Mujuru backers say no to Grace

HARARE - Supporters of Vice President Joice Mujuru yesterday started fighting back against attacks directed at the beleaguered widow and Zanu PF number two, that have lately been fronted by First Lady Grace Mugabe.

In tense and volatile twists to the ugly factional wars currently ripping the ruling party apart, Mujuru’s supporters defiantly stood up to her detractors and those of the equally embattled party secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, at Grace’s last “Meet the People” rallies held in Marondera.

In the first incident, a war of words erupted between youths loyal to Mujuru and Mutasa and those opposed to the duo who were provocatively chanting the controversial and politically loaded Pasi neGamatox  (Down with Gamatox) slogan. Mujuru and Mutasa’s supporters immediately started fighting back, chanting the equally insulting Pasi nezvipfukuto (Down with Weevils) slogan.

The escalating chaos was only brought to a stop when law enforcement agents, who barred journalists from covering events unfolding among the warring youths, intervened.

In the second incident, Ray Kaukonde, the Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson, openly defied Grace after snubbing a contrived unity pact that the First Lady attempted to foist on Kaukonde at the emotive rally where President Robert Mugabe’s wife again stepped up her thinly-veiled attacks against Mujuru, also alleging that Kaukonde was at the forefront of spearheading factionalism in Mashonaland East.

While other provincial chairpersons, believed to be loyal to Vice President Joice Mujuru’s faction have silently and meekly borne the brunt of Grace’s acerbic attacks, Kaukonde flatly refused to bow down to the First Lady’s strong arm tactics, including the staged call to come to the podium to enter a unity pact with her.

“Here in Mash East, I asked about factionalism and they said there is none here, but I told Kaukonde kuti urikunyepa, achingosekerera zvenhema ndikamuti urikuziva mari dzirikuita (that you are lying, smiling wickedly. I told him that you know that there are monies) exchanging hands, it’s a fake smile iyi ,” Grace said.

“Kaukonde uyu ndakambomudeedza (I once called him) in 2008. I almost punched him ndamuudza kuti (after telling him that) Kaukonde siya (leave) factionalism. The moment of reckoning shall come,” Grace said to cheers from an island of supporters among the crowd.

Sources also told the Daily News that earlier on, Kaukonde had similarly refused to kowtow to the dictates of Mugabe’s wife in a closed door meeting, maintaining that he was duly elected to lead the party in Mashonaland East.

In the baking sun, Grace attempted, albeit with no success, to have Kaukonde — one of the alleged sponsors of the Mujuru camp — to stand up.

“Urikuda kuti tiite (Do you want us to have our own ) mini Unity Accord here?” Grace asked as she vainly tried to have the businessman join her on stage.

But he steadfastly refused to join her.

“Ah, arikuramba. Ramba wakadaro uone (Ah, he is refusing. We will see where that will get you),” a miffed Grace said.

As the ruling party continues with the brinkmanship game, fault lines were apparent, with supporters gathered at the rally clearly divided along factional lines.

While some chanted the Pasi neGamatox slogan, a thinly-veiled attack on Mutasa — a key Mujuru ally, many others fought back with the Pasi nezvipfukuto (Down with Weevils) slogan, a derogatory chant referring to Information minister Jonathan Moyo and others who are allegedly working to destroy the party from within.

As Grace got more animated and agitated, she claimed that the MDC and Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn were formed in the house of an unnamed “senior Zanu PF official”, to which came howls of disapproval from the vast majority in the crowd.

Mujuru’s late husband Solomon Mujuru, whose nom de guerre was Rex Nhongo, was killed in a mysterious fire in August 2011. He was linked to Simba Makoni’s MKD.

Tensions were visibly high at the top table yesterday as party leaders ignored each other and in some cases sat as far from their rivals as possible.

Ministers Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Josiah Hungwe, Ignatius Chombo, Joseph Made sat in one tent, while the likes of Health minister David Parirenyatwa sat in another tent with Kaukonde joining them later.

As the youths from Mashonaland East demanded an end to the slogan Pasi neGamatox and denounced “weevils”, the irate Grace sent Kaukonde to silence them but to no avail.

When Kaukonde returned to the top table, harsh words, accompanied by a lot of gesticulating, were exchanged — with Women Affairs minister Oppah Muchinguri attempting to play the peacemaker role.

Police, who came out in their droves, had to intervene repeatedly as youths aligned to the vice president played drums and sang revolutionary songs denouncing their counterparts whom they alleged had been bused to the rally by the “weevils” to denounce their leadership.

Analysts say Grace now faces mounting resistance from angry party officials who have silently watched her attacking persons she perceives to be opponents of her 90-year-old husband.


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It shall come to pass. God can not be used in vain. The end is nigh.

DOWERA ELIAS - 18 October 2014


Wilbert Mukori - 18 October 2014

Those of us who do not subscribe to the Graceland Dynasty should pray for our beloved country. This Lady, who does not act, speak or behave like one must be stopped and only God can direct our paths.

Ndaneta - 18 October 2014

pane asirimbavha here muZanu pf. all those who stood for the interests of the nation and were upright were iether eliminated through murder or they left on their own after realising that the party had become a den of vultures and reprobates. so kana Grace oda kufumura munhu on the basis of corruption, she should not just pick on this foes or perceived enemies achisiya vokwake. hapana mileage yaunowana out of it Grace.

Dzese imbabvha - 18 October 2014

When lots of loose rope is proffered to unwitting mind in invariably forms a noose. The Queen has only succeeded in one thing: putting pressure on her husband to back all those threats. Ko nhai mabhazi ekuHeroes Acre anokwirirwa papi mudhorobha ?

Tozvireva - 18 October 2014

What is curious is that an "attempt to be a peacemaker" ends up so badly. A PhD candidate, let alone graduate should be analytical and not be the buffon that we hear ranting dat after day! What is clear is that Mugabe and Dr Mugabe now belongs to a faction.. Keep extending the rope and sure enough she will hang herself. Dr Grace, the expert at disgracing herself.

Ndareka - 19 October 2014

Well done Kaukonde for remaining principled under bullying by Grace. This DisGrace is a f****ing stupid thing. Mugabe ari kutonyara but is too old to stop the sex starved secretary from talking rubbish. Well done Mai Mujuru do not respond to her attempts to make you comment...remain factual. Time will tell. Khaya Moyo and co. it's time for you to leave ZANU and go back to ZAPU. What Grace has embarked on is the beginning of the end. To the gay gangsters & opportunists stand no chance. I say not only walk away but run away

garikayi - 19 October 2014

This is shameful what Grace is doing on behalf of Mnangagwa and other gay gangsters who want to derail peace in Zimbabwe. Mugabe at your age what do you want to do? To leave the nation in disarray and then what would you say is your contribution since the liberation war? This Mnangagwa disaster should not be resolved by blood and iron but by elevating Mujuru to presidency as a senior member of the party who you intelligently elevated to vice president. Accept that you are being dangerously overtaken by greedy power hungry gay gangsters who want us to view you as dull. When you appointed Mujuru we think you knew how dangerous Mnangagwa is to this beautiful country and how well connected to the coloniser network, how he looted the agro-inputs, his double standards in the Dinyane declaration, how he has smeared on innocent people who in turn have disappeared from the face of the earth. Your excellence I respect you as gifted leader but Grace and Mnangagwa want to spoil it because they are power greedy. Since when Robert Gabriel Mugabe have been in league with gays. So at 90 you want want to ally with with gay gangsters? The ancestors will rise from the dead for the alliance with gays in Zimbabwe nyika yechizvarwa. NO! NO! Robie change your strategy.

Tanetamuchaendachete - 19 October 2014

I love to see ZANU Mast East going down , then Zanu PF has gone down in Zimbabwe.

Tichatonga - 19 October 2014

the professor's idea is to destroy the party from within. he tried to use the medea through the cashbert debacle and hit the rock. now he thinks he has found good use of the first lady's voice. that again will not work. i do hope that the president will in the end get rid of jonso and his faction. they do not love the leader of the country either.

sunga - 19 October 2014

The answer to this country's challenges is neither Joice nor Grace, and both of them know it.

machakachaka - 20 October 2014

We want the second leg of the meet the people tour

jackovick - 20 October 2014

On corruption,Grace should have come to tell people that all corrupt leaders were arrested or are already in jail,NOT to simply say this&that is corrupt as if she herself is clean.

GREAT LIAR - 20 October 2014

Mai Mujuru don't be intimidated. you have our support.

haya - 20 October 2014

Is this what Zimbabwe has been reduced to? After hitting rock bottom we thought the only way left is up. Alas it seems ZANU PF is determined to create a new hell for the ordinary people of Zimbabwe! The sad part is the WE the affected and inflicted want to continue playing the spectators as our nation is demolished. DisGrace Mugabe enda unofa mhani iwe! You wormed your way into State House with nothing but your vagina! People call you "Amai", vei??? You are nothing but a visionless prostitute. A witless, uneducated vixen who actually believes she can lead! As for Joyce Mujuru you had this coming! You chose to compromise the values of the liberation struggle and sold your soul for SECOND PLACE in the rat race to "power". What have you achieved in the end? You have been reduced to mere toilet paper between DisGrace Mugabe's rotten buttocks!

Samsonite - 21 October 2014

A 90-year old fart is NOT THE ANSWER! His deranged harlot is NOT THE ANSWER! A blood thirsty hound like Mnangagwa is NOT THE ANSWER! Joyce Mujuru is NOT THE ANSWER! That ignorant buffoon Tsvangirai is NOT THE ANSWER! The whole lot of them are NOT THE ANSWER! Wake up Zimbabweans before it's too late. Our country is being sold off in chunks to the Chinese, Russians you name it! What about generations to come? Look how baby South Africa overtook "Big Brother" Zimbabwe in the blink of an eye! By staying silent we created a monster! Our inaction has come back to bite us in the ass in a way that will make 2000-2009 look like child's play. When is enough going to be enough? Zimbabwe shall become a country where majority of it's population is exiled to other countries, driven out by poverty!

Samsonite - 21 October 2014

Our uniformed forces have been used for misdeeds and their hands made so filthy they cannot wash them clean. They are bound in servitude to the devil's messengers! We are being taken back to colonial times only that this time it's the black man enslaving his own kind! Speak out Zimbabweans! We have the numbers and the Almighty on our side. We must hold all our leaders accountable for ruining our country, our lives and our futures! Out with the entire government! Out with ZANU PF! Out with the MDCs, MKD - you name it! Even Jehovah destroyed the earth in the time of Noah to rebuild it. We can start over! We can choose to lead and not be dragged into the abyss like this. Zimbabwe will never know peace, prosperity or democracy as long as we keep recycling the political vomit that is our leadership! In fact they are not leadership at all! They are entrappers and enslavers! Brood of vipers all of them! Nxa!!!!

Samsonite - 21 October 2014

the real drama will unfold after the politiburo meeting mangwana.whatever way it goes zimbabwe is geared for regime change which will begin within the ruling party

canaan na mosisi - 22 October 2014

Coward Mugabe is avoiding facing the truth.

selele - 23 October 2014


MUNYA - 23 October 2014

kunyarara kunokunda zvose,

THE MOST TALKED N.Y.IN - 23 October 2014

i agree with somasonite...zimbabweans we are too docile, pacified for what? these people are worse than the colonialist they love to hate. they are are worse than idi, hitler or all the bad leaders of years gone by. please lets wake up up before its too late for the future...the people have more power tahn all the threats wrapped in one. war vets why are allow your minds to be brain washed. nothing good comes out of a bad thing. disgrantled

judith - 24 October 2014

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