Bona grabs farm?

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona has reportedly kicked out a white farmer from his farm.

While details remained sketchy yesterday, the white farmer, only identified as Nathan, vacated his Divonia Farm along the Harare-Nyamapanda highway yesterday.

When the Daily News crew visited the farm just outside Harare yesterday, the terrified farmer was preparing to leave. He said he got the farm in 2008, following years of neglect.

“There is no problem at this farm, we are just leaving,” Nathan told the Daily News.

Earlier on, Nathan had indicated to this paper that he was tired after he had spent the day packing his farm equipment. He said he would shed more light on the farm invasion today.

“I cannot talk right now I want to go to Harare and I am tired,” he said. Pressed to comment whether Bona was involved in the land invasion, he said, “this is a very sensitive matter and I would rather not comment.”

Nathan, who claimed to be in partnership with another farmer only identified as Hunter, told independent radio station Voice of America (VOA) that he was being kicked out to pave way for the newly-married first daughter.

Citing an army colonel, Nathan said he was given a short time to vacate the farm.

“I have been in contact with Zanu PF and they have promised no more farm invasions,” he said.

“Now there are people here and they have taken the farm. On Friday I had a message from Colonel Nkatazo to say that Bona, Mugabe’s daughter wants the farm. We are busy taking our trailers and tractors off the land.”

Nathan said after he had been warned to vacate the land, he spoke to a senior Zanu PF official, whose name he was reluctant to divulge, who reportedly told him that the “first family does not behave that way.”

But of late, Mugabe has been fanning fresh farm invasions, insisting that the few remaining white farmers should leave and go back to Europe, the land of their fore-bearers.

According to the Commercial Farmers Union, there are between 100 and 150 white farmers left in Zimbabwe, from 4 500 at independence in 1980.

Nathan told VOA that his removal from the farm was not an invasion. Asked if journalists could visit the farm, he claimed everything was peaceful.

“I wouldn’t want you to come here, things are very peaceful,” he said. “Just mention what is happening. It is not an invasion. We just have been told to get off the farm. There are people who are here who purport to be the police but won’t give us their names or IDs.”

Mugabe’s wife Grace recently revealed that she personally led the  invasion of her Iron Mask farm in Mazowe, claiming it was a way of leading by example.

Workers at Nathan’s farm told the Daily News that police and some men in plain clothes had been visiting the farm regularly.

“We are moving, we have been told that Bona is taking over the land, but those are just rumours,” said a farm labourer.

Efforts to get a comment from the first family were futile, as they are in New York attending the UN summit.

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Bona is another rotten fruit after all.

taps - 25 September 2014

I knew something like this was coming.

Mike Hove - 25 September 2014

Everything in Zimbabwe belong to Mugabe, its now his private property , even your lives belong to him , he can kill you when he wants. Zimbabwe will never recover from this madness, other African nations are marching forward while we are moving backward. Mugabe needs to compare himself with Zuma.

ahnzhiLEEkah - 25 September 2014

What more did you expect?More is yet to come.Zimbabwe is Mugabe's property whether we like it or not.In no time Robert Junior will get his farm and the young imbecile will also get its own and then the old man will join his ancestors.Achimwene in charge.

chimuti - 25 September 2014

Anything called Mugabe is rotten to the core.

Farai - 25 September 2014

God forbid!while civil servants are preoccupied with government work in high office buildings "government" is grabbing land at individual levels.which land is left for them?why does it take no time for pro zanus to get what they want when it takes eternity to fulfill promises made to civil servants.Guys svinurai. makanzi muchapiwa mastand to compansate you for your meager salaries,ikozvino nobody talks about it.rise up and liberate yourselves from the tyranny.

Lutendo - 25 September 2014

why are you suprised by this things,you zimbabweans .are you still relying on the westerns. shame to you . everybody always blame mugabe why. dont you know the causer of all these thing there is something behind the zimbabwe you are hoping for.lets fight for our own zimbabwe and lets start it now

nyax - 25 September 2014

chihombori ashamisika kuti kana anzi bona zvinoreva kuti ndiye vamugabe here..ngaarohwe

chihombori - 25 September 2014

H.E. President Robert Mugabe said it loud and clear that ALL land will go back to black people. What are these white farmers still doing there? Kudenha ikoko.

selele - 25 September 2014

Bona aita mari ari mwana mudiki.

Bakiri - 25 September 2014

whats new nothing -Like mother like daughter as the saying goes- the country belongs to them

Crocodile - 25 September 2014

The beginning of the end

protestor - 25 September 2014

1. An army Colonel phoning to say Bona wants the farm! That can never happen, never. Try another lie not this one. 2. You say the farmer was terrified but he said there was no problem. So which is which. 3. Interestingly all things that are negative to Pres Mugabe and ZANU PF are always first known and reported by the so-called independent press. Is this coincidental. Interestingly also is that the independent press always sides with white farmers in particular and whites in general. Politics aside,isn't that interesting.

Ndugu - 25 September 2014

Izvi zvinonyadzisa, mwana wesangano otorera.mukwasha verenga nyaya yaNaboth. Saka chiKristu chopera nekuti waroora mukunda waShef. Kudenga kuna Mwari, wanyadzisa ZAOGA yese

kereke - 25 September 2014

Time is coming when thugs including Mugabe 's daughter will be kicked out of these farms it mighty take some time but it is coming . What is important is to make records for all these evil events .There shall be no mercy for these idiots . Remember Mabuto Seseko used to treat Congo Zaire like his bikin including sending his children to France in a private jet for schooling daily ,But where is he today . His family is now scattered and leaving in exile .Time is coming shuwa shuwa the wicked will vanish in thin air like dew

Diibulaanyika - 25 September 2014

Svabva svatora nhodzera dzamai chaidzo zvokufunga Zimbabwe ndeyekwaMugabe SATAN Mhondi idzi

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 25 September 2014

Tora purazi, kuzvara kwaramba!!!!

Dunhira - 25 September 2014

iye bona narobert junior vambori vana vaaniko

gwama - 25 September 2014

People have entered into politics to shamelessly enrich themselves. How can somebody be said to be “educated” or “Christian” when they use politics to enrich themselves and their families? Why are church leaders quiet about this corruption? If this regime gives me an offer letter to occupy a farm I will refuse. It's corruption. Why choose me and not the other people? It's as bad as handling stolen goods. The only farm I will occupy is the one I will buy on the open market. I would rather die without a farm than occupy one given to me corruptly. I am not one of these morons who lie that whites stole the land. What I have known for decades is that whites had every right to occupy large tracts of land because they are the ones who set out the borders, that this land was thinly populated - almost empty with only around 300 000 people around 1902, that whites had the unique skills to do serious commercial farming and they had the money to do commercial farming. I cannot unlearn what I already know and believe to be true. I stated in my comments yesterday that giving someone an offer letter to occupy a farm is corruption - what criteria is used to give someone a farm ahead of the rest of the people? If the government knew it was going to hand out farms for free then every single person or family in Zimbabwe should have got one each - that should have been the only fairest way or else the farms should have been put on the open market - its too late now corruption has taken hold. The politically well-connected have already benefited from having free farms for themselves and their children for years now while the ordinary people have nothing. That is corruption of the highest order. How can you call yourselves leaders with integrity when you hand free farms to others and not others?

Musona - 25 September 2014

During white rule churches were hothouses for political activity and churchmen were very very vocal indeed but now they have gone into their shells. At the time some churchmen even threw away the dog collars and became political party leaders like Ndabaningi Sithole, Kachidza, Muzorewa, Thompson Samkange, Kanodereka et al. This is the time for churchmen to stand and say something. The country is in a mess and the churchmen are “hibernating” when they should be at the forefront reining in this wayward regime. Have these churchmen been given free farms as well like Bishop Siyachitema of the Chidyausiku Commission notoriety?

Musona - 25 September 2014

She a Zimbabwean and very much entitled to take back what is rightful hers , why should whites who invest the money gained from our land outside our boarders continue farming here.

lesly - 25 September 2014

What do you expect kubva kune mwana weMhondi neJoki remakoko?.Asika zvichaperachete iwe!.Ziso renyika rinoona iwe Matibili naDisGrace!.

Dr Zvichaperachete - 26 September 2014

hooo ndiyo black empowerment,zviya ndiyo nhai...murungu atoenda kauyu.

the cocomaster - 26 September 2014

History will not spare her. Mwari ngakomborere

Tony - 26 September 2014

sad case

dylan rensburg - 26 September 2014

I have been saying it - the white man messed it up. You can now not reverse the wheel of revolution. You were given the option to be able to control the car and you chose otherwise. You thought you had thrown the spanner into engine not knowing you will also need the car. Sorry it is too late!

dungas - 26 September 2014


Gurinhwa - 26 September 2014

Ko ZAOGA yadii. Ndiko kukomborerwa zvizhinji. Ko sei mapurazi aya achiwanikwa kana kupiwa vekwamugabe chete. Arent we black enough to deserve a farm. tinongori muwaiting list. Ko tuvana twaMugabe tunombozviia sei kuti tuwane isu tisinga awani? Ko ZAOGA icharamba kugashira offering, chegumi, mari ye deeper life, etc kubva kune vanhu ava here. Ko zuva rekuchinja kwezvinhu muchatora zvese izvi kuenda nazvo kuexile here? Pafungei ipapo.

violentpeace - 26 September 2014

im looking fo a small car rent to buy $200/week call 0772 239 258

kwa mutare - 26 September 2014

Ini i have no comment for this evil family yekwaMugabe. Jehovah mati tidini ko?? Tasuffer isu.

lol - 26 September 2014

The Mugabes altready have more than 10 farms among themselves. Such a small family. Udyire ndiyo problem yavo. they want to grab everything for themeslevs and lie to gullible zanu fools that they are doing it for the masses. they are thieves from Malawi. They must go back there and get their ancestral land.

Pondo nechumi - 26 September 2014

Controversy seems to be Grace's best friend of late. First she gave away her daughter to a man who is almost her own age, then she bulldozed into the Women's League and became their leader. And not before she was awarded with a PHD in a record breaking 3 months, and now on top of all the more than 10 farms they reportedly have, she has given her newly wed daughter another one. What a mouthful, watch this space, this is certainly not the end of it all.

Dr Know - 26 September 2014

@ Kereke Munyaya yako Naboth ndiyani? The White man? The biblical Naboth said to king Ahab "Mwari ngavandirambidze kuti ndikupe nhaka yemadzibaba angu" Can this white man say the same? This land Inhaka yemadzibaba aaaniko? Kereke, the scripture sayeth also "How readest thou?" I think iwe ndiwe urikutonyadzisa ZAOGA becoz hauzive maverse ekukota-you are lost-out of context. enda undoita confession kuna Catholic priest.

shame - 26 September 2014

mwana wenyoka inyoka!

Shepy Tarzy - 26 September 2014

@Musona Is it correct to say the church leaders are useless? Can't you see vana Bishop Johanes Ndanga vachimiramira kuBudiriro, KuEnd Time Message nekwese-kwese uko. Ko vana Nobert Kunonga pavanotaura kuti pasi nengochani munenge muri paiko VaMusona? Hezvo vanaMunuwero Max vari kungoporofita pachena kuti pasii nemadhemo. Munozoda zvipi nhai vaMusona? Zvimwe tendaiwo maruva kuti chakata dzigodonha purizi.

shame - 26 September 2014

@Musona. Nhai vaMusona, imi zvemweya zvamunotaura izvi mune 'aka' nhamba dzedenga here imi? Ko bhaibheriwo munaro?Ndikati batai Abraham 5 vs. 30 zvomoigona imi?Gamenzi munaro? Musuwo wekuchurch wakatarisa kupi? Makambopinda Jerusarema Samaria divine? Matongues munawo here imi vaMusona motaura kuti vafudzi vehwai havanadhiri muZimbabwe. Becoz zvekunamata zvasiyana nekukuza anaSmith ka izvi. Zvimwe zvoda vazodziwaka izvi kuti munzwisise mabasa evabati veEkron Shinobi haikona kungotaura imi musina ne 'aka' nhamba. Ndozvakanyorwaka izvi kunzi vane meso asi havaone, nenzeve asi havanzwi. Ese maJudgement Nights nema 'Cross-Over Nights' ana Makandiwa ari kuzadza gomba rese hamusi kuanzwawo sei imi mune nzeve? Ana Methodist, Watch Tower neungano dzese dzemapostori ana Johanne Marange nanaMwazha vari kunamatira prosperity and peace zvinokupotsai seiko vaMusona imi meso munawo. VanaMagaya vachangoburwa inga vari kumiramirawo wani-hamusi kumbozvinoawo? Mukarebesa muromo kuvazodziwa vashe muchadyiwa netsananguro mutumwa Mikhairi akakutambai rafu husoni hwenyu hwese hukadhisapiya.

shame - 26 September 2014

I agree with just about everything Musona had to say except when he said Ndabaningi Sithole and Abel Muzorewa 'left their dog collars' to join politics. They were still referred to as Reverend and Bishop respectively throughout their fight for majority rule and the peoples' rights. They were true churchmen with people at heart who stood up for the rights of the ordinary man, unlike most of those mentioned by Shame like Magaya and Makandiwa who are mainly after worldly riches and not the salvation of the people. Makandiwa was not even ashamed of himself the other day when he announced that he is a ZANU PF supporter, or was it Angel? To be associated with a party that boasts of degrees in violence and goes ahead to prove it by killing innocent citizens just for having a different opinion to me is like supping with the devil himself.

Dr Know - 26 September 2014


tafirenyika - 26 September 2014

A very stupid and baseless story which should be more of a bar talk than a headline story in a daily paper which purports to report spread news in a professional and honest manner. Is that what you call freedom of speech, very idiotic indeed and even the fools who are believing this trash.

reason - 26 September 2014

The apple does not fall far from the tree

Jackson Dube - 27 September 2014

Zvichapera regai vaite. Chimwe nechimwe chine nguva yacho. Vachaiona hondo yako.

Nguva Ichakwana - 29 September 2014

FACT. Devonia farm is state land. It was being used by Panner Seeds as a research station for maize breeding. rumbling out of speculation and lies will never make us better people. Facts please

WASU - 29 September 2014

Bona is that true? If so am sorry to tell you that your days are numbered , this country doesn't belong to your father but to God , soon you are going to find yourselves running and i mean it.

tavi ru - 30 September 2014


ME - 2 October 2014

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