Mujuru(s) reaping what they sowed?

HARARE - Amid serious confusion, if not national paralysis, about the effect of First Lady Grace Mugabe’s vicious attacks on Vice President Joice Mujuru, there is a chilling and unsavoury signal that is emerging about the origins of this “storm”.

While there is unanimity of thought that “hurricane Grace” was bound to shake all and sundry — in its path — the deluge of theories about its epicentre has equally turned fuzzy amid allegations that it can be traced back to those enjoying its destructive force now.

As galling as this may sound dear reader, the phenomenon being Grace Mugabe — that 49-year-old former typist — has its roots in the Mujuru household, some privileged elements in the body politic known as Zanu PF have whispered in this mere mortal’s ear.

But just to digress a bit — before we move to flesh out the reasons behind this rather strange alliance, if not proposition, in subsequent paragraphs — it is no secret to every historically-minded Zimbabwean that one of the fellows who brought us President Robert Mugabe was none other than Solomon Mujuru.

And yes, if anyone ever doubted it, it was that late national hero who helped our soon-to-be 91 president to be where he is today.

But along the way or in the process, the much-loved Rex Nhongo — and may his soul rest in eternal peace – might have consigned us to this 34-year-old problem.

And as we continue to scratch our heads over this pig-headed character, we are also stubbornly reminded about the truism that tsitsi dzinoparira.

Back to October 2014, we are also confronted — as the wise comrades have told us — with a situation where a creature originally thrown or unleashed by Joice Mujuru has turned around to haunt her.

Yes, dear reader and according to what these well-placed sources have said, it was our clever Zanu PF number two and her allies, who first thought of playing the Grace card. But alas, the decision has dangerously backfired, as the “fetish” has spiralled out of control.

As it is, the “moderate” Mujuru is perilously hanging by the ropes after some johnny-come-latelys had hijacked the project.

While the reasons for the rather expedient decision to rope in Grace range from the need to deal with incumbent Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri to endearing themselves with Mugabe in the succession race, it remains a matter of conjecture as to who really “owned” this loose cannon.

As it is, there are other “wild card theories” about the genesis of this political monster and this is a topic for another day. But strange as it may sound, this is how politics works — a really bizarre venture and — especially in the Zimbabwean sense, and where its never easy to make sense of anything!

At the time when Solomon Mujuru and his fellow comrades thought it was wise to enlist the services of this well-spoken, and outstanding young fellow called Mugabe, they would have thought it was a masterstroke to deal with a doddering Ndabaningi Sithole and company in the Zanu PF hierarchy.

But now, the man presents such a headache even to those who have made him. For reference, it may even be worthwhile to have a conversation with former South African president Thabo Mbeki, the man who salvaged the nonagenarian’s career with that coalition government.

Sometimes, he is obstinate for the right reasons i.e. when berating homosexuals and such other unnatural occurrences, but largely, he is a very average man in all facets of his life.

Again, the late James Chikerema’s words are quite instructive about how this Zvimba man behaves.

But like everything in life, magnanimity has its risks and which is why, today, we “partly blame” Solomon

Mujuru et al for bringing us this political problem or hindrance in the first place.


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aaah, saka article iyi yatopera? i thought wanga uchiri kuita digress zve ini? saka zviya wanga uchida kunyora kuti chii? aah, apa uri munhu wa Executive Deputy Editor, zvino ma junior ako anodzidzei ipapa kana uchipedza article iwe usati watanga, tipeiwo ma serious anhuwe, ipapa handiskutombozia kuti nyaya yako ndeyei, imwe journalism inotora gamatox chaiyo, kkkkkkkk

Jahman - 20 October 2014

Ah Jahman you dont understand this guy is clean in his article he is reminding all an sundry that when Mr Mugabe crossed the boarder into Mozambique to lead the party a lot of these comrades did not like him but Mujuru Solomon had a hand in him Mr Mugabe being accpted by the movement in Mozambique simple

SURE - 20 October 2014

Ah Jahman you dont understand this guy is clean in his article he is reminding all an sundry that when Mr Mugabe crossed the boarder into Mozambique to lead the party a lot of these comrades did not like him but Mujuru Solomon had a hand in him Mr Mugabe being accpted by the movement in Mozambique simple

SURE - 20 October 2014

Shuwa hako jahman. This guy should have produced a better article than this for his/her position. Dont tell us wat we already know give us a critical analysis

on3 - 20 October 2014

Why label Solomon Mujuru the "much loved"? Loved by whom? Why put "partly blame" Mujuru in quotes? Make up your mind on what you want to say before putting pen to paper.

Observer - 20 October 2014

ava jahman vakatorohwa nembanje zvavo

HAAAAA HIHIHI - 20 October 2014

really really, jahman? what do yu dislike abt this article. i think you dislike chirungu chake. i personnally find it a nice read.

wezhira1 - 20 October 2014

Grace is from Chikomba and was hired into the president's office with the help of intelligence officers loyal to Rex Nhongo. Pane ane nharo here??

joromia - 20 October 2014

@ Chris Goko. Like what Jahman aptly said I also feel that your article died a still birth.You whetted our appetite then like an ill- prepared stand-up comic, hastily left the stage!

tafamutekwe - 20 October 2014

one thing is for sure ana Ja man. Muchamama and u havent seen the beggining of this thing

Kharma - 20 October 2014

This article is useless. There is nothing new about what the writer is saying or trying to say...... a complete waste of time. I don't know how you got your current job

Mudhara - 20 October 2014

The article is too shallow to come from a deputy editor, where is mudhara bill saidi, masola wadhabudhabu, saul Gwakuba ndhlovu, and pius wakatama. these guys were brilliant columnists and you wouldn't want to miss a copy of the daily news, but today it is one of those run of the mill papers. with some bit of background your article could have some depth, maybe adding information that it was rex nhongo who persuaded mwalimu nyerere to cajole zipa to accept mugabe as leader of zanu after ndabaningi sithole had betrayed the struggle. zipa had denounced ndabaningi sithole and thats when mugabe came on the scene and he was the most senior zanu politician after chitepo was assassinated inn zambia in 19975. but zipa was suspicious of politicians coming from rhodesia. it is rex who gave nyerere the paper with mugabe's name as the suggested leader to take over sithole, during the mgagao declaration. again when mozambique got independence in 1975 machel was equally suspicious of mugabe to the extent that he had him detained for some months at quelemane. rex nhongo was again instrumental in persuading mugabe to release him in order to take charge of zanu. in 1977 there was a fierce rebellion of the vashandi led by dzinashe machingura and again rex played a pivotal role in quelling the rebellion and disarming the dissidents. rex again saved mugabe's skin. this is the background that is required for your story to make sense, i encourage you to research if you want to write something that is meaningful.

CDE CHURUCHEMINZWA - 20 October 2014

True, no one ever imagined the first family would turn against the VP.There is absolutely nothing wrong with the above article.I am no ZANU PF sympathizer but their infighting affects everyone as the economy continues to burn while gvt does nothing about it.We should learn to appreciate nationalism above party politics.

tsitsi dzinotsitsirira. - 20 October 2014

cde churu, you are spot on with your facts.

chamatinhari - 20 October 2014

This analysis is very shallow indeed. The deputy editor should take notes from Rtd Lt Col Mbudzi

Zimbo - 20 October 2014

Mugabe fought Ndabaningi well before the formation of ZIPA.We remember Ndabaningi served a jail term for plotting to assassinate Ian Smith. The daily news editor never intended to write details of Mujuru's betrayal & it uis absolutely wrong to allege that Ndabaningi betrayed the armed struggle.There simply was fierce powerstruggle in ZANU & Mugabe came out victorious of cause with help from Rex Nhongo. Let's not miss the point on the above article.

KUSAZIVA KUFA - 21 October 2014

What was done to Ndabaningi sithole is what is being done to Joice Mujuru. Mugabe is aware of Rex Nhong AKA Solomon Mujuru's role in his ascendancy to power. He is also aware that he can no longer have control because of old age.The chances of Rex promoting someone to lead again were very high. Rex had to be removed from the scene. But Joice is still around , a reminder to many in ZANU PF of Rex. To Mugabe this is dangerous so Joice must go. From now on ZANU PF must be controlled by novices and those who have dark secrets like Oppah. Mugabe thinks that this time around there is need to have a VP from Manicaland. The Karangas had their chance in Muzenda, the Ndebele, Nkomo, the Zezurus through Msika and the Korekore, through Mujuru. In all this only the Zezurus should occupy the presidency of both the party and country. This is the ZANU doctrine which the public should not be told. This is why Chitepo(Manyika) Tongogara(Karanga) were "removed" . They were potential presidential material to lead Zimbabwe and the party. ZANU PF has a way of discrediting people they want to get rid of .

jaku - 21 October 2014

shallow staff. nothing makes sense in the whole article

jonas - 21 October 2014

It is the reader who is shallow minded.The article has great stuff. We should refrain from making sweeping statements as someone's meat can be someone's poison. People should realise the power struggle that caused several deaths in ZANU during the liberation struggle.Right now only fear keeps the ZANOIDS united.


Mugabe is having a problem of managing his succession plans. His problem is that he rejected the four principles in the Tsholotsho Declaration. The four Princples provided that all major tribes would be represented in the Presidium and the Presidency of the party would be rotated among the tribal regions to maintain political stability in the country and that people would be elected in the Presidium and Central Committee through secret ballot. For selfish reasons Mugabe rejected these Principles in 2004 and this has now come to hound him. It is not fair to other tribes that the zezurus have monopolised the Presidency since independence in 1980.These issues are real and need to be addressed to remove the marginalisation of other tribes. The Tshotsho Declaration was and is actually a very progressive document. Time will tell.

Tsholotsho Principles - 22 October 2014

The writer of this article is spot on, he takes us from the time the Mujurus elevated Mugabe from the days in the bush right through to the elevation of Mugabe's wife who has now turned around to haunt Mujuru in broad daylight. What I find despicable is this new found love for Mujuru by Independent newspapers. Two wrongs don't make a right. Both the Mujurus and the Mugabes are evils who have dragged this country backwards, trampling on people's wishes along as they stole their vote and killing some for the simple reason of having a different school of thought from theirs. Second to the genocide that killed thousands of innocent people in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces, hundreds were displaced, injured and even killed in their home provinces of Mashonaland for the simple fact that they were suspected MDC supporters.

Dr Know - 22 October 2014

Haaa! Kana pane chinodonhedza vakuru pazvigaro kushugurudza vanotambura, kuchema kwemurombo, mushendi asingabhadharwi kunosvika kumatenga semheni. Mujuru faction treads upon the poor, they withheld their WAGES, they send bouncers to beat up the 'NOTORIOUS' poor worker etc. Try to sue them, threats and history demonstrates that you will never win. The hand of The LORD of SABAOTH is against you today. Dont say ahhh dai ndakaziva, what kind of a leader a you who opporess the opporess, varombo... movadzvanyirira futi. PASI NEMWI.

God of the Poor - 22 October 2014

One thing which we have to trace back as Zimbabweans is about true Politcs,where they started and how things unfolded over the years. We all know that at first the real Armed struggle was being led by the late Herbert Chitepo and then Robert Mugabe crossed to join in,at that time the late Josiah Magama Tongogara had the real truth of the real armed struggle and he knew who played what role. With that in mind they would not allow him to come back home with that experience, resulting in him dying in a mysterious road accident. Now we have the late Rex Nhongo coming with all the respect devoted to President Mugabe. These are the guys who would tell Mugabe to sit down when it was time to do so because they knew everything that was going on behind doors. Now with our old President also knowing the dirty Politics accompanied by Oppah Muchinguri who was also battling to be a First Lady and ended up losing the position because of Grace . It's now clear Mai Muchinguri has been promised a slice of cake in Government but the only way is to eliminate Mai Mujuru who happens to be a stumbling block at this moment of time. Come what ever this plan is all about what the Old Guard does not understand is that behind Mai Mujuru there is already a group of people who are even ready to pull the trigger towards the President and that will be a sad thing to witness. Mai Grace Mugabe should not play around with this game even Mai Muchinguri who happens to support her all the way is just providing a long rope to tie herself very strong in case she might try to abscond, these are the people who will be laughing all the way when the job is complete. Mai Grace when animals are in the jungle they sense the enemy coming and all of a sudden you see them running away. If I were you I would feel the same and stop being used by people who knows how to play dirty games. Tomorrow they will even deny your existence when the tough gets going. Mark these words one day you will prove this writer right

Karigamombe - 22 October 2014

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