Mugabe nephew causing him headaches

HARARE - Patrick Zhuwao, President Robert Mugabe’s nephew has in the past few weeks been causing headaches to his 90-year-old uncle through his controversial involvement in the bitter Zanu PF succession dogfights.

The 90-year-old Zimbabwean leader is reportedly unhappy with Zhuwao’s conduct in using his name for the deadly factional fights pitting camps reportedly led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Recently, Zhuwao published in the State media, a controversial opinion piece claiming that Mugabe faced a palace coup in Zanu PF while last week, his wife beat up the party’s Mashonaland West chairman Temba Mliswa.

Sources told the Daily News on Sunday that Mugabe expressed “utter shock and anguish” at

the attacks on Mliswa by his nephew’s wife.

During a top government meeting in Harare last week, Mugabe reportedly questioned why Zhuwao’s wife Beauty was cast as the victim in the State media when she was the one who had jumped on Mliswa.

There was large-scale outrage and disbelief in Zanu PF over the stand-off between Zhuwao’s wife and Mliswa, who restrained himself from retaliating. 

“The president was angry with the way his relatives are abusing his name and he asked the Media minister Jonathan Moyo why the State media was casting Mliswa as the violator when he was the victim,” said a highly-placed government source.

Moyo reportedly offered an unconditional apology for the State media reportage, according to sources.

Mliswa’s assault soon became viral on the net, and criticism flew thick and fast, embarrassing the nation’s first family.

Soon, Mugabe stepped forward to undo the damage. In the Tuesday meeting, he is said to have said he was quite surprised and disappointed with what Zhuwao’s wife did and apologised on her behalf, according to government sources.

“He expressed utter shock and anguish and called on the State media to report facts accurately,” our source added.

To a query as to whether Zhuwao should apologise, he reportedly said not only as a President’s nephew, but as any sensitive man, he should not have allowed that kind of confrontation.

“He said ‘forget about being a political leader, it shows a certain degree of insensitivity... My family is not like that’,” our source said.

Mugabe reportedly disagrees with Zhuwao’s view that Zanu PF faced a palace coup.

Mugabe’s relatives, led by Zhuwao, have been throwing aspersions on virtually everyone, including top Zanu PF leaders such as party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo.

In the controversial opinion piece, Zhuwao warned that factional conflict and strife can escalate to levels that may cause fissures in the organisation that, in turn, may cause a palace coup.

Zhuwao, using his close ties with the first family, has been seen as one of the brains behind Grace’s mercurial rise in Zanu PF, where she has been nominated to be the Women’s League boss.

He is reportedly part of a grouping dubbed Mazoe Crush, which also includes his wife, Oppah Muchinguri, the outgoing Women’s League boss, and several politburo members.

Chairpersons perceived to be loyal to Joice Mujuru have been the biggest casualties of a seemingly calculated smear campaign. They have been cast as opposed to Grace’s rise.

And on Monday before he was beaten up, Mliswa had cast doubts on Zhuwao’s sincerity to stand by his uncle in his hour of need.

Mugabe’s handling of the unfolding crisis has also seen many questioning his leadership qualities as he is seemingly failing to steadily steer the ship through murky waters.

Margaret Dongo, a former Zanu PF legislator, who is now a fierce critic of the ruling party, said Mugabe has lost control because he has chosen to be put in the pockets of a certain faction.

The recent entry into mainstream politics by Mugabe’s wife Grace has angered many in the ruling party amid fears that the nonagenarian is now siding with a particular grouping that is angling to succeed him.

“The president should realise that once you are a leader, you do not have to side with any faction,” Dongo said.

“Now, no one can listen to him because he has chosen a side.”

Torn between the two factions, Zanu PF has been weakened by unprecedented infighting that has played out in the media in recent days.

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I rightly think Zhuwao articulated his opinion in a very objective and informed manner. Mr Editor, or whoever is the author of the above article, you are as well expressing your personal view which is, unfortunately debatable...hence to say Patrick is giving the President "headaches", might be an overzealous statement obviously targeted at a certain coterie of the people....

Shepherd - 5 October 2014

But Mugabe's wife said it.Mugabe is a double headed snake.He has been the biggest beneficiary of divided and rule. He is not reprimanding his wife who said some people in Zanu Pf want to get rid of the President because he old.

Guranyanga - 5 October 2014

Mugabe's relatives, which includes Joao (Zhuwao), Joao's wife and Grace, are panicking because they know soon their patriarch, Robert, will soon depart this planet and they cannot stomach the idea of having someone taking over Mugabe's place at State House. It's like your favourite Managing Director or General Manager who promoted you at your place of work is about to leave or has been fired, you panic because you don't know what the future boss will do. Or the bully brother you had been depending on to terrorise others in the neighbourhood is dead and you are left in the lurch so to speak.

Musona - 5 October 2014

Daily news is fast becoming useless. Yu no long write meaningful articles. its now always''reportedly'' this and that. All rumours. You seem to endear yoselves with zanu and Mugabe in particular. Grow up mhani!!!

changu - 5 October 2014

when the nonegenarian is finally gone, anaJoao nanaGrace will realise kuti kunze hakuna kumira mushe. zvichapera zvwse zvekupengereka vachifunga kuti vangatonge Zanu pf. the slogan is; Zanu ndeyeropa, and this a real lot. mark my words.

Zanu ndeyeropa - 5 October 2014


codzo - 6 October 2014


codzo - 6 October 2014



A piece of nonsense from the now irrelevant daily news, trying to pick a fight against the herald and also trying to support a faction of zanu pf (mujuru) after loosing out on chematama, very pathetic paper.

reason - 6 October 2014

daily news are doing their best to find relevant news that appeal to our current situation. if anyone does not approave of their publication(s) pls kindly find news worthy elsewhere. we want to know the details of what is going on in our country.

sunga - 6 October 2014

@Reason's pain and desperation on this forum is beginning to show. What a pity that his goblin leader, the Commander-in-thief, and their murderous party show no sign of changing their inept, corrupt and murderous ways to make life a little easier for mad and unreasonable Reason. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

Moses - 6 October 2014

Moses wandipedza nenyaya dza-goblin leader and commander-in-thief. Wabaya gudo nemukanwa!

Kt - 6 October 2014

You can say that again sunga. some people just love criticizing yet if they themselves were to come up with a so-called 'newsworthy' article they wouldn't have the slightest idea. Well done daily news keep the nation posted please.

lol - 6 October 2014

Iyi inyaya yevanhu vasina mitupo nhayi ka?

Mendeka - 6 October 2014

But we all know Mliswa was hit by Joao's wife but the Herald reported that Mliswa had attacked Joao's wife and sincerely such should be questioned nothing wrong with this atticle.

Maita Manyuka - 6 October 2014

@musona knows it from experience how it feels when your boss is departed. you are right that it is hard to stomach life after the boss is gone. they are gone for keeps my brother never to return again. these guys you mention seem desperate too. i would guess they feel the same wind and are looting even certificates from the state uni. the papers have become very interesting to read these days. its drama after drama.

taurai - 6 October 2014

thanks Mr. Editor for trying to control the discussion on this website. some of us want to know what is happening not these shameless contributions where partisan readers continue to pour very subjective and unreasonable comments which do not make sense at all.

Darlington Gumunyu - 6 October 2014

I think think its is befitting consuming much of our productive socio-economic political space talking about people who are not concerned about common good like the Joao(Zhuwawao).Lets better join hands for noble causes these people would be silent the soonest.

carson Macate - 9 October 2014

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