Mugabe calls on US and EU to lift "evil sanctions"

NEW YORK - The United States and the European Union should remove their "unilateral and illegal sanctions," says Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as he berates them for trying to achieve "regime change" through sanctions in his country.

"These evil sanctions violate the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter and should be condemned by the international community," the 90-year-old Mugabe told world leaders at the UN general assembly.

He called for "immediate and unconditional removal" of sanctions that the US and the EU imposed upon Zimbabwean state firms as well as the travel restrictions they imposed upon Mugabe and some of his associates following the elections in 2000.

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No lifting of sanctions for you. You have not lifted your sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe so why should the West feel for you? Yopu and your family are grabbing farms every now and then, leaving fellow black pple in destitution! You are a very greedy person iwe naGrave nezvimbwanana zvenyu! Kure uko!

Tongogara - 26 September 2014

What needs to be lifted is a 90 year old who is still clutching on to the presidency of a slowly dying nation, together with his clique, destroying family unions and hopes of so many millions of people. Now that's what I call evil. People who are across seas and oceans are only making an effort by putting these restrictions (not sanctions) on the elite few who are grabbing everything they can and plundering and looting everywhere they can for their own selfish benefit, and you dare call such people showing so much concern for the helpless "evil?"

Dr Know - 26 September 2014

Well said Dr. Know and Tongogara.

Mike Hove - 26 September 2014

in 1980 LONG LIVE CDE MUGABEEEE was the slogan. God granted Mgabe long live so no crying kkkkkkkkkk.recently he called for the kicking out for the remaining white farmers yet he was clearing farm chimurenga for his daughter heheheheeeedhee

soko mukanya - 26 September 2014

But whatever they do, the EU must not announce the lifting to the world. 14 years ago we told the West to stop choking us as we were turning to the East. China has increased its financial contribution to Africa 20-fold since we made the announcement. But sanctions are still our principal recruiting sergeant. My comrades in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria relish it when the Premier of Australia bangs the war drums like the most powerful recruiting sergeant ISIS will ever have. ZPF and ISIS would just fade away if the West didn't always have the urge to be “doing something” to stop evil.

Joyrose Bezuidenhout - 26 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 26 September 2014

Repeating and repeating and repeating of same words at vip meetings shows some mental sickness and lack of understanding the importance of these meetings . To know the state of any nation people look at its leader then they have the answer . Our country is totally in a sorry state exactly as is this man health wise.The man has single handle given zimbabweans a torrid time of their lives .

Diibulaanyika - 26 September 2014

because he wants his wife to shop until she drops and hide the loot! someone should ask him why is he yelling all the time for them to be lifted he just wants to call the shots senile 90 year old

circus - 26 September 2014

rodent Mugabe must first lift his own sanctions he put Zimbabwe under, no water,no electricity, no healthcare, no employment, starvation, armed robberies of farms, potholes etc. Please President Obama, let this Kunt free us first and when we tell you we are free, you can then send a drone to fak the kunt.

Matoozvi Chaiwo - 26 September 2014

Mugabe should forget that the sanctions will be removed as long as he makes himself a neunsence on the world stage. We were expecting that from him. I just wish they were not going to allow him to go there. Are the people who voted for him satisfied that that he represents them. What a president who blames others for hunger, joblessness, misery, suffering in his country. You started the problem. You taste the music. Zanu PF supporters are suffering as well for the choices they made. A lesson for the future. If he wins again in 2018 we will have to wait even longer for lives to change in Zimbabwe.

Zvigubhu Ngondongodo - 27 September 2014

Indeed Matibili,the massmurderer is increasingly sounding derided,demented&delusional.Matibili thinks he can lecture to the progressive Western World.Matibili thinks he can outwit,outhink,outplay everyone else with his devious ways including the Almighty Lord.Matibili thinks he can scare the World with his foolish utterances at the UN.Matibili `s old,foolish Sanctions mantra will never move the progressive World nor will it make the Powerful Western World quack in their boots.Infact the Western World has no time 4 a senile 90 year old Murderous despot that has been violently&fraudulently clinging to the ZimPresidency since 1990.Yearly Matibili goes to the UN to murmur&echo the boring ,tired Sanctions mantra.Why were the Sanctions imposed in the 1st place??????.Has Matibili lifted the Sanctions he imposed on the People of ZIM??????.iT is Matibili&his Concubine DisGrace who are evil and corrupt to the bonemarrow.It was Mati bili&his Zanu pf Merchants of death who imported hyper-corruption into the Zim moral fabric.Matibili is a loud mouthed,one eyed hypocrite who has been presiding over the most corrupt ,brutal,evil Cabal in Zim living History.Suka lapa Matibili&DisGrace ,the 1st Shopper Prostitute!.Iwe Matibili zvichaperachete zvekutonga zveJende by Ginya!.

Tambavakachenjera Pasipaipa - 28 September 2014

our resoectable preisdent mugabe was divinely elected.he is a gifted leader,an orator, a demagogue a diplomat so the west inhabitants are seeing that he is filled with insight.they decided to tuckle him from power through punitive sunctions, but all those are fruitless efforts.only god knows his destiny

agrippa musekiwa - 20 December 2014

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