I'm sorry, Bev tells Magaya

HARARE - Sexy Angels front lady Beverly “Bev” Sibanda has apologised to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance leader Walter Magaya for all the stunts she has pulled against the celebrity preacher.

Bev’s manager Harpers Mapimhidze said they regretted every bad thing that ever transpired between them and Magaya.

“He is a man of God, everyone knows that,” Mapimhidze told the Daily News.

“What took place is just unfortunate but we apologise for everything that has ever happened. You know at times we, as people, make decisions that we end up regretting but we are apologising.

“We are human and at times we do things we regret at the end. As Bev’s manager, I apologise for everything that she has ever said or done to Magaya. He is a man of God and we cannot mess with him.”

Mapimhidze said he is certain that there will be less talk coming from Bev regarding Magaya.

“I spoke to Bev especially with issues to do with what she was saying in the media, we agreed that she would stop and that she would leave him alone,” he said.

“At times, I would not know what would be taking place, only to read it in the papers. I have had serious talk with her regarding what she says in public and her conduct with other people.

At the end of the day, anaMagaya vanhu vane zvinhu zvavo, so you can’t mess with them, you might need their help in the future.”

Since joining and leaving Magaya’s PHD Ministries, Bev has launched a series of attacks on Magaya, who has largely remained quiet amid a barrage of attack.

Earlier, Magaya helped Bev start a retail business, renting a shop for her and giving her money to start up the business.

In less than three months, she said the shop was not generating enough money and that she would rather go back to dancing.

She accused the prophet of trying to woo her with a car and money.


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Musatambe nemadhaka pasina mvura,siyanai nevanhu vamwari pliz,Prophet Magaya is a true man of God and he has never commented any bad thing about anyone.Chinyerere zvake asi zodzo iri kufashukira.Bhora mberi munhu wamwari,siyanai nevanobvuma kushandiswa nasatan

ome - 6 October 2014

Surely it is a futile exercise fighting a man of God.But repentance is for the brave & God fearing people also.We've to applaud&forgive those who apologize for their wrong doing.

SEKAUREMA - 6 October 2014

Magaya is a man of God and let it end there not to say he is a true thats not for you to say ,he is a man of God because he says he is and i never heard him saying i am a true man of God we dont have true and fake man of God if you are a man of God you are a man of God,if you are not then you are a man of Satan

gevenchy - 6 October 2014

where did this word 'Man of God' comr from? Those who brought religion/Christianity to Africa don't use it! Outsiders who weep louder than the bereaved, as for me and my house, will serve the Only True God, who sees all of us the same before him! To will not partake in this breed of Makandiwas, Engels and Magayas! to hell with them and their falsehoods!

Gugu Nare - 6 October 2014

Zvirikumbofamba sei?

Johno - 6 October 2014

Bev ane zvaakuda believe me wooo

Nyoka - 6 October 2014

the tittle man of God is given to anyone who does the work of the LORD and it is given to the person by people no by himself because of the works...... i hope this solves your argument. at the same time these guys are just loooking for a publicity wani vakambonyepa kuti akafa wani. mira munzwe mangwana bev anobuda achitaura kuti i did not say tat or iye hapaz wacho

ali - 6 October 2014

May God Forgive Her if she means it...

Sheridon Martins (Sherryie) - 6 October 2014

Gugu Nare it is very absurd for you to expose your foolishness on public platforms like this. If you are not a Christian don't commend on things your don't know. The term man of God is very biblical. Just a few verses for your consumption and repent: 1Timothy 6: 11, 2Timothy 3: 17, Deuteronomy 33: 1, 1Samuel 9: 10, 1Kings 13: 29; 31, 1Kings 17: 18; 24, 1Kings 12: 22. Please go and learn Godly things from these great men of God Prophets Makandiwa, Angel and Magaya and you will be saved you and your family.

Emman - 6 October 2014

akudawo $20 000

asazi - 6 October 2014

Thank you Harpers...hope you mean what you are saying.. to God be the glory.

Slivia - 6 October 2014

Akaaaaaa Bev haaaa, Ukaoma ukaona kakutuma manager kudai hameno zvakanenge kateya Kakaoma kamunhu aka. I think iko ndiko kano fanira ku opologiser kega. The volume done to this man of cloth by this lady is too much.

Watosvorwa - 6 October 2014

you can never fight a man of God and win.

donney - 6 October 2014

you can never fight a man of God and win.

donney - 6 October 2014

Bev was forgiven long time ago by Prophet Magaya its up to her to be truly oppen with her apology

tash - 6 October 2014

Beverly and Harpers you did a very good thing to apologise to the Man of God Prophet Magaya am 100% sure that you are forgiven but you shouldn't make that mistake in life again

Anthia Sign - 6 October 2014

we give all the glory to God if you mean it sister Bev

sophia - 6 October 2014

Bev apologizes. That other husband of the other woman apologizes. Hmmmmmm? Somebody somewhere is paying big bucks to get these apologies out. Its a good business strategy because clearing up these issues opens up other business opportunities.

Chipikiri - 6 October 2014

I call Him Prophet W. Magaya not Magaya.He is a real man of God.Pliz lets talk about the people who are being delivered through him and the testimonies tha Grorify Jesus.Endai munozwionera mega kwaZindoga

ceekay - 6 October 2014

I have a question to those that say prophet Magaya is a true man of God. Please note that I am not saying he is not. "How do we come to a conclusion that someone is a true man of God or someone is not a true man of God?" Is it based on what they say, what we see, what the bible says or what? I truly need guidance.

Frank - 6 October 2014

So the so-called men of God are called by that name because vanotaura zvichaitika nekunyepera vanhu kuti vapona ivo vachisara vachinetseka neurwere hwawo nhai!! Romans 3 vs 23 is very clear and it shows that hakuna kana neumwe ari nani zvake pamberi paMwari asi imi moti takarasima kuti 'true men of God' because vari kunyepera vanhu nenhema dzinobva kunana baba vadzo Nhema = Satani!!!! A man in ver judged to be good because agona kuparidza, kuporesa or kuimba but by his or her personal relationship with God, of which zviri kuita vakomana ava is all for us to see kuti whom do they serve chokwadi. Let us not be deceived by these so called miracles and titsvage Mwari nguva ichiripo. Jeremiah 6 : 16 and vanonzi vana vaMwari (not true men of God) are those who keep his ALL His commandments. Hanzi naJohn 14:15 (if u love me u will do what i command) and John 15:14 (you are my friends if you do what i command)!!!! Ngatisiyanei nekupa mbiri kuvakomana ava topa mbiri kunaJehovha uye ngatitsvagei chisvo chake (Mwari) nguva ichiripo diki diki chete.

mudhombokiyani - 6 October 2014

well done servant of God mudhombokiyani.yu realy mean it.tell them

munyika - 6 October 2014


codzo - 7 October 2014

Bible say vazvinji vachauya nezita rangu, asi pakupedzisira Jesu vanoti handikuzivei. Rev 19:10, a prophet is one who interpret and leave scriptures, let your so called "man of go to scriptures". he should leave by God's commandments, if he reads, ask him to read the commandments of God and leave them. Hope u are not offended.

Mangena - 7 October 2014

mudhombokiyani and mangena you are fearless man of God tell them the truth i like it . real God's people are still there those who follow the commandments in whole.

Tsotso - 7 October 2014

How can a mere mortal know the right standing of another man before God except it is by revelation? On what basis do we call any prophet for that matter "True Man of God". There is only one true God and Jesus is that Truth. Oly God knows who the true prophet is not man.

Mfundisi - 7 October 2014

Bev atopihwa Bag na Happaz vese. Ndoma dhiri pa town

Mafirakureva - 7 October 2014

Bev atopihwa Bag na Happaz vese. Ndoma dhiri pa town

Mafirakureva - 7 October 2014

Bev atopihwa Bag na Happaz vese. Ndoma dhiri pa town

Mafirakureva - 7 October 2014

This bev's manager is greedy and wants her to ask forgiveness yet she knows she was telling the truth and this guy was trying to lure her by sorts of gifts in exchange for love and turned them down. This manager wants to reconnect the relationship in order for him to milk this guy.

Bird's Eye - 7 October 2014

We say he is a true man of God because as children of God we have the spirit to discern

eddie - 8 October 2014

Man of God????

comrade - 10 October 2014

money TALKS

Harare - 10 October 2014

she wants to accomplish the mission she failed the previous attempt. prophet magaya has to be careful on how she handles her now.

anaconda - 11 October 2014

Where did Man of God came from> plz search your electronic bible, if u ave one, and there are over 50 references in both Old and New Testament. Isaia 9:6, Josua14:6 (Moses the MAN OF GOD) etc. Someone who introduces something is not necessarily the owner of that something; there were missionaries and they did a good thing but they only taught what they knew not that they taught all we are suppose to know from the hOly bible.

andrew - 13 October 2014

If you believe in God and follow his ways l think you are a man of God careless of whether you are a prophet or not.

lumido - 13 October 2014

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