I want to lead Zim — Grace

MASVINGO - In yet another stunning development in the fast-changing and gripping Zanu PF story, First Lady Grace Mugabe has now come out in the open about her ambition to succeed President Robert Mugabe as the country’s leader.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at a rally held at Masvingo’s Mucheke Stadium yesterday, Grace said, in addition to leading the party’s women’s wing, she had plans on occupying the highest office in the land.

Grace confirmed what the Daily News has consistently and authoritatively reported since the First Lady entered the political fray three months ago. 

The fired up First Lady also told the crowd that when she was approached to enter politics formally this year, she was shown a “vision” of her “ruling the heavenly kingdom” and would thus fight all those who did not support her ascendency to power.

“When I was approached to come into politics and lead the women, one day I saw a vision of me ruling the heavenly kingdom. Rimwe zuva ndakaona ndine humambo hwekudenga, ndiri pano nhasi ndirikutoona humambo ihwo saka ndakati regai ndihutore,” Grace said. (One day I saw myself ruling the heavenly kingdom, I’m here today witnessing it and I have decided to take up the challenge).

She added that she had been learning the ropes of leadership over the past few years and had been groomed politically by people in Zanu PF. This was why she felt that she was ready to take up any political office, including the highest office in the land.

In a surprising turn in her address, Grace warned top Zanu PF male officials, whom she claimed had been undermining women, that she was coming in to take over power from her husband.

“The time for undermining women is over. Now that I am there, things will change. It’s time for us women to take total control of the party and if these men sleep, we are ready to take over and rule.

“We can make it since 52 percent of the population is made up of us women, so we can take any position and rule,” she added.

Grace also threatened pointedly senior Zanu PF supporters of vice President Joice Mujuru, saying that they would lose their positions both in government and within the party if they continued to stand in her way.

She further accused the faction of attempting to topple Mugabe and blocking her from ascending the power ladder.

“Factionalism has killed the party and we know that there are some certain individuals who pretend to love President Mugabe when they are plotting his downfall.

“I want to warn you that he is the one who gave you all those positions and powerful posts and if you continue to do this you know what will happen, he will give them to others who are better and loyal,” she said brazenly.

She went on to mock the Mujuru faction through a popular vernacular saying, warning supporters against following or supporting “a mother who does not have a husband”.

“I am warning those who follow certain factions to stop that especially when you plot against the President and me. It is dangerous and some of you will be in hot soup.

“Kusina mai na baba hakuendwi. They always say this in Shona, kusina mai hakuendwi but now we say kusina mai nababa hakuendwi,” Grace said in a part of her speech that was widely interpreted as insinuating that the Vice President’s faction was not worth supporting as it did not have a father figure. Mujuru’s husband Solomon died in a suspicious inferno at the couple’s Beatrice farm three years ago.

Grace also lambasted the Masvingo provincial leadership for supporting the Mujuru faction and accused them of trying to take over power from her husband and at the same time block her from rising in the party.

“Here in Masvingo the leadership is fanning factionalism and is made up of people who do not listen. Mune nhinhi muno, (you are stubborn) even if they are cautioned they continue to go against the President and party instructions but I am saying to you today that has to come to an end.

“I warn you to stop it because you are playing with fire,” Grace said.

In a bizarre twist, she also warned that some top leaders who were working against her and her husband would be struck by stroke following some unspecified “developments” that would happen to them.

Grace was accompanied to the rally by current Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri, Olivia Muchena, Edna Madzongwe and Masvingo provincial iron lady, Shuvai Mahofa.

Also in attendance were Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa,  Information Minister Jonathan Moyo, Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire, who was mocked throughout the First Lady’s speech.

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Hama neshamwari, munotii nezvirikuitika izvi ? Should we remain calm?

father,grand-father - 10 October 2014

ndaona amai ava vatsvingwa ndare....bhora rovoda kukambira sekukambira kwavakaita murume wemunhu kana degree ravo rinopisa iri. vazhinji vakazviedza vakagumira muzvidya!!!

Takaz - 10 October 2014

Haaa panotsva munhu chete vanhu ava vanowonererwa they think their blood is blue

protestor - 10 October 2014

Guys this is totally bushit, why pple waste time attending rallies when there is a lot to be done... Lets use the dollars we have wise...

DONTY - 10 October 2014

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I think Grace has seen that in zanu they are no amadoda all are her husband 's wives and mavuma zonke . She can easily threaten them like grade one boys and they will just put their tails in between their soiled legs . Remember all zanu supporters are her husband 's puppets and zombies . She can climb on them and come down at her own will no one will say bwee but at the end she will be brought down to earth by Morgan come next election and that will be the end of this monster zanu the writing is on the wall.

Diibulaanyika - 10 October 2014

Kahure siyanai nako. Let her shout louder and louder. The military is watching and getting fade up with all this nonsense. Is she realy married to Mugabe or she is a cohabitant living partner. It's all Mugabe's probing tactics. He must speak out kwete kurega this loose canon . Batai muromo amai, mavekuda hondo nevarume here. Mai Mujuru please stay away, keep to yourself and do not comment, kachaneta. Mugabe's play writing tactics

Garikayi - 10 October 2014

"I want to lead Zim", Question is, does Zim want you to lead them? Judging by the comments on social media, newspapers etc i think 1 in 50 want you lead Zim

Ethan - 10 October 2014

What is going on in Ex-Rhodesia???? In an unprecedented move, the First Lady of Zambia Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata has temporarily taken over Presidential duties at State House, according to Zambia Reports.Speaking in an exclusive interview, the source further discloses that a new police checkpoint has been set up in between the State House offices and Nkwazi House, the presidential residence.In recent weeks there have been concerns a - See more at: http://www.harare24.com/index-id-news.html#sthash.b1ZZGHHa.dpuf

selele - 10 October 2014

Did Mugabe say he is going ? why is her wife want to lead this country when Mugabe said he will be representing zanu in 2018 elections? I guess Grace has seen that Mugabe will not Make it to 2018 hence this panic kamba ichavharwa mujoni a kafa lets keep our fingers crossed

Diibulaanyika - 10 October 2014

Don`t fool yourself Grace. You are only strong now that your husband is still around. Lets wait and see what happens when he leaves this earth or when he is retired by Zanu pf. Do you , Grace think these Zanu pf gurus will listen to you, don`t fool yourself. They only fear your Robert. Zanu pf will sink come december

gorilla - 10 October 2014

Can anyone tell me who should lead us, everyone in ZANU PF is quiet, why can't Grace take opportunity and declare her interests..we don't want to be led by cowards isu..Zanuoids and everyone who voted for it deserve this did they seriously think Mugabe was getting younger .. This is his own way of showing you he is tired surely at 90years everyone going to see him is saying go on mr president has anyone asked hi if he still has streghth to go on?From war collaborators to war vets to churches to chiefs to youth league to women's league..Regai Grace akutongei makapusa..kkk

LeaveGraceAlone - 10 October 2014

Amai mukaona crew yamunofamba nayo ine pfuti musafunga kuti nemuromo wenyu munoikunda hondo, Mwari havatauri nevakadzi musoro wemba murume zvimwe sefai....muchadzikama makumwedzi ndopatinopinda ipapo.

Chidondova - 10 October 2014

uf u smart u will see all is not well....and what our good old grace is doing is exposing it.....we know this even if she was to take over the presidency she would have created many enemies internally it would be possible for her to rule 2. her so called fends will come back to bite after all this chaos happens.....i pity the old men for all this.... i guess he is too tired for all this...maybe we will all know what he is feeling when we reach his age

chatsva - 10 October 2014

What Grace is doing now is like some one doing the job under the guidance of some one surely that person can not claim to know how to the job own her own . We know she is banking on the ailing Mugabe that is why she is going into insulting bonanza of her husband bootlickers .Remember the fish is untouchable in the water but once the water is no longer there anyone can peek it .Very soon Mugabe will be not there and we would like to see how is she going to behave , you see mawara kupaparika spoils everything.

Diibulaanyika - 10 October 2014

“I want to warn you that he is the one who gave you all those positions and powerful posts and if you continue to do this you know what will happen, he will give them to others who are better and loyal.” There you have it folks...politics of the hungry and patronage, not merit and competence.

Galore 123 - 10 October 2014

KO imo muzpf vangavasingaone kurikuendwa ndiyo DYNASTY iyo gadziririrai mother doors are wide open the party is full of fools.

heyaa - 10 October 2014

I think the same freedom of speech and insult she has must be accorded everyone. She is right to tell us her dream but thats common sense, every politician wish to be the president one day. Why are the so called war veterans etc quiet when a non revolutionary is talking nonsense like this.

lee moyo - 10 October 2014

@Galore123...and you still have people who say there are "free and fair" elections in Zimbabwe ? All of those people were appointed by H.E. or it it His Majesty Robert Mugabe

selele - 10 October 2014

Hallelujar!!! Now The army and police will support those who did not fight in the war of liberation as the presidential candidates. True Democracy Is On The Way Zimbabwe.

Ziziharinanyanga - 10 October 2014

ndokuti on...........................

zizi - 10 October 2014

Cry my beloved Zimbabwe.........shuwa shuwa tingabvuma kuti nyika ino itongwe naGrace. Hehede seka zvako. Ndiwo anonzi mahumbwe chaiwo aya. Matakanana zvawo.

truth - 10 October 2014

Zimbabwe is cursed. A horde of zombies quick to quip to everyone out there that Zimbos are one of the most educated folks on the globe literally clapping to and sitting in the sun for the whole day listening to drivel and falling over each other to endorse that nothing could be closer to reality than the same drivel! Inini i give up. I have never seen such hopelessness amongst our midst. Meanwhile, amid the pomp and glitz of the provincial tours, the economy continues on a free fall while our President prepares to meet business leaders to try to get to understand the challenges facing business having been at the helm for the past 34 years! Varume ka...

Bismark - 10 October 2014

hama dzangu shungu munadzo but it seems this lady might rule this country. the problem is that those who seem to be elligeable to take over often shy away from expressing their intention to take over whenever giving interviews. This maybe the first person in zanu pf to pronounce a desire to lead the country. Ndomaruziro anoita mbwende iwaya. hee hapana vacancy yet for this lady there is a vacancy. if zanu guys are sleeping, we will wake up with a president from chivhu mdara. no problem machinda life goes on.

simbi - 10 October 2014

Since Grace got into politics she has been Mentioning Morgan at every gathering just check even tomorrow she will mention Morgan . She obviously sees him as a stumbling block to her ambition of being president of this country. I think she and her husband are so scared of this man and they talk too much about him when they are in bed..

Diibulaanyika - 10 October 2014

Dr Grace Mugabe is bold, she came out in the open and said she wants to succeed President Robert Mugabe as the country's next leader whats bad about it? imi maibvunzwa kuti muri kupada here panyanga muchiramba saka chaipa chii, pindai amai tokusupporter 100% chaiyo, imi mabuda pachena hapana chamatadza tapinda tapinda

Nyamhangambiri - 10 October 2014

Grace is basically warning ZanuPF functionaries, “Zimbabwe belongs to the Mugabe family, you are just employees, don't try any tricks, don't you dare get your hands on our till”! She has got the cheek. She is angry and cannot stomach the idea of someone occupying the State House which she thinks belongs to her family. She has stayed at the State House for such a long time she strongly believes it her family's property. The thought of leaving State House is quite a wrench for Grace. She says she was “shown a vision”! Utter nonsense. She doesn't say who showed her the “vision”. Let's see what the husband has to say about this. The plot thickens.

Musona - 10 October 2014

She just wants to call the shots and protect her property

Rags - 10 October 2014

Well this is the end of zanupf as we know it . everything has to come to an end. wait and see. I see blood everywhere.

Prophecy - 10 October 2014

Regai vatongwe na Grace.Ndizvo zvavakaendera kuhondo,to benefit Mugabe family.Ndiyo freedom yacho.Seka zvako Museyamwa.

Kufandada - 11 October 2014

We will not hear any utterance of disapproval on what Grace is saying. All in ZanuPF will be falling over each other to shower Grace with fake praises to curry favour. Shameless grown men and women being treated like little children by Grace. Bowing and scraping to Mugabe and wife. They will all go to their December Congress to rubberstamp Grace as Vice-President. Now we know who will take over from Mugabe - the wife. The instant Doctorate was bestowed precisely for that. My prediction that Mugabe was grooming the daughter to take over was off the mark but close. I never expected Joice Mujuru or Mnangagwa to take over. I thought Gono would be in with a shout of succeeding Mugabe.

Musona - 11 October 2014

Let the ball roll....

chandunga - 11 October 2014

its now about who wants to rule, not what the people want. Tabuda pachena manje.. Gloves off.

tabonga mbanje - 11 October 2014

Not so fast amai. Zvinoitwa pore pore. Ask Bob, Mnangagwa, Mujuru, Dabengwa, Mohadi, Cain Mathema, Callistus Ndhlovu, Naison Ndhovu, Sidney Sekeramai, Cephas Msipa, Elias Mudzuri,Ambrose Mutinhiri and many others. Game racho harimhanywe se bhora, rinoda kufamba nekucheukacheuka.

machakachaka - 11 October 2014

Margret Dongo said it ,there are no men in zanu and zimbabwe.Tell me who can stop Dr Grace with the charlie 10 by her side.just face it she will rule until she is 90.we are all cowards thats why i ran from Zim.

nyoka - 11 October 2014

Nyoka- You are the worst coward of them all. we are better cowards for we remained to face the music.Iwe wakatiza with your tail between your soiled legs , Sham

dzombi trompi - 11 October 2014

What is Grace without the Old man......What is Zanu PF without the old Man???....What is Zimbabwe without the OLd Man (BETTER,BRIGHT,BEAUTIFUL)

rudeboy - 11 October 2014

@Dzombi me i am a coward and ran away from the suffering,now you the brave one do something.i will be waiting to see the results.elections have been stolen since 2000 what have you done?nothing.me ihave done something i ran away.

nyoka - 11 October 2014

Where are those who say they liberated this country and why are they shutting up when Mugabe is practicing undemocratic ways in zanu ? Did thousands of people who lost their lives did so in order to make Mugabe owner of zimbabwe ?Bastard .If only i had known during the war that the war was about making Mugabe owner of this country i would have poisoned those ever hungry for food and women terrorists who plied our area . demety I was stupid and conned . Blood bastard but the good thing about me is i have never voted for zanu from 1980 thank god for that at list i had a feeling that ZANU and Mugabe are evil they would destroy this country hence not voting for them ever since.What a shame .

Diibulaanyika - 11 October 2014

Mhaiyo dzikamai. Zanu Pf ndeyeropa.Ivavo vamurikufamba nawo vachakutambayi nyowani. Mira uone.

greasemonkey - 13 October 2014

The question is, do the people want to be led by you?

Gurinhwa - 14 October 2014

Eish people, how have we come to such an impasse. Why do we keep quiet, exactly where are we going? To talk or be quiet, that is the question. Even the bible says we were given power to trod on scorpions and serpents, so what is the direction especially on such inflammatory remarks from the one who wants to rule a nation, ko when she is power, maiweee tapera.

Shumba - 14 October 2014

The 1st Lady was approached to lead the women in the party, she is already leading all the women in the country as the 1st Lady. What surprises me is the fear people have of her. Christ when he was born Kings shivered, the wise men walked kilometers, this clearly shows the birth of a great leader. She has not announced any ambitions but just doing what she has been doing all along (lead women & youths)

Reality - 15 October 2014

Vana Gire? Mukapihwa degree mototi ndiko kutonga here? Tibvigwe zvedu. Motodawo kutonga Nyika ino? Mashura chaiwo kikikikiki

Tichaonerera - 15 October 2014

Jehovah Mwari Samasimbaose. Honai Jehovah nyika yeZimbabwe yananga mawere. Mwari pindirai. If this is a nation's curse, Mwari vakatendeka for the sake of Christ your son who died for our sins on the cross, Mwari tiwanireiwo nyashe mutibuditse muturmoil iyi. Tateterera Mwari wee. Inga wani makatipa njere, mukatipa hupfumi asi honai vana havana mabasa, vanhu vazhinji vari kutambudzwa nekuonekwa sezvinhu zvisina maturo. Tiitireiwo tsitsi Jehovah muporese nyika yedu yeZimbabwe. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray.. Amen..

lol - 15 October 2014

How is Grace going to run this country she can,t even run her home apart from running it in to the ground.ZIMMERS just look around you and see all the dirt and pot holes SHAME SHAME SHAME

jack - 17 October 2014

Ko mucharangarirara here mashoko amdara Bob paya "Zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mumagumbezi" Saka mdara Bob ngavatsuure hure ravo iro kuti zvariri kuita zviperere muhope. Gara zviya Vasina kuenda kuhondo vanotenderwa kutonga Zim here. Mai Mujuru rambai makanyarara henyu mwari vachapindura.

Tererai Mashoko - 17 October 2014


zwelibanzi Dingane - 10 November 2014

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