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HARARE - After claims that Morgan Tsvangirai was to lead protests against President Robert Mugabe’s government from the front, it is a fair comment or assessment that this juicy piece of information must be treated with both trepidation and excitement.

While the country and its people are in desperate need of inspiration, and leaders to guide us through these mounting economic hardships, it is self-defeating  for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president to come out with “bold and audacious” statements that may fail to materialise.

For a man who baled out of the 2003 Final Push, Tsvangirai’s record is on test here once again.

Yes, Zimbabwe is in the doldrums, but many hardly recall Tsvangirai ever leading a demo from the front and he is under pressure to walk the talk. Secondly, has the agenda of the so-called mass protests been put out or well interrogated, particularly in terms of their impact on economic debate, let alone direction.

For a man still smarting from last year’s disputed election loss to Zanu PF and its 90-year-old leader, will these views not be seen as outright posturing and relevance-seeking in the midst of mounting internal problems or schisms?

Without a doubt, Tsvangirai was a once-feared opposition figure who had shaken Mugabe’s party to its core, but it is also not a secret that his decision-making — on key national and personal issues — has often been called into question.

We urge Tsvangirai and his advisors to approach these matters with both a sense of realism, and introspection — for such actions may bring anarchy, giving the Zanu PF government an excuse to clamp down on civil liberties.

Zimbabwe’s new Constitution may have provisions that allow demonstrations, but we have seen and know how Mugabe, and his people react so the MDC leader must ensure the protests are well planned.

Tsvangirai must ensure that the demonstrations he plans to lead must be peaceful so that he doesn’t give the Zanu PF regime ammunition to brutally clamp down on people and cause mayhem.

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rains - 23 September 2014

Panenyaya, whatsoever Tsvangirai does must ensure that the demonstrations he plans to lead must be peaceful so that he doesn't give the Zanu PF regime ammunition to brutally clamp down on people and cause mayhem. Usati kuvadzise becoz panenyaya apa vakomana. its easily spoken than done.

dudu - 23 September 2014

I remember morgan tsvangirayi being brutalized by the police/cio at the Zimbabwe freedom grounds leading a huge mass where were you mr staff writer. yes morgan can lead and he is the most dependable politician unlike our money driven renewal team.

mhoro - 23 September 2014

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kumakomoyo - 23 September 2014

Lets not forget that Morgan Tsvangirai is just an individual citizen , and he can only do as much as us as citizens are willing to liberate ourselves from Zanu pf. At least he can be counted rather than me and you , who just spent hours and hours writing and commenting . Zimbabweans we are just arm chair critics and expect things to chage for the better without our input. If we are serious lets do more and write less.

charakupa mwenewazvo - 23 September 2014

This situation needs action not jus vocabulary.mbwende ngadzigare kumba uye dzakanyarara.Leave real men do wat they think will bring results

Mkoma Charles - 23 September 2014

Tsvangiruza is not being real if he threatens to lead a demo in country that is suffering from sanctions , he is on record supporting. He must not forget that we remember his threat against President Mugabe when he declared some years back at Rufaro Stadium that: `Muagabe go peacefully , if you dont we will remove you violently`` A democrat uses democratic means to bring change ,not violence!

Cde Mzvinahu(Prof) - 23 September 2014

Chinonyanyonetsa ndechekuti HUDOFO HWAKAZARA PANA CHEMATAMA!! How does anybody with a functional brain hope to make the economy tick through street protests??!! One is forced to conclude that Save hopes to force ZPF to negotiate another GNU so that he can have the glamorous life back again. Then he can resume being a serial bed-hopper enjoying flings with countless women at home and abroad!! And don't forget that after suffering a shattering and morale-sapping election loss last year Tsvangison is desperately looking for RELEVANCE and PUBLICITY lest he slides into complete oblivion!!

ZVOKWADI - 24 September 2014

Morgan is real .original and down to earth but the only problem is that what can he do with a nation of people who are docile like nkukus and sheep . The momment Morgan talks about demos some people are already soiling themselves in their trousers while others are already planning to cross the border to SA for fear of zanu . Suwa suwa what can Morgan do with such kind of people? Morgan is a leader who is concerned by the plight of the suffering masses and it is up to those suffering to stand up and do something about their suffering. Since last year after stolen elections It is Morgan in news talking and fighting for the poor defying the prophets of doom who had said he was finished and out . It is up to us the poor to stand up not wait for Morgan to walk in front of us conducting demos that is kak.

Diibulaanyika - 24 September 2014

Change demands action - Zanu PF will never let go if they are not pressured. The Residents Association of Harare have thrown their weight behind the idea, so has the ZCTU, and we need more. Those who do not have faith in demos can think of other methods.

Mike Hove - 24 September 2014

M.T is he is affectionately termed by my fellow compatriots in MDC is a man who worked hard to turn the tables for our democratic dispensation in Zim,even though iam not MDC myself but as Zimbabwean we ought to have a constructive culture.He contributed immensely,however,he has his weaknesses as a human being but we should learn to separate things.His private life is not his political life.Just as a question of intervention.i think our opposition as much as the ruling party have to be home-grown initiatives and avoid merely importing things that we did not develop for we will have difficulties in correction when the time comes.Its like buying acar without full knowledge of the spare parts back up service.

carson Macate - 24 September 2014

Zimbos never ceaqse to amaze me . This group that think Tsvangirai is leadership material is the most amazing . Do you real think the Arab Spring like demos will work in Zimbabwe . Forget it and stop daydreaming like Morgan . I bet you without even a single policemen in the street no one will waste his time being used by some power hungry politician who has failed in everything that he has tried to do ever since he came tnto politics through the back door . A politician who has failed to learn on the job but behaved like a blinkered horse (which is in a race and what it thinks of is to get to the finishing like every time ) with no tactics and will stick to the same routine all its life . Shame on them (losers) who will always have boxed brains .

Mose Ruddolf ( Hitler) - 24 September 2014

Of all politicians that we zimbabwean know of Mugabe is the worst and big fool for he has destroyed this country to the point that we do not have our own currency .Remember this country was number two economic power in the continent but bcoz we allowed a fool to overstay his welcome now we are stranded hence guys like Morgan who have refused to be Mugabe 's puppet are calling for demos not to remove zanu but to force these idiots to spring into some action and fix our economy . Like in every situation we have some people who capitalise and benefit from this chaos and you see that by few comments they make here trying to insult and paint Morgan as a bad person bcoz they are afraid he mighty bring change to this country which will destroy their dirty benefits . Morgan always stand firm like mount zion in want ever him believes and hence zimbabweans pin their hope on him . He is not a jika ma jika type of a person.

Diibulaanyika - 24 September 2014

I can tell you two results that will come from the svangirai street show. The first is that Zimbabweans will be worse off than they are now. The second is that the demos will not catapult Tsvangirai to power as he thinks.

machakachaka - 25 September 2014

".........loss to ZANU PF and its 90 year old leader" What is the significance of the age here. Everyone, including foreigners, knows that Pres Mugabe is 90 and still going strong. So tell us what we dont know not what is in the public domain.

Ndugu - 25 September 2014

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