Nothing special about a PhD: Grace

GWERU - First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday scoffed at critics who have been despising her PhD, saying there was nothing special about holding a doctorate.

Grace was addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters at the party’s conference centre here. 

“I want to challenge other PhD holders to work hard. Hazvishamisiri kuita (There is nothing special about a doctorate) PhD, what you do with it proves your mettle,” Grace said to wild cheers.

Her doctorate degree from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) touched off a storm, with critics saying she should hand back the degree as she did not earn it.

Professor Levi Nyagura, the university’s vice-chancellor, has declined to comment on the doctorate.

“Going to school is one thing, but if you don’t have wisdom it will be useless,” she said.

Despite holding the degree, the first lady struggled to explain Zanu PF’s economic blueprint ZimAsset, accusing Zanu PF leaders of ignorance about the $27 billion economic plan.

“Our leaders are going around reading the document to the people, while there is no progress on the ground. We are wasting time,” she said.

She urged government to restore the adult literacy programme, saying women wanted to follow her example and attain their own PhDs.

Earlier at the rally, outgoing Zanu PF Women’s League boss, Oppah Muchinguri said Grace’s doctorate would give her the capacity to become President Robert Mugabe’s chief adviser.

“She is now the best adviser to the president,” Muchinguri said.

“Other first ladies are now emulating her.

“If you stay with someone with a many degrees like the president, how will you advise if you don’t have a doctorate?”

She continued: “People are saying the PhD was given by the president since he is the chancellor of the university, but there is nothing like that.” 

Muchinguri, who is expected to hand over her post to Grace in December, said the first lady’s critics were being used to further divide Zanu PF. The first lady attacked the media, saying they should stop reporting on the issue.

Grace distributed 30 tonnes of maize seed and 10 tonnes of maize meal to supporters.

The first lady also said her husband was being treated like a little child by factional leaders plotting his downfall. She said they will be exposed at the Zanu PF congress in December.

“There are people who claim to love him during the day and plot during the night,” she said. “He is

being treated like a kid. Can you imagine an intelligent man like that,” Grace said.

She warned factional leaders that their end was nigh.

“I want to warn them before we go for congress,” she said.

She alleged that Zanu PF stalwarts were bribing the electorate with cars and money to manipulate the outcome of the electoral congress where she is expected to take over the reigns as the Women’s League boss.

“I believe leaders come from God. I am saying this with regards to factionalism in the party because I know that some are being used from within the party,” she said, claiming that the nonagenarian leader was anointed by God to lead this country.

The first lady said she never thought the 90-year-old leader would still be hanging on to power now.

“I never thought that the president would get to 2014 as head of State because he is 90, but God thought otherwise,” she said.

Grace warned party members leaking Zanu PF secrets to the media, saying they should not wash the party’s dirty linen in public.

“There are some among us who are leaking stories to the media. Let me warn you. We don’t want to blast each other in public because we will give newspapers something to write,” she said.

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Apa hapana zviripo. Speech yacho inorakidza low intellect. Kozuya ana Oppah - basa rekuita praise sing. Zvochokwadi vanhu vangaungane kuterera marara akadayi? Kuenda kubhawa zvirinani. Kana kukotsira. Anogotaura nezve Zimasset mari pasina. Kuzungaira.

Der - 7 October 2014

true indeed it not special if you didn`t study for it and just got it easily like that

the analyst - 7 October 2014

A PhD used to be special before you grabbed one Dr Grace and in the process took away all the prestige that PhD holders used to have

Maidei - 7 October 2014

“I want to challenge other PhD holders to work hard. Hazvishamisiri kuita PhD, what you do with it proves your mettle,” ...and here i was thinking a PhD in itself was proof of service, in academics. For others you get the PhD first, then you do the hard work. i guess haishamisire if you get it via the latter method.

berean call - 7 October 2014

Pengai-pengai amai Mugabe, Pengai. Come congress will be there for...............................................

WATOSVORWA - 7 October 2014

PHD inoshamisa kana wakaishandira but if you were just given on a silver platter you will not know how difficult it is to acquire a PHD, haungazive kuoma kwazvo. why is nyagura refusing to comment, akatadza kutamba tsoro dzacho he didnt expect kuti people would demand the proof of the thesis. i hear they are busy burning the night candle trying to come with a document that they will claim is the thesis, but 100 000 words for a thesis is not a joke zvinoda time and research. apa nyagura wakaratidza udofo hwako hwese wonder why grace ari kuti PHD isina wisdom haibetsere ari kutoreva iwe because iye ne O level yake she was able to dribble you ukamupa PHD.


makapiwa iGMO iro no wonder yu cant even express yoself. YO rallies are they campaigns against part big wigs or to introduce yoself to other women .i am cofused now

hezvoka - 7 October 2014

First of all, wisdom is NOT obtained at school, knowledge is. May somebody please intervene and prepare speeches for our low I.Q First lady just as you do for all the other ministers when they address the public and save us and her the the humiliation and embarrassment from saying statements that do not make sense. It's hard to make head or tails. Now I believe it when some people say she said she was quite shocked when she discovered that most orphans do not have parents!!!!

Dr Know - 7 October 2014

Nothing special about a PhD: Grace - kkkkkkkkkkkk wakaritorereyi kana risiri special,

Bhudhi - 7 October 2014

PhD in Bedroom Affairs. Veduwe Grace akabata kamudhara koda kufa zvakanaka mu bedroom umu. Dai asiye ingadai kakasopenga kare kadhara ako. PhD in Bedroom affairs Hooooo. Sic!!!

Ziziharinanyanga - 7 October 2014

She is very very right-the gvt MUST reintroduce ADULT LITERACY so that she can get a genuine PhD Well done Amai- at least mazviona kuti chikoro hachidi ukopokopo

lee moyo - 7 October 2014

Grace says people are now treating her husband as a child shuwa who can be afraid of a 90 yr old person .It is natural that at 90 every one is finished musoro wegudo chachinokoro . Even you Grace know very well that apasina munhu apa . He is already semi blind and by next yr or next of if he will be still around he will be using a wheel chair so by now he is like child and he has no business in politics anymore . But the problem is you bcoz you are a stupid wife who is ill advising him .Tell your husband to leave politics and go for a rest before his departure which is around the corner.But i understand your anger at 49 you still want to be toppled at night but with a 90 yr husband that is not happening it is natural that at 90 sex mojo vanishes

Diibulaanyika - 7 October 2014

Iri bombo iri rafarisa. Kuridza ngoma nedemo rakafuratira museve. There is everything special about working hard and attaining a PhD certificate. For Gire since marrying her geriatric kulu everything has had to be handed to her without her lifting a finger. Doto remunhu. Wait until your hubby dies ndipo pauchaona moto. You do not have what it takes to study and gain a PhD except your chegotsi industry that has propelled you to where you are today. Zviri kupera izvi

vongai - 7 October 2014

If you enter into the political arena you should expect so-called party colleagues to backstab you and to try and topple you - that comes with the territory. So moaning about plots or conspiracies by Grace shows naivety on her part. I find Grace's speeches short on sense or maturity or tangibles or something concrete and long on boring irrelevant old wives' tales. Nobody connected with ZanuPF can come up with anything new to get the nation excited - they have been in power far too long and have run out of steam and lies. Before 1980 some in Zanu were naively rolling their sleeves promising heaven on earth for everyone, which was a lie, of course, they have instead impoverished everyone except themselves and their cronies. The latest trick to invite two clients (Russia and China) at same time, dressed in a skimpy miniskirt (ZimAsset and minerals), a bit like a prostitute who invites two clients to come the same night, seems to have hit the buffers. You cannot ask someone for a loan (China) and promise to pay back the debt and then the next minute you are seen by that person (China) promising the same for a second loan elsewhere (Russia). ZimAsset is being used by ZanuPF as an instrument for begging money. ZimAsset will soon disappear into oblivion just like MDC-T's JUICE where Biti ran away with the JUI- and Tsvangirai remained with the -CE.

Musona - 7 October 2014

We are praying Amai Mugabe. Only God can give and take. No one can say No when He says Yes and no one can say Yes when He said No. Well done God will give you PhD of His presence and His spirit.

Tatenda - 7 October 2014

Spare us this drivel about God. You cannot put Mugabe's name and God in the same sentence unless you are saying God will punish Mugabe for the massacre of over 40 000 unarmed civilians in Gukurahundi. If ever there is something ungodly it is Gukurahundi. Every time someone talks of Mugabe being “anointed by God” we will remind them of Gukurahundi. What's done cannot be undone.

Musona - 7 October 2014

What does Grace know about books. She is an idiot period.

Jonah - 7 October 2014

No nothing special to Grace cause she did not have to study for it,no brains,whereas most students work very hard for this degree and fees for their further education paid for by their parents so yes they do think it a big deal and important as this will assist them in life for their careers.Respect for Education and Parents is a very big deal in most families.

MARGARET - 7 October 2014

If there is nothing special about a PhD Grace, why not give it back?

David Taylor - 7 October 2014

ZANU PF stalwarts bribing people with cars & money, gosh! I use tonnes of maize & mealie meal & thats how its gotta be?

Ed Murehwa - 7 October 2014

Its not special cause clearly u dint work for it bi*ch. Work for your own ndopaunoona kukosha kwaro cause it needs time sacrifice. Bhuku rinogwadza mbuya imi. chemberai mushe. Zviro zvenyu zvose ndezvekungoba basi. makaba murume waSally mopedzo moti it was polygammy now PHD moti its nothing!! Ahh madofo awa!

Takaz - 8 October 2014


karibafishsales - 8 October 2014

its alway difficult to appreciate chekupuhwa. bwtter if you worked for it.

anga - 8 October 2014

Grace attended Christe Mambo with my cousins and she surely failed Cambridge O level in the early 80s! How she then transformed herself into PhD material! Remember she got ma7% scores at a London University not long ago!

True Kepekepe - 8 October 2014

how can one who is wise say a PHD is not special? It is shameful of a mother to tell her children school is not important but fame is important. ndiro dofo chairo raamai.

ana grace - 8 October 2014

Plz return tht peace of paper as it can only be accompanied by brains, bring back that PHD an db examplary

Dzorerai - 8 October 2014

Grace is quite right . There is nothing special about a PhD, all you have to do is phone Vice Chancellor Nyagura and tell him to reserve a spot for you at the graduation ceremony. Hapana chinonetsa apa.

Johno - 8 October 2014

Robert Mugabe and his inner circle are public admirers of North Korea's ruling family and share the same fatalistic approach to power politics. In their scope of “thinking”, their individual/personal interests and sentiments are national interests. They subscribe to a dynasty-like autocratic rule which laughs at anything like rule of law, participative democracy and power sharing for as long as their personal interests are touched. It is this over-centralized patronage system which has brought our once vibrant Zimbabwe to its knees. No amount of Grace-grand-standing and rallies will change the situation on the ground by creating jobs, supporting start-ups, improving performance of local governments etc. She has no clue!! No other genuine “revolutionary” Party ever mouth-muzzled its Party luminaries to give way for an aspiring presidential spouse. As of now, she is the commissar, presidential spokesperson, congress organizing secretary and de-facto Women's League boss. Welcome to the DPRK!!

selele - 8 October 2014

2nd Samuel recounts of two men annointed of God, Saul and David outcompeting each other at butchering Philistines. They sang songs about it."Saul has killed thousands, David tens of thousands". At some point,one 'Dread Samsone', mightly filled with the Holy ghost, just grabed an Asse's jaw and wrought havoc-slaying 300 Philistines, and soon after, in rage of blindness, prayed for more divine power, dragged the two pillars to a Philistine hall, killing 500 with him. Jonathan son of Saul,filled with the Holy Ghost, at some point also grabbed another Asse's jaw and slew 300. The Bible shows us event comparatives that one would otherwise question-Art he annointed of God? Whyest thence killest he? But man desires an order of things the Heavens above wold loath, yet is justice not from above?For that his days are as limited as his wisdom. Is the holy throne of Judgement not in heaven , and on it sits the son of man? God's ways are not the ways of man. I see that one Musona above, in his Tomfoolery wisdom arrogates to himself the right to judge who is annointed of God and who is not. Spent time with the Holy scriptures if you want to know God's ways-especially the old testament. You will be shocked at the kinds of people God personally called 'the man after my own heart' People who did heineous things....Take David for example.Slew tens of thousands of Philistines (was that right to kill?), took three wives from men he murdered or left in tears(Bathsheba, Abigail, Micah) also murdered Sual's Army commander Abner son of Ner-at least its clear he supervised Joab to do that, then turned agaist Joab his Army commander who fell by the hand of Solomon (that wise boy started off as a murderer). Yet, God loved them, annointed them all and ...poured his spirit upon them..more and more! Fair isn't it Mr Musona? The kinds of things he would do? This God from on high?

fairtalk - 8 October 2014

Even Mr Mugabe could only manage a collection of undergraduate programs because post grad especially PHD if you are to work for it is something special. Opah Machinguri as your looks (which is your currency) start fading its best you keep quiet...its dark upstairs & empty between the ears with such a comment.

Galore 123 - 8 October 2014

its not special if you dont work for it nhai retarded dr. to those who worked for it it means a lot. it means nothing when the head is empty like yours

jimmy bauer - 9 October 2014

I am amazed at how shallow Dr Grace's words are! I have heard O level students debating and analysing issues with a far broader approach than our learned doctor.And she wants to be what?

greasemonkey - 13 October 2014

Phd harishamisiri? Am surprised by the reasoning. Regai tivnone kunowira Dohwe netsvimbo.

mr H - 14 October 2014

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