Grace Mugabe's conduct appalling

HARARE - We are not sure whether Grace Mugabe commandeered a section of church leaders to Mazowe on Tuesday out of desperation or disdain for religion.

Either way, it was a stunt most unbecoming of an aspiring national leader, and even less so for a First Lady whose husband and family likes to be seen as God-fearing.

Indeed, we are deeply disturbed by this dubious gathering and the thinking behind it as it appears that even religion will now not be spared by our heartless politicians who have presided over the systematic destruction of Zimbabwe and its important institutions over the past 34 years in their desperate quest for unbridled power.

As was expected, Grace’s “prayer meeting” with the church leaders turned FROM P1

into an unedifying bootlicking jamboree, with the clergy who spoke at the event seemingly going out of their way to try and outdo each other in praising her in the most undignified and inappropriate way as should have befitted a gathering of this nature.

The shameless church leaders not only assured Grace of their unconditional support, they even ill-advisedly appealed to her to become their patron and went on to present her with several grievances, among them their need for farms and stands.

Being the voracious opportunist that she is, Grace promised to take their concerns to her husband, President Robert Mugabe — but only if the Church leaders appealed to their congregants to join Zanu PF and to buy the party’s membership cards as an alleged demonstration of their love for the First Family.

“I am also requesting you to purchase Zanu PF membership cards so that the party’s membership grows and you will say, we came and we conquered,” Grace said.


The whole shindig was disgraceful and reflected very poorly on the First Lady, the concerned clergy and our body politic generally.

In this light, we at the Daily News have no hesitation in calling on all politicians, including Grace, to keep religion out of our troubled politics.

While there is no problem per se with political candidates vying for office pronouncing their religious convictions to voters, surely there is a point at which an emphasis on religion, or misguided religiosity becomes inappropriate and even unsettling in a religiously diverse society such as ours.

And surely it is not too much even to our dodgy politicians that we should expect them to conduct their campaigns without abusing the Word or appealing for support based upon religious inclinations.

As for the church leaders who willingly participated in Grace’s charade, surely they understand and accept the truth of God’s word which exhorts them not to use the Lord’s name in vain.

And for people of faith to further ask for ill-gotten farms and stands is beyond the comprehension of most right-thinking Zimbabweans and the majority of God-fearing people around the globe.

On her part, the First Lady, as this title implies, must act as a mother figure for our troubled nation, not a reckless rubble-rouser and agitator of the marginalised in her party and in our society.

In other words, she should work to strengthen and unite our nation instead of resorting to cheap politicking, vacuous name-calling and vile threats and attacks on defenceless individuals as she is so fond of doing.

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who won the BOOTLICKING contest

Harare - 9 October 2014

Excellent article. Grace's behaviour and that of the shameless, fawning church leaders is outrageous. No wonder church leaders have been very quiet all along.

Musona - 9 October 2014

Grace Mugabe is the greatest gift the MDC has ever had since its formation in 1999!

Tarubva - 10 October 2014

Mazai mazai. rand Rand

Rads - 10 October 2014

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As I have always stated this woman 's behavior is typical of Jezebel. I am not surprised that the so called men and women of cloth fell over each other in a bid to outdo each other in showering praises to this pretender. The problem with our so called clergy is that they have nothing to do with the word of God and leading people to salvation. Their focus is on worldly things, flashy cars, being trendy in the latest fashions, women. Now they are agitating for another phase of land grabbing. Shameless behavior but one day and I believe very soon this will all come to pass. As one commentator above had indicated. The Grace Gravy Show is the best gift the MDC T has ever had. Freedom is around the corner. I also said that the parallels with Elena Causcescu are too coincidental so is the firing squad waiting

rudolph - 10 October 2014

These are cult leaders not church leaders which church is that. We all know what we get from churches. We know what is got from cults. These who all attended this cult session are an occult people. They are a shame to the people who think they get salvation from these churches lead by these cult leaders.

Maita Manyuka - 10 October 2014

... a reckless rubble-rouser... (chuckles) someone forgot to use the spellchecker on the computer.

saywhatsam - 10 October 2014

Now let's be honest & realistic!!....have you ever written just ONE positive article about Grace??!! So this story with the usual negative slant was actually expected!!

ZVOKWADI - 10 October 2014

Zhanu PF is DEAD!!!!!!!!

Mudhiniwe - 10 October 2014

And the devil tempted Jesus saying, if only you kneel down to me, I will give you power over all the cities you can see.... But Jesus rebuked the devil saying,"Get off my back Satan". Church leaders are selling their souls and even those of their congregants for the desire of worldly wealth.

Mseyamwa - 10 October 2014

Mati madii henyu??!!...muchasvotwa mukazvirega!!

ZVOKWADI - 14 October 2014

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