Tsvangirai hits back at Grace

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday hit back at First Lady Grace Mugabe after she railed against his sexual proclivities, with the MDC leader describing her as a property and PhD grabber.

Grace on Thursday blasted Tsvangirai at a rally in Chinhoyi, describing the former trade unionist as “satanic” and a “womaniser.”

But Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, said Grace should first ask her husband, President Robert Mugabe, to explain the Gukurahundi massacres of the 1980s, before she starts hurling insults at him.

Referring to a prophecy delivered by charismatic preachers Emmanuel Makandiwa and backed by Walter Magaya warning against planned MDC demonstrations, Grace said Tsvangirai’s defiance to warnings by men of the cloth was a clear sign that he belongs to Satan.

But yesterday the former prime minister said Zimbabweans have a constitutional right to demonstrate against “misrule” by Grace’s husband.

“The problem with Grace is that she is not aware that Zimbabweans are suffering,” Tamborinyoka said.

“Not every Zimbabwean can act with impunity as she does. Not every Zimbabwean can grab the whole of Mazowe and grab a degree at the University of Zimbabwe and get away with that.”

Mugabe’s wife has hogged the limelight in the past weeks after sensationally acquiring a PhD at the UZ in what critics have called “dubious” and “questionable circumstances.”

Apart from stirring the hornet’s nest through her controversial academic achievements, Grace’s mercurial rise in politics has also caused a lot of discomfort in the ruling party after the party’s rules and regulations were bent to accommodate her as the incoming Women’s League secretary.

Reacting to her assertions that anyone who goes against celebrity preachers’ warnings against mass action was “demonic”, Tsvangirai said Zimbabweans were free to express themselves as guaranteed in the constitution.

“There is nothing demonic in expressing ourselves because not all of us are masters at grabbing things,” Tamborinyoka said.

“She should tell her husband that what is demonic is the massacre of  20 000 people in Matabeleland provinces. She must tell her husband that what is demonic is to have a child with your secretary while your wife is lying on her deathbed.”

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the last paragraph is just too much,yoo, i didn't know that most pple especially of shona surnames are aware of that

MuNambya - 4 October 2014

and MT should return that fake PhD he got from the Moonies in South Korea

Iwe - 4 October 2014

There is a difference between an honorary PhD and an academic PhD. Giresi's PhD is supposed to be an academic one which is supposed to be conferred after years of serious research and study. But being a PhD holder and believing the prophesies of some of these money-making prophets shows she does not even have the slightest clue what it means to hold a degree. One does not need to be a prophet to know that if there are mass demonstrations in the country, Giresi's husband will, as usual, order police and army to shoot to kill. We don't need Makandiwa or Magaya to tell us that under the guise of prophesy. It is like prophesying that it will rain in January.

Chenjerai Hove - 4 October 2014

The Munangagwa faction thought they had done well by inviting Grace. Information is already circulating that they are regreting the move for Grace is already eying for the VP's position.

tafunuka - 4 October 2014

Ya Giresi ane pamuromo pambishi Zvataurwa Makandiwa ndizvozvo! Imagine the Bishop of Canterbury or the Pope telling their governments you obey our orders because they are from God.Zimbabweans should follow this small time fake, shallow, fraudster who claims to talk to God every night.Telling us Gold will rain in our gardens.That he has powers enlarge people's dicks.In any case does everyone in Zimbabwe belong to Makandiwa.Poppycock a load of rubbish I say.These fake prophets thrive on the gullibility and stupidity of their followers.Look at TB Joshua and this crook has blood on his hands.These are con artists. Instead of telling us how she intends to address problems of poverty; employment in women and improving their lives she talks about sex.She is not even ashamed a mother,to grab an academic certificate that she doesn't deserve and does so with a straight face.And while she knows very well many in Zanu pf do not like her at all,has decided to use her husband's imaginary enemies to suit her agenda.This witch-hunt is calculated against the likes of Fortune Chasi and the Mujuru Regiment in order to ensure her smooth rise to the top echelons of the Party without resistance.This woman is both a beetch and a witch.Zimbabweans both Zanu pf and MDC must stop this treacherous serpent.She spits venom and Zanu pf is much more divided than it has never been.

Guranyanga - 5 October 2014

just that for survival in Zimbabwe we must ask for recolonisation from Britain. was it really objective to go to war? Did we blacks gain anything? I propose this "weird" thing on the very firm belief that homo sapien zimbabweasis need more governace exposure from the whites who built Tsvingwe mine, Goromonzi High, Bulawayo city, and under UN sanctions and war, again built the famous Beira corridor. The once demonised cow-tax built the dip-tanks that abound the Rhodesian landscape. How about the road tolls, what do they do for the ordinary, governed simpletons? We need capital to improve the quality of life of the citizens. We don't need Grace, nor Morgan, nor Mugabe but functional hospitals, and jobs, and growth opportunities. This war has had us in difficulties immense we will never enjoy our fatherland. We generate nurses, teachers, doctors, accountants to serve South Africa, UK & USA. Shame. Even our business men, like Masiyiwa, Trevor, are happier away from home. Let us ditch poisonous political liars who seek only their comfort and look for real solutions to our problems. Could the whites ever come to exploit resources of the republic, let us fight to develop our own capital capabilities so that we will be able to extend canals to beyond Chipangayi and serve the multitudes who reside on otherwise very fertile lands. The bitter truth that saves is good. The sweet condomless sex is deathly. The politics of forced pungwes is hitting on us and hard, very hard.

david maombo - 5 October 2014

Yaa..people have problems when they are in power corruptly and they are dogged with fears of unknown. MT is right...we need to sacrifice for our freedom. The true freedom fighters did unfortunately no true freedom came for majority but for minorities. ZANU PF knows better even during the liberation struggle there were detractors in all sorts of forms which never wanted blacks to rise aginst the current regime...so is today. People have to rise and fight the system not ZANU PF, Grace, Mugabe or whoever. If there was no misrule and corruption even Morgan wouldn't have thought of coming up with a party. Corrupt governments must go...no corrupt governments will stay

deaver - 5 October 2014

We all Zimbabweans, ko nyaya dzekugara tichingotukana idzi ndidzo dzineiko. Aaaaah Zvakaoma but vanhu havadye izvozvo. People need leaders who can drive this economy & fresh ideas.

Watosvorwa - 5 October 2014

Sleeping with another man while you are married is evil Grace do you hear. Never did we hear that Morgan was having sex with other woman while Susan was alive but your frail Husband was bonking you while mama wethu Sally was sick and dying . Mugabe neglected and abandoned his very sick wife bcoz of you and you left Russel 's father bcoz you were now enjoying sex at work and when you got home you were always tired and disrespectful of him .Remember whenMorgan had sex with other woman he was single .Do not forget that Morgan is not 90yrs therefore he is young and sexual active and he is not a ngomwa .

Diibulaanyika - 5 October 2014

its as if musona has changed his post name to some david type. yes pungwes have yielded the opposite of our expectations. however, the country is now in the hands of the rightful owners. what still remains unaccomplished is economic prosperity for the average citizen. that seems possible if and only if we put our heads together and fight this current looting idealogy that is prevalent in the current crop of politicians we have. the tunnel is dark but i can see a faint ray of light. we are certainly not going back to the smith era.

taurai - 5 October 2014

hanzi kushorana kwaana kamba. zvikomba zvinkshorana mundiro yenhopi.

sunga - 5 October 2014

Politicians - remember we do not eat your bickering. People are SUFERING PERIOD. God will judge you.

Open Eye - 5 October 2014

zimbos need food, electicity and water mudzimba... the problem with our politicians is they are now all filthy rich to the core... they all want to rule... and they are all "rulin" ..... ruling with thier big farms, with all the cars and houses across the globe... they r always focused on thier personal deals and ignoring thier duties to the people.. eg if mpof cn own a bank as a minister ..do u think he cares wat really happens in his ministry...he aleady tryn to be like ex kingdom bank owner Mr Chanakira ... why not buy a manufacturing plant which benefits the country even pama exports but noooo why not own a bank and make it impossible to trace dirty money

ndini uyauya - 6 October 2014

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aqua - 6 October 2014

izvi ndezvekutungana kwembudzi zveshuwa, mukati vanhu vanotoziva kuti kuna Mwari here at the end of life?

Inzwa - 8 October 2014

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