Unity of purpose crucial for economic turnaround: Gono

HARARE - Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono has called for unity of purpose if the country entertains any hopes of turning around the economy that is on a downward spiral.

Speaking at a speech and prize-giving ceremony at Daramombe High School in Chikomba District at the weekend, Gono admitted that while he was no longer the best person to comment on the state of the country’s economy having left the RBZ, he felt it was time for him to comment.

Gono said there was still hope of bringing the country’s economic fortunes back on the rails and bemoaned “the general proclivity of people under siege to lose hope and focus on yesterday with a take-me-back-to-Egypt syndrome”.

The former central bank chief said problems affecting the economy would soon be a thing of the past as he predicted a period of prosperity in which citizens will enjoy full employment, financial sector stability as well as national food security.

“My message to you all is that do not lose hope. This economy can and will be turned around in no time, provided we all read and sing from the same page. There can never be a turn-around if people are not united,” said Gono.

Gono said the period ahead needed proper planning underpinning a commitment by citizens to work harder than ever.

“Just as no winter lasts forever, our hardships shall come to pass, and in strategy we say, when in difficulties, prepare for good times ahead and when enjoying good times, prepare for bad ones ahead.”

Gono is a former student of Daramombe, who was a pioneer in 1973, then an F2 secondary school introduced by the colonial regime to cater for black students who were coming from primary schools around the country.

He pledged to give 10 scholarships per year for the best all-round students in each stream from form two to six beginning next year.

The scholarships to be awarded to five best male scholars and five best female scholars will see recipients have their full year tuition and boarding fees paid for.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been on a free fall and in its report released in June, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that the country’s economy was in a precarious state, with usable international reserves covering less than two weeks of imports.

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vana gono unotaura chiiko iwe wakatadza basa rako kare enda unogara buhera uchi kambena sana chinotimba

gogo - 13 October 2014

i agree with you gogo,gono the worst person i have known in my entire history

roga - 13 October 2014

Unity of purpose is all we ever wanted in Zimbabwe!!! So big mouth Gono let me remind you, it was you and your zanu pf government that has done everything in it's powers hook or crook to stop this unity of purpose. Too late now to offer advice, the damage is done. You should and could have said something when the rot started but your nose was too far into the trough (gravy train ) to notice.

ronaldos - 13 October 2014

Is it really necessary to write such sentences in news reports like “Gono is a former student of Daramombe…introduced by the colonial regime to cater for black students…”? What message are you trying to convey here? Was it a bad thing that the “colonial regime” built a school for poor blacks who had no money to build schools for themselves? You could simply have just said “Gono is a former pupil of Daramombe school”. If the “colonial regime” had not built this school Gono and others would not have been educated at all. Let me remind you that EDUCATION was brought by these colonialists. There was no school before the colonialists came. There would be no education to talk about without the colonial regime. One thing you will not b able to do, never mind how hard you try, is to change history. I am grateful to colonialism for bringing education to this part of the world. This is why I always say colonialism was by far and away the best thing that ever happened to this part of the world. It does not matter whether blacks were having classes under a tree - just to get basic education was the biggest bonus anyone can ever get in their lives. Mugabe is leader today not because of his looks or his physique but because he could string together some sentences in colonial English. Mugabe's school fees were paid by white COLONIAL missionaries when his father abandoned the family home.

Musona - 13 October 2014

Vacuous nonsense by Gono. His optimism is misplaced. The situation will only get worse thanks to Gono ineptness. Gono chose the wrong platform, prize-giving ceremony at a school, to air his political opinion. He could have spoken about his humble beginnings as a young boy walking for kilometres to go to school without shoes and how he ended up as the Governor of Reserve Bank not to turn a prize-giving ceremony into a political rally. Unity of purpose is when the majority have the same aim or purpose which Zimbabwe hasn't got. All political parties are fractured, some people are corruptly getting richer than others and getting away with it. The ruling minority want 'Look East' policy while the sensible oppressed majority want 'Look West' policy.

Musona - 13 October 2014

Gono knows nothing about economics, musona is a white guy who defends his race at any given oppurtunity , with what resources did the colonialists build the school where did the money come from

Harare - 13 October 2014

@Harare - first of all let me tackle “resources”. Resources are backup supply: a reserve supply of something such as money, personnel, or equipment. Before 1890 there was no such a thing as a school in this whole land now called Zimbabwe. Do you agree with me or not? Colonialists brought their own money from Britain which they used to build schools, industries, dams, railways, houses etc etc. To build a house or school you need MONEY. Are you telling me you do not know where the money came from which the colonialists used to build schools? Surely you are not so ignorant to think schools grew from the ground or dropped from thin air, do you? The colonialists brought their own money and also made money more here using their unique skills and expensive machinery and equipment to manufacture goods that most people bought. To start a business which gives you money you need to have some money to build a factory or shop and the items to sell or raw materials to process and manufacture goods using machines, labour and sales people to sell your finished goods. Some people save enough to start businesses, some borrow from banks provided they have collateral or the lucky ones inherit money from their parents and carry on with businesses started by their parents or the crooked ones steal or swindle and start businesses as is happening now in Zimbabwe. Most of the machines in Rhodesian industries were bought from Britain by the colonialists. Before 1890 there was no such thing as money - it was the colonialists who introduced the concept of money. I am not defending anyone - just stating facts as they were. Can you give me your own version of how schools came about in this borderless land.

Musona - 13 October 2014

Gono we do not want to hear any advice from you. You printed money and made history nekuuraya Zim dollar. Now you want to be Mr Nice, Mr Understanding. You benefited from the economic chaos that you orchestrated. Just shut f*** up. Enda unopa maspeaches ako kuManicaland where you want to become a Senator. I hope you understand Mr Chicken farmer

garikayi - 13 October 2014

@Musona - I pretty much doubt if Harare can further argue with you. well said and such are facts, sometimes you may even wish we had gotten our independence later than 1980,we cld be better off.

jeoff - 13 October 2014

Hate him or not,MUSONA is full of facts.As for Gono's advice,I think he should direct it to ZANU PF. This party killed meaningful unity deriding opposition whose co- operation we really need. Careless political statements can be counter productive.Political patronage &corruption has done much worse .

KUPERERWA - 14 October 2014

gono is the one who made this economy a luaghing stock because of his policies whlist at the helm of RBZ so amused by what he is saying

josphat sulumane - 14 October 2014

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Musona is very factual indeed, plz publish a book if it suits you, your contribution is always enlightening,as for Gono, he has no jurisdiction speaking about th economy which he murdered, best thing for hi is to advise his ZANU PF to resign all of them and allow new blood to take over based on merit, the best is for them to lay a framework of qualifications,characteristics and character they think is required to take this country further that is the best inheritance they can leave for Zimbabwe ..if their desire tht is..especially these pple, president, his chillaxing vp, all cabinet ministers

Mukombe - 14 October 2014

I always like and ejoy the comments section more than the news article itself coz it is so refreshing and insightful. Mr Gono u shld hv preached this unity of purpose when u were still relevant in the scheme of things but u chose to dine with the devil. Now mave kutotinyaudza manje. On another note, I dont really care what this guy Musona's colour is but the fellow has got facts. We can not cherish blind partronage at the expense of history. Lets give credit where it is due. ZANU PF has been the worst thing to ever happen to Zimbabwe. Its even worse than the 1992 drought or the recent cholera outbreak. Nxaaaa

Gizhaldo - 14 October 2014

musona akadzidza colonialism. yaakadzidziswa ne varungu. obviously he is very factual and constructs his argument with respectful flow. however, he tends to mix the contribution of church and that of the governing rhodesians of his time, smith and those who preceded him did not build schools like daramombe mission. these schools were builty by churches with the help of the black communities who provided free labour. the likes of benard muzeki where people of the community who saw themselves just like us. there is a distinct difference between missionaries and the ruling oppressors. musona's comments are one sided. he elevates the white gonernment and does not mention the role played by blacks and missionary in building infrastructure meant for use by black people like schools for instance. yes he can write a book if he so wishes but be rest assured that his project is about celebrating white supremacy. black people appear to be nothing in his eyes. for that i differ from him.

taurai - 14 October 2014

how kind of them to just showup in another country to spend their hard earned means building schools and hospitals etc! they never looted natural resouces from here? the whites must have been very kind to us. they killied nobody for them to gain full control of our country! its unbelievable.

sanzu - 14 October 2014

Thanks guys for your contributions. They make interesting reading than what our reporters present. Not all fruits of colonisation were bad for blacks, neither are fruits of our independence. If only our political systems allowed for free presentation of divergent views, we could be amongst the top ten in Africa, however, with this patronage across ALL political parties, the future in BLEAK. I started preschool in 1978 and was capped in 1997

Chikonamombe - 14 October 2014

Dear Dr Gono, we could have told you that a long time ago. Why are you telling us something we already know. Go and tell it to your party. You see now where rigging the elections and sinning before God gets us????

Maid Marion - 14 October 2014

I myself learnt history all the way up to university. In general most students at university, high school are not interested in knowing their history and yet we seek to groom our future leaders from such a bunch. What more can a layman do? To divert, My majors were psychology and sociology. During the apartheid era the president/prime minister of South Africa was a psychologist (Verwoed). Back then there were no black psychologists. However psychology was used in an inhumane way especially to the black majority. Eish I can spend the whole day on this. Psychology is classified under the school of thought. As for politics it is guided by Law while law is derived from Philosophy. Eish its a shame that in Zimbabwe people in general underestimate the power and significance of Humanities and Social Sciences....to be cont

somemissthepoint - 14 October 2014

.... Just to share, A subject like sociology covers, economics, politics and the social. Sociology scrutinizes(if not challenging and exposing) how politics becomes the language of economics and how things change or manifests itself on, social organisation. Economics=Markert, State=Politics, Civil society=Citizens of a nation state. However from different theories, ideologies and strategies one of the aforementioned may be considered important than the other depending on where you stand or magnify from. The problem we are now faced with is continuously seeking to run a nation state with such strategies that were implemented by our oppressors. Read pedagogy of the oppressed by Paulo Freire. As for now we need more social scientists than political scientists for a turn around towards a development state. Above all let righteousness guide us all by doing onto others what you would want others to do upon you (Golden Rule). The turn around has always been in our hands. While nobody wants to take the blame whilst at the same time pointing fingers at others(violation of the Golden Rule). Philosophy can denounce religion based on reason but on this one (the golden rule it can be proven beyond reason doubt) It only has truth in itself no matter where you look from. We must learn as a people that if one contributes a point we can only criticize in a positive manner by giving a better opinion(positive criticism) which leaves room for further progress or development. Let us not rather seek to justify what entails development or progress as the terms may be ambiguous and we may lose time without any way forward. The only thing is that you can never know how it feels to be hungry if you have never gone hungry. Hunger is real and here we wont be talking about relative hunger likewise with poverty. Poverty can be relative or absolute. We do not need a relative mentality or approach rather it should be an absolute one.

somemissthepoint - 14 October 2014

Honestly, the RF forces were not as cruel as the Gukurahundi forces, otherwise rural blacks could have been killed in millions. Agreed, whites weren't good to blacks but, blacks are even worse cruel to their fellow blacks especially along political lines.Most new farmers do not respect their fellow black farm workers.Very few black elite women respect their housemaids.Our govt hates fellow blacks in opposition hypocritically calling them puppets or agents of the west &yet Gono talks of unity of purpose with them. RGM himself worked very hard to convince the world that the GNU was a bad. But who doesn't see the complete disaster from the ZANU PF gvt?

SHAYAMANO - 14 October 2014

Any white human being of Caucasian descent who came to live in this land then called Southern Rhodesia was a colonialist be it church missionary or doctor or builder or teacher or nurse. There is a suggestion the white church missionaries were not colonialists because they paid school fees for some power-hungry anti-colonialist black leaders. This is done as an attempt to distance black political leaders from the whites who mothered them by paying their school fees. White church missionaries came predominately from Britain the colonial power and I have reports some of these missionaries used to assist in writing reports to the British Overseas ministry on their observations in the colonies. Working as labourers does not make the labourers the owners or initiators of the project(s). A labourer is a person who is directed by the engineer or artisan on what to do. Black labourers in a project (building schools) are not indispensable they can easily be replaced but not the colonialist engineer or colonialist artisan foreman. By the way schools in Mbare were built by the white government in the 1930s - Shingirayi, Chitsere, Chirodzo. Let me hasten to add that colonialists did not sign a contract with anyone to say they were going to build schools for blacks even if they did. It's not as if the colonialists had run out of things to do back in Britain and decided to come to this land to build schools and industries for free - that would have been stupid. Colonialists came to make a fortune in a land which was thinly populated and belonged to no one. The Ndebeles came in 1837 from Zululand and settled where they are now, no questions asked, no hassles. The Shangaans came also from Zululand in 182o and settled where they are now - no hassles. I digress.

Musona - 14 October 2014

One sentence should read, " Black labourers in a project (building schools) were not indispensable they could easily be replaced but not the colonialist engineer or colonialist artisan foreman".

Musona - 14 October 2014

I admire Mr Gono for coming up with solutions, though short term for business to continue to interact, we do not have long or short term solutions, each day is the same, we need solutions on the table so that people get paid, so that business turns, we can flood our market with the South African money though less in value, people are likely to trade with it honestly because of its value, if money is so valuable and there is little in supply, people tend to hide and hold on to it in speculation, South Africa is close to us, we have many zimbabweans living in South Africa, working in South Africa, we will certainly be an extension of South Africa for some time for the benefit of our people, we are not liquid for business, our own currency cannot be used at the moment, but i believe in the interim we can plan for its use. Political fights are further worsening our situation, elections are in 2018 and its time to look at the economy and not politics. We may have made an amendment to our constitution with regards to political rallies but i feel these gatherings should take place just before the elections to pave way for development during the term of office, its a mixed bag, politics and the economy ar so intertwined to the extent of retarding and obscuring development. Money is better spent on vote buying than business, we are not focussed in business but focussed in politics thus hurting the ordinary people.

tichaona - 14 October 2014

No one would waste time studying Zimbabwe's distorted history.I think that is partly why certain people can't stomach Musona's historical facts.



Musona - 14 October 2014

Zimbabwe situation is modern, it has to revive industry so that it can provide for the local market, export market to earn forex so as to service foreign debt, if industry is revived this will enable Zimbabwe to print its own acceptable money, let us not find resolutions for a modern setup in a medieval era, life is dynamic, technology has changed, from analogue to digital.

tichaona - 14 October 2014

@anyone..has anyone ever heard of kleptocracy? Allow me to plagiarise an answer to my onw question. Kleptocracy is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often with pretence of honest service.

somemissthepoint - 14 October 2014

..Allow me to plagiarise an answer to my own question.

somemissthepoint - 14 October 2014

I have noted that most people tend to take for granted their knowledge by commonising it wherein to some those ideas you have are non existant and more often than not we tend to wonder why is it so difficult for our leaders to think this way and move us forward but alas they are sooo daft I wonder what criteria is used to appoint them, example look at Jonathan performance rate versus other old ministers it's not debatable that indeed he is a professor then look at these so called doctors ,Grace,Mujuru,Obert Mpofu etc you only wonder if they learned anything at all during their studies, I wouldn't b surprised if someone would come forward with evidence tht they bought these certificates for surely if they were educated their contribution will be noticeable , now are at crossroads in choosing a successor and we are concentrating on personalities instead of what we have documented to be the requirements of someone who can fill up that position, even Mugabe should lead us in drafting qualifications and experience of the incumbent who can carry this nation forward, what criteria is he looking for his successor can we the majority add on to it, we have heard him say he has looked at those around him and has not been satisfied, how should move forward as a nation in finding the right candidate this is what should be constituting our discussion and debates if we love this nation, if us Zimboz don't do it for ourselves who is going to do it ?It is our responsibility to come forward with ideas on how we should move forward not ZANU PF or MDC but everyone .

Mputukez - 14 October 2014

'citizens will enjoy full employment, financial sector stability as well as national food security'. This ended on 14 November 2014(Black Novemeber) and was precipitated when Gono became governor in December 2004. “the general proclivity of people under siege to lose hope and focus on yesterday with a take-me-back-to-Egypt syndrome”. the past would reveal what went wrong and the key players in destroying the economy. Vamwe tirikutambura nemari dzedu dzakatorwa naGono iye arikupa mascholarship nemari dzacho.

Timothy Thorton - 15 October 2014

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