Mr President, change your strategy

EDITOR — What Grace is doing is shameful and can only derail peace in Zimbabwe.

What are President Robert Mugabe’s intentions really by throwing his wife into the fray especially considering his old age?

To leave the nation in disarray and then what would he say is his contribution since the liberation war?

This factional issue should not be resolved by blood and iron but by following laid out structures to establish the hierarchy.

If Mujuru is elected as first vice president come December then she deserves it and until then Grace has no right to attack her at all.

Your excellence, I respect you as gifted leader.

Therefore, I trust you will give  sound advice to your wife.

And please, Mr President change your strategy. 


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Why should the President change tact as if what the First Lady said is untrue. Some in the leadership of ZANU (PF) are rotten to the core. As a historian I subscribe to the dictum :"History repeats itself". I 2004 ED (Ngwena) was robbed of the Vice Presidency when 7 out of 10 Provinces had endorsed him and I believe GOD is on his side this time around to make sure that he lands the Vice Presidency. Mai Mujuru was a mere Minister of Water when he eclipsed Ngwena and it is only fair that he be afforded the chance to show his prowess. What has been lacking in ZANU (PF) is openness which the First Lady has brought about and she should be commended rather than be castigated by armchair critics

Chief Charumbira - 20 October 2014

She is bold,fearless,honest and results focused on election promises.She sounds modern,transformational and has set the tone for rebranding the party into the 21st Century.

Aliphelithemba - 20 October 2014

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Chief Charumbira???? Ha hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

Chief - 22 October 2014

The first lady is bold, fear less ende havanyare munhu futi, vanotaura straight yatinoti twasa dai vakatopinda mumusangano kare kare nyika ino yaparara nokunyeperana, saka vanotaura chokwadi tinovada zve, pama diamonds apa ngapaongororwe

Nyamhangambiri - 23 October 2014

bob is selfish arikuchekeresa Grace (fake Dokota)

Harare - 24 October 2014

you see don't be fooled that there is commotion within Zanu Pf. there are using a strategy called constructive-destruction. the negative paging of mujuru by grace is a blessing in disguise such that if mujuru forms an opposition party you will vote her into power and that means voting zanupf back into power. zanu pf is trying to find about who between idi mnangagwa nad mujuru the people trust. definitely mugabe likes mujuru so by pretending to dirten the personality of mujuru, he knows he is propping up her soft-spot base (people being attracted) in sympathy to mujuru.

bob90machanginja - 26 October 2014

@bob90. Creative destruction!!!!

s shumba - 27 October 2014

Now I understand why Mugabe is still in power even after all the rubbish and mess he has said and done. Its so sad that the majority of Zimbabweans have no brains. Just read the article and comments above if you disagree with me . The writer calls Mugabe a "gifted leader" Some call Grace a Wise and Bold leader, some come up with stupid theories like the one yaBob90. Nxa

Mudhara - 28 October 2014

Let's learn to call a spade a spade. What is going so tat ally wrong. What the First Lady is doing is totally wrong. That is the duty of the President to see how his Cabinet members are performing it's not an issue where the President has to check with his wife to say Mai tell me who is not doing well here. Amai should concentrate with her Orphanage program's there she has all the right to swap people on hourly bases and no one can challenge her. In the first place what was she doing in Air Force Helicopters,those are only meant to be used by the President on his official duties if he intends to be accompanied by his wife that's fine. So that's why they say in Shona musapa benzi pito ino ridzwa pose pose this what we are now witnessing . Let's learn to do the correct things

Karigamombe - 28 October 2014

@chief charumbira, alipelithemba,we are not here to talk about corruption as if it started yesterday. it started long long back,if you remember Gono's days when he was threatening to name top govt officials who were corrupt. Where was Bob, Grace, Politburo, War Vets etc when we knew Zim was going backwards because of corruption. Today ndipo pakuuyawo ana Gire nanaKasukuwere nanaMnangagwa talking about corrption as if there are clean hands in Zanu. . . . .Mpofu, Chombo,Chiyangwa, Kasukuwere akaisepi mari dzeEmpowerment? People,stop fooling us please, we know where whom we want and whom we will vote for in the event of any election. In as much as denouncing corruption is good, madarirei kubvisa mai Mujuru nema allegations akadaro? Muchanyarirepiko woye vavapanyanga? Mark my words.

Gidza - 30 October 2014

Only God can save this country. Instead of finding solutions to the economy which currently is in the intensive care we should not and must stop this futile and obstinate witch-hunting exercise

Ba Tammarl - 31 October 2014

When Zanu PF and Zapu merged after the Unity Accord in 1987, it was agreed that the posts of 2nd Vice President and Chairman in the new united party called Zanu(PF) would be given to former Zapu members. That trend was pursued until the late 1st Vice President Dr Muzenda died. Then in line with global trends of ensuring Gender parity, a woman was elevated to succeed in the name of Dr Mujuru. She is still there. The actual vacant post is that of 2nd Vice President (ie reserved for Zapu- unless that has been unilaterally changed ?) So Munangagwa can therefore not become a 2nd Vice President as things stand.Only when the President and First Secretary's post become vacant can this change. I stand to be corrected.

Dhidhidhi - 2 November 2014

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