Grace creates chaos in Zanu PF

HARARE - This week promises to be one of the biggest and most daunting in President Robert Mugabe’s long political career as he battles to manage the massive fallout in Zanu PF resulting from his wife’s reckless and relentless assaults of the past few weeks on the First Family’s perceived enemies inside the ruling party.

The nonagenarian leader will chair key Cabinet and politburo meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will take place in the wake of unprecedented post-independence infighting within Zanu PF, emanating from escalating factional and succession wars that have been ventilated by the First Lady’s entry into formal politics and her ill-advised recent utterances.

So high are the stakes that one senior Zanu PF official yesterday described the Wednesday politburo meeting, in particular, in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday, as "vitally important" in a make-or-break week not just for the party, but for Mugabe himself as well”.

The official, who is also a Cabinet minister, said Grace Mugabe’s behaviour and utterances in her "Meet the People" rallies of the past few weeks were shocking and unprecedented, which is why the Cabinet and politburo meetings will not be easy for the president this week”.

"It is an understatement to say that tension is sky high within the party at the moment. In fact, I’ve never experienced such palpable tension in our party like we are witnessing at the moment since we returned from the war in 1980.

"In my humble view, this is a make-or-break week not just for the party, but for President Mugabe himself as well, as he has to try and manage this unprecedented tension in which his wife, the First Lady, has played a key negative role.

"The president is, fortunately or unfortunately, the only person who can calm the waters a bit depending on what he does this week, and I pray that he will find Solomonic wisdom to deal with the ugliness that now pervades all party structures," the official, who requested anonymity, said.

He added that the recent intra-party ructions did not have to be officially on the politburo agenda, "they would naturally be at the back of everything that would be said and done in the party" from now onwards.

"Look, what has happened is big and cannot be wished away. Unfortunately, it unwittingly places the president right in the middle of everything as his wife is at the centre of the current tension," he said.

Another official said Grace had started "a fire that cannot be easily extinguished".

"These are desperate times in our party and I do feel for the president as he is in a difficult position. If the party leadership does not deal with this matter carefully, I fear for the worst for our movement.

"Another thing that the First Lady may not have taken into consideration in her offensive is that if she formally becomes leader of the Women’s League, she may soon have to work under some of the very same people that she is attacking in public now. Has she thought about how this will pan out?" he asked.

Analyst Shepherd Mntungwa wondered whether the events of the past few weeks marked "the beginning of the end of Mugabe”.

"While it is true that Zanu PF has experienced many serious challenges before, we have never witnessed events as dramatic and as potentially historic challenges as those of the past few weeks. What makes things so complicated is that his own wife is now at the centre of the factionalism and anarchy.

"This is why I’m firmly of the belief that this week could even mark the beginning of the end of Mugabe and his long rule as he may battle to reinvent himself as demanded by the situation, remembering that he is no spring chicken anymore and the fact that his wife is now evidently wielding enormous influence in his decision making,” Mntungwa said.

In the meantime, Grace was accused of resorting to a "crass" war by members of her own party yesterday over her campaign of depicting Vice President Joice Mujuru as a corrupt and useless leader who should be fired by Mugabe.

Grace has used her rallies to rant and rave about members of the Mujuru faction’s alleged disloyalty to her 90-year-old husband, and has employed a bitter mix of threats, vitriol and caustic diatribes at rivals in the VP’s camp.

On the campaign trail, she has controversially prefaced her speeches with "God says..", or "Baba wants....". She has also accused top Zanu PF officials of widening cleavages in the faction-torn party by manoeuvring to replace her husband, and called on the Mujuru faction to let the nonagenarian "finish his job".

However, a central committee source said yesterday: "Her campaign was aimed at Mujuru who doesn’t usually favour engaging in a war of words and we think her campaign has not been effective."

Another Zanu PF official from Masvingo said Grace’s campaign was "a bit of fun” which failed to make a "serious point.”

Yet other officials said the current events echoed the 2004 botched palace coup that sought to block Mujuru’s ascendancy to the vice presidency, when an attempt to paint her negatively backfired and led to a humiliating defeat for a faction believed to be headed by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa and his allies were then accused of plotting a “coup” in what came to be known as the Tsholotsho Declaration.

In the aftermath of that episode, Mnangagwa was relegated to manage a backwater ministry for Social Amenities and Rural Housing. He was, however, rewarded with the defence portfolio after the bloody 2008 poll, where he was Mugabe’s chief election agent and where he allegedly spearheaded the party’s brutal campaigns as leader of the Joint Operations Command — a think-tank of top security chiefs.

One former minister described Grace’s current campaign as "crass", adding: "They tried waging a war against the VP in 2004 in that clandestine meeting in Tsholotsho. It failed then and it will fail now again”.

Pedzisai Ruhanya, a democracy scholar and political analyst, said Grace’s campaign lacked a positive agenda and was thus doomed to fail.

He said with Mujuru’s impeccable liberation war credentials, toppling her was not a stroll in the park.

"I think in Zanu PF, apart from (the late) Sheba Tavarwisa (the only woman in the Zanu High Command in 1979), Joice Mujuru is among some of the most outstanding women liberation fighters,” Ruhanya told the Daily News on Sunday.

"It won’t be easy to remove Joice in that manner. Grace has no strategy. Joice has and only needs to remain calm.”

Other analysts said "virtually everyone in Zanu PF is corrupt", adding that reports that Grace could succeed Mugabe was also "a dream that would never materialise".

The 59-year-old VP joined Mugabe’s first post-independence Cabinet in 1980 at 25, and was one of the longest-serving government ministers before her elevation to the vice presidency in 2004.

Comments (42)

Let us not waste our time thinking that Mugabe is going to have a tough time as a result of his wife 's moment of madness . Mugabe owns zanu and all those who are in it are his puppets and zombies . Come whatever meeting which Mugabe is going to chair every one is going to remain shut up and very afraid through out the meeting .We all know all what Grace said during her rallies was blessed by Mugabe and it is obvious and natural that Mugabe and his wife talked about these rallies while in bed before or after .What i think is Mugabe was living under pit coat gvt at home for a long time and that he has now completely lost control hence it has spilled into his party . He has and had no of control of his wife ever since It is always like that when a very old man marries a very young wife .Why it is like that i do not know but it is always like that .

Diibulaanyika - 19 October 2014

he has and had no control of his wife.

Diibulaanyika - 19 October 2014

The whole idea of addressing primitive rallies is to covey a certain message to the crowd(s). To convey a message or messages the crowd understands. What was the point of Grace going around the country addressing crowds in cryptic language that only she and Jonathan Moyo understood? We have ZanuPF spin doctors saying she did not mention any names. If that was the case why did she address the crowds? It does not make any sense. Not that she came up with anything of substance. She only made a fool of herself. Like the mad people you see in the streets talking to themselves - nobody knows what they are saying. These spin doctors are trying to limit the damage caused. It is very patronising to tell people that they did not understand what Grace was saying. It looks like the only two people in Zimbabwe who have a different interpretation to Grace's idiotic rants are George Charamba and Jonathan Moyo, two notorious Mugabe toadies. Without any shadow of doubt Grace was having a go at Mujuru. Incidentally, they met last night at the airport when Mugabe was flying out to the Vatican and there are no reports of any fist-fight between the two. That is indeed strange. This Joice Mujuru must be one hell of a doormat.

Musona - 19 October 2014

After savaging Mujuru and other enemies within in the most un-Christian manner Grace has the temerity to go to the Vatican and play the big Catholic Christian. What hypocrisy! The perfect definition of bipolar disorder.

Musona - 19 October 2014

muhabe ano tongwa na Grace. Hamuzvione here? Since akaroora Giresi, pane zvinemusoro zvaakamboitira nyika??????? Useless . Basa rekutuka vamwe and him demanding more time to finishe what he started...... Zvanzi ndoda kupedzisa zve land reform, what a shame.....

dr matibili - 19 October 2014

Right or wrong, corrupt or upright, lazy or energetic, false-pretender or real liberation hero, our First Lady's Tsunami forces us to side with the VP. The first lady is fronting a group of people who behave as if Zanu-PF is a Pvt. Ltd with. This attitude is bad for all thinking Zimbabweans.

selele - 19 October 2014

The architectures of the famous Tsholocho declaration together with the first family are now at it again. They should remove Mai Mujuru through voting at the congress not any other means.

Maths - 19 October 2014

If Mugabe can get rid of Jonathan Moyo then he would have appeared to be solving the real problem. Grace is only a sympton of a disease in ZANU...opportunists and gays who want to take over power..finish. Let's see how the damage control will be done buy uncle Bob.

garikayi - 19 October 2014

Tsholotsho 2 in play. Mnangagwa,Moyo,Charamba and Muchinguri have all been rejected by the people in their constituencies.They think they are the only clever ones in ZanuPF

Kufandada - 19 October 2014

Where is General Solomon Mujuru? (Vakamugocha sewiza) They rosted him like shrimp. Finish! It is a case of good man keep quiet when evil is perpetrated. We have had this for sometime. Him, Solomon, Mai Mujuru and his cadres also kept quiet while evil has been ragging. Why is this happening? It is because Zpf crossed threshold way back from a liberation movement to a cult whose godfather is RG Mugabe. Cults are are headed by evil man and women. Young Joyce is not evil enough to run this Zpf cult. You see, Joyce is no saint at all but she does not qualify. Did you here Gire say Joyce is corrupt. Yes, they have Joyce's whole dossier of her corruption. Every Zpf member is but they will magnify her corruption tomorrow morning if she dares to rebel. There is no way she will rebel if Solomon and her as a combined force failed to do just that. What Gammatox? Right now chipfukuto is charge because he is evil to the required level. Chipfukuto wrote the script for -Gire meet the people road show circus. This is just about one of the many evil things chipfukuto has done to the people of Zimbabwe. Remember, evil thrives because good man and women keep quiet.

Mbareboy - 19 October 2014

grace is just a bitch,snitch,witch who had put his husband and zanoids into a dish.All the rallies which she was insuilting the VP seems to be ,infact clueless.If we take a look on the constitutional rules and regulations it clarifies that the Vp is more likely to be the president's successor and that's obvious that Mujuru is ti be the one,but l wonder why this disgraced stupid bitch is being used by the ruthless killer mnangagwa as a puppet to tanish our Vp who is obviously to be the president in the next few months to come.Disgrace l urge u to go kwazvimba and start to maintain your village coz l have foreseen u there suffering in january next u there idiot

nhai Gire - 19 October 2014

@musona says grace was conveying a message to the crowds in cryptic language. That is very interesting an assessment. I thought her photo poses seemed to convey esoteric connotations as well. to sum it up, she is off to the vatican. is there a connection between her visit to the vatican and her recent tour of all provinces? she is taking her ambitions seriously it seems. time will tell.

simbi - 19 October 2014

Ndatorobwa nehana nezvirikuitika mu politics dze Zimbabwe..

Pasipanodya - 19 October 2014

@Musona: Well according her Grace, she is married to a priest lol

Ethan - 19 October 2014

Today we have ZANU PF and MDC supporters but our problems are the same,we need to work together as citizens, engage each other and learn from each other for the good of our nation, other than that we will continue going in circles..we have those who voted for ZANU thinking things will get better and those who voted for MDC and lost..we need to start pulling towards similar goals and embrace our uniqueness which is a God given trait..let's embrace diversity and find a way of pulling together in the same direction as citizens, we are all not getting electricity no water no those who got farms and are doing well bravo, but not all of us are farmers..there are those who graduated who have no jobs , those who want to be employers but with no capital, how do we address these things do we neglect each other bcz things are working for a certain group..we cannot all be farmers that's a fact..and we should not all be farmers..what sort of leadership are we looking for?What qualities do we think can take us forward as a nation because I bet if it is working for your neighbor it will b working for u..let's not be selfish towards one another that's the least we can do..What sort of leadership qualities are we looking for in our next leader?

SameDirection - 19 October 2014

Aenda kuconfession, her sins are so big, only the Pope is willing to absolve

Mamboti Madii mucha... - 19 October 2014

This dumb bitch is playing with fire. Making enemies left and right,what happens when Mugabe dies. Does she really think people will forget what she's been saying? Does she really think her little 'faction' will protect her when she doesn't have Mugabe's weight behind her. What an idiot. Good luck to her.

NdaShamiswa - 19 October 2014

Chinotimba,Jonathan, Jabulani Sibanda, Themba Mliswa, Grace ,it's all the same chaff. Tsvina /ingcekeza. No wonder the state the country is in now.

mosquito - 19 October 2014

ko nhayi imi Gire zvaariri dofo chairo,

bhonzo - 19 October 2014

No,i think it is now open to every sensable Zim that this was Mnangagwa's camp plot. Mai Mujuru has nothing to lose or fight for,she is still in office until 2018,if anything happens to Bob between this time she is the one on the driving seat. . . . . .amai Mujuru,i wish you were reading this because i want to tell you,never panic or press any panic button, all these rllies and attacks on you and the allegations of incompetence are just mere attacks to cause you panic and resign as we read in the Herald that Ambassodor Chris Mutsvangwa was advising,come on, who is Chris Mutsvangwa in such a serious matter to comment on the VP's unconfirmed corruption allegations. I tood you before and we will keep telling you, if VP is being asked to step down because of corruption then the whole cabinet will go home, including Mnangagwa's. That's why they came up with that stupid survey they have put online on the Herald's site,this is all Jonathan's tactics, but Mai Mujuru please don't be moved to resign, nomatter the pressure that might be put on you. Mai Mujuru, you are dead already, there is no life you want to protect, they took your husband away, we saw you crying when you were presented with fire fighting kits to handover to Harare City Council, what else would you like Solomon to see you fighting for? He died for this country because they knew he was a threat,now the same culprits want you out, no, no no. Be quite, be steady, don't respond. This is a well calculated move. There is no other constitutional means they can do to remove you than pressuring you to resign and leave the post vacant, izvozvo taramba. We are 200% behind you mother.

Gumbura - 19 October 2014

To us who have chosen to believe the prophetic word,everything is now making sense. If anyone still remember another minister of the gospel somewhere who strongly cautioned people not to touch the First Family in the event of this perceived change that is imminent? If you don't know it just indicate and i will paste you the links to get those prophecies. With what has happened now, this is now pointing to where that shall come from. Mai Mugabe, you miscalculated, you jumped all over because Bob was covering your back but if he is in office today,where would you run to?

anhuacho - 19 October 2014

To us who have chosen to believe the prophetic word,everything is now making sense. If anyone still remember another minister of the gospel somewhere who strongly cautioned people not to touch the First Family in the event of this perceived change that is imminent? If you don't know it just indicate and i will paste you the links to get those prophecies. With what has happened now, this is now pointing to where that shall come from. Mai Mugabe, you miscalculated, you jumped all over because Bob was covering your back but if he is in office today,where would you run to? Actually A word was given sometime back not to touch the First Family, like as a revenge, by whoever shall come to power,but as it is i pray mai Mujuru you touch her not,she will come begging you. . . . . . .blessed are they who believe in the word of God.

anhuacho - 19 October 2014

It is wrong to say that things started going bad because the First Lady has openly criticised perceived factionalism and corruption. For a long time ZANU PF has been criticised for ignoring corruption by top leaders. The First Lady approach is clearly a paradigm shift with very positive consequences. It was not part of ZANU PF culture to talk openly about corruption by top leaders for fear of reprisals or otherwise. Now that someone is bold enough to name and shame the same newspapers that were heckling the ruling party for concealing corruption is now against someone bold enough to reveal what the papers could not dare write about. I thought this was now an opportunity to write what you newspapers have been fearing to reveal because the paradigm has shifted. Instead you are doing the opposite, forcing me to believe that you do not write for the good of this nation but to destroy the ruling party. In any case it is now known that if the Daily News and Newsday and other such newspapers support a person, that person is surely anti ZANU PF and pro-western agenda. I think those being labelled have got the courage and capacity to explain themselves, politburo meeting or not. after all the people know best because corruption is done through them and before them. What is happening is to me a higher level of democracy within the ruling party, and that's positive!

Aggrey Gumisai - 20 October 2014

Mugabe is a coward. When he was losing ground to MDC he unleashed hooligans on white farmers, when he lost 2008 he unleashed hooligans on MDC supporters and leaders, when he saw that age has finally caught up with him he is unleashing hooligans on Joyce Mujuru. I don't think Mujuru was invited to ZanuPF or to the war by Mugabe.

maita - 20 October 2014

Aggrey Gumisai, papers are not agianst corruption revelations but if a corrupt person accuses another of corruption then who will act. Grace moves around surround by very corrupt people and as long as they are on her side she does not lampoon them, this is called selective accusation, selective justice is not fair kuti zanpf can demonstrate asi MDC cannot, this is what papers are highlighting. Grace is bold enough to talk about corruption, Mugabe said one family one farm now tell me how many farms do they have each? Why is she not saying I am ceding some of the farms to other landless people.

maita - 20 October 2014

i think lady gucci is getting everything twisted she has to undestand that umambo hauuyi mundiro kana mucup.

joel dambudzo - 20 October 2014

Beware of Jonathan Moyo. This is Tsholotsho Declaration Part 2. The professor is power hungry and this time his group seem to have full backing of the army. However I do not believe the Army or Police consist of a united force on the Mnangagwa and Mujuru issue. Time will tell. Zimbabwe beware of Jonathan Moyo!!!!

Jonathan Mtsinzhe - 20 October 2014

Guys cant you see this is a diversion from the real bread and butter issues, its a strategy to occupy people from realising the real issues affecting them everyday. Remember Baba Jukwa? We should pray against bloodshed in this country, we must seek God's mercy for the protection of women who are being used by some politicians in the background. Its high time we noted the owner of Zimbabwe is God. Now God is showing that politicians dont have an answer to Zimbabwe.

Muprofita - 20 October 2014

What if Teurai Ropa says enough is enough, me and my supporters have quit zanupf before the congress, what will happen? She then also find someone to wash their dirty linen all she needs is give the dosier

maita - 20 October 2014

I think it's too early to spell Grace's offensive attacks on the honorable VP CDE. J Teurayi Ropa Mujuru. It might in a way be an intentional move to prove if there is factionalism within ZANU PF. I should want to think that she held these rallies with the blessings of the President and it apparently follows that he knew the agenda of the rallies well before the first lady launched her mission. The big question is, if the President knew what consisted the rallies' agenda, why didn't he take any corrective measures before or even after the first rally? This might just be a bait to see who will be caught off guard among the ZANU PF. Please don't rush to pass your comments, politics is a canning game. Let's wait and see how the situation unfolds. Time will tell.

Khimbo - 20 October 2014

As long as the attack is on Mai Mujuru, its justified, the woman was leap froged into the position, she then insulted THE LAT FATHER ZIMBABWE, and went on to gag the media from exposing corruption, River ranch mine is the first company to mine diamonds in Zimbabwe and it has no record of supporting the fiscus, the son in law (white guy) is part of the looters, ngavaende zvvo mai ava, she stinks of corruption.

reason - 20 October 2014

Grace is no Catholic.In fact, she is the opposite of Catholic. That is why there were no Catholic clergy at her recent meeting with various church leaders.Going to the Vatican is only for show (kuonekwa) which is totally anti_Christian and anti_Catholic. God will judge her accordingly.

Johno - 20 October 2014

The fight seems to be between Mujuru, Grace and Muchinguri. Whichever way it turns out, we are probably doomed to be under petticoat government

machakachaka - 20 October 2014

Fellow Zanu-PF boys, all those of us who were caught stealing one or two glances at the first lady's hind-side should now be careful. She is using our erstwhile lustfullness against us in public. Jus a warning on my friends.....

selele - 20 October 2014

In other news.....regai ndimbodya maputi as the circus pans out...

Mai Jefule - 20 October 2014

Inonzi meet the people to Popota cruisade> Aaaaaaah iwe ma 1.

WATOSVORWA - 20 October 2014

Grace Mugabe is just playing around with Politics in Zimbabwe,that's why they do not feed a Cub Lion with meat tomorrow it will start eating all your live stock. The whole Nation allowed Grace to kick out the late Mai Sally from her house when she was lying in her coffin she moved into Zimbabwe House,now she is elevating herself to the top Government positions insulting Office Bearers chosen by her own husband the same criteria she used to push out Mai Sally these are the same tactics which she is using to control Government. Mai read the book of Prophet Daniel where Nebuchadnezar was saying now my soul you now have rest since I have built all these things for myself. That same night The Lord appeared to him and said for some years you have to go and stay with animals in the bush eating grass and drinking dirty water. This is where you are now herding to. It will now be history before people will be saying you misjudged the whole game. The same Leaders who are quiet will unleash a lot of hell on your comments towards them that's when you see your nakedness. If I were you I will just go back to the same Press and say you are sorry. One word is enough to a wise person

Karigamombe - 20 October 2014

"As if to confirm the bad blood that now exists between Grace and Mujuru, the two snubbed each other when they met at Harare International Airport on Saturday as Mugabe and his wife left for Rome" - news report from one newspaper. Why didn't Grace tell Joice Mujuru to her face what she had been saying about her for the last 3 weeks? Coward. Mujuru herself is one hell of a doormat - she should have confronted Grace and gave her a piece of her mind. Doormat.

Musona - 20 October 2014

Mujuru is useless and powerless she can not say or do any thing to the person who appointed her to the positions she never deserved since 1980 .Just wait and see she will be thrown into a dust bin like a used condom without an resistance actually she looks too tired and lazy may be its time for her to quit and go home to play with grand children and tell them stories about life in the military bush camps , how they were going for weeks bathing without bathing soap and so on .She should not try to be in politics until 90 yrs like one idiot who has become a laughingstock .

Diibulaanyika - 20 October 2014

The moment of the truth, or the truth of the moment. The choice is everybody's.

liberty shungu - 21 October 2014

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Gerald Bradley - 25 October 2014

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