Mugabe roasts Mnangagwa

HARARE - Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s embarrassing about-turn at the weekend over the senatorial prospects of former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono was apparently made at the behest of a miffed President Robert Mugabe, the Daily News has learnt.

Highly-placed sources said yesterday that Mugabe had voiced concern with Mnangagwa for allegedly misleading the nation on the outcome of a key politburo meeting last Wednesday regarding Gono’s senatorial bid.

Interviewed by a partisan State media after the heated politburo meeting, Mnangagwa said pointedly that Gono’s Senate bid was now a “closed chapter” as the party would go by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s conclusion that Gono could not be appointed senator for Buhera.

However, party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo insisted even then that Mnangagwa was offside over the issue, explaining further that a committee had been set up to ensure that Gono would be appointed a senator once the legal challenges had been looked into and dealt with.

The seat that Gono has been nominated for by Manicaland Province was left vacant following the death of former liberation war hero Kumbirai Kangai.

Mnangagwa’s utterances are said to have irked Mugabe who reportedly went on to order the party strongman to publicly correct his misinformation.

“President Mugabe was not happy at all that Mnangagwa was choosing to mislead the nation, yet the politburo had ruled very clearly that the legal committee had to ensure that Gono was made senator but without breaking the law cited by Zec.

“This is why Mnangagwa performed his embarrassing somersault, bizarrely blaming journalists and insulting them as being uneducated yet he deliberately told the media that Gono’s issue was now a closed chapter.

“Everyone is watching how all this will pan out, as events have still to fully play out,” the well-placed source said.

Describing Mugabe’s unhappiness over the matter as a possible turning point, another source said the president had insisted that he believed an agreement was possible regarding the ex-central bank governor’s senate seat. The president FROM P1

apparently demanded to know the “real” obstacles for the politburo’s resolution on the matter to be realised.

This matter is being played out as Zanu PF is currently engulfed in bitter factional and succession contests between supporters of Mnangagwa and Vice President Joice Mujuru. This war of attrition has become dirtier and uglier in recent months, involving deceit, lies and skulduggery.

Reports indicate that the Mnangagwa faction wants ex-CIO boss Shadreck Chipanga to replace Kangai as they allegedly fear that Gono is too close to Mugabe for their comfort.

The Mnangagwa group has also allegedly been battling to link Gono to the Mujuru faction, although the former RBZ boss insists that he remains loyal only to Mugabe.

The storm started when Zec chairperson Rita Makarau claimed Gono was not qualified to be senator because he was not a registered voter for any ward in Manicaland as demanded by the law.

But Gono said he duly transferred from Harare to Buhera West on December 5, 2013.

Makarau said in a letter to Zanu PF: “There is an original party list which was submitted from Zanu PF during general elections last year to Zec which had names of their candidates, namely Kumbirai Kangai, Mike Nyambuya and Shadreck Chipanga.”

Makarau said further that Gono’s registration transfer from Harare to Buhera West was done by the registrar general Tobaiwa Mudede when at law, Mudede had ceased to conduct such duties on July 20, 2013, and which duties she claimed had since been transferred to Zec.

But legal experts said Zec was attempting to usurp the power of the Constitutional Court and make a judgment not only on the constitutionality of the registrar of voters’ conduct, but also on the existence of a legal framework for voter registration.

Law expert Alex Magaisa said: “In my opinion, Zec has overstepped its mandate. It is not its job to determine whether or not laws or legal frameworks have expired.

“In my opinion, as long as the Electoral Act’s provisions on voter registration have not been amended, a person who is registered by the registrar of voters has a prima facie case that he or she is legally registered unless someone successfully challenges that in a court of law.”

Information minister Jonathan Moyo also vented his ire at Gono, reacting to the latter’s accusations that the stonewalling of his senatorial seat was because of Zanu PF factionalism.

While the Justice minister was unreachable for comment yesterday, he claimed at the weekend that the media failed to properly interpret the statement by Makarau concerning Gono’s bid.

“The problem with our press is that they are very uneducated and were not able to correctly interpret what Justice Makarau said with regards to the issue of Dr Gono,” Mnangagwa was quoted in the same State media that had carried his original interview and which he was now slating.

“Justice Makarau said there was a lacuna, a vacuum that needs to be looked into. She said there is necessity for the vacuum in Dr Gono’s bid to be corrected.

“Dr Gono still has very high chances of landing the Senate seat, absolutely high chances, but the problem with our media is lack of education.”

In the meantime, Mugabe reportedly wants quick resolution to the Gono issue after several party officials expressed frustration over the damage the stand-off was creating for the party.Minister accused of twisting party decision on Gono

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It is urgent indeed because Mugabe himself is running out of time. In 4 months time, he will be 91 and he really want to make sure he lives everything in the way he so wishes. No wonder why there was the fast tracking of his wife PhD. We wait and see if he will manage everything in these few remaining years of his life.

Ziziharinanyanga - 6 October 2014

Its easy to follow that Cde Mnanngagwa at first spoke his mind out but later he had to swallow somebodys words.The President couldnt come out as he is aware his positions in many issues are apparently unpopular within the party circles not to say the people at large.His brutal divide and rule policy within Zanu Pf is still in charge.He is deliberately tarnishing the image of potential successors so that he remains the centre of attention poisoining the system and manipulating it for his own personal good.Cdes lets be on guard

carson Macate - 6 October 2014

Which are the "Highly-placed sources"? This is all hearsay. Maybe Gono would be a much, much better leader than the other apparatchiks, if he is not printing worthless banknotes. He would not be a bad choice. Best of the bad bunch. It will be a clean break from the usual "liberation" drivel.

Musona - 6 October 2014

Ziharimanyanga, are you sure you meant "these few remaining years of his life" rather than his "few remaining months of is life" in your last statement?

Johno - 6 October 2014

Iwe zizi... chakuti-chakuti inindava kuita sokunge Mugabe wacho ari kufa mangwana. This guy is still going strong & moreover check my words he will be there come 2018 contesting. Usadherere Gushungo

Watosvorwa - 6 October 2014

Ngwena this time around has met with his match this time around. Having Gono as a successor for the president will help solve the deadly factionalism in the party and more so rid the country of war mentality. Though the question is will he be acceptable in our militarised state.

Aluta continua - 6 October 2014

machinda epa buhera anetsa papolitics dzemuzimbabwe. he might turnout to be a better leader after all. musona says he is "the best of the bad bunch".

taurai - 6 October 2014

I think Mugabe should let either Mujuru or Mnangagwa take over. Gono will be very compromised bcoz he doesnt hv a constituency. It wl now be up to the new leader to set the tone for the future direction of the country because right now its difficult to know who wants what because these leaders fear Mugabe. I believe Mujuru and Mnangagwa are not bad choices, but have been tainted by Mugabe's legacy.

Tambaoga - 6 October 2014

My choice for President is Ngwena (ED). Gono is tainted because he left Zimbabweans penniless through his ill-conceived and misguided micro and macro-economic policies. His casino economics failed to liberate Zimbabweans from the yoke of poverty and deprivation. ZANU (PF's) succession can best be resolved by allowing both key contenders, ED & Amai Mujuru, to have a rotational presidency.

Chief Charumbira - 6 October 2014

My choice for President is Ngwena (ED). Gono is tainted because he left Zimbabweans penniless through his ill-conceived and misguided micro and macro-economic policies. His casino economics failed to liberate Zimbabweans from the yoke of poverty and deprivation. ZANU (PF's) succession can best be resolved by allowing both key contenders, ED & Amai Mujuru, to have a rotational presidency.

Chief Charumbira - 6 October 2014

But your paper is shameless. saka Gono ngaachiita senator nhai mupepeti handiti the law need to be changed . Ngwena is right I do not see your point Ngwena hana kuti Gono will never be a senator but only said the law has to be changed, like any other law which can change any time eg munonzwa kuti mutemo wachinja hakuchina Executive president .kkkkkkkkkkkkk

jairos - 6 October 2014

Mark my words. Gono wakabatiswa dombo. Mugabe haachina simba. Wangova churu chakapinda nyoka

dick mboko - 6 October 2014

Dr G Gono and Dr G Mugabe. Nyika yaRecover varume. Dr G Gono for President, Dr G Mugabe for Vice Presidency, tapinda. For the first time I am going to vote ZANU-PF. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Command Center - 7 October 2014


codzo - 7 October 2014

Cde. Rex Nhongo would have done anything to block the crocodile and it's fellow lizards from landing presidency. He would have known why! It's not because he "loved" Teurai soo much, ...a big NO!! He knew that this man is not good for civilian Zimbabweans and will certainly institute a rule of terror well beyond what we have today. Just look at the "format" of those people behind him, magandanga ega ega.

selele - 7 October 2014

People of Zimbabwe really amaze me. We all know that Nikuv and company rigged the 2013 elections yet everyone is quick to say either Gono ,or Ngwena or some of similar ilk will be president. There are too many incoherent assumptions being made here. Its as if the commentatoers on this story have discounted Save Morgan Tsvangirayl. We all know that since 2000, Save has beaten Robert whilst vana Munangagwa have failed to win national elections. You are going to get the shock of your lives>

rudolph - 7 October 2014

And you call that roasting? You must be fools to say that.

the patriot - 7 October 2014

@rudolph - There's no way Tsvangirai will EVER be president - the Constitution is skewed against any other party getting into power. Tsvangirai is not streetwise - his Reserve upbringing works against him. He spent 5 years meeting Mugabe every Monday where nobody knows what they discussed or what the purpose of going into a coalition with a military dictatorship was. ZanuPF can rig elections at will and there is no mechanism in place to stop that. Tsvangirai and Makandiwa are no different - they will promise you the earth but deliver zero. Tsvangirai is just wasting political space. ZanuPF is like a rotten crate of fruit and we are hoping the next president will be the best one from the rotten fruit crate.

Musona - 7 October 2014

selete you are correct, mukaisa ngwena panyanga takuvara, all those behind him are either opportunists, outright murderers vanouraya masikati machena and kleptocratic thieves who will strip this country bare. mobutu's zaire will look like a sunday picnic if this faction is given any chance to rule this country. any sane person should root for mujuru to be the next president, ndiamai vane rudo vanogona, we dont need another mugabe again.

cde churucheminzwa - 7 October 2014

Mr Reporter, be serious. I cant find an roasting in your article. You are useless.

Ndugu - 7 October 2014

mai mujuru is an accomplice in multiple rape cases that occured tirikusango.vavhunzei kuti vasikana vavaipa mashefu vaiva wanepi. imimi munongoona sekunge munhu kwaye but some girls were left for dead after refusing to give in to her demands,she is no saint.Chiwenga nana Zimondi kuzoba ngoda hantika mai ndivo vaiva n emuda wacho. there is no saint in zanu vana gono vezuro ava naan a dhokita gracia munyasarandi vari nani.

eliot manyika - 8 October 2014

@ Musona, Do not mislead the nation with your skewed overtures. Tsvangirai rescued the lives of zimbabweans in 2008 when most them were at the brink of perishing. Sometimes people quickly forget but if we fail to remember the role Tsvangirai played in saving the multitude of Zimbabweans our history will never be correct. Never mind the monday meetings with his esrtwhile looser, you can do them but if you show a pig clean water everyday does it bother to get into it and wash itself.

mukanya - 9 October 2014

@Mukanya what kind of saviour is someone who can not save his own skin when the need is nigh? there is talk this saviour's fornicating gun cannot cork anymore.If he sorts out that problem without having to rope in Temitope Bolusegun whose own fake church collapsed like this fornicraft stick and could not also be saved by yet another fake 'saviour', then perhaps there is reason enough to believe wht you say. A saviour with enough sense attends to his ailing cork before jumping to rescue a whole ailing ecpnomy. Kana ndimiwo Mukanya chakakosha chii apa, kuporesa muchongoyo wenyu, kana kusota urombo hwenyika yese? Is this not what they mean when they say 'Healer, heal thyself?' Kutamba havo vanakamba kuti 'tsuro akakwira mumuti'

Fairtalk - 9 October 2014

Whether we vilify Morgan or Mugabe, the problem remains with us the poor povo who are suffering whilst we talk about the two who are having it pretty inZimbabwe. Thus how stupid we are, whilst the bulls fight the grass suffers. Lets take stock of issues we can influence rather talk of failure of these two. The generality of Zimbabwe are the biggest looser in all this, whilst we cherish the dog-fight.

gwaya - 13 October 2014

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