Mugabe race gets dirtier

HARARE - Despite moves by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF to bar members from using the media to air their grievances and to settle political scores, the ruling party is now embroiled in a new and divisive propaganda war amid damaging allegations that some of its leading members are spying for the  Americans.

In what analysts have described as a typical Zanu PF culture of deceit, skulduggery and misinformation, some party bigwigs are being maligned mercilessly in this latest war, with the State media calling the alleged American snitches the “dirty dozen” — clearly with a view of smoking out their political masters.

The beleaguered party members, all of them legislators, are accused of soliciting for donations from Washington, with US local embassy staffer Eric Little, allegedly at the heart of the spying saga.

So bad is the situation that this latest factional, and succession war threatens to degenerate into another “espionage” saga like the one which sucked in the likes of Phillip Chiyangwa and several others a decade ago, with almost deadly consequences.

Of the 12 accused legislators, four of the MPs — including Tapiwa Matangaidze, Kindness Paradza, Enock Porusingazi and the Movement for Democratic Change’s Willias Madzimure — said yesterday that they had no illusion this was all a consequence of the ugly infighting in President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party.

Some of the Zanu PF MPs also alleged that the stories that have enjoyed prominent play in State media were being sponsored by Information minister Jonathan Moyo.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Porusingazi emphatically denied any involvement in the spy saga, although he admitted to being invited to an American Embassy function.

“I only saw the invitation… that was in the pigeon hole, but I did not attend the function because I did not know the agenda. I am aware of the sensitive nature of meetings with (the Americans) and it is not true that I met them,” he said.

“I don’t know why my brothers and sisters in Zanu PF are trying to fight me politically. They are taking advantage of the fact that they are in control of the media to (soil) my image,” Porusingazi said, further noting that “what is happening in the party is very unfortunate” and the name-calling, especially “dirty dozen” moniker was quite painful.

“I can only link these stories to the power struggles… in the party where my brothers and sisters are keen to destroy (each other) politically, so that they can benefit,” the Chipinge West legislator said.

According to the bulky MP, the only non-governmental organisation working in his constituency was Christian Care.

On the other hand, his Makonde counterpart Paradza said he was unaware of meetings with western diplomats, let alone the mysterious Little, and as such the stories were not only “malicious and well-calculated to achieve certain political ends”, but threatened legal action against the state propaganda mouthpieces.

“I know where the story is coming from. The person behind it is known in the party. He has an agenda of wanting to destroy my political career and my other colleagues,” the journalist-turned-politician said.

“This is the second time of having such kinds of stories written about me, full of distortion and lies, published by Zimpapers. The first were published in 2004 resulting in me being expelled from the party and it seems that the same person wants to repeat the lies again.

“I have no links with the US in my political career,” Paradza said, further noting that “he had instructed his lawyers to sue for defamation “as I cannot continue having false stories published about me”.

While Matangaidze also denied involvement in the cash-for-information saga, saying he was in Gweru when the alleged meetings took place.

“I dismiss the articles with the contempt they deserve because they are malicious and contemptuous. I was in Gweru with President Robert Mugabe during the Chief’s Council meeting when I heard that there were some donations being made by the US Embassy to one of the NGO groups in my constituency,” Matangaidze said.

“When I checked on the details of the donations, it was received by a group called Shurugwi Partnership, which was getting the donations since 2008, before my time as an MP. For somebody to link me with the US Embassy is being politically mischievous…,” the Harare businessman said.

Madzimure, meanwhile, said he only met US officials at parliament and did not discuss any political developments either in his party or Zanu PF.

“I also don’t know whether meeting a US official accredited by our government as a diplomat is a criminal offence. I know that the Minister of Media, Information… Jonathan Moyo is behind this false story of wanting to link me…. but he will not succeed…,” the Kambuzuma MP said, adding “l have never received any money from the US embassy and actually looking for donations to start projects in my constituency.”

However, Moyo — who recently chided the media for fanning intra-Zanu PF fights by reporting on key meetings — strenuously denied any involvement in the saga.

“I wish I were as creative as is being alleged by quarters that know or should know better. But I do understand what’s going on because being blamed in this manner has become too common and fashionable I guess because it is in good currency among those in our midst who have imaginary enemies and who are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for what they do or do not do. Such is life these days,” he said.

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Haa mfana Jona ma"one" chaiwo

point order - 23 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 23 September 2014

lyers they are selling info PERIOD. Mugabe long time usinga dhile ne,ma spy

Harare - 23 September 2014

Vanhu ve ZanuPF maimboti Morgan anopenga when he was crying about these dirty tricks and now you are getting a taste of your medicine. Mugabe is the evil that we need to get rid off and these MPS should wake up to this reality

Disaster - 23 September 2014

Jonso, you got no defence. Your "dirty fingers" are all over most of such stories in the public media.

Troy - 23 September 2014

what information can be sold to Americans about Zim chavasingazivi already? Its just dirty tactics. CIA inoziva zvose kare. Iye Mugabe ariko kuAmerica muNY kutaura kudai. Musatyisidzirwa imi., zizi harina nyanga. ikoMugabe ngakachibva kakwegura apa! plus humhondi taneta!

Tongogara - 23 September 2014

for those who missed the so called herald "exposee" on thje dirty dozens i advise you to analyse the discourse used by the primary source in that story. then compare that to the discourse used by our venerable professor whenever he is quoted in the press, then you will notice that the difference is the same. discourse rekuti "dirty dozen" nderajohnso musaswere muchitemasana misoro, he has a proclivity of coming out with these projectile invectives. however this is not to say what these people (mps) are doing (selling the country to americans) is justified.

cde churucheminzwa - 23 September 2014

daily news you are shortchanging us big time. i have been following your lead stories in the past three weeks and you are simply interpreting herald stories and then you lead with these stories. in journalism its allowed to interpret stories and then re-pitch the story using your own slant/angle but such kind of stories belong to the feature genre, not the hard news type, and should not be on the first page but the feature section. stop being lazy and hunt for investigative stories, the daily news that we know carries thoroughly researched and investigated stories and not desk top pieces that you are pinching from the herald. stop that you are killing the people's paper.

CDE CHURUCHEMINZWA - 23 September 2014

Child play. There is nothing the CIA would want from stupid ZANU guys. The CIA knows more about Mugabe and and than themselves. Jonso you have run out of ideas. Mugabe anenge achitoseka zvake kuti tarisai muone zvidzoyi zvevanhu. Silly tactics

Garikayi - 23 September 2014

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rains - 23 September 2014

Please daily news some of your stories lack depth. As a media we expect you to give us full detailed stories in your paper. If you leave us wondering and questioning your way of reporting then it means something. I think you are missing the real story.

appolo - 23 September 2014

what is going on then if this is true, legislators, are accused of soliciting for donations from Washington. is this on personal capacity or for the good of people.

iyo - 23 September 2014

I love the Professor's response, the idiotic MP rushed to point a finger at him without any substance, and it is well known that this Tsvangirai paper hates the Professor and is aware of his high intellect, Instead after failing to prop up the idiotic Chematama, the Daily News is busy trying to prop up a weak politician in ZANU PF, whom we all know that if she ever comes to the top, she will crumble like a deck of cards to the imperialist onslaught due to her lack of foresight, the whole idea, buy this paper is to try and weaken ZANU PF, but its too late, because this paper is just buried together with Chematama.

reaason - 24 September 2014

I suspect these guys may have expressed the fear that the President may have ben sold bottled soke by the chinese on his recent "stooge" visit. Jonso would would much rater this is kept a closely guarded secret.Ag, what secrets do we have really

msuzwane - 24 September 2014

"The dirty dozen" is an old movie I watched many years ago. If I remember well, the 12 were prisoners of war. They tried to escape and fought ugly battles with their captors, and managed to cause significant casualties. However, they were eventually overwhelmed. Some were killed, whilst others were captured and hanged. Maybe similarly, our own local "dirty dozen" will eventually be all rounded up and punished.

machakachaka - 24 September 2014

What a dunce this @reaason above is, whom I suspect is the original and equally not together Unreasonable Reason. And people wonder why our country is in the kind of perpetual mess it finds itself in!

Kt - 24 September 2014

What ever is being recorded its of little significant and its primary school stuff.When will we learn to stop being a political country and start reporting on the positive.Are there still journalist here or we have desks studies and write stories .What ever yu guys from the media learnt l dont know .Ndozvamakadzidziswa nana tafataona here izvi.Find other headlines there is a lot of positive things happening in this country

The Patriot - 24 September 2014

Appolo, I agree with you, Daily News should tell us what they mean by "Mugabe race gets dirtier". There is nothing in the story about Mugabe's succession race. So what is the story Mr. Editor?

martin chipimo - 24 September 2014

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist on the blackmail against the 12 mps being accused of using American money to develop their constituencies.Some pple will always hate DAILY NEWS for exposing the dirt in their party. Clearly, dirty tricks are at play to succeed the president.The DAILY NEWS told it like it is.

MAFIKEZOLO - 24 September 2014

Matangaidze is the idiot MP that has failed to get the Chachacha-Mukandapi bridge that claimed lives 10 months ago fixed....and we are approaching yet another rainy season!! Kana ZANU ikasakunyudza apa dai Mwari akutora. Hauna chinangwa panyika mufana!

Sabhuku Selukwe - 24 September 2014


HENNIE VAN STADEN - 25 September 2014

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