Grace savages Mujuru again

GWANDA - Grace Mugabe yesterday again tore into Vice President Joice Mujuru, sensationally claiming that her husband President Robert Mugabe is overworking while the VP is doing nothing.

Speaking at a “Thank You” rally in Gwanda, Mugabe’s wife took gloves off to attack Mujuru, who has hitherto been considered one of  the leading candidates to succeed her 90-year-old husband as speculation mounts that the First Lady has been hijacked by the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction.

“Some think because if you are vice president you just stay there and do nothing while Mugabe works for you, we want people who are capable, we do not want a liability, hatimude (we don’t want her),” Grace said to cheers from scores of Zanu PF supporters that trooped to the Matabeleland South town.

Grace has addressed several rallies in the Midlands, Manicaland, Masvingo, Harare and Mashonaland West where she has clearly aligned with the Mnangagwa faction. In all the rallies, she has brutally attacked Mujuru.

Despite concerns over his waning health, Mugabe prefers to attend personally to state business notwithstanding the fact that he has a much younger deputy.

Mujuru and Mnangagwa reportedly lead two factions fiercely battling to succeed Mugabe.

Grace said anyone who  heads a faction is anti-Zanu PF.

Although she did not mention Mujuru by name, Zimbabwe currently has a single vice president although the country has a dual vice presidency. The other VP post is presently unoccupied following the death of John Landa Nkomo in 2012.

“You cannot benefit from two courses of action that are mutually incompatible,” Grace said. “Uku urikuti urimumusangano, uku urikuti uri mufaction (On one hand you say you belong to this faction and on the other hand you say you belong to Zanu PF). Stop that,” Grace said. Taking pot shots at Mujuru, who apparently has a wide social base, Grace said women should be careful of being used by men.

“They will be saying you are doing wonders but when you get somewhere, they will discard you,” she said. Mugabe’s wife, who seemingly has the advantage of campaigning ahead of the pack, said persons in Zanu PF who think they are “unstoppable” were digging their own graves.

The Women’s League secretary-designate said some top guns in the ruling party were morally bankrupt.

  “I saw it in Mutare last Friday, some senior members incite youths to do bad things,” she said. “Murume mukuru nemukadzi mukuru unotenga doro uchiti mai Mugabe varikuuya pa rally wovaputisa mbanje kuti panenge pachitaura Amai Mugabe moita noise (You see a grown man and woman buying beer and marijuana for youths so that they heckle me).”

Claiming to be thanking party supporters for her nomination to take over as the Women’s League boss when the party holds its congress in December, Grace has been traversing the country, with her rallies becoming platforms to attack Mujuru and the like of party secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa.

Incumbent Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri has already revealed that she roped in Grace into politics to stop some ambitious party leaders who were already preparing for life after Mugabe.

Grace repeated the growing but unpopular call for Zanu PF to amend its constitution so that her husband, who has already been nominated to retain the top post, appoints all members of the politburo.

“We want hardworking people, not people who want to be vice presidents and be a liability to President Mugabe and Zimbabweans,” she said. “Let us stop vote buying and leading youths astray. Now we have five people saying they want to be vice presidents. Dzikamai! (Be cool)”

Zanu PF national chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo, Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi, ambassador Phekezela Mphoko and Ambrose Mutinhiri are all gunning for the vacant second VP post, while the Mnangagwa faction is expected to name a candidate who will slug it out with Mujuru.

Cabinet ministers Saviour Kasukuwere, Khaya Moyo, Mohadi, Obert Mpofu,  Andrew Langa,

Olivia Muchena and Muchinguri were all in attendance at yesterday’s rally.

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Kamai kemaJezebels (mother of all Jezebels)!!!

Kurwadziswa - 14 October 2014

If this JEZEBEL is not sanctioned she is going to destroy this already fractious party for good. What is Amai Mujuru's crime being a widow if it is A CRIME THEN Jezebel should pray that her husband lives forever . Zvauri kudyara ndizvo uchakohwaq Jezebel. Actually you are being used by the Crocodile in the chase game as a pawn but because you are daft you are not realising that. God is watching you and he will punish her accordingly.

ALUTA CONTINUA - 14 October 2014

Jezebel spirit at operation! Please pray

Tarirai - 14 October 2014

hehehehehehe zvatosvorana,regai tonho mutsvene.this late comer is real bush fire

soko mukanya - 14 October 2014

Is this a true reflection of what is happening inside ZANU (PF) or it is survival of the fittest.

Ndizvo Chaizvo - 14 October 2014

The reason why all this is happening is because Ahab (husband of Jezebel) 's days are numbered (mazuva ake asara mana). After the splashing of great headlines like "The mountain has fallen" the next will be speaker after speaker suggesting that what was happening (currently happening) aive mashura mumusangano. Watch this space for detail!

Kurwadziswa - 14 October 2014

By attacking Mujuru it show Dis Grace is fueling the factionalism spirit why attacking the Vice President ? Does she understand the meaning of Vice President? I just wonder how she disgracely obtained that Phd

tobias - 14 October 2014

Grace's speech is all over the place which can only confirms that she is not ripe n ready for this game. Going from one province to another saying nothing does not make one a hard worker but can only prove that empty tins make the most noise. Avo vakanyarara vamuri kutuka vachakuzvuzvurudzai mutara, musazoti mavara azara ivhu murimi muri kunyorera pasi.

comrade - 14 October 2014

My thoughts are with the masses bused to these rallies. Dr. G - accuses men for having children at old age - she forgets she did the same with GM and she forgets she is a muzukuru wa GM - and I don't get any useful message from the rallies nothing except kutuka vanhu vakaunza nyika - someone must stop him

pty - 14 October 2014

Ndakuona zvakadya murume wanguuuu!

Chidondova - 14 October 2014

Vamwe vakadzidza vanodzikama apa mape machisi benzi....ndichanyara zvangu gore rino

Chidondova - 14 October 2014

Amai vakakwana here ava???Ko ma rally ndeei aya

dzikamai - 14 October 2014

Zvirikuitika zveshuwa here izvi...Zimbabwe takanyanyo tadzei chaizvo to deserve this

Tindo - 14 October 2014

What a disgrace to hear that from Grace Mugabe.Where are you?What has she done to stand against Mai Mujuru?What is it that the President is doing that makes him excellent and taken as an animal of burden as compared to Mai Mujuru?Whoever is the first ladys advisers should see that we cant compare at all Mai Mujuru and Grace Mugabe in all respects.Mai Mujuru is just miles ahead in everything deemed necessary for worthwhile causes.Please Mai Mujuru just concetrate with your work and Zimbabweans believe me the devil is at work in Zanu Pf.Give them a wide berth.They have done it with Mliswa these masters of destruction the Zhuwawaos,the Chombos,the Ziyambis the day of judgment shall come.One dissappointed Zanu PF member and a patriot at large.

carson Macate - 14 October 2014

We dont want a reign of terror.This is all about the primitive,retarded and unruly divide and rule policy again.This has been used as a tool by the sitting President to secure his own personal security and never for national good.Why this hate message ?why strive to tarnish the image of the Vice President?Who gave her the mandate to attack,humiliate the second in command on the land?Answers to all these queries can tell us that the real weevils in our party are at work.Those who promote regionalism,tribalism,corruption etc.Lets desist from being personal about politics,our leaders ought to be torchbearers and not mischief -making elements. The truth of the matter is that nobody wants the first lady in any office.The truth of the matter is she is being imposed on people.

carson Macate - 14 October 2014

Dr Mujuru holds herself with decorum, recognises the value of ordinary people, cried when people were murdered in her constituency. This other Doctor is dubious, a poor caricature of the Mighty Margaret Thatcher, a disgrace to us all.

Grace Quake - 14 October 2014

Grace waakuenderera. mawarvet aurikutuka ayo ndiwo akaita kuti uve pauri ipapo. mind your step you moron!!! Tikatsamwa nekuwawata kwaurikuita handifungi kuti unozozvifarira futi

Mind your step Grace Marufu - 14 October 2014

Hanzi vakadzi muchenjerere kusevenzeswa. kewte kuti iwewe ndiwe urikutosevenzeswa sebenzi ranhonga roro? Grace Marufu indeed you are a disgrace.

Utter rubish - 14 October 2014

This is madness! Did you hear her tone when she said "Stop it". It was as if she was addressing kindergarten .I was pained seeing old bald men and toothless old women listening to this. Why are our people being abused like this?What she said at the rally was sickening to say the least.She is my junior by three years yet I would not dare say those foul words to my elders.It seems her newly acquired doctorate has given her "wings"

jaku - 14 October 2014

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ssa - 14 October 2014

“Some think because if you are vice president you just stay there and do nothing while Mugabe works for you, we want people who are capable, we do not want a liability, hatimude (we don't want her),” Grace said to cheers from scores of Zanu PF supporters that trooped to the Matabeleland South town. If this is surely true where are we going mazimbo?. Dzotungana mudanga.

ndini - 14 October 2014

the lord would still be looking for that one man in the whole of our land to stand in the gap for this nation. We can join the chorus and spew equal venom like we read in the papers and hear on TV. But the fact is the direction this country is taking is dangerous for all and sundry...especially the innocent. My prayer is that it wont be the grass that's going to suffer when these elephants begin the real fight, because I believe the ZNpf cup final hasn't even started. Guys... pray for Zimbabwe

charles nyaradzai gono - 14 October 2014

Honestly we can only pray , this is so sad . Shame to those who attend these rallies and cheer to such poison. We deserve what we are going through as a nation a leader is just as bad as his subjects . She is not the problem but vanhu vanopembedza zvakaora. Mai Mujuru is great leader and whatever happens to her we will stand by her . They are praying that she gets frustrated and form her own party . Amai musamboita izvozvo stay and we will bring sanity . Thanks kuna Comrade Gumbo , Mutasa nava Musipa , remained principled and resolute

Gushas - 14 October 2014

Grace is indeed a disgrace, wationoda tomuziva kwete iwe.

action - 14 October 2014

I do not feel sorry for Mujuru bcoz in the first place she was not supposed to occupy that office of deputy president bcoz she does not have the brains she qualifies for a house wife nothing else . But that also shows us how idiot are those who appointed her as deputy president . Do you remember how she wanted to stop Mr S. Masiyiwa from being issued a licence to operate a cell phone company until the late father zimbabwe intervened but she went on to insult Nkomo saying he had lost his thinking ability . Remember how she advocated for the ban of mini skirts despite that we are in a free country where no one can tell people what to put on . I mean the woman is just useless.She has a lot of farms which she is neglecting due to laziness recently in Ruwa a farm house which was covered by grass was burnt to ashes and that speaks the volumes the woman is not leadership material.

Diibulaanyika - 14 October 2014

joyce haalumi,period.ndowe mdc futi.ndiye wafaction yavana zvobgo,tungamirai,solomon mujuru,mavhaire,ndivo vanaodiwa nedaily news nevarungu,ndivo ve mdc.havent u seen that the mdc papers love joyce.manje zimabwe will never be a colony the first place joyce was catapuled from number 70 to number 2.she didnt desrve that because here hubby lied to the its pay back time and the usula puppet mouthpieces like daily news are crying.

c - 14 October 2014

You cannot fool all the people all the time. One day we will ask who really benefited from land reform? How many jobs were created since the massive "win" in 2013? What does Ngwena have to offer Zimbabwe other than more threats, more ruin, more misrule?

Zim.zim - 14 October 2014

I have noted that most people tend to take for granted their knowledge by commonising it wherein to some those ideas you have are non existant and more often than not we tend to wonder why is it so difficult for our leaders to think this way and move us forward but alas they are sooo daft I wonder what criteria is used to appoint them, example look at Jonathan performance rate versus other old ministers it's not debatable that indeed he is a professor then look at these so called doctors ,Grace,Mujuru,Obert Mpofu etc you only wonder if they learned anything at all during their studies, I wouldn't b surprised if someone would come forward with evidence tht they bought these certificates for surely if they were educated their contribution will be noticeable , now are at crossroads in choosing a successor and we are concentrating on personalities instead of what we have documented to be the requirements of someone who can fill up that position, even Mugabe should lead us in drafting qualifications and experience of the incumbent who can carry this nation forward, what criteria is he looking for his successor can we the majority add on to it, we have heard him say he has looked at those around him and has not been satisfied, how should move forward as a nation in finding the right candidate this is what should be constituting our discussion and debates if we love this nation, if us Zimboz don't do it for ourselves who is going to do it ?It is our responsibility to come forward with ideas on how we should move forward not ZANU PF or MDC but everyone .

Toronto - 14 October 2014

Uchatonzwa kamwe kachiti vanoda kundiassassinator

Gishay - 14 October 2014

What a carry-on! We now await Mujuru to hit back very hard and tell Grace where to go. Mujuru must tell Grace that this country, which was created by the colonialists, is not her or her husband's property. This is the right time for Mujuru to tell the whole country that Mugabe should step down because he has caused more harm by staying in power. Mujuru should also tell Grace she will do everything in her power to stop Grace from taking any party or government position. Mujuru must summon all her courage and fight the 4 Musketeers - Grace, Edna Madzongwe, Olivia Muchena (Muzorewa's ex-minister) and Oppah Muchunguri. Anything to cause confusion in ZanuPF ranks is welcome news. I have never liked this primitive practice of holding political allies. Nothing sensible is said at rallies but the idiocy coming from Grace is helping split this atavistic party more which is a good thing. In politics once you attack someone in your party the damage is irretrievable. These are exciting times. I am rubbing my hands in glee. Let them fight each other.

Musona - 14 October 2014

Remember Sally being cheated on by this woman on her death bed, stealing more then one farm. her dishonest corrupt ways remain and a way person is shows more then the vile tirade of abuse she crows about. ZImbabweans are not stupid they know her dishonerable type and what they are

Shameful - 14 October 2014

Ah ya maiMujuru how you wish Rex was alive.What goes around comes around. This will not end well.

Foster - 14 October 2014

Can anyone tell us why James Makamba is in Exile. Some are on permanent diplomatic posting. Who also used to be Mai Rushesha I see birds of same feather flocking together

Dzakutsaku - 15 October 2014

Grace was talking about the office of the vice president, not about Mujuru in particular. She was just saying that if one lands that post he/she should work hard. Where did Daily News get the name Mujuru in Grace's address?

machakachaka - 15 October 2014

Regai zvimbotosvorana. Tsvangirai and his MDC are taking a break.

Jeon - 15 October 2014

zvana Gire kutambisa mari dzoruzhinji hapana chinobuda vana mai mujuru are real doctors composed and motherly not this husband snatcher nxa..

hameno??? - 15 October 2014

God help us

emmanuel - 15 October 2014

Mai mujuru dont cry God is on your side...Kunyarara kunokunda kutaura...

Pa Chimoyo akanga asipo - 15 October 2014

Talking Too much and doing things are too different things......Lets fight the Spirit Of Jezebel for sure

Being Used - 15 October 2014

Talking Too much and doing things are too different things......Lets fight the Spirit Of Jezebel for sure

Being Used - 15 October 2014

yiyiyiyi jezebel....kamutauriro kacho kanedzungu mukati.....l can even address rallies better than her,kkkkkk

mozah b - 15 October 2014

An unelected person and politician wannabe , challenging and denegrating the person of an elected represantative of the people is totally weird and is typical of a banana republic. Grace derives her ignorant arrogance from her positon as the President's wife. She is abusing elected people with impunity while spending our tax dollars on "ruin the nation" rallies.

connie - 15 October 2014

leave Grace alone guys she is ambitious and has been quiet all along.I think she deserves a chance.Zvekuti she was a once a typist hazvina kana basa nekuti we all came from humble beginnigns.Anyway politics is politricks

fireman - 15 October 2014

amai is saying this inline with those that aim to occupy the vice-presidents seat ,that u should be a hardworker and not expect to have the president work for u.

pidzo - 16 October 2014

One does not have to be a rocket scientist or a fortune teller to see who Grace was referring to on the so called qualifications for a VP. Mai Mujuru can't just sleep. It is also very clear who GAMATOX is. Jonso & Machakachaka are deceiving themselves&think they can fool us by defending Grace but they won't win.And whatever Jonso tries to say in defense of a fake PHD ,pple know for a fact that Gire's PHD is not academic .This is simply a Mugabe PHD fullstop.

kAKARA KUNUNA - 16 October 2014

ndi jonso arikuda kuparadza zanu from inside. he had already predicted that zanu is too big a party to bring down and that one can only destroy it from inside. zanu beware of this man.

sunga - 16 October 2014


gango - 16 October 2014

Nemiwo maita kuti addii iye (dis)Grace. I see you all suffer from paralysis of analysis. Ko hamuwoniwo here kuti she was recently usherred on a silver plater a PhD and as such she is living to the title "Pull her down" and thus undress Mai chaivo-ivo vevanhu, Mai Mujuru.

blessed4u - 16 October 2014

Grace and Mujuru are all women .Why Grace condemns the national widow who liberated even her offsprings and herself.She should remain the mother.

Pikirai Chipanga - 17 October 2014

vanaGire, mangamaziva politics rinhi?asi wakatorerwa murume here kungoti pese pauri Joy joy. ko iwe mapurazi awakapamba haisi corruption here nekutadza kubhadhara vashandi wawakadzinga basa kumusha kwazvimba. mujuru akarwa hondo ko iwe chii chawakaita, tine vanhu vatavekuti the late nekuda kwako. tibvire tisa[pote bato redu zvedu namujuru

hokoyo - 17 October 2014

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