Muchinguri reveals plot against Mujuru

MASVINGO - Zanu PF Women’s league boss, Oppah Muchinguri on Thursday revealed the camp allegedly led by Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa had plotted the blocking of rival, Vice President Joice Mujuru in the succession race ahead of an elective congress in December.

Muchinguri, who has been escorting First Lady Grace Mugabe during her countrywide rallies, told thousands of Zanu PF supporters gathered at Mucheke Stadium that her faction mooted the idea of throwing the president’s wife in the political arena to prevent the Mujuru faction from becoming too powerful.

“Takaona kuti pane vamwe  vakamirira kuti vapinde pachigaro cha baba VaMugabe takavarova nemunyati, tikavatamba inonzi tingoringo tikati regai titore Queen mother, mai vauye vatungamirire vazotonga kuti vasazotora chigaro chikuru,” Muchinguri said.(We realised that there were some who wanted to take over from Mugabe but we plotted against them and decided to use our mother to come and take over because she is a worthy candidate).

Mnangagwa, Information minister Jonathan Moyo and Water minister Saviour Kasukuwere,  also attended the Mucheke rally.

The remarks give credence to speculation and theories that the coming in of Grace into politics was a Mnangagwa faction project to block Mujuru from her ascendency to power when Mugabe finally retires or is incapacitated.

A jubilant Muchinguri celebrated the success of the plot as Grace has seemingly derailed all of Mujuru’s ambitions to become the country’s next president.

“We had to do this because it was the same people who were undermining us and intimidating us to support their cause to replace baba VaMugabe (our father Mugabe) but we have put it to an end by the coming in of Amai,” she added.

Muchinguri received backing from Grace when the First Lady took over the podium where she threatened to influence her husband to fire members of the rival Mujuru faction from powerful posts in the party and government.

“You need to know that faction leaders were appointed and you must not take that advantage to pursue personal interests and divide people.

“There are a lot of people who are able and have the capacity to take those positions and be warned that you will be left alone,” Grace said.

The First Lady also revealed that she harbours ambitions to lead the country.

Mnangagwa also backed the plot jovially when he was called up to give a slogan on behalf of politburo members who were present.

He strongly repeated a slogan supporting Mugabe and his wife several times much to the chagrin of supporters.

“Pamberi nava Mugabe namai vacho pasi nemhandu,”(Forward with president Mugabe and his wife and down with enemies) said Mnangagwa without coming out clear as to who the enemy was.

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Handiti vakati voting at Congress is secret? Who is more popular Grace or Joyce?What makes Grace think that Joyce is all alone? What if Joyce forms her own party like what happened in 1963?

Kufandada - 12 October 2014

If Mujuru was becoming too powerful, what does that mean or against who? It means that yes there is factions and Muchinguri has just admitted that Grace is now leading another faction. What a bunch of little brainless kids leading us............kunzima bakithi!!!

Qawe laMaqawe - 12 October 2014

Oppah should tell the nationa what happened to Tongogara and it is sad what you are doing to Mai Mujuru , but it's typical Zimbabwean woman kuitirana shanje . You are a disgrace to mbuya nehanda .

Muzukuru Mukuru - 12 October 2014

Oppah knows what happened to Tongo, Mahachi and many more. She is a F***en bitch. She should be thrown into a drum of sulphuric acid and forget her for ever. There are factions in the party and there have always been factions since 1963..The Zezuru faction, the Manyika faction, the karanga faction and the south to south corporation. This is not new. The only difference this time round is we have a senile leader who sleeps 20hours a day and cannot F*** his wife DisGrace or sleeps in the mid of doing so.kikikiki

garikayi - 12 October 2014

the good thing is that the public is now fully informed of the dynamics in the party. as is alway the case, we the public will obviously be sympathising with the one who appears to be the victim in this case Mrs Mujuru. Thanks to muchinguri we now know whom to give our support. Mujuru for president that the moto.

taurai - 12 October 2014

The reason Zanu Pf will not want Mujuru is because they know she will work a reconciliation plan with her relatives in the MDC and get back to the negotiating table, tha's what Zanu Pf don't like. Heads will roll.

Bonzo - 12 October 2014

Mai Mujuru, shumba yakariga helicopter yoga musago. Joice ndimambo hee-ndimabo- hee ndimabo shumba yakariga chopper musango.

felix - 13 October 2014

All straight people should rally behind Mai Mujuru against this over-confident lot being used by Grace and Emmerson.

selele - 13 October 2014

KKkkkkkkkkkk the Mujuru song kkkkkkk. Ndiye mambo kkkkkk.

violentpeace - 13 October 2014

Here is a man who boasts both masculinity and intellectual prowess, now seeking the help of all and sundry ( kupotera munguwo dze chembere ) to fight a woman. How the so called mighty have become so little.

badass - 13 October 2014

If mai Mujuru is so pragmatic as to work with the opposition for the good of the country,then she is worth supporting.

KUDAKWAIRA WEZHIRA - 13 October 2014

We need progressive thinking in Zimbabwe not the usual foul language & unnecessary threats. Please Grace should leave politics forthwith.

chibvongodze - 13 October 2014

We want people with with war credentials to lead us so Grace Mugabe and Morgsn Tsvangirai could be the right choices hey guys kkkkkkkk

WAR CREDENTIALS - 13 October 2014

Who does Oppah mean when she says "takaona..., takavarova nemunyati" and also who is she referring to by saying "..kuti vasazotora chigaro chikuru..'? If this is not a clear admission of being a faction leader/member what will be? VaMugabe if you mean it when you say pasi nemafaction please reign these people in.They are causing disunity Oppah has openly said it. And who is she to take the responsibility to stop people from ruling? Or could she be playing the same game she clinically played just before independence of making sure those who may rule will never rule. That Gr Gire is cming into active policy is not bad, but being used by a faction with a sinister motive certainly is.

Boutros Ghali - 13 October 2014

mai mujuru is pathetic she sat on the tokwe mukorsi project doing nothing when she was minister for water develpment back in the 80's until now its incomplete had because of that instead of the province harvesting a lot of water for irrigation over the years , the good rains from last year's rainy season have become a curse for our brother and sisters from masvingo province...ngwena can definatley do better than that.

rrrggcc - 13 October 2014

One really wonders who is the more bitchy of the two- Oppah or Grace? Does anyone remember what Edgar Tekere said about Oppah and Bob's escapades during the war" "Ana Oppah, pasi pemuti"

Johno - 13 October 2014

Ndezvemeso muromo chinyarara

bravo - 13 October 2014

viva mujuru viva solo mujuru aluta joice .tongogara aripi opah .sei uri pedo na gushungo basa wakapedza

chamutengure - 13 October 2014

Apa mai mujuru masimudzirwa musina kana kushandisa cent" free advertising dai pari pa tv. oppah arikungorotomoka ega she is showing her true colours, but i think people are better informed now than before and this she is going to suffer a heavy defeat. how funny it is Mnangagwa, jonah moyo matooana gire ndiye angakuponesei shame on u gyz

gaigusvu - 14 October 2014

."....Queen Mother" !!! what hogwash. Do we have a monarchy in our country now. Marangwanda angu achamuka!!

Changamire Dombo - 14 October 2014

You have made Zim a personal property, oh gosh. Evil people, vana vaSATAN.

guchu - 14 October 2014


Gurinhwa - 14 October 2014

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