'Grace's sponsors misreading game'

HARARE - Despite widespread belief that Grace Mugabe’s formal entrance into Zanu PF’s high stakes politics was a result of cunning manipulation by a faction within the ruling party, some analysts say her sponsors may have miscalculated badly regarding her ambitions.

The strong suspicion that the First Lady may be a “sponsored decoy” was given impetus last week when outgoing Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri told Zanu PF supporters in Masvingo that her caucus had seen it fit to rope in Grace to clip the powers of some unnamed people who were becoming too powerful ahead of the party’s crucial December elective congress.

In addition, the First Lady herself also hinted at the manipulation conspiracy during her address at another rally at Mutare’s Sakubva Stadium, where she took a swipe at the party’s warring factions and went out of her way to try and distance herself from either of the two main factions fighting for power inside the party.

“I don’t want anyone to see me as theirs… I have thought long about this and realised that if I’m not careful, I will be used.

“There are people who have their scores to settle, but don’t try to use me to settle your scores,” she said.

However, analysts canvassed by the Daily News at the weekend said Grace’s elevation to the commanding heights of the power matrix inside Zanu PF appeared to be at least a case of “mutual manipulation”, where both parties were driven by their own clear interests.

Political scientist Eldred Masunugure said those who had proposed her to lead the Women’s League wanted “a saviour”, while she in turn wanted “to protect her family interests” in the event that her husband left the political stage.

“They (her sponsors) were so obsessed with blocking (Vice President Joice) Mujuru and thought all things would follow (from here).

“They looked around and didn’t seem to find anyone among themselves, so they went to the royal house and identified the hidden talent that could be a counter match,” Masunungure said.

Unfortunately, he added, her sponsors did not appear “to think too much” about the consequences of their actions because from where they were looking at things, any other scenario was better than having Mujuru occupying State House.

However, Masunungure said, there now appeared to be a realisation on the part of the First Lady that she had been used and hence her need in Mutare to distance herself from those who had initiated her stunning rise in the party — who had erroneously believed that she would hand over power to them at some stage.

“The appetite for power increases with the eating. She will not be satisfied by just becoming the Women’s League boss, she’d like to get to the centre of power. We are already seeing that she is acting like a defacto prime minister. She has no official position, but what she says now seems like policy.

“She is beginning to enjoy the forbidden fruit called power, but whether she will be allowed to get to the centre of power only time will tell, but I doubt that she will hand over power to anyone,” Masunungure said.

Dewa Mavhinga, a senior researcher with the Human Rights Watch concurred with Masunungure, adding that there were no permanent friends in politics, but only common interests.

“Politics is a complex game with no straight forward explanations. It is not entirely clear that there could be a group using the First Lady. Who knows, maybe it is the First Lady using that faction to pave way for her own political ambitions.

“Sometimes individuals are given political power in the hope that they will forever be puppets, but once they taste power those people may change to become something else. That maybe the case with Amai,” he said.

But Charity Manyeruke, another political scientist, was of the opinion that Grace was not being manipulated, but had come into the political fold as a saviour to the faction-riddled party.

Manyeruke said it was crystal clear that the First Lady wanted unity in the party.

“Oppah’s statement is in fact speaking against divisions. It is signalling the end of any anarchical behaviour which a few individuals might have had.

“Dr Grace’s actions and statements within this period are amounting to that the party must come together. What law and order, and good leadership, entails is that it must be able to rein in any selfish characteristics,” she said.

Manyeruke added: “There is no manipulation, she is a PhD holder. She thinks upright and knows how to analyse issues. She is beyond manipulation. She is no novice within the party. She is bringing good leadership that will unite a party and that will transcend to the nation.”


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...hahaha...the opposite is true in this case ladies and gentlemen. Dr. Mugabe is working with Dr. Mujuru...kkkkk More to follow

Azog - 13 October 2014

As a Zimbabwean watching the drama unfolding at home,I'm now scared about the future of our beloved homeland.Definitely I foresee the 'Night of Long Knives/Operation Hummingbird' unfolding in the not so distant future.God save our country.

Malaika waMalaika - 13 October 2014

Its a waste of time interviewing a bootlicker like Manyeruke. Charity, we've heard you speak your rubbish and we'll remember you long after this regime is gone.

Samaita Dube - 13 October 2014

Who is funding these Grace rallies? Is it the taxpayer or Grace's own money fundingthese Grace rallies? Where is she getting the money? Why use the Police Band and State helicopters? Where is the dozy opposition? This is corruption.

Musona - 13 October 2014

Kwanzi ukarera kambwa nemukaka mangwana kanofuma kokuruma.Watch your back Ngwena.

doRoKuDya - 13 October 2014

She might have Zanu power, but she is not going anywhere with that surname!

Nduna - 13 October 2014

Manyeruke nhaiwe mwana wokumusha kwangu. Ko zvandai dadavo newe. Ko uridofo rakadai. Ndasvoda chaizvo. Good lucky. You will be appointed in the next government ya DisGrace Mugabe kwete Mai Mugabe. Pfambi hadzishandisi title yokunzi mai nhingi.

dick mboko - 13 October 2014

Good question Musona, obviously state funds are being abused here. Grace made her point already that no one wants to buy her yourghart, so she has no money to finance this.

Kennedy Kaitano - 13 October 2014

Ngwena is shrewd and cunning he is using Grace to block Mai Mujuru who is very popular and has unquestionable war credentials. After that they will evoke the late generals words that the office of the president is a straight jacket whose occupant should possess unquestionable war credentials thus disqualifying this political novice.

ALUTA CONTINUA - 14 October 2014

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Every sane Zimbabwean is worried about what is happening in our country - diverting focus from issues that really matter to the Zanu PF scramble for power. We do not eat this circus - it is a total waste of funds and a really joke. When are we going to have real leaders. We honestly need a Saviour - I'm sure we do.

clement moyo - 14 October 2014

Of course Mai Mujuru will be appointed Vice, but an extremely weak Vice President appointed at the mercy of a first Lady powerful enough to boot her out willy nilly.

Selele - 14 October 2014

Charity Manyeruke, are you a genuine political scientist or Grace's campaign agent? You seem to be the only one who takes Grace's PhD seriously. Have you listened to your sponsor's rantings on national TV of late?

Johno - 14 October 2014

when god created us hapana chaakasiirira here? nhai musikavanhu tarisai pamakagadzirira munhu mutema pane chakadonhera pasi mukasachiona. urozvi hwedu hunenge hunokwana muchibhokisi chemachisi!! nhai mwari chii chamakatiita?

herber - 14 October 2014

Dr Grace's sponsor is no other than Robert Mugabe himself assisted by the Ngwena faction. The first priority of the sponsor is to block Mai Mujuru from ascending to the Zanu Pf and state Presidency. Secondly to amend the Zanu pf constitution to provide that instead of the Vice President being elected by Provinces the First Secretary of Zanu Pf will appoint the VP and other senior members of the party. In the mean time Mugabe will continue to rule until the presidium is reconstituted after Congress. Mugabe will then appoint all members of the Presidium including the VP of his choice. This new arrangement will secure the interests of the First Family and Zanu Pf elites.

Thomas Shumba - 14 October 2014

Vanhu wee. Hamuzive here kuti Rex Nhongo is the person who convinced members of the dare Rechimurenga who were arrested in Zambia after the death of Chitepo to endorse R.G. Mugabe to lead Zanu-PF. Then Ndabaningi Sithole had gone to US to see his sick child. RG Mugabe then went with the Late JM Nkomo representing the Patriotic Front to Geneva. R.G. was accompanied by the Late Two Boy to Rex who then went around all military bases to have Cde accept RG. After the arrest of Cde Tongo Rex was now leading Zanla Forces. This background should show you that RG owes a lot to the Mujuru familly, no matter what people try Teurai Ropa will always be protected by Chatunga. So please do not waste your time skimming.

Nyikanedeyedu - 14 October 2014

@herber leave JAH out of this He created al men equal blac n wyt......Bt we de blac pipo r a disgrace 2 ourselves.............To ZANU PF i-man seh kill each otha bt don't kill the innocent citizens of ZImmbabwe

lone ranger - 14 October 2014

@Nyikandeyedu: Big Dhara indava kurova so?? Uchauya kuzotionawo riini??....tell these young people that all what they are doing is weaken the VP post. Mai Mujuru will be appointed a weak vice.

selele - 14 October 2014

@Aluta Continua,thank you very much for reminding Zimbos what General Zvinavashe once said. And to Charity Manyeruke I wanna say....have you ready or head the speech by Dr Grace Mugabe in kwaMatabele about those occupying vice presidency offices. Are we unifying or vilifying???

Mutape Mutape - 14 October 2014

hahahaha ini sporo kumaterrace

concerned - 14 October 2014

they may have misread the game for sure. instead, the first lady might lobby for the total control of the party since she is habouring ambitions to rule the country. the problem is that mrs mujuru has the support of the masses.

taurai - 14 October 2014

This is interesting and quite scary!!

jojo - 15 October 2014

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