Grace's degree: Students cry foul

HARARE - The Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) yesterday piled on the pressure on the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) describing the doctorate awarded to first lady Grace Mugabe last week as a “Genetically Modified Doctorate”  which has shamed local academia.

Samuel Gwenzi, the Zinasu national coordinator, said the doctorate awarded to President Robert Mugabe’s wife from the flagship UZ was bogus and a mockery to thousands of students genuinely seeking to pursue studies.

Grace’s amazing achievement, which came without any known Masters’ degree she had undertaken, caused a storm not only in the academia but among ordinary people.

The outcry went viral on social media given the background that when Grace attempted university studies more than a decade ago with a London University, she reportedly attained marks less than 10 percent in several subjects.

Three years ago, there were unconfirmed reports that Grace was studying for an undisclosed degree with a Chinese university.

Zinasu yesterday launched into an unrestrained attack on UZ saying the country’s education system had gone to the dogs.”

“Unless they strip her of such a ridiculous, popcorn and bogus doctorate, UZ will continue to be a den of crooks, oppressors and dictators,” Gwenzi said.

“Let those that studied graduate whilst those that did not remain “O” Level holders.”

The First Lady’s PhD thesis is mysteriously missing on the UZ website.

While the thesis for Vice President Joice Mujuru , who graduated along with the first lady with a doctorate is available on the UZ website, a search for Grace’s thesis has yielded nothing.

UZ vice chancellor Levy Nyagura has remained tight-lipped as the scandal festers on.

Grace’s controversial doctorate from UZ is in sociology. She reportedly studied the case of children’s homes in Zimbabwe, a subject that comes as no surprise, since she runs an orphanage in Mazowe, north of Harare.

Academics at UZ have reportedly questioned Grace’s doctorate amid indications that they want to launch a major protest with the university authorities questioning how the first lady broke all world records to earn the degree in record time.

Tinashe Mashambo, UZ Student Representative Council (SRC) president yesterday said Grace’s degree was dubious.

“As the SRC president, I believe that the issuing of a dubious degree to Grace Mugabe is a clear demonstration that with money and power you can do anything,” he said.

Mashambo said the SRC will not recognise the PhD.

“It is actually an insult to doctorate holders the moment we refer to her as Dr Grace,” Mashambo said.

“As you get a doctorate, it is expected that one will have written articles but as for Grace, there is not even a newspaper article she wrote before we even go to the academic article.

“As Zimbabweans, this is a clear sign how a country has become corrupt even in the academic sector. UZ SRC refuses to recognise Amai Mugabe as Dr Grace because this would be an insult to real doctors.”

Gift Ostallos, a student activist at UZ, said: “Everyone should earn a degree and not have donated degrees. We are seeing some people deliberately abusing the powers vested in them to donate degrees.

“She did not deserve it and we believe that doctorate will not change the way she reasons and her intellectual capacity.”

Ostallos said it was surprising that the first lady’s thesis was not in the UZ library.

“There is no academic record for Grace in the library,” Ostallos said.

“Her research is not there in the library. The University Council failed to provide answers to our questions. We are left guessing as to what really transpired.”

Gift Maphosa, a student at the UZ, said Grace did not deserve the doctorate.

Maphosa said: “I believe the process was marred by irregularities. She was not supposed to be awarded that doctorate. She didn’t deserve it.

“Zanu PF is meddling in UZ affairs and we are seeing the infighting now coming to tertiary institutions. UZ should not be used as a tool for the party’s forthcoming congress. Grace was given a doctorate without much effort and this has lowered the standards of the university and this is most unfortunate to say the least.”

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From the debate that has been raging since the issuance of this degree, even one who has landed from Mars can see that there is a problem. UZ authorities must do the correct thing and withdraw this degree - I'm not sure what reason they would proffer. There is no evidence of the thesis that she submitted. If the theses eventually finds its way into the UZ library, pple would have no choice but to second guess where it came from

s shumba - 22 September 2014

Please Professor Moyo if she approaches you for help like what they always do when they are in trouble,this time say no.

Chimuti - 22 September 2014

University of Zanu Pf

truth - 22 September 2014

NO university will ever reveal any mark to anyone, even its students, let alone " marks less than 10 percent in several subjects." Ndo pamunoirasa mapuppets

LOLZ - 22 September 2014

Degrace In Sociology

ZJC - 22 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 22 September 2014

Rigging everywhere - come on Nikuv Save musacheuka muridzo!!!

Codza - 22 September 2014

Grabbing productive land from its rightful owner and then erecting a building on it right next to a dairy commercial venture to house a couple of street kids does not lead to somebody aquiring a Social studies academic qualification, and most certainly not the highest qualification attainment of a PHD. Did all those involved in dishing out this PHD, including Grace herself ever stop to think how they would explain such an attainment to the general public, particularly those who have been studying for years to try and to get to that top level? This is the greatest fraud committed since the grand theft of the elections.

Dr Know - 22 September 2014

The biggest problem at UZ is none other than Levy Nyagura, who is not even a full professor. I recall when his promotion for the professorship was up for discussion and consideration by the Promotions Committee, he refused to recuse himself and Prof Graham Hill had to manage the situation. Ask for Nyagura's cv and evaluate whether he is appointable at the senior lectureship level. I am sure he has faked his own publications to justify being at the helm of UZ. You can see what I mean when you read the UZ Weekly Bulletin, which carries nothing other than Nyagura himself and all the 'achievements' made. No guesses as to what this and last week's subject us and was - Grace's record 'achievement'! He is unfit to lead UZ and this doctorate must be withdrawn. Also watch out for Dr Ken Manungo, Dr Chivaura and Dr Mararike - remember they were apologists fir the regime not so long ago. They may be busy compiling the thesis, which will be made available to the public sooner.

Muongorori - 22 September 2014

we should refer to her as Grace Dr , since her degree is solicited

Harare - 22 September 2014

its factionalism at play.obviously joyce mujuru and her very shameful and weak men are pushing this agenda to discredit not saying anything about the doctorate,but it would been a different story if the party was not divided along factional lines

ndoda sibili - 22 September 2014

no guys there is no factionalism in this issue. the problem arises from justification of obtaining a phd in 3 months. if she did, it would help the public if someone clarified the circustances that brought about such an outstanding achievement. i am yet to meet a person who can finish their phd programme in less that two yrs let alone a few months. if the uz can not clarify this issue, then it would become apparant that corruption has re-surfaced at the once revered highest learning institution of zim. we are slowly catching up with the likes of nigeria in these things.

sunga - 22 September 2014

Where in the world have you seen a country being run by amamenemene ? Like husband like wife both of them have become zimbabwe 's biggest problem . Everything they do is fast track ,fast track fast track now they are fast tracking degrees at uz . They stole a dairy farm from its rightful owner they had fights with Nestle zimbabweThis family thinks is more zimbabwean and zimbabwe is their private property . As a zimbabwean i call upon our police force to investigate this issue and then arrest the culprits.Remember no one yes i mean no one is above law .

Diibulaanyika - 22 September 2014


SHIBOBO - 22 September 2014

The second line on the above comment should read "SHOULD NOT BOTHER"

SHIBOBO - 22 September 2014

Maybe this is just an Honorary degree. People are criticising Grace's degree what of Joice Mujuru's degree? Is that genuine because Joice ran away from primary school at around 12 or 13 years and ZanuPF spin doctors have changed it to 18 years after Form 2. Facts regarding top party officials are embroidered to portray them in good light. Munyaradzi Kereke has claimed that he was instrumental in Gono getting a doctorate as he literally wrote all assignments. "Do you forget you forced me to do all for you, right from registration, to doing all assignments, to doing all the online exams right up to the final thesis, so I could keep my job at the RBZ" asked Kereke. “Quite to the contrary I professionally hand-held the second respondent for at least 8 years as his advisor at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, carrying out macro and microeconomic policy research, as well as preparing virtually all speeches for the second respondent and more telling, assisting him with at least 99,9% of his submissions for the whole of 'his' academic work for the doctoral studies” said Kereke. If Kereke can write assignments for Gono why would some bright minion in ZanuPF not write a thesis for Grace and for Joice Mujuru?

Musona - 22 September 2014

A doctoral degree, whether honorary or earned, says something about the person. When it is honorary, it is an acknowledgement of service to the community on the back of a life of integrity and so a university that grants such an honor will be making a statement that they wish to be associated with such a person. Should persons granted honorary degrees fall from grace, they can be revoked. In the case of Mrs Mugabe, her doctoral degree conferment is said to have been an academic achievement. it is for this reason that it is a matter of public interest. If she honestly got it, there is no problem, but there appear to be many suspicions because legitimate questions have not been answered or clarified by the UZ authorities and the particular department that oversaw the work. For the preservation of academic integrity at UZ, they should post the doctoral dissertation on the internet or publish it in book form as others do so that interested persons may read for themselves Mrs Mugabe's depth of thought and contribution to academic discourse. Failure to do this will be damaging to UZ and other universities. Let us maintain academic standards for the future of our country. We need authentic, transparent, verifiable and sensible certification of qualifications. It is not only UZ which should respond to this doctoral conferment; the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education which oversees educational standards ought to make a response too. At this time we need to sing the national anthem and mean it as Professor Solomon Mutsvairo intended: ...Kubva Zambezi kusvika Limpopo, Navatungamiri vave neNDURAMO;...Let us foster this quality of Nduramo, integrity in all our institutions.

taura chokwadi - 22 September 2014

If one is married to the King , she will get a doctorate in 2 months with or without a thesis. If one is married to the King , one can ask for anything in the world and it will be given to her , with no questions asked.

Chisekuru Chemakudo - 22 September 2014

This is what the UZ should do : open up The Faculty of Violence then award her with an undergraduate , masters degrees and PhD all at once-the same way things are done at corrupt VID where people buy the learner's and class 1,2 & 4 licences in one go.

Chiremba - 23 September 2014

No wonder y blacks are not and will never be better than whites..say all u can but whites are far better those who went to war should have not even bothered, u wasted your time, givena chance this country should go back to our masters whites..nothin to look up to being balck, from those who are rich to those who are even poor, to those who are in gvt to those who law enforcers, what is it about being black?

Disgranded - 23 September 2014

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yess - 23 September 2014

Disgruntled, well said this skin is not disciplined especially if it is from Africa. This colour does not work.

Maita Manyuka - 23 September 2014

. it is for this reason that it is a matter of public interest. If she honestly got it, there is no problem, but there appear to be many suspicions because legitimate questions have not been answered or clarified by the UZ authorities and the particular department that oversaw the work. For the preservation of academic integrity at UZ

uz - 23 September 2014

Shame!Shame!Shame!Ndopanoti ZANU pf.I wish they could rig the economy like they do everything.

Lutendo - 23 September 2014

This whole affair is a terrific disgrace, not only for Grace herself, her husband and family but the UZ and Zimbabwe at large. But then, come to think of it, any one of our several universities would have given her that doctorate or any other. For all we know, the UZ merely bit the others to it. The whole system is rotten. The so called learned men of this country are an absolute disgrace in many ways. Two years ago I went to the graduation ceremony at the Great Zimbabwe University and as usual the one and only president was there. Believe me, there was a total competition in praising the dear leader. The whole event was basically about him and not the graduands. It was sickening to witness whole adults trying to out-do each other in praising Mugabe. Poems were recited and it was just pathetic. Why is it that our education system and the system at large has produced educated people who are so lacking in pride and decency they will do anything in the name of patronage. Hope we will one day have VCs like Walter Kamba and other man of real substance not these praise singers masquerading as professors. As for Grace I am disappointed the nation expected any better.

Kufakwejeyi - 23 September 2014

Just a tip of the iceberg>>> Where is Professor Moyo. He is too quiet for my liking>>

Side Effects - 23 September 2014

It looks like the Professor is of no use now since the next elections will only be in 2018.

Bakiri - 23 September 2014

l am now very happy that am finishing my first degree at Real universirty that is BINDURA University of Zimbabwe and l will join UZ( University of Zanu pf) to take my 3 Months Phd yes nezanu zvoita chete ndazoita doctor ndiri mwana mudiki. in a Nutshell people you have eyes but you can not see Empress vaitofanira kutotopihwa coz vanotya kukundwa neMukorekore akadzidza JOICE Mujuru. Magrade 7 ava ne maPHD

Chikoma chenhunzi - 23 September 2014

It is a disgrace. The biggest shame on the face of the planet.

pt - 23 September 2014

the worst university is msu. you will get what i am talking about soon

see - 23 September 2014

UZ: University of Zanu PF. This is good saka all UZ graduates are Zanu PF members theya fo count the numbers over 4 million are UZ graduates i si. Saka moti he-e-e takabigwa mavotes kuita sei? Iko zvino mongo chema zvenhando musina kana grade 7 chaiyo, tsve kubvunza kuti nhai vatete , tozvigonawo sei kuti tibatwe musoro nababa. Mozoda zvakadii kana zvinhu zvakadai? Sandi kunakawo here kwe people's party uku? Pamberi ne UZ, pasi netsuuramuromo dzisingade kudya dhata.

Point Order - 23 September 2014

As a graduate of the UZ, I am now no longer proud to have studied there. I am actually ashamed by this conduct whereby all procedures for awarding degrees are flouted left right and centre. We are dealing with the integrity of our oldest university, and this makes our degrees cheap. If the UZ does not withdraw this bogus degree, we who graduated after hard work should all demand that the UZ accept our mass withdrawal of our degrees.

Chenjerai Hove - 23 September 2014

Please Hove,stop dreaming.UZ'll never withdraw Grace's unearned PHD.This is ZANU PF politics.Keep your good degree with dignity. Hapana chisingaperi hama.

REGAZVIPORE - 23 September 2014

@ lols dnt lie to pple....students marks are publicly revealed at some instutions and in a case which u are expelled from university because of your failure they would be revealed to support the action and cause.....wakabaya university here iwe?

micky - 23 September 2014

Degrees - Degrees -Degrees For Sale - PhD's - Apply to any participating University. Criteria - Must be well connected and should be a card carrying member of a certain party!

undegreed - 23 September 2014

No doubt someone at UZ is working days and nights writing her PhD for her.

david taylor - 23 September 2014


HOVE - 23 September 2014

please don't take photo, sorry, don't take my phd.

selele - 24 September 2014

kkkkkk maiti zvinoperera paku rigger ma elections chete here. hamusati matanga. nxt robert junior and chatunga vakupihwa ma master"s lol

nikuv detector - 24 September 2014

There's no conscience in ZANU PF. Surely,how can a well educated chancellor whip everyone in the UZ council to award a PHD degree studied in less than a year?Do we really need politics in the academic field?Do we honestly need politics at UZ???SHAME!SHAME!SHAME!!!!!

TAPERERWA HAMAWEE - 24 September 2014

This brings shame to the UZ as a heritage "education of pride in Zimbabwe"This is a serious matter which has dire reputation damage globally and it will lower education grading system by foreign authorities to a pathetic level.Last year SAQA (South African Qualification Authority)already implementin down grading Zimbabwean qualification a level below it normal level,Honors degree from Zim now graded as Undergrad by Saqa,Masters level in Zim is now Honors level in South Africa.Who guess with such scandals emerging what will happen next!

hameno - 24 September 2014

Aiwa makorokoto ,congratulations to Grace,the 1st Shopper/Prostitute 4 being conferred with a PhD that she completed in record time of 2,5months.Indeed the UZ under the tutelage of Ngwazi Matibili as Chancellor has sunk to the lowest ebb.Lest we forget that it was the so-called Chancellor Ngwazi Matibili who NIGERIANISED our once prestigious UZ forcibly admitting fellow massmurderer Mengistu Haile Merium`s children in the UZ Medical school without adequate entry points all those years back.As if it was not enough Matibili went to force the registration of Mushowe into the Masters Programme after the late Professor John Makumbe had marked down Mushowe.In 1991 the late brilliant Professor Walter Kamba tendered in his resignation as VC in disgust due to Matibili`s blood dripping hands interference in the proper running of UZ.Both late Professors Kamba&Makumbe must be turning in their graves in total disgust due to the hyper-corruption at UZ.Indeed the UZ has been condemned to the abyss by Matibili&Levy Nyagura.It should be noted that Matibili has been presiding over the most corrupt,brutal,criminal Cabal in Zim living History for the past 34 years.Both Matibili&Grace are evil,heinous,callous&corrupt to the bonemarrow.The duo continue to treat Zim life it is their personal fiefdown,behaving like there are a Monarchy.Ngwazi Matibili is a murderous despot who has been killing the people of Zim since the 1976 Mozambique detente.To make matters worse Matibili has been violently&fraudulently clinging to Power since the 1990 polls.The heroic people of Zim will never recognise the bogus/phoney PhD that was conferred to DisGrace ,the offlayer b***h!.MaZimba muchinyanyawo hanzi Matibili akadzidza ane7Degrees,tarisai muone zvaaita nyika manje,tine urombo ukuru kwazvo!.Power corrupts,absolute Power corrupts absolutely !.Enough said!.

Dr Zvichaperachete - 26 September 2014

ko veku UZ zvamai svora ZOU

musoni - 26 September 2014

you wont hear this shit in msu..

Dred - 28 September 2014

Kkkkkk I love u Africa. Never a dull moment!

Malaika - 29 September 2014

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