We have been dumped - Mugabe

HARARE - Zimbabwe is now a lone ranger in the world because of its tough empowerment policies, which are against the British and American interests, President Robert Mugabe said.

Mugabe said this soon after landing at the Harare International Airport where scores of his supporters from Harare province gathered to welcome him back from the 69th session of the United Nations general assembly in the United States of America (USA).

“Tinoda kupa rukudzo kuvanhu veAfrica vanotipawo rukudzo. Vari kuona kuti Zimbabwe ndiyo nyika iri pamberi kudarika dzimwe pane kucherechedza zvinangwa zvevatema, vane kurwisana nevadzvanyiriri vanoda kuuya nenzira dzakasiyana siyana nekutora upfumi hwevatema, saka rukudzo rwehunhu hwedu hwakawanda huri kuratidzwa muZimbabwe, Zimbabwe isingatye, Zimbabwe yarwisana nevasvetasimba, saka aiwa apa tinoti isu hatina vamwe vari sure kwedu vatinoti ava tinovimba navo, tingabatane maoko navo. Vanhu vakutya zvakakomba, kutya kwacho hakusi kutya kwepfuti, kwava kutya kuti aah, tikava nekutukana nemaAmericans, tikava nekutukana nevarungu vedu ivo, ko rubatsiro tozoruwana kupi,” said President Mugabe speaking in Shona.

(“We want to pay our respects to the continent of Africa, which also respects us. They have seen that Zimbabwe is the only country leading in terms of empowering and serving the black people’s interests, fight imperialists that come in different forms. So the respect of our humane is being shown in Zimbabwe, the fearless Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, which fought imperialists, so we do not have any backing. People are seriously afraid, not that they are afraid of guns but they fear insulting the Americans. They fear that if they upset they whites, they will not be able to get assistance.”)

“Kana muine mafuta ari pasi apa, zvicherwa zviri pasi apa, ivhu riri renyu, ko hupfumi hwamunoda kune ava ndehwei. Muri marema here? Vanouya vachiti tiri kukupai tumari utwu, asi mafuta ndivo vanenge vachiapedza”. (“If you have oil resources, minerals, land, what other form of riches do you desire? Are you handicapped? They come pretending to assist you with little money, but they will be exhausting all the oil resources.”)

Mugabe gave an example of Gabon, an African nation, which he said is losing oil to France.

…zvino isu takati kwete, maBritish muri kwenyu, ivhu nderedu, zvicherwa ndezvedu, mazano ekuzvichera ndeedu, garai kwenyu, tinogara kwedu, mapurazi amakanga matora ndeedu, akudzokera kwatiri. (“We said no, the land belongs to us, let the British stay in their country. The resources are ours, the ideas of how to mine the minerals are ours, stay in your country, we will stay in our country, the land belongs to us. We are taking back the farms, which you had confiscated from us.”)

Mugabe said Zimbabwe cannot compensate for farms that were taken from the whites, adding that probably government can only compromise on the infrastructure developments that will be on the farms, like dams.

Mugabe further urged his Zanu PF party to unite, ahead of its national congress, only two months away.

His party has been embroiled in bitter factional fights pitting Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The two have publicly denied leading any factions.

Mugabe told the gathering that Harare province should reclaim its position and lead by example.

It has become a tradition within Mugabe’s party that Harare province members always welcome him at the Harare International airport each time he comes back from a national mission.

The move is seen by analysts as a way of bootlicking Mugabe.

Several hours before he touched down, a large crowd had already gathered at the national airport, braving the scorching summer heat.

The hot temperatures did not deter several women from dancing to Mbare Chimurenga Choir’s music, booming loud from a large public address system.

The octogenarian leader arrived at around 11:40, much to the delight of his supporters.

Mugabe started narrating the mission of his visit to the USA and that he had explained Zimbabwe’s position on various initiatives that the government was taking to empower its people.

During the session, Mugabe denounced “evil” machinations by the USA and European Union on its stance of imposing sanctions against Zimbabwe.

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'octogenarian' leader at 90? editor ita serious

hapana zvamunondiita - 28 September 2014

Mugabe is lying “We are taking back the farms, which you had confiscated from us”. The true history is as follows - There were no farms before the whites came in 1890. There was no nation-state. There were no borders. The land was thinly-populated. When the whites set out the borders there were only around 300 000 people who were hunting and gathering. Why would they have needed farms for? At times one badza was shared by the whole village. Badzas were hard to come by. With a badza you cannot till more than an 18-yard area of a football field. The GEJO (ox-drawn plough) was brought by the whites. There was no piped water, or irrigation equipment or hosepipes or fertiliser. The people who live in Zimbabwe right now are not the original inhabitants of this land. Whites were the last tribe to come in 1890 and establish a nation-state. Before the whites the Ndebele came in October 1837 from Zululand and before that the Shangaan came in 1820 also from Zululand under Soshangane. The Bushmen came/occupied before the other tribes. This is history written by whites who could read and write at the time not folkloric nonsense. It's also a lie that “Gabon, an African nation, is losing oil to France”. There's no way France can just get oil for free from Gabon - France PAYS Gabon for the oil. Gabon is free to sell or not to sell oil to France. Mugabe talks as if France comes in the cover of darkness and steals the Gabonese oil without the Gabonese government knowing. Is Mugabe implying the Gabon government is fast asleep?

Musona - 28 September 2014

Point of correction Editor and Reporter. Mugabe is a Nonagenarian (90's) not Octagenarian (80's). Ndizvo zvinoita cut and paste.

dick mboko - 28 September 2014

I think you meant nonagenarian

IngoFonaPHD - 28 September 2014


F - 29 September 2014

So if he is a loner because he has no friends in America and Britain. Ko he has Russia and China. What are Russians and Chinese doing in this country you brute? I they not siphoning the same minerals you say we have underground. Hameno vachashandira ma mines ema China ne ma Russia because they are known for their dangerous way of mining. Safety record yavo is zero.

Maita Manyuka - 29 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 29 September 2014

@ Musona.You are brutally frank Musona and for that you will not make many friends amongst the starry-eyed Mugabe followers. Our nonagenarian strongman sees the speck in Gabon's eye without any shame in the heavy log in his own eye. Why then do the Gabonese not take France to the Hague for such alleged blunt imperialism if what the dictator was saying has any truth? And who is supposed to be the complainant, Mugabe or the Gabonese? To think some fanatical Mugabe supporters even ululated and clapped to such outlandish nonsense! Why someone in that welcoming Zanoid crowd never took Mugabe to task about the Red Chinese frittering away diamonds in our own backyard Chiadzwa surely beats me as the worst form of puppetry any Zimbabwean can exhibit towards a lying politician.

tafamutekwe - 29 September 2014


codzo - 29 September 2014

most things they got have been and are stolen the so called great zimbabwe ruiens where build long before the shangaan this great zimbabwe was build 300.000 years ago by slave labour of the annankaty gods everything mugaby tels his people about great zimbabwe is stolen robert look at your zim today it is a filty country just drive trough your suburbs when your hous is also that filty shame shame on you and your famely

jack - 29 September 2014

Musona, as much as you seem to have imbibed European authored 'African' history what you deliberately forget is that these guys did not bring the land with them. The fertile land & other desirable conditions for farming were already there. you also seem to conveniently forget the evictions of those locals who would have been in areas deemed fit for farming, the treatment of those that resisted, forced labour, poisining of their livestock among other things too numerous to mention. Yes they had superior technology & knowledge relevant to their own needs of commercial farming. The locals did not see the need of this kind of existance at the time but they were developing at their own pace & according to the challenges they faced.

Ed Mrehwa - 29 September 2014

Yes Mugabe is brave. He can shout at anybody including the Americans,the British and the Europeans.However what do we get out of this shouting at people who do not respond when you shout at them. If you are that good as a leader why are shouting at another country to give you their money. They are refusing with their money and as a clever leader use your resources and not bleet everytime you are given a chance that some people have refused with their money. These people you call cowards know how to behave and look at their people. They are not suffering like us. They are not fleeing their country like us. There is no unemployment and suffering like what is in our country. Sanctions were put because of what you did Mugabe and not for nothing. We saw your supporters invading and destroying other peoples property. You created lawlessness in the country in the name of land reform.People were killed and many tortured for their political beliefs. You fought to bring one man one vote but you only wanted it when people were voting for you. The problem has been said by the US ambassador: it is policy and governance which is wrong and we agree with him. The country has been brought back to the 1930s because of your policies. The country will not change and we definatelly need another independence against the evil system that is selfish autocratic and calous. You fail to do things that can be done by Mozambique whci put registering stations even in small towns like Rusape for their nationals to vote in the coming elections. You refused to allow millions in neighbouring countries to vote and you stand on the platfom that you are democratic. It is the people in Zimbabwe who should really think of themselves and the future of their children. Untill when is this suffering going to continue?

Zvigubhu Ngondongodo - 29 September 2014

Musona here are some facts you need to know before you poison us with lies Census Year Black White Coloured Asian 1911 744,559 23,606 2,912 1921 862,319 33,620 1,998 1,250 Zimbabwe (then known as Southern Rhodesia) was selected as a settlement colony by British South African, and Afrikaner colonists from the 1890s onwards, following the subjugation of the Matabele, (Ndebele), and Shona nations by the British South Africa Company (BSAC). The early white settlers came in search of mineral resources, finding deposits of coal, chromium, nickel, platinum, and gold. They also found some of the best farmland in Africa. The central part of Rhodesia is a plateau which varies in altitude between 900 m and 1,500 m (2,950 and 4,900 ft) above sea level. This gives the area a sub-tropical climate which is conducive to European settlement and agricultural practices.[7] Over 3000 white soldiers who assisted in the BSAC takeover of the country were given land grants of 3,000 acres or more, and black people living on the land became tenants. Later, Land Apportionment and Tenure Acts reserved extensive low-rainfall areas for black-only tribal-trust lands and high rainfall areas for white ownership, which gave rise to cases of black people being excluded from their own land. White settlers were attracted to Rhodesia by the availability of tracts of prime farmland that could be purchased from the state at low cost. This resulted in a major feature of the Rhodesian economy—the "white farm". The white farm was typically a large (>100 km² (>38.6 mi²)) mechanised estate, owned by a white family and employing hundreds of black people. Many white farms provided housing, schools, and clinics for black employees and their families. ......

Harare - 29 September 2014


MBOKU CHENA - 29 September 2014


MBOKU CHENA - 29 September 2014

Harare - if you read Musona's comments, he is referring to a period pre the 1911 census. You have obviously pulled your post from another source - what was it?

david taylor - 29 September 2014

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kwa mutare - 30 September 2014

MaZANOIDS haanyari uye haafunge zvachose. Zvokupururudzira mhutsa ndizvo zvavo chaizvo.Kana kuuraya asina chaatadza chero usiri we ZANU PF chete havanyari nazvo.Idzi imhondi dzisinganyari zvachose.ZANU PF na Mugabe ndivo nyika yeMAZANOIDS.

HYPOCRITES - 30 September 2014

Ed Mrehwa. So this trend of displacing settled people continues with Mugabe and Disgrace in Mazowe . In what way are they different from colonialists according to your theory.?

Rudolph - 30 September 2014

Hypocrisy knows no boundaries. Mugabe is coming from UN in America and his country uses American Dollar yet he lies to people that he doesn't need America or Britain. Why are you using their money and why go there anyway. Has Mugabe ever seen Obama in Zimbabwe? That means Obama has no interest with Zimbabwe. Neither has Cameron been to Zimbabwe. Yet Mugabe can't find sleep and will use the slightest available opportunity to go to America/UK. Faceless old man.

Ziziharinanyanga - 30 September 2014

Gabon currently has a daily oil output of aprx 150000 barrels a day. The state receives US$25/ barrel. Which equates to $3750000 per day /$26500000 per week / $105000000 per month/ $1260000000 a year in direct royalties alone forget corporate tax import duties or licencing. Just a thought.

Ndinoda Nyika Yangu - 30 September 2014

To be honest the white brought commercial to Africa and as of today farming is still being practiced at a large scale in UK. My biggest worry is Mugabe misleading people as far as farms are concerned. Just to correct some guys on the history farming was not the primary aim of the Pioneer Column they turned to it after they initial failed to discover the gold they were looking for. But in the end it paid off they were successful only to be disturbed by Mugabe and gang.

Gwenaz - 30 September 2014

mr musoa can you explain why mbuya nehanda was decapitated by your so called white famers or white murderers? calling yourself MUSONA does not make you black Zimbabwean . . . . . TYPICAL WHITE MURDERER!

critic - 1 October 2014

Musona a white man can never be a native of this land. I am not in support of the way Land was distributed. Some guys esp the ZANU corruptly allocated thenselvies large tracks of land. However tat does not take away the noble idea behind this process. This is a very good project which was unfortunately hijacked by crocks in Govt. Whites should have been left with enough land to carry out their activities. We have enough land to give to all real farmers. Its not every black man who is a farmer & vise versa.

felix - 1 October 2014

Mugabe might as well have been talking of the Chinese. The've looted all the diamonds!

Johno - 1 October 2014

@felix I am quite puzzled with your way of thinking and it shows that you are kind of backward. In this day and age anyone can live where ever they want and the thinking of someone being native has all but gone and I think it has been like that since back then maybe you need to read a lot of history from the time of the Romans until today. If you look world over there have been movements by almost anyone . Today we live in what they call global village where every place is linked to another be it in America , China, Kenya etc. So my fellow country man get your act together and accept the big mistake Mugabe and gang made. Due to this mistake all zimbos are paying the price.

Gwenaz - 1 October 2014

Today hereat, stupidity is on a high note. Hanzi navaZvighubhu Ngondongondo Rusape is a Mozambican town, maMoscan akatoisirwa mavoting station akatovhotako. VaMusona vari kutiwo varungu vakauya ne piped water nemagejo. Is this not the same piped water from Chivero dam that oozes raw sewage from the tapes? Nhai vaMusona, shuwa iwo masewage iwayo ndoamunochemera kuti vakaita zvavo varungu vakauya ne'civilisation yekumixer mvura ne'pthu' kuti tigonwawo? Nxa-a dai vakarega zvavo tichienda kutsime nezvirongo nemukombe,zvinotove nehutsanana. Ntshxe, kuzungaira rudzii kusvika pakupemberera kunwiswa matuzvi eguta rese. Musona, uri right right here iwewe mubreni umu?

shame - 2 October 2014

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kate - 6 October 2014

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