'I will not reveal Grace's source of funding'

HARARE - Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa says he will never reveal the source of funding for the First Lady’s nationwide rallies.

In a telephone interview with the Daily News from Lupane on Tuesday, Chiyangwa said he does not owe anyone an explanation.

On Monday, the flamboyant business mogul claimed that he and some well-heeled Zanu PF backers are funding Grace’s multiple trips to meet the people.

Asked by the Daily News where he was getting the money, Chiyangwa retorted: “Where I am getting the money is a private matter. I am the chair of that committee and I will not be answerable to anyone. I will not be accountable to anyone.”

The Women’s League secretary-designate has been travelling by air to her rallies and has recently started moving around with a three-vehicle convoy.

Chiyangwa confirmed he was the man behind the road shows that have so far taken Grace to seven provinces.

“I am funding a private programme and I will not be answerable to anyone about the source of private funds,” he said. “Anyone who will ask me, I will cut the phone.”

This comes as security guards who used to work for Chiyangwa, dragged the former legislator to court demanding their salaries. The trio used to work for Jetmaster, a company that is wholly owned by the business tycoon.

Last week, Crittal Hope Private Limited, a company also linked to Chiyangwa, was ordered by the High Court to pay 18 of its former employees $385 000 in retrenchment packages.


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Undoubtedly, the funders include chiyangwa himself and makandiwa

Jackson - 16 October 2014

chiyangwa values of transparency and accountability demands that you do so. remember zanu pf is the ruling party and all those people crowding Grace's entourage are public officials. the public has a right to know by whom these rallies are funded. period

disclose chiyangwa - 16 October 2014

Silly man. He talks like someone who also has a *PhD!..kkk

Gurinhwa - 16 October 2014

we have the right to know as citizens of this country. we want to know where this money is coming from... these should be public records... the fact that you don't want us to know makes it suspicious .... TAX PAYER MONEY abuse

general tichatonga - 16 October 2014

In Zimbabwe we have no right to know anything.

selele - 16 October 2014

Dear compatriots why should you be surprised by this Chiyangwa?He is a man at all centres of failures and scandals,therefore anybody who seriously consider him for any project is likewise---Failures,How can one be pompous of being a millionaire whilst he is in debt of millions and has a list of struggling or collapsing companies .He simply lacks dignity with all who associate themselves with him.they should be ashamed

carson MacateEKE - 16 October 2014

The unfortunate thing is that whether they are buying the fuels and oils, public planes and vehicles are being used. Who is paying the pilots/drivers? The many public officials who are leaving their jobs to attend these "rallies" get paid out of the fiscus etc etc. At independence, a civil servant wasn't allowed to refuel a govt vehicle at a service station...not any more!! Police vehicles are now seen at service stations refueling 3litres etc. So its no surprise for dear brother fillip to be secretive. That's just how rotten things have become!! Let the lady that doesn't lie, tell us who is funding these trips!!

charles nyaradzai gono - 16 October 2014

Where on earth have you heard a thief disclosing where he stole his loot ? No way a thief would rather die than to tell people from whom did he steal . But one day is day remember even a monkey which never falls from a tree at times it does miss a branch of a tree then on a ground it falls . That time is coming.

Diibulaanyika - 16 October 2014

Chiyangwa is obviously entitled to throw money at these circuses - but again, and this is not new, ZANU-PF continues to use state resources to hold their rallies.

david taylor - 16 October 2014

iwe chiyangwa usada kujairira vanhu wanzwa? the fact that the project is public and meant to be for the prople it is our right to question where in this harsh economy one can afford to be holding such rallies, moving with a three car convoy and splashing lots of money. vanhu varikumbudzika muno muzimbabwe. musazvifadze muchiona vanhu kuzara kumarally vanhu havana mabasa and vanhu tirikufa nenzara... ukawana nguva ukwane

lol - 17 October 2014

Nhai Chiyangwa, who does not know that this un touchable family owns 2 diamonds mines

ma Moyo - 17 October 2014

Mai Mujuru will not go alone . We are solidly behind her . Apa mairasa manje. Only those who died before independence are corruption-free not these current blood - suckers

Funkdo - 17 October 2014

Chiyangwa would never reveal the source of the funds just as he will not reveal where and how he got funds to start up his business empire. Evil deeds are done in the dark, for the benefit of all those not in the know, the money being used for Grace's escapades is dirty money from the diamond fields supplemented by your tax money and some of it extorted from the few remaining white commercial farmers (mostly in Mashonaland) after some threats. Why would he ever choose to expose himself and his uncle's wife? Nothing lasts forever though and somebody ought to remind them. And they are telling us the VP is corrupt and is looting diamonds, speak of a pot calling a kettle 'black'. Who amongst all of them can stand up and say they are clean - none!

Dr Know - 17 October 2014

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