SA prefers Mujuru to Grace, Mnangagwa

HARARE - The South African government is keeping a close eye on political developments in Zimbabwe, and apparently favours Vice President Joice Mujuru to take over from President Robert Mugabe rather than his wife Grace and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This is according to a respected South African foreign affairs analyst, who also says authoritatively that Pretoria believes that Zimbabwe cannot be saved while Mugabe remains at the helm of the country as he is seen as an insurmountable deterrent to critically-needed foreign investment to re-float the country’s collapsing economy.

“It follows that Pretoria therefore also seems to favour Mujuru as Mugabe’s successor because she seems much more likely than Mnangagwa would be to break with Mugabe’s fatal legacy and to ... repair relations with the world.

“It is (however) likely that Mugabe would prefer to be succeeded by Mnangagwa than by Mujuru, to protect his legacy,” renowned writer Peter Fabricius said in an opinion piece he wrote for the SA Institute of Security Studies (ISS).

Fabricius, who pooh-poohed Grace’s chances of succeeding Mugabe, said Pretoria also believes that if the First Lady “really does have the large ambition to succeed her husband, she doesn’t have a hope in hell”.

“According to a government official, South Africa believes that ‘Zanu-PF is a serious party,’ and would not make such a frivolous decision as to elevate the untested First Lady — with no proven constituency of her own — to the top position. Pretoria seems to see a rather different scenario from other analysts, believing the pertinent question is not who is backing Grace Mugabe’s political ambition, but whose political ambition she is backing.

“’It’s going to depend on which side — Mujuru’s or Mnangagwa’s — Grace throws her weight, and whether she can develop a political constituency,’ the official said. The implication of this interpretation is that Grace — presumably coached by Robert — is trying to position herself to be an indispensable ally of whoever is in power when his wanes,” Fabricius said.

He added that whether one chose the more flamboyant dynastic interpretation — that Grace Mugabe cherished her own presidential ambition — or took the more mundane view that she was backing Mnangagwa’s ambition, the result could be much the same: to safeguard Mugabe’s legacy.

“That being so, the more Grace Mugabe succeeds, the more Zimbabwe will fail,” Fabricius concluded.

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So anybody can become an expert on Zimbabwe from Charity Manyeruke to Fabricius??? Eisssh Zimbabwe is condemned!!

Nyagula - 10 October 2014

Well what South Africa prefers is not what Zimbabweans prefer, For your own information Grace is far much better than Zuma, the sight of Mai Mujuru makes a lot of Zimbabweans sick, she stinks of corruption.

reason - 10 October 2014

President: Fortune Chasi Deputy: Temba Mliswa

selele - 10 October 2014

Grace hapana anomuda the zpf women are forced thats why ztv is showing her for two hours daily to try and sell her .Its just hopeless cry zim

hameno??? - 10 October 2014

so S.A can determine the pace for us. why cant they have their Malema as their King. For ZPF whoever succeed RG will be of their own interest. The candidate must only be capable of standing against any candidate(s) from the opposition parties at 2018. The selection lies with Zimbos not reseachers

chenjera - 10 October 2014

all comments here are attacking safrica as if they have come out openly saying they prefer joyce to grace.cant you all people see that the daily news is joyce's paper and they are trying to manipulate zimabwean minds by saying safrica prefer joyce to grace.its a mind game they are playing at the daily news.they are the official paper for joyce and her mdc hell with you daily news,tio hell with all your people.if safrica prefer joyce,aah let them make her their leader.zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

NDODA SIBILI - 10 October 2014

What South Africa wants is not what Zimbabwe wants after all South Africa is leaving us in the jaws of poverty and sanctions

Nyamhangambiri - 10 October 2014

And so this Peter Fabricius thinks his opinion is the opinion of South Africa? Still, how do South African preferences feature in Zimbabwean presidential power dynamis? When it comes to Zimbabwe, what is a Fabricius, after all?

machakachaka - 11 October 2014

@reason, I really wonder how you reason. If Mai Mujuru is corrupt what about Dr Grace? Yes true what SA prefers is not what Zimbos prefer that is why they would not foist it on anyone but they talk from an interested party position who would not want their Home Affairs to be asked for another meeting to reissue Zimbos with an extension to their work permits in SA.

Qawe laMaqawe - 11 October 2014

DR Grace's corruption is interpreted by the construction of a creamy children's village while that of DR T is well furnished with scars of chains and whips on the gweja's back, a mountain of hipped soil so rich in gem 'churu chamai mujuru or pahasha' arinani ndiani

craig t - 13 October 2014

While the incumbent political hyenas fight over the scraps of Zimbabwe's economy, and its ordinary people struggle on impoverished and suppressed by their own liberators, it amazes me that armchair politicos rabbit on about never being a colony again. Wake up, we are a chinese one already, even while the hyenas rip and tear........

wake up - 13 October 2014

Fabricius' fabricated opinions are not necessarily from God. He makes some serious literary mistakes by putting across views that are not buttressed by any facts. For example when he says Mujuru was most likely to break away from the fatal legacy of President Mugabe, he did not say how she would put herself differently and on which issues. He did not say why he thinks Mugabe and Mnangagwa were joined at the hip and heart to the extent that Mnangagwa was bereft of personal originality. If Fabricius wanted to be more helpful to Zimbabwe than being merely fabricating, he would have put the issues that are sacrosanct for Zimbabwe on the table and say these are the issues against which the aptitude and character of the would be successor should be measured. It is not going to be about Mujuru or Mnangagwa or Mr Silent, it is going to be about the best person for the issues at stake for Zimbabwe. I would list them here if it was not going to aid Zimbabwe's enemies.

Kulungile Lungu - 14 October 2014

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