year-old husband has wrought endless problems on this once prosperous nation, the self-anointed boss-of-all-bosses seems unperturbed about the trail of destruction already – for as long as it serves her interests.

While critics have often said Mugabe has always been more concerned about his dying party, this kind of behaviour galvanises the view that Harare’s ultimate ‘power couple’ is better at abusing and ostracising erstwhile comrades when it suits them.

By buddying up with the constituency-less and letting the unresolved succession issue rumble on, the Zanu PF leader has done nothing, but unleash the bhora musango demon at a time he is fast running out of that key resource or unit of measurement.

It could be naïve to think – or emphasise the point – that numbers are what matters in politics, but it is no secret today that Mugabe owes much of his mind-boggling poll tally or score to the two Mashonaland Central and East provinces, and where the much-derided Mujuru holds sway.

Apart from consistently delivering on huge numbers in Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe and Muzarabani, among other constituencies, it is actually in these provinces that we have witnessed less upheaval in terms of power struggles and all.

In the meantime, the nonagenarian’s own Mashonaland West backyard ranks among the worst in terms of palace coups and internal strife.

From Phillip Chiyangwa to the late John Mafa, the incumbent chair Temba Mliswa is on the knife-edge and yet we have a group – around Grace’s indecent robes – desperately trying to tell us that it is the “modest vice president” who has turned enemy of the party.

What crass hypocrisy and if an election was to be called tomorrow, where will Mugabe run to?

And if these holier-than-thou charlatans were so good at serving the dear leader, why have they failed to deliver Gutu, Tsholotsho North and Mutasa North?

And talk of these good-for-nothing brigades, why did some of them run away from Kwekwe Central’s Blessing Chebundo for the fresh air of Zibagwe-Chirumanzu?

Yes, some of them might have been instrumental in crafting “sexy” manifestos, composing useless jingles and fortified the old man when he was beaten by Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008, but ultimately, who has always delivered the multitudes that Zanu PF counts as its voters?

And as Mugabe moves to embrace “counter-revolutionaries” – some of whom reportedly turned their backs on Mgagao – is this what he regards a winning formula?

Also, given the background that our ageing president has told us that some of these elements are intelligent, but lack wisdom, what will a team up with these characters achieve?

Overall, what sort of legacy is the Zanu PF leader trying to sketch or carve by entrusting the party/country’s future in this lot’s hands?

But does this surprise us given Mugabe’s impaired sense of judgment since 1980 and where he has often seen it fit to keep, and cushion non-performing allies at the expense of real workhorses.

At any rate, the man himself was plucked from the obscurity of non-combat comrades and so he would rather keep the company of this “politically parentless” group.

And as we grapple with the consequences of Grace’s hellfire on Mujuru as well as unrelenting pressure from self-interested apparatchiks through the state media, questions remain on whether Mugabe would rather be with those without numbers and the hapless VP is more dangerous than those actually pushing the regime change agenda of constitutional reforms via the state media.

In this political balderdash, the 49 year-old First Lady has the temerity to tell us that Mujuru is fighting a man’ game or war and yet her ranks are also stuffed full of pot-bellied men.

Besides, the woman herself and her state media lackeys have dropped strong hints that Mugabe is in on the horror movie that we are all watching.

But crucially, Mugabe’s decision to lift the middle finger to a constituency that also made him in pre-independence Zimbabwe could terribly backfire one day.

The tragedy of it all, these self-serving actions are being done at the party’s expense, as disgruntlement and factionalism are set to worsen over our dear leader’s choice to actually side-line those with the numbers and have consistently delivered on their electoral expectations.

Through it all, is Mugabe not risking what Herald columnist Nathaniel Manheru – believed to be his spokesperson George Charamba – warned as the syndrome or danger of losing the party in the aftermath of July 31’s controversial win?

And if the Salvation Army adherent in Mujuru was so big-headed like her detractors, wouldn’t she be standing up to say she is actually the backbone of this dying party?

This is not to say the Mujurus and Ray Kaukondes of this world are indispensable, but credit must be given where it is due.

But this is Mugabe, the master of self-destruction, if not immolation, that whatever his party touches turns to ruins, and at this rate, the “Mazoe crass” punch-drunk emperor is surely headed for “a major fall from grace”.

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Jonathan is there to destroy Zanu-PF. Whether it is the Pro-/Anti-Jukwa game or anti-Gamatox rails, his handwriting is everywhere. The rest are directionless opportunists.

selele - 21 October 2014

Well articulated article. Only one disagreement, Mugabe is not an ageing President. His long passed that, he is an aged president, period.

Samaita Dube - 21 October 2014

This may be Mugabe's trick to win the 2018 elections as people now say they sympathize with Mai Mujuru.The first lady can never be serious in her attack against the acting head of state. Why & how could president Mugabe entrust the entire nation to a useless, corrupt person during his absence? Surely,where as a nation is Zimbabwe heading?No jobs,no industry,education&health institutions are collapsing and commercial farming is virtually dead.WHERE IS ZIMBABWE GOING??

DAYDREAMER - 21 October 2014

The learned professor is fooling everyone . he is determined to destroy the party from within. He is a devil incarnate who infiltrated the party with the sole aim of destroying it . His agenda and mission is going to be accomplished should the aged despot not realise that.

Aluta Continua - 21 October 2014

I think it is time the real men and women stand up to this nonsense. Morgan has proved that he is the only real man able to stand up and fight this devil called Mugabe. Whether Jonathan is destroying from within it does not matter because he has contributed to the suffering of Zimbabweans. What surprises me though is how Mugabe turned and started to trust the very people who organised the Tsholotsho declaration. We all know Mnangagwa, Oppah Muchinguri, Jonathan Moyo, Daniel Shumba etc were behind the failed Tsholotsho coup attempt. Our country is being run by dictators. In December Zanu pf will sink for sure

kwazvo - 21 October 2014

How did Mujuru cough up 700 000 voters? Who told the daily news that Mashonaland East voters belong to Mujuru? Do you know that people who seem popular inside political parties suddenly lose their popularity the moment they leave the political parties that gave them that popularity. Examples are, Job Sikhala, Edgar Tekere, Simba Makoni, Welshman Ncube, Lekota of COPE (SA), Tendai Biti and many others.

machakachaka - 21 October 2014

Jonathan Moyo is overrated. If his so called strategies (if any) were effective , he would be running the country by now. He is a failed politician who uses state resources to gain favor with those who would be his paymasters. Jonathan is an opportunistic overrated academic wannabe who has never achieved anything in his life. Everything he has touched has failed. Why some Zimbabweans are constantly fooled by this charlatan is mind boggling. Speaking or writing good english is not a sign of intelligence. Mugabe is good proof of that. He was appointed to be Zanu president by Nkala and co. based only on his english speaking ability, not his leadership qualities and we are now living the results. Jonathan is from the same cloth.

connie - 21 October 2014

Well put Editor, the so called Dr Grace should tell us which faction she belongs to because when it started it was Dr Mujuru vs. Mnangagwa. Help us deliver the true message to the Zimbabweans, we are tired of propaganda on ZBC TV.

Mariana Gariba - 21 October 2014

I think as concerned citizens we have to come up with a very effective solution in finding who will succeed the aged dictator peacefully than moving around silencing people who fought and helped to terrorize and rig the past so called landslide victory in favor of the worst part in the World. Truth is not blind the so called Mrs Pamela now called the first lady is a disgrace

vivazanuzapu&pf - 21 October 2014

mugabe is lost mugabe is senile mugabe has no plan

jukwa@gmail.com - 21 October 2014

Ndakamirira mhinduro ya REASON na CHIEF CHARUMBIRA apapa. Ndiwo matununu emacontributa eDaily News iwawo

Wasu - 21 October 2014

@ Machakachaka hakuna chokwadi chinopfuura chawataura.asi semi vanhu muri kunzwira mujuru tsitsi tisingape nzeve kuti izvo zvataurwa nehure kana kuti benzi rinonzi grace ndezvechokwadi here.vamwe vakaudzwa Hondo nemurwere wepfungwa vakamushora.Botswana payakadiscover diamond yakakwanisa kupa mari kuIMF ask isu takatadza kubhadhara kana cent rechikwereti chedu kubva patakawana diamond.Bit I akambozvitaura kuti hapana cent ririkubva kumadiamonds.if mujuru is a saint,as u try to portray,why didn't she get out of that tent and cry with us when our brothers and sisters were being killed or raped for supporting the opposition. Infact mashonaland central and east had the most casualties yet those are the areas dzamujuru wacho.ukadziya moto wembavha newewo urimbavhawo.no need to sympathise with her.Look at Simba Makoni realised kuti this is no longer acceptable akabuda,ko iye why asina.why why why why.zvese zvirikuitika I love it may be its our only way out.for the children of Israel to be allowed to get out of Egypt blood had to be lost,even Zimbabwe to gain independence the same thing had to happen.what's so special about blood of our generation

Degree - 21 October 2014

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ady - 21 October 2014

what is happening in the so called zanu pf is confusing. now that the closest allies are pointing at each other, this self tells a breakup within the house. more names more sayings, accusations this that we are tied please. sort your mess

mmma1 - 21 October 2014

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If Grace was serious about corruption,then most of the ZANU PF bigwigs could have been long arrested.Even Grace herself together with her old husband could long have left office & faced arrest.This country's economy would not have been in this sorry state.

GOREDEMA - 21 October 2014

problems of our politics is that its all about character assassination .no politician come with practical solutions to matters that matter most.

canaan na mosisi - 21 October 2014

The Tsholotsho group had masterminded the support of 7 provinces out of 10 and were robbed of victory because of tribalism. It is time ED takes over since he now stands vindicated. He rescued the Party from the jaws of defeat in 2008 and again in 2013 and should be rewarded accordingly. If the truth be told the man is a master strategist whether you like him or hate him. Both ED & Amai Mujuru should work together for the good of Zimbabwe and also look after the interests of the First Lady. Vindictiveness does not pay in the long run.

Chief Charumbira - 21 October 2014

Time to go for the jugular, Jonathan!

Nduna - 21 October 2014

If any politician gets some favorable coverage from the daily news, you are rest assured that person is idiotic, corrupt and treacherous, a good example is the now defunct chematama.

reason - 22 October 2014

Kubva kubeatification ya Pope then munhu oramba kumhoresa vamwe. Saka why go all the way to Italy seeking the Almighty and then go on to humiliate the holy word you received from Italy

fuji - 22 October 2014

@reason, what about those who read this paper and those who post comments like you and the rest of us? don't you think that if we go by your suggestion we all become 'idiotic'? just to ask my friend no qualms.

tsanga - 22 October 2014

The Daily News, as I alluded before seems very sympathetic to Mujuru.However I feel there is need to verify whether these allegations are true or not. Corruption and theft of public property is nothing but a norm in this evil party and not one of them is clean.That the allegations are from Grace who herself is a thief does not negate the fact that Mujuru is a thief. To me Grace is a good witness because she is Joice's accomplice. Mujuru should thus taste her own medicine, it's her time just as Grace's time shall come. It's unfortunate that we now turn a blind eye on the fact that she was ,is and will remain a part of all the evil that has been perpetrated by HER party. I do not know how we are able to separate her from all the 30 years of misrule,corruption, theft, gukurahundi, murambatsvina, rigged elections, nepotism, looting, farm invasions, salaries scandal, dead economy, education,infrastructure to name a few. That is her and her party's legacy and it is embedded in history.Abaiwa nevokwake, ngavapedzerane.

mosquito - 22 October 2014

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.........zanu yaora .........zanu yaora

chamu - 22 October 2014

@ mosquito i wld n't hv said it beta than your way, you struck the nail on the head

observer - 23 October 2014

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