Chinamasa is clueless: Mafume

BULAWAYO - Jacob Mafume, MDC renewal team spokesperson, has labelled Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa as a clueless chap who does not even know when the mid-term fiscal statement should be presented.

This comes after Chinamasa has been struggling to raise enough funds for the national budget since taking over as Finance minister.

“We have a clueless minister who thinks September is in the middle of the year,” Mafume told journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Saturday.

“He cannot define the middle of a year. We have a chap who has grown old to such an extent that he cannot tell whether the year is in the middle, in the beginning or at end and that is why he comes up with a mid-term statement at the end of September.

“In fact, he should have given us a budget not a statement.”

Chinamasa ruffled legislators when he raised a raft of taxes in a speech to Parliament outside protocol and later asked the House to forgive his misdirection.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo defended Chinamasa, saying his actions had precedents even though that failed to calm down the MPs.

“That is ridiculous,” Mafume said. “That term is not a euphemism, it’s not an English expression, it simply says what it says.”

Mafume accused Chinamasa of trying to use common sense in running the nation.

“He does not know that there are rules of economics, he is having expenditure overruns; he is failing to meet the budget. He is now taxing everyone,” he said.

Mafume said Zimbabwe has a leadership crisis coupled with a bloated cabinet that is “in the intensive care.”

“How can they deal with a modern world when their aspirations are discordant?” asked Mafume.

Referring to the recent tax increase proposals by Chinamasa, Mafume said: “Like the biblical Lazarus, we are the poor eating crumbs and now the rich men at the top table are now demanding tax from the crumbs.”

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What can Zimbabwe expect from a clueless Chinamasa as he also comes from a clueless den of thieves? If anything,ZANU PF can only loot&loot. There is nothing they can do better.Right now they are busy working on how best they can rig the 2018 election to perpetuate their looting game.

yaora - 24 September 2014

Mafume you are clueless as well with your renewal mantra! More speeches and strong english words do not drive the economy,real money to finance production at all levels is required, not signatures and finger pointing,we are actually tired of your breakfast business meetings and post-mid term monetary policy reviews, enough is enough, Mafume you belong to the same dustbin as Cde Pats Chinamasa-who at least has a track record of once having been the AG to Minister of Justice,Legal and Parliamentary Affairs is the then Minister of Finance since 2013!!!

Muzimbabwe - 24 September 2014

Mafume you are confused as well. To hell with your oranges

masiyambiri - 24 September 2014

Mafume you are equally clueless. The Zim budget runs from 1 April to 31 March of the following year and September is the mid-term of the budget year

Mukanya waSvose - 24 September 2014

Mafume please do us a favour by closing ranks with MT coz what you have done is detrimental to the well-being of the marginalised Zimbabwea. Chinamasa has dismally failed to restore stability into the Zimbabwean economy but we should not expect a miracle from him as he is facing daunting challenges to do so thus my argument that Mafume should proffer tangible solutions rather resorting to being an armchair critic.

Chief Charumbira - 24 September 2014

You, Mufume, your boss Biti & Chinamasa are all clueless and confused. At least Chinamasa knows he comes from a den of theives and thugs but you two do not even know who you are, were you belong or what you stand for

Bismark - 24 September 2014

Musati mukavenga munhu mobva mavenga nepfumo rinobuda mumuromo make . Ko inhema here Wasu varikutamba nhodo nenyika tichikuvara nechikutumeno . Wasu is 200% cluelessneZANU PF yake izvo hazvina mibvunzo . Nhubu idzi dzirikuita nhanzva nenyika vachitiposhera mungwena dziri munaManyuchi dam. KO MATI MAONEIKO HAMUSATI MACHINDA ZANU IRI KUTORODZA PFUMO RENHAMO RINOBAYA PAHUDHLU CHAIPO

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 24 September 2014

Mr Mafume sir the financial years differ from the normal years; our year starts in March and that makes September the mid-term. That said I am not saying CHINAmasa has a slightest clue of the field he is in, he is driving us deeper into 2008 with his haphazard policies used in the resettlement areas. He wakes up one morning and decides what should he do that he thinks will raise our monthend salaries then goes to the press and implements it.....he has the blessings from the dear leader who is an economist himself who told him to get the money from somewhere because it is there.

Chen Chikezha - 24 September 2014

Chinamasa thinks corruption only involves giving someone a bribe. It all starts at the top - government stealing elections or bludgeoning vulnerable voters to vote for a certain political party. Invading farms or firms and taking equipment and farm animals is also corruption. What do these politicians who champion farm and firm invasions tell their children? That stealing other people's property is the right thing? Crazy. Where do you draw the line? Corrupt Chief Executives are only copying what other top government officials are doing. Giving someone an offer letter to occupy a farm is corruption - what criteria is used to give someone a farm ahead of the rest of the people? If the government knew it was going to hand out farms for free then every single person or family in Zimbabwe should have got one each - that should have been the only fairest way or else the farms should have been put on the open market - its too late now corruption has taken hold. The politically well-connected have already benefited from having free farms for themselves and their children for years now while the ordinary people have nothing. That is corruption of the highest order.

Musona - 24 September 2014

Mafume haufunge wena. Typical MDC Renewal mentality. Dzokera kuMDC chaiyo kune vanhu vanofunga. September is the mid-budget year stupid Mafume. Shut up. You are as clueless as Chinamhata. Instead of confronting Zanu as a united party you opportunists decided to form your own Renewal Team which cannot even come up with a party name. Pfutseke benzi remunhu.

Garikayi - 25 September 2014

Rightly said these people are a bunch of thieves and thugs.Yes the Minister is clueless look at all of them a bunch of burnouts old useless tired men and women.We need new blood not people stuck in the dark ages (the white man did this to me and that hate him) but what are you doing to your own brother now, worse than the white man.Why reinvest the wheel we all know the business model that works comes from Europe look at France, the UK, the States, Germany.We need these people to help get this economy going again whether we like it or not.They are our best bet to fix things.Zimbabweans are not a basket case it just a few greedy selfish corrupt few.

jackson dube - 25 September 2014

Vanhu ve MDC T hamuna discipline , muri kundotukirira nepasingadi kutuka . We are now getting to believe that you were part of the violence that rocked Zimbabwe in previous elections. Taneta nevanhu vanotukirirana nekurovana ,

Kebe - 25 September 2014

i mdc t for tsvangirai. party ine zita remumwe munhu. thats why vana biti are seeking to renew this party. it has to be renewed otherwise it becomes tsvangis' personal property.

zvirozviyedzwa - 25 September 2014

Mafume comments are of a person who does not know how a government is run.Besides the Ministry of Finance officials the world economy play a part in getting things happen.Even if MDC,renewed or not, come to power today they wont do anything to change our situation which is worsened by sanctions.Remember Biti was only a dispenser of money from treasury-he never got any loan,grant let alone FDI!

damit - 25 September 2014

WHAT ALL THESE OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES CALL THEMSELVES IS JUST NONSENSE AT ITS HIGHEST LEVEL.THE OPPOSITION PARTY OPPOSITION THAT WE KNOW IN ZIM IS MDC. MDC WAS AND IS ONLY THE PANECEA TO CLUELESS zanu pf.Mafume and others are merely trying to meet their own passion which they will never meet .they think appearing through media talking nonsense will win them sympathy.most people do not read thses newspapers and only the educated does and they know how much zanu has betrayed them.they wont vote for zanu.Going back to rural areas they know mdc.forget and relax mafume

CHINGWA - 25 September 2014

Blame it on Mugabe. He is the real nuisance! Chinamasa is just a messanger, silly as he is.

perepete - 25 September 2014


rute - 25 September 2014

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