Parly turns down Grace PhD probe

HARARE - Parliament has refused a request by students to probe how President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, controversially attained a doctorate from the University of Zimbabwe.

The PhD was granted to the First Lady, a 49-year-old former typist in the president’s office, amid disturbing details there were no records of her admission at UZ to justify the degree.

She was capped by Mugabe, along with Vice President Joice Mujuru, soon after she was endorsed to lead the ruling Zanu PF party’s women’s wing.

Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu)  petitioned Parliament a fortnight ago, seeking to compel lawmakers to probe the “dubious circumstances” under which Grace obtained her PhD.

But Jacob Mudenda, Speaker of the National Assembly, and Austin Zvoma, the clerk of Parliament, yesterday unequivocally dismissed prospects of the matter being probed by parliamentarians.

“I regret to inform you that Parliament has no legal authority or justification to accept or rule over this matter and thus, I kindly advice you to seek relief through the senate of University of Zimbabwe (UZ), the relevant ministry or courts,” Mudenda said.

The UZ Senate is the academic authority of the UZ and consists of the vice-chancellor, pro vice-chancellors, deans of faculties, professors, chairpersons of departments and elected representatives of teaching staff and students.

Zinasu has since written to the UZ vice chancellor Levi Nyagura seeking clarification and recourse on the First Lady’s PhD.

“We are kindly requesting information on whether the process that was used to the formulation of this doctorate are or not procedural or if there are any regulations or Acts that allow such disbursements of academic doctorates,” Zinasu president Gilbert Mutubuki wrote to Nyagura.

There has been no response to Zinasu from Nyaguraso far.

Mudenda said: “It must therefore be understood that disputes regarding conferment of degrees can be appropriately dealt with by the ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, the senate of University of Zimbabwe or the courts.”

The speaker said he was referring the students’ body to the Higher Education ministry saying  it is the one with the constitutional mandate to deal with the awarding of academic degrees.

“The executive, under the minister of Higher and Tertiary Education is responsible for universities, polytechnics and college of Zimbabwe,” Mudenda said.

“For this reason, Parliament is barred from interfering with the independence of the executive arm of the State unless the organ grossly violates the provisions of the constitution.”

While acknowledging that citizens have the right to petition Parliament, Mudenda said the legislature can only deal with matters within its authority.

“Although Section 149 of the constitution provides for the right of citizens and permanent residents to petition Parliament, it specifically limits this right to matters within Parliament’s authority,” he said.

“In other words, Parliament can only be petitioned by the public to act only on matters within its authority. The legislative authority and role of Parliament is set out in sections 117 (2) and 119 of the constitution of Zimbabwe respectively.”

While Zanu PF chief whip Joram Gumbo was unreachable for comment, his MDC counterpart Innocent Gonese said Grace’s PhD saga can only be addressed through the movement of motions during parliamentary debate.

“As you aware, Parliament adjourned its business, but I think the matter can only be dealt with by motions,” Gonese said. “MPs will have to move a motion for this matter to be discussed.”

Mutubuki yesterday told the Daily News that he has since written to the University Council and Senate seeking clarification on Grace’s PhD.

“We have written to all the authorities at UZ seeking clarity on how the first lady got that doctorate,” Mutubuki told the Daily News.

“This is a serious issue that can tarnish the image of the university.”

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dr matibili - 15 October 2014

Grace getting an instant doctorate is just one of the many lies propagated by ZanuPF. There are the lies about Joice Mujuru shooting down an imaginary helicopter, Zanu and Zapu “liberating” the country when it was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa's reign. This is a society with no morals whatsoever. The docile Catholic Bishops issued a rare statement on the 4 August 2014 which read “Lying and deceit have become tools for survival and this has the knock-on effect of further impoverishing those on the margins of our society. Orders have been obeyed without asking whether they are good or evil. All this has happened because of not listening to conscience, the voice of God within”. I thought that at one point Mugabe, before he departs this Planet, is going to own up and say all that he and other politicians had been saying all along since 1960 were lies to get them into power but it seems he is going to go to his grave with all the lies. How can people talk of “liberating” a country which was not there before 1890? There was no nation-state before 1890. This nation was a British construct. Without the British there would be no state to talk about.

Musona - 15 October 2014

just found a place you can see all the latest zim videos.

John - 15 October 2014

Before the whites came in 1890 this borderless land was very, very backward and the advanced whites came and introduced schools and industries, among other things too numerous to list down, and some crooks say they liberated the country? Utter nonsense. I shake my head in disbelief everytime someone says “Whites took our fertile land for themselves”! Why did the locals need fertile land for when they had only one badza per village? The GEJO (ox-drawn plough) was introduced by the whites. Can you compare a badza and a gejo? Never. How much can you till with a badza? Not more than an 18-yard area of a football field. The reason why we have problems is because we continue to lie to each other because we suffer from inferiority complex. Mugabe and his gang are irremovable from office because they claim they “liberated” us from imaginary oppression. How can giving you schools and industries and magejo be oppression? It is embarrassing that Mugabe's school fees were paid by white colonialist church missionaries. I am among the very few people with any morals in Zimbabwe because I do not lie. I defy anyone to tell me what I have stated is untrue.

Musona - 15 October 2014

@Musona. Don't you ever get tired of telling lies and misleading people? Before there was the state of Zimbabwe, there was the Munhumutapa state between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers, other border lines were marked by the whites later on of course. Land was fought over by the Xhosas, Zulus and Sothos against whites in South Africa just as it was fought over here in Zimbabwe by the Shona and Ndebele. Anyway, the topic here is on Grace and the controversial PHD she attained. I think she should just produce her thesis or do the honorable thing and admit she engineered it with the help of Nyagura to try and boost her political ascendancy through claiming to be more educated than everyone else. And not only that, she must hand it back and apologise to the nation, more so to students' bodies. The good thing is that at least now she is aware Zimbabweans do not just accept anything at face value.

Dr Know - 15 October 2014

Musona I like your analyses. Just to add Grace stole the PHD in the same way she is stilling properties from the Dutch Reformed Church. Maybe Chiyangwa will get some of the properties in return for sponsoring the monotonous rallies.

Gracelands - 15 October 2014

Musona a common saying says you can never know the difference between a fool and a wise man untill they have opened their mouth. If you are not sure of the facts may you please just refrain from saying anything. So those Great Zimbabwe Ruins were built by white man who you claim brought this state into existence? And besides you really went off topic

jettsetter - 15 October 2014

@jettsetter - you stupid fool. The Zimbabwe Ruins were built by the Arabs, those who are now called the Ba Lemba using slave labour. That structure is Middle Eastern. The Zezuru were only able to build mud round huts or cob houses or rondavels. Ba Lemba is a corruption of Ba Arab which was corrupted to Alaba and is now Ba Lemba. These were gold and slave trading stations. In Botswana there is also Domobo SHABA whereas in Zimbabwe we have Domboshava. In S Africa there is Mapungubwe - what were the Zezuru doing that far south? Similar Ruins are found in Kenya also at Gedi. What were the Zezuru doing that far north in Kenya. The stones used to build the Zimbabwe Ruins are mathematically done which could only be done by people who had done some maths. How were the stones shaped to such accuracy? What equipment was used and where did it originate from? Everything has a bearing on the political situation in Zimbabwe now. The Zezuru are not the original inhabitants of this land. Fool.

Musona - 15 October 2014

@Dr Know - A state of Munhumutapa from Limpopo to Zambezi rivers? You are manufacturing your own history with imaginary borders, an afterthought after the white man's borders. Let's tackle the borders issue. There was no such thing as landownership before 1890. The concept of borders or boundaries was brought by the whites. In order to establish a border you have to meet ALL your neighbours and agree - you have to have aerial MAPS, pencils or pens and paper, some unit of MEASUREMENT, some knowledge of GEOGRAPHY and REASONS for setting up borders, you don't just wake up and arbitrarily say “My borders are as far as the eye can see” - that is not how borders are/were set up. Before 1890 people had no compasses, there were no roads, no means of transport and there were many predatory wild animals which hindered free movement. When people moved they did so as a tribe or warriors for days on end. (continued below)

Musona - 15 October 2014

(continued from above) Why was Monomotapa or Munhumutapa or Menamotapan or Mwene a Mutapa setting up borders for? When whites set out borders they clearly defined the British, the Portuguese, the French, the German, the Belgian, the Spanish colonies, etc etc. Who else knew about Monomutapa's borders except himself and liars? There are reports he lived in Sofala, north of the Zambezi river, near the Ocean, Mozambique. If Menamotapan lived thousands of miles north of the Zambezi river how could he have set out borders outside where he lived? One wonders why he had to walk all the way to the Limpopo river then up north to the Zambezi river to set up borders north and south but not west borders and not know the sources of these rivers. Mind you these rivers were named by the whites. Blacks did not give names to rivers or mountains at the time. The Portuguese used to call it Zambre river in the 1600 map. Espiritu Santo was the present Limpopo river. The map I have is crude and inaccurate drawn by the Portuguese in 1600. On this map the two rivers have the same source somewhere in Lusaka! Monomutapa seems to have owned the whole of central and southern Africa. How could one person rule over half of the African continent whose size he did not know? I am sure Monomutapa lied to the Portuguese that he owned everything or the Portuguese thought every dark-skinned person was Monomutapa or under Momomutapa.

Musona - 15 October 2014

Madzimbabwe azere around the country....they were built by our people not those Arabs.....don't mislead the naive. GZ just happens to be the biggest of them all.

mukwerekwere - 16 October 2014

If we blacks built anything before whites came where is documentation for it,with measurements,tools etc to be used?Why dd we stop building now, as far as I can see we are in destruction mode,buying them whitemans cars,buying them white man clothing,building whiteman designed structures,are we silently admitting that what the whiteman brought is way better than what we have?@Musona is commendable for raising interesting facts about there being a border less land..which is true if one studied history,What have we clung onto that we once we have which is better than whitemans products?We had paths now there are tarred roads,there are cellphones,there are computers,laptops,fridges,televisions ,various sporting disciplines,notion of a president,mps,ministers,better food,education,clean water,electricity..what did we as black people carry over which we are using until,today?

IgnoranceIsNotGood - 16 October 2014

Musona lets keep the arguement professional and avoid words such as fool, stupid etc. You are not saying the truth thus it. Your analysis at all times is full of un-confiirmed facts. Can you stick to facts. If these whites-Arabs had built Great Zim they could have documented it coz thus what they are good at. What you fail to understand is that this issue of borders is a problem all over the world.. Russia Georgia - Ceck republic even the so called civilzed states like Britain and Scotland. Musona where is your problem meet neighbours and discuss what do u mean.

felix - 16 October 2014

This moron purpoting to know all called Musona is a blatant white racist. He should just go ro hell!!

Uri Bveni Chairo - 16 October 2014

If indeed the Arabs built Great Zimbabwe and the other such structures, why then is it that such architecture is not to be found anywhere in the Middle East? Musona is so brainwashed even people not of skin color are sick of his backside licking. Is that what you tell your Grand children, that black people can not come up with anything positive? You can choose to carry on believing african history from the Portugeuse point of view, I won't.

Dr Know - 16 October 2014

even if we were to look for documentation would you think that whites would document the achievements of blacks? Who discovered the vic-falls? were there no black settlement already when david livingstone arrived there? the problem you run into when evaluating musona's posts is that of his source materials. to begin with, he uses materials written by whites. he studied colonial history which is obviously a creation of the whites. there is no way he can talk on the side of blacks because he got a favour from his masters who send him somewhere to study. in his view colonialism was a good thing for zim yet other whites objected to that practice and saw it as evil. i think arguing with musona is just like fighting a tree with open fists. hatingambo mugoni nekuti mwana wevarungu. nyaya iri apa ndeye degree but he will try to find the slightest of chance to deviate to his colonial mantra.

taurai - 16 October 2014

parly is not serious at all, nowonder why people don't take Zimbabwean graduates serious anymore cz kungofona simole!

taku d - 16 October 2014

@Musona, you need help. Go and see a psychologist to wipe out all the junk in your colonized state of mind. You are the chairman of FOOLS

Dr. Magya - 16 October 2014

I only hit back when some morons give me dog's abuse lke this idiot Dr Magya.

Musona - 16 October 2014

From Wikileaks -------------------------- NO SHONA CULTURAL IDENTITY -------------------------13 January 2010 Indian Ambassador Ashok Venkatesan described Mugabe and the dominant Shona of Zimbabwe as transplants to this land, like the jacaranda tree, an import from South America that has become pervasive - similar to kudzu and armadillos in the southern United States. They have no real traditional cultural roots. He also said that the people here, like the tree, are extremely quiescent and undemanding. He said he wonders if Mugabe ever gives any consideration to his legacy, and whether or not he Qgives any consideration to his legacy, and whether or not he wants what is best for the country. But, he added, the lack of cultural roots causes some irrational behaviour; with many in ZANU-PF saying that they are the bright jewels of the region and should be respected for it - "the most beautiful bride at the wedding," apparently unaware of how outsiders view them. Venkatesan noted that Zimbabweans don't even know the true origins of the ruins at the Great Zimbabwe, which were here when the Shona entered from East Africa and settled on land that was essentially vacant. An interesting twist on ZANU-PF's view of truth; there have been some articles claiming that the ruins were built by Mugabe's ancestors - with total disregard to the fact that most of the people here know it to be a blatant falsehood. END COMMENT

Musona - 16 October 2014

Musona....why are you always digressing and shooting off the hip this story is about Grace and her fake PHD and not Rozvi/Mwenemutapa civilizations....wake up from your colonial slumber iwe and stop insulting us....if Zezuru are so stupid why bother reading about them and commenting on them giving false information about things you know nothing about...Get a life mhani!!!

Mwenewazvo - 16 October 2014

kutituka kwamaitaka uku vamusona. why are you scolding shona people? what have they done wrong? between muIndia naMugabe, i choose Mugabe no matter his weaknesses. I identify with him. sorry boss you seem to have completely lost it.

taurai - 16 October 2014

Musona's facts are just too much for ZANOIDS,hence he is accused of a non existent colonial mentality. Dr.Magya & Mwenewazvo,please leave this Musona alone as you don't seem to understand the man. There is just nothing colonial about Musona except that he tells the honest truth which hates ZANU PF emotional,immature people.

RAMBAKUUDZWA - 16 October 2014

In India there are the Rana Kumbah Ruins which look almost like the Zimbabwe Ruins. Everything is relevant to the politics of Zimbabwe - who the ORIGINAL inhabitants of this land. I am not digressing at all.

Musona - 16 October 2014

Mr Editor,where is the real President when this drama is unfolding?The PhD controversy should be addressed as a matter of urgency least the global standing of our universities will be compromisedd forever.

Malaika waMalaika - 16 October 2014

A PhD is something you earn - unless it is honorary - ask Chiyangwah - she is also a Dr. By the way her thesis is not on the website - and she must have defended it in public. I have not seen any publication from her - Nyagurah shame on you

pty - 16 October 2014

Parliament may not take it up now, but has given pointers of how this matter can be addressed: the UZ Senate, or the Courts. Will the Senate Chairperson or UZ Council Chairperson care to clarify on the procedures of enrollment and the Dean of Faculty of Sociology enlighten the nation as to when Mai Mugabe registered and where she defended in keeping with doctoral degree awards. Professor Moyo has not answered any question raised by people by insinuating that people are saying that Grace gave herself a degree. No, people wish to know how, when and where Mai Mugabe worked for her doctoral degree. without clarifying these basic questions, then we know for sure that weevils are eating at the heart of Zimbabwean education system. Remember that the late Professor Walter Kamba once pointed out that there were political hands trying to tinker with the UZ. Many Vice Chancellors have come and gone but left our UZ in fairly good standing with respect to standards. Now, we have to fight for upholding those standards by proving that they have not been compromised by politics, patronnage or corruption. Just for the record: we owe it to ourselves and answers about this doctoral degree need to be given clearly, candidly, without fear or favour.

taura chokwadi - 16 October 2014

hama huyai tikumbire kuna musikavanhu. urozvi hune vamwe vedu ndehwembizimumwena. kufamba uchizviti ndakafunda?? madegree enyu torai mega urozvi se hwegudo rinongo funga zvokuba nothing else!!! nxaaa!!!

herber - 16 October 2014

wakuma taura chokwadi. the questions you pose are clear. lets hope the prof will answer them.

taurai - 16 October 2014

Musona your truth is too much to the extent that other guys who leaves on lies are shivering .nhema dzanyanya zvekuti chero iye chiyangwa anoti ma rally a gire I private money ari kunyepa ma purisa anohoreswanani anenge ana Gire we phd helicopter ye airforce of Zimbabwe hantiti matoona dzimwe nhema dzacho.iko zvino mapurazi mazhinji hapana chakarimwa nekuti pakashanda nhema dzekuti tinoda kurima yet vanhu vanoda kuuraya mhuka nekutengesa huni chete.iye Chiyangwa ma company manganic aakatenga achiri kushanda achipa vanhu package ye bhutsu chokwadi vanhu vari kuita havo zvekutamba asi gehena rakavamirira

mr honest - 16 October 2014

A PHD degree gives great inspiration to a common person . But it boggles the mind that Grace failed an ENGLISH degree yet managed a CHINESE one.And what use is the Chinese language degree in a country where English is the official language?And Grace is now a public figure vying for the presidency of Zimbabwe.People therefore naturally want to know about her life as well.There is just no privacy about her PHD degree which she got publicly at UZ although its authenticity is questionable.

garosviba - 16 October 2014

@Musona - you are a breath of fresh air. Ko handiti ma Bushmen ndivo vakapenda mifanidzo pamatombo karekare isu tichiri kugara kwana east Africa. Havadikunzwa chokwadi marema e vanhu.

Mer - 16 October 2014

PAGARA ZVAPO HAPANA KANA NENYAYA YESE!! The cold hard facts which the misguided ZINASU and its gullible supporters & sympathisers need to honestly answer are: [1] why the interest in Grace alone??!! it coz of her relationship to Gushaz whom they hate with a passion??!! [2] since there were 12 PhD graduates [including Grace] at the 2014 UZ graduation ceremony, do they know ALL the details about the OTHER 11 graduates??!! [3] since when has the mere granting of a degree been able to "collapse/destroy" a whole university??!! [4] as the shameless hypocrisy is apparently about safeguarding the academic integrity of UZ, are the students & supporters being sincere in wanting to tell us that Grace's degree is the only dubious one??!! Are there no degrees which have been "earned" thru "a thigh for a pass" or other unethical lecturer-student liaisons??!! If so, why hasn't any noise been made about such??!!

ZVOKWADI - 16 October 2014

Mukanya once sang "REGAI VAKARARA VARARE ZVAVO" coz, as the saying goes, "ignorance is bliss". People who have uncritically swallowed hook, line & sinker the mindless lies & propaganda by whites that blacks are incapable of doing anything intelligent should be pitied!! Just as a teaser, didn't blacks have the technology to mine gold; smelt iron and produce metal implements like hoes or axes??!! I personally saw the MVUTO my long dead sekuru used kupfura mapadza nematemo. Whites will teach the mindless lies that a WHITE man, Livingstone, discovered the falls when the BLACK locals actually had a vernacular name for it "Mosi Oa Tunya"!! It takes only a stupid or brainless person to believe such lies like this or the one that says Arabs built the GZ monuments!!

ZVOKWADI - 16 October 2014

@zvokwadi you are dead right. I know someone who was a local crafts person in the village. these vazungus only packaged what others had already invented they are good at that. they then marketed themselves much better than we did. whatever they found done by blacks, they would claim it for themsevels and document it. there is no sense in believeing that livingstone discovered the falls. there were balck settlements at the falls already. only people who got an education from them, who drank their propaganda, would argue in their favour. one cannot give a balanced critic of our history while using the british encyclopedia. its already doctored infavour of those who produce it in this case the whites.

taurai - 17 October 2014

@zvokwadi, two wrongs do not make a right. More so, if the wrong has been committed by people in authority. What seems not to add up is the idea that the phd was obtained in two months. If the first lady worked for it she should simply proove to the general public that she didn't cheat the system thats all. The more people try to justify a wrong the worse the situation becomes.

sunga - 17 October 2014

@Musona and your crew. it is very difficult to convince someone once he attains what seems true to him. the world has different realities. someone on top of the slope says its so downward and the one on the bottom says its so upward but it is the same slope at the end. i guess it goes down to ideology. LETS AGREE TO DISAGREE THEN, cdes

Dr. Magya - 17 October 2014

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