Mugabe backs Mujuru attacks

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe apparently supports his wife Grace’s recent public attacks on senior Zanu PF and government officials, including Vice President Joice Mujuru, it has emerged.

Apart from the women’s league boss’-designate’s own remarks that the 90-year-old leader was “fed up with this faction leader”, the Zanu PF leader’s continued silence on the constant “badgering” has fanned suspicions that Mugabe was firmly behind these verbal assaults.

“Even Baba (Mugabe) is also fed up with this person,” Grace said at one of her “meet-the-people” rallies in Bindura on Thursday.

“I heard that the demon of factionalism started in this province and spread to other provinces. I say from today, it should end. The moment of truth is coming.”

The State-run Bulawayo-based Chronicle, through an unnamed contributor believed to be a minister thought to be one of the brains behind Grace, confirmed that the First Lady was acting on behalf of Mugabe in her rabid assaults on Joice.

In a piece titled, first lady Grace Mugabe enters political arena with a bang, the writer said: “The first lady is carrying a message from the president.

“Anybody who thinks otherwise is a novice in politics. It is inconceivable that the openness and candidness with which she has delivered her speeches, could occur without the president’s blessing.

“She has come out as someone who is well-briefed regarding the long-term machinations of some people in the party.

“She has said that WE (meaning her and the president) know what is happening. The first family is aware of the efforts to subvert and trash the Mugabe legacy.”

In addition to this, the “glee” with which the State media has reported on Mujuru’s alleged humiliation at the Harare International Airport and when Mugabe was flying off to Italy on Friday has not helped matters, analysts say.

According to a report in the Sunday Mail yesterday, the nonagenarian “zoomed past” his Zanu PF number two after a chat with party national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and after his high-minded wife Grace had also snubbed the embattled VP.

“The first lady shook hands with most dignitaries on the tarmac, but did not shake hands with VP Mujuru,” it reported.

“The first lady then waited for the president near the stairs into the plane.”

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Eldred Masunungure told the Daily News over the weekend that Mugabe as the leader of the party must come out in the open and explain what is transpiring in his party.

“Mugabe and his wife must come out and tell us what is really happening. The president ought to tell us whether he is the hand behind his wife’s vicious attacks,” Masunungure said.

“People need answers and I think it’s wise if Mugabe provides them.”

Masunungure said it was highly likely that Mugabe was the hand behind Grace’s vitriolic outbursts.

“In the absence of this, there is no harm in speculating that he is the one who sent her to do his dirty work. The trouble is that he has been silent and this has seen a groundswell of suspicion.

“His wife launched vicious attacks on senior party officials and government ministers that no ordinary person could have done.

“Currently, she is a mere card-carrying member and I am sure that other card-carrying members will not attack their seniors like what she did.

“The president himself is a smart politician and he rarely uses such language. This has further increased the suspicion that he hired his wife to do his dirty work.

“So I would say the suspicions are justified because how do you explain that Grace is acting as the head of government, de facto prime minister and vice president.”

Pedzisai Ruhanya, a democracy scholar and political analyst, raised suspicion that Mujuru angered the first family through utterances that Mugabe must go.

“We need to investigate deeper and go beyond her utterances. I believe there is something that we don’t know that upset the first family,” Ruhanya said.

“My suspicion is that Mujuru or her close associates insulted the first family. Mujuru must have said something to the effect of taking power.

“Whatever Mujuru or her associates did or uttered has rattled the first family and they no longer have trust in her. Grace needs to protect her political and economic interests because soon, her husband will be gone.”

However, another analyst, Maxwell Saungweme said Grace was taking advantage of Mugabe’s advanced age.

“The question whether Mugabe is behind Grace’s shenanigans or not should never arise,” Saungweme said.

“Mugabe is too old and is no longer in charge. He is too old to comprehend fully what’s happening around him.

“Grace knows this quite well as she shares a bedroom with him. She is just taking advantage of a dying old man whose faculties are no longer functional due to advanced age.”

Masunungure said Mujuru will likely react diplomatically and engage Mugabe in a “stateswomanly manner.”

“She won’t react in public,” he said. “She is an esteemed leader, a war veteran and a stateswoman. She will deal with the manner diplomatically and in a stateswomanly manner.

“Remember, she is called Teurai Ropa (Spill Blood) but she is a refrained leader, she is mature. All these are qualities of a good leader and a statesperson,” Masunungure added.

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Grace should read the beatitudes. One should make friends with his and her enemies before seeking an audience with the Lord. When both of them stood in front of the Pope, what did they think they were doing? - 20 October 2014

Ko inga vaidya naye wani Joy wacho.Vanodii kugara naye pasi votaurirana pane kurimana kumarally. Ndizvo zvinoita vanamati here izvi?Iii!Politics?

Godfrey - 20 October 2014

"She won't react in public,” he said. “She is an esteemed leader, a war veteran and a stateswoman. She will deal with the manner diplomatically and in a stateswomanly manner. “Remember, she is called Teurai Ropa (Spill Blood) but she is a refrained leader, she is mature. All these are qualities of a good leader and a statesperson,” Masunungure added." what a load of rubbish, Mai Mujuru is the mother of all corruption, from salarygate to diamonds, and moreover she was appointed to the post via the same women's league at the expense of better senior ZANU PF cadres. the dwarf must face the boot, period.

reason - 20 October 2014

"Teurai Ropa" is a true trained Solder, we can all notice the discipline she has, a well meaning woman to her nation, which she fought for and almost died for, a true hero/ (ine-its like givin her less).... Zvino vana Gire and team havana kana battle 1 ravakarwa ndosaka vane Dzungu.....check their history!

gore - 20 October 2014

Dzimwe nharo plus kungowanza marally aya inyaya yekuti bonde ishoma.

joromia - 20 October 2014

If at all the President is involved in this circus as it shows clearly then he is the evil behind factionalism in the party for his own personal good.The confusion in the party will make him be seen as a saint by some of us who cant judge things correctly.In the face of all such out of hand internal strife in the party,i think the President has demonstrated lack of capacity and goodwill to resolve the hot issues for the good of the party.Then in that respect if one fails to deal with situations of leadership he has naturally to call it a day and leave the space to other up to date characters.Who actually should give up is the President and not Mai Mujuru.Why?The President has been failing to handle this and among other government isues whereas Mai Mujuru is still just a novice in Presidium she needs a chance.The old man has it for 34 years.I frankly think if he at all has our party at heart and his country as he says then he should step down to save it,both from party leadership and government

carson Macate - 20 October 2014

Mai Mujuru founded/formed the Woman's League together with Cde Sally way back in the late 70s yamave kumhanya nayo nhasi.Saka ane Vision ndiani?

Gwandibva - 20 October 2014

Senior two women in ZANU not Zanu PF were Teurai Ropa and Sheba Tarwisa during the armed struggle.

chokwadihachiurayi - 20 October 2014

It appears that Grace Mugabe has backing from her husband to attack mai Mujuru. What is clear is not clear is the motive. It could be that Bob is using his usual divide and rule tactics to fend off pressure from all those who want him to retire now. Bob is not ready to retire and is fighting back through the wife to stay in power for now. Mai Mujuru is the longest living and serving Vice President and is therefore peirceived to be a threat to Mugabe's continued rule.

Godfrey Nyama - 20 October 2014

The civil service introduced the appraisal system, better known as KRA, to check and assess its employees' work throughout the year. Now if the VP is subjected to the same checks and balances, and her appraiser signed that she is either good, satisfactory, excellent or needs improvement, why the hype and blame game about not performing her duties well?

Mahlaeya - 20 October 2014

Maxwell Saungeme's theory is in sync with natural laws. The President at 90 is 99 percent likely to be finally experiencing serious tell tell signs of Alzheimer's Disease. At 90 years, most such senior citizens start losing touch with reality and hardly recognizes anyone or anything. They also start long conversations with themselves. Her Graceless Highness being the closest person to the President must have been noticing these tell tell signs and instead of being sympathetic to her husband's condition is taking undue advantage of his health plight to advance her own selfish and sinister agenda. I remember that when Ronald Reagan finally completed his rigorous and lame- duck second term in office he was well in his early 80's age-wise and his Alzheimer became so severe that the only person he could recognize was his beloved wife Nancy. Could our so- called infallible warrior president and great dictator-for- life President now also be finally fighting his last and final one and only larger than life foe, the incurable and all conquering Alzheimer? I can only but wish him the very best of luck.

tafamutekwe - 20 October 2014

Headline is very misleading.Your article is based on speculative views of analysts most of whom are not conclusive about the side Mugabe has taken.And yet your headline is definitive.It is things like these that affects your credibility as a publication.

Zora - 20 October 2014

The headline is misleading. How can Mugabe not back Grace's attacks on Mujuru when Mugabe is married to Grace? These are the sort of things any married man discusses with his wife - pillow talk. Grace even revealed they discussed cabinet minister performances at home. I never take the opinions of newspaper favourite analysts like Masunungure, Ruhanya and Saungweme seriously. The fawning by Masunungure is nauseating and embarrassing. He says, “She won't react in public,” he said. “She is an esteemed leader, a war veteran and a stateswoman. She will deal with the manner diplomatically and in a stateswomanly manner” - utter nonsense. Mujuru is not that clever. She will never go against Mugabe, ever. Instead she is the one who is going to issue a grovelling apology for "upsetting" Mugabe and Grace when she had not done anything. Mujuru is just a passenger in ZanuPF who has been made the fall guy. There's no way the Mugabe's would walk all over Mujuru if she was clever and fiery. Politics is not for the meek.

Musona - 20 October 2014

if it were two boy tekere or edison mudadirwa bob through grace would not do this to joyce. but one thing joyce should refuse to be intimidated, she should remain resolute and contest at the congress. these kleptocratic thugs should not be allowed to continue trampling on us, zanu is not a family property it is a people's party patakaenda kuhondo hatina kumbonzwa zvana cde grace macomrades atinoziva ndivana comrade teurai ropa, rex nhongo and magama tongogara. vamwe vese ava vanazhuwawo, kasukuwere. jonhso, oppah (comfort girl) ndevana mafikizolo, weevils boring the party from within, icho.

cde churucheminzwa - 20 October 2014

Grace naOppah vanofunga kuti politics ipada.

selele - 20 October 2014

Grace needs a boyfriend fast, she probably hasnt slept with a man in 2 years

Harare - 20 October 2014

Both these two woman are as useless as each other. Tell me what good has either of them ever done for Zimbabwe. Both are just coat hangers ( parasites ) and nothing else. They are both cooked from the same pot of corruption. Sadly Zimbabwe is now rotting away. It's time to burn this rotting carcass of zanu pf and start with something with a fresh smell to it.

ronaldos - 20 October 2014

Harare, don't forget she goes to Singapore very often, no shortage of night life there.

ronaldos - 20 October 2014

Most of these analysts you are using are not competent . The best analysts are the contributors to this forum you look down upon them at you your own risk and waste your airtime phoning useless and stupid analysts who can not tell the obvious . May be you do not read this part of your news paper . All what your analysts said was said yesterday by contributors right here .

Diibulaanyika - 20 October 2014

Grace is bad yes, but Mujuru has been in cabinet since 1980, was there during Gukurahundi, Ndabaningi's trial, the blackmailingg of one Banana, the 2008 elections and the worst economic performance in history. She insulted one Joshua Nkomo. Diplomatic, good leader my foot! Mugabe is better because you know where he stands, this woman is a snake!

Nduna - 20 October 2014

amai ava varikutsvaga anonyenga Zimbabwe yese. Hapana kana chine musoro chavaitaura asi kutarisa kuti ndeupi murume akazvimbisa bhurukwa wekuti avakwire.

Muverengi - 20 October 2014

The truth will come out.

liberty shungu - 21 October 2014

dzamutsana mutsana tsuro nembwa

gushungo - 21 October 2014

(generations ) stuff

Thamanda - 21 October 2014

Mai Mujuru is the one akatuka Daily News ne Newsday vachiti vatadza kundinzwisisa paCorruption kuChinhoyi nemaNurse. Nhasi nyoka iye yanaka nhayi, wemapepa nhau musangoita zvinhu kutengesa nyaya asi constructive criticism. Mujuru does not need any support because She supported corruption building her Empire neback door. Bvunzai Bonyongweeee kuti haasi pamwe here na Joyce Mujuru?

NYOKA INYOKA - 21 October 2014

tibvirepo grace hakuna kwazvinosvika

jfhfghfhggfh - 21 October 2014

i really wonder why people get surprised with revelations that Bob is using his wife to attack mujuru. i dont remember our dear leader achitora action against offenders in his 34 year old rule save for the willowvale scandal. since then ndiani minister wawakanzwa kuti adzingwa nokuda kwe poor performance. the guy is useless, he has allowed corruption to take centre stage in all facets of our lives. its corruption everywhere and ana grace ndivo vari corrupt big time. the problem is our leader who is ineffective.

haya - 21 October 2014

This is where I get personal with the Roman Catholic which allows its members to make it a cult organisation. How could these 2 have holy communion at the backdrop of what they did at the airport and during the week? In our church they would have collapsed on receiving 'the body of Christ'

maita - 21 October 2014

I was expecting to see a quotation from our dear ancient leader saying he supports what his spit fire motor mouth wife has been spewing on her around the country tours, no such luck. But then again, silence is golden and we have come to learn that Mugabe does not waste time saying out his mind, like when he spoke of 'weevils' and the devil incarnate. His silence in regards to his wife's speeches can only mean one thing, that he is totally behind her. Until somebody passes on and is declared a hero, we await to get his point of view knowing as we now do that it is at such events that he announces policies, right after he has finished reminding us how evil the British and Americans are with their equally evil sanctions.

Dr Know - 21 October 2014

@haya angadzinga vanhu for corruption sei iye ariye ziking racho recorruption?

lol - 21 October 2014

"wen u want to destroy Zanu Pf, u can only do it frm within," who remembaz these wrds

Ab - 21 October 2014

how the herald is reporting this regarding the vp seems to suggest that the information minister has a sinister input in these goings. the hearsay of opposition parties having been started from the vp's house is reported as a fact. it seems the idea behind those controlling the herald is to portray mrs mujuru as part of the opposition. that way, they hope to sway people's sympathy with the vp and in the process justfy her ouster. in my view, opposition arose out of people's anger against the misrule of our dear revolutionary party in the late 1990s. not many people understood what tsvangirai stood for then but some how supported him as a reprisal to the government and the party. there is no link btwn mrs mujuru and the formation of mdc t,y,z,k. there a link between the herald and the accusation levelled against the vp. that link is jonso. but then jonso will celebrate is zanu pf disintegrated. that was his wish before he joined our party. that is his wish today. anyone thinking that he is supporting the other faction would better revise their thoughts. the man is after the revolutionary party so that he will install his own and rule the country. its a stratage. politics is a game.

taurai - 21 October 2014

Jonathan achavaonesa nhamo. Vachadhumhana-dhumana misoro kusvika yatsemuka ikoko kakatarisa kachingokuchidzira nerweseri.

selele - 21 October 2014

President the problem is yourself,since you want to cling on to power as if there is no one else in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe came out of blood which was shed from sons and daughters Fromm all over Zimbabwe. You the President you are now using that country as your private Institution where you do whatever you want together with your family members. Your problem is that in Zimbabwe whoever challenges you automatically is labelled an enemy of your ruling. Everyone in Zimbabwe knows your tactics towards your fellow Politicians is so dirty no wonder why you can't get on with world leaders other than World known Dictators. What is it that you are now learning from Grace today which all the Liberators of Zimbabwe never highlighted to you. Instead from the late Herbert Chitepo up to this day anyone who challenged you the way out was to eliminate them from surviving. Now we see you once again applying the same tactics to Amai Mujuru yet she also lost her late husband in mysterious circumstances which you yourself can't even explain. But if we trace back the late Rex Nhongo was challenging your clinging on to power all of a sudden he lost his life. Does it mean to say that all Zimbabweans have to shut up and allow you to do all these things that you are doing at the expense of the suffering masses. Please try to read your notes properly and make corrections before it is too late. We would wish you to have a proper retiring package and deserve respect rather that creating confusion to the Nation because of wanting to pass own ruler ship to your family members. Think Again Mr President

Karigamombe - 21 October 2014

You can tell the backwardness of a Third World country by the way the people revere their leader(s) for no apparent reason. Biti got rapturous applause at a hall in Highfield when he said some idiocy like “One cannot hate other people with the same intensity that Mugabe wife has shown without hating themselves”. Tendai Biti added, “She has poured vitriol against liberation war fighters and these will not take such things lightly. Grace has exposed what we have always suspected of Mugabe, that he hates himself for being African”. Does this deserve rapturous applause? A politician in backward Zimbabwe can say anything and the hopelessly gullible and docile masses will applaud.

Musona - 21 October 2014

Know what to say and not what not to. Biblically we say be quick to hear and be slow to react. The accusations by Mai want one with wisdom like Mujuru.

Hawulethu Ncube - 21 October 2014

They say a picture says a thousand words (or something to that effect). The picture on the front page of the Sunday Mail was purposefully selected to show that Bob is on Gire's side. His hand is shaking Joyce's yet he is facing the opposite direction, no eye contact. Ndiyo inonzi cold shoulder. Apawo Gire is happy speaking with SK but has no time for the country's acting President. Just look in the background the mastermind Jonso looking gleefully at the works of his weevil hands.

Samaita Dube - 21 October 2014

Mai Mujuru was acting president when Mugabe was in Rome after the first lady's tirade against mai Mujuru.Is president Mugabe using Mai Mujuru like a condom?Did the first lady agree to this arrangement given her stinging words against the''DO NOTHING'' acting head of state?What is going on?

JANGANO - 21 October 2014

Some say politics is not sexually transmitted, but for Grace I think it is. In my own opinion, those known for corruption we should be seeing Obert Mpofu's name on the list then we know Grace is out for the truth. Otherwise that's blasphemy. Some sources were saying Grace wants to take over from Mugabe, and her stumbling block is Dr Joyce. Some say they want to keep Zimbabwe a Mugabe regime, as such Grace holds on while the boy is mature enough to rule. Now what are we saying as Zimbabweans?

Mariana Gariba - 21 October 2014

Is this what Zimbabwe has been reduced to? After hitting rock bottom we thought the only way left is up. Alas it seems ZANU PF is determined to create a new hell for the ordinary people of Zimbabwe! The sad part is the WE the affected and inflicted want to continue playing the spectators as our nation is demolished. DisGrace Mugabe enda unofa mhani iwe! You wormed your way into State House with nothing but your vagina! People call you "Amai", vei??? You are nothing but a visionless prostitute. A witless, uneducated vixen who actually believes she can lead! As for Joyce Mujuru you had this coming! You chose to compromise the values of the liberation struggle and sold your soul for SECOND PLACE in the rat race to "power". What have you achieved in the end? You have been reduced to mere toilet paper between DisGrace Mugabe's rotten buttocks!

Samsonite - 21 October 2014

A 90-year old fart is NOT THE ANSWER! His deranged harlot is NOT THE ANSWER! A blood thirsty hound like Mnangagwa is NOT THE ANSWER! Joyce Mujuru is NOT THE ANSWER! That ignorant buffoon Tsvangirai is NOT THE ANSWER! The whole lot of them are NOT THE ANSWER! Wake up Zimbabweans before it's too late. Our country is being sold off in chunks to the Chinese, Russians you name it! What about generations to come? Look how baby South Africa overtook "Big Brother" Zimbabwe in the blink of an eye! By staying silent we created a monster! Our inaction has come back to bite us in the ass in a way that will make 2000-2009 look like child's play. When is enough going to be enough? Zimbabwe shall become a country where majority of it's population is exiled to other countries, driven out by poverty!

Samsonite - 21 October 2014

Our uniformed forces have been used for misdeeds and their hands made so filthy they cannot wash them clean. They are bound in servitude to the devil's messengers! We are being taken back to colonial times only that this time it's the black man enslaving his own kind! Speak out Zimbabweans! We have the numbers and the Almighty on our side. We must hold all our leaders accountable for ruining our country, our lives and our futures! Out with the entire government! Out with ZANU PF! Out with the MDCs, MKD - you name it! Even Jehovah destroyed the earth in the time of Noah to rebuild it. We can start over! We can choose to lead and not be dragged into the abyss like this. Zimbabwe will never know peace, prosperity or democracy as long as we keep recycling the political vomit that is our leadership! In fact they are not leadership at all! They are entrappers and enslavers! Brood of vipers all of them! Nxa!!!!

Samsonite - 21 October 2014

Mugabe is the author of factionalism& it has overtaken him.He benefited from it but he has now lost control of everything, hence he asked his wife to do something about it on his behalf . ZANU PF is a personal property for the first family.Vana mai Mujuru vanongotevera havo asi hapana chavo apa.She is only being used. There is nothing truly national in ZANU PF.

FACTIONALISM - 21 October 2014


CAIN DUBES - 21 October 2014

We Zimbabweans should all take notice of what Samsonite has to say, so true. It's time for the Zimbabwean peoples as a whole to take back our country from all the Mafia thugs. For gods sakes when are we going to wake up. It's just so ridiculous that top few are stamping, crapping and pissing on so many without any retaliation. The mind boggles.

ronaldos - 21 October 2014

aya ndiwo mafunnies

TANAZ - 23 October 2014

Nyika haitongwi nechitsotsi.Mugabe should be bold enough & come out to speak openly about this bloody succession issue.His family may land in serious trouble when he is gone.Grace's active involvement in politics will not solve anything. Already people are fed up with her.

garandichauya - 23 October 2014

Indeed Joyce mujuru is a mature politician and like most of the seasoned politicians she has done all the things mentioned by the first lady no doubt about that... and maybe as women we don't need self serving, seasoned politicians to represent us, maybe the opposite characters like mai Mugabe will serve us better.

Memory Ruvando - 23 October 2014

I don'n think it is possible to say that in public.We are also politicians we know everything.All of you are also politicians why can't you just organise a meeting to discuss ?Can you try that to solve your problems.Don't creates chaos please.Tiri mhuri imwe.

Daniel Mugwadhi - 24 October 2014

I heard Grace saying that Mai Mujuru is fueling factionalism, Grace clearly showed to me that she is the number 1 engine for factionalism, She said Mnangagwa is the best candidate for VP that Amai Mujuru and she knows that these are the main sides in a long factionalism claims. She clearly shown herself to the Mnangagwa faction and even if Mnangagwa had no intentions to vie for the post is now well fueled to do so with the backing from the Gushungo dynasty. Ayas ini ndazvitadza ini, Politics is a dirty game for sure. The Opposition is gaining ground now. Amai Mujuru may find it too hot to be part of the Republic of Gushungo and might opt to join the opposition

Ben Mabhanzi - 24 October 2014

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