Chombo praises Mujuru's 'military prowess'

HARARE - Ignatius Chombo, the Local Government minister, has heaped lavish praise on Vice President Joice Mujuru, saying her liberation war credentials were impeccable.

Chombo’s endorsement comes hard on the heels of a scathing attack on the VP by deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Chris Mutsvangwa, who claimed that the much-hyped downing of a Rhodesian plane by Mujuru was a creation of Zanu PF propaganda machinery.

Born into a peasant family in Mount Darwin, Mujuru dropped out of school and was 18 when she joined the liberation army. She rose through the guerrilla ranks to become a wing commander.

Her notoriety increased after she reportedly single-handedly shot down a Rhodesian army helicopter.

In a congratulatory message to Mujuru for attaining of a PhD, Chombo and

his Local Government team said her military dexterity was the reason for her ascendancy to the vice president’s post.

Mujuru joined Mugabe’s first post-independence cabinet in 1980 at 25, and was one of the longest-serving government ministers before her elevation to the vice presidency in 2004.

“Your military prowess that you exhibited as a guerrilla fighter set you in good stead for ascendancy to the position of vice president of the Republic of Zimbabwe and your academia achievements will further widen your knowledge base for the benefit of the people you serve,” Chombo said.

Mutsvangwa has cast aspersions on Mujuru’s war credentials, saying they were exaggerated.

“Zvekare hapana comrade akanga akatakura pfuti mbiri mbiri ari mumwe (There was no comrade who would carry two guns),” Mutsvangwa said. “Taingove mumwe neimwe. Kupedzisa nekukanda pasi manyepo ekudonhedza helicopter yemuvengi akaumbwa naWebster Shamu kumupembedza kutiabviswe kuvamwe macomrades.

“Ngatisanyengedzwe nepovho nemagwara atavakudyidzana nawo mushure mekupera kwehondo yerusununguko (We had one gun each. It is a lie that she downed an enemy helicopter.

‘The lie was created by Webster Shamu to stroke her ego so that she could be promoted. Let’s not be fooled by such lies after the liberation war),” Mutsvangwa said.

Chombo said Mujuru’s attainment of a PhD will inspire uneducated war veterans to go to school.

“It is our sincere hope that such an outstanding achievement will serve to inspire all those whose education has been disrupted during the liberation struggle, like yours and for whatever reason that it is never too late to go to school,” Chombo said.

“Your successful attainment of the PhD should remind us that we should never be content with whatever credentials we currently possess.”

Chombo said the nation stands to benefit immensely from Mujuru’s judicious guidance.

“We look forward to your continued astute guidance as we strive to bring sound local governance to people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“May your achievement be an inspiration to your family, women and the nation at large.”

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This is the season of flattery, sycophancy, and praise-singing. The honorable minister was not in any war. How does he praise the military prowess of someone he never saw in action? Chombo, a Kutama-trained primary school teacher probably thinks since Mugabe, a Kutama boy as well, is waving, Chombo should find someone else to praise in order to prolong his political career. Come Chombo, it's high time we get serious about our national affairs. You were my senior at Kutama, but I did not know that you would degenerate like this!

Chenjerai Hove - 21 September 2014

How can Chombo talk about military prowess he did not see? Singing in “Pungwes” all night long is hardly “military prowess. This was a case of the ignorant fighting for something they did not know. She was not even aware Rhodesia had the second best economy in Africa. How can Chombo's comments be reported as news? Joice Mujuru ran away from primary school. She was a juvenile delinquent. She had no idea what she was going to do in Mozambique. To her it was days away from the hated school. There is no other plausible reason for a minor to run away from school without the knowledge of her parents. She had no clue what Zanu was or what the fighting was all about. She is not clever because she found out she still had to go to the hated school after returning from Mozambique. What racism did she experience in a Reserve school? What did she know about colonialism when she had hardly finished history lessons? Given a cabinet post because she could fire a gun? Silly.

Musona - 21 September 2014

It is fun that a girl who was abused by some commanders at a bush military camp be regarded as a hero . When you sleep with a commander does not mean you are a sibhamu hero instead the girl was forced into performing some sexual duties while she was under age may be she is praised for that yet others even dream of making her president of this country . What could she do against the well trained , fed well and well armed Rhodesian forces . Those were the soldiers even the guerrillas themselves never set a foot in towns and cities until to the end of the war . never lie to us we were not born last week white head Chombo you know nothing about war .

Diibulaanyika - 21 September 2014

Cde Chombo you know as well as i do that you are the least qualified to talk about the struggle. For how long do you think you can keep hoodwinking the people? iwo ma phd acho zva atova ma asina irombe! Zvigobatsirei? The economy is still nosediving regardless of the fact that our colleges are churning out ever more doctors of philosophy who should give us the necessary guidance in tackling the prevailing social and economic ills...

Bismark - 22 September 2014

if i was twelve during the 70s i would heve gone to fight for my country as well. people do not only fight for gains but also for national pride. the so called rhodes were so abusive enough for even little children to understand the divide that existed between blacks and them. the fact that joice was attending a reserve school demonstrate impartiality. why do you think it appropriate for her to be housed in the reserve while foreigners occupied the comfort of city life. who gave them the right to come to this country. whether she was prominent in the war or not is imaterial. the fact is that she fought in the war and for that she is a heroine. pairwa vamwe vana musona vaive mapurisa a smith thats why he will spent untold efforts defending him. to you she was delinquent but to me she is a heroine.

taurai - 22 September 2014

Heaping praises on Mujuru will not change the fact you are the worst performing Minister in the current cabinet Mr. Chombo. I'm also of the same opinion as those who ask what an 18 year old girl thought she was doing surrounding herself with dirty lusty men in the bush away from parents and the elders. Maybe an enlightenment on our part as to what really motivated her to choose that path would give us an insight. My question is, did you go to war so that your country would be ranked as one of the worst in the world as is the case today, did you do it all so that you could plunder every means of production from farms to industries rendering millions destitute? Do you feel happy and proud when they address you as the President of such an embarrassing nation that was once the Jewel of Africa?

Dr Know - 22 September 2014

Dr Ignatius Chombo Chiminya is not qualified to talk about the liberation struggle as he was a school teacher at Golden valley Mine School Gatooma during the liberation struggle. Taurai zvimwe vashewe.

John Banda - 22 September 2014

How is the minister's Augur Investments doing these days? I hear they have lots of land but are peniless

LOLZ - 22 September 2014

Asi ndiudzei ma Cdes mai ava hanzi vakainda kuhondo at 18 at 25 vanga vava mucabinet, so training yekudonhedza ndege vakaita nguvai. zvandinetsa izvi, ndosaka Cde Mutsvangwa vakataura kuti manyepo.

Gwanyanya - 22 September 2014

Tsvangison ndiye akaenda kuhondo yechimurenga

Tshotsha - 22 September 2014

This Chombo man of ours is always somehow clueless on significant issues.Cmrades when we talk of weevils he is one of them,then comes Chiyangwa,Chiwenga,Chihuri,Mpofu and the Zhuwawo

carson Macate - 22 September 2014

even if you daily news remove my comments,it wont change the fact that joyce ie a woman and a woman musnt rule in zimbabwe

ndoda sibili - 23 September 2014

she is already ruling whenever the president is abroad. women are people just like you friend. they have a right to participate in politics like anyone else.

taurai - 23 September 2014

Everybody fought in that liberation war. Not only the mujurus'

Mulomowandau - 23 September 2014

taurai,let me give yu a lecture.its unbiblical and unafrican for a woman to rule i didnt say they are not ppl,i said its unbiblical which means even God put power,authrority and accountability in men not women.i never said women are bad,no,they are good but its just a fact.and u cant ask God why he does certain things can u?.have u ever asked him why you wewre born to your mother and not to joyce mujuru? its God's prerogative to decide similarly...

ndoda sibili - 24 September 2014

It is against the run of the current for Mrs Mujuru , to claim that she hit down a Rhodesian Plane using a machine and to be precisely a AK 47. Such and act would have been a finding of the Rhodesian Bush war in all accounts there has never been an a plane which has been hit by a machine gun and it is absurd to believe this stupid lie. Moreso , we know with detail the planes which were brought down and they were recorded in History , we wonder why there is no record of Mrs Mujuru heroic and its subsequent causalities. Perhaps to be fucked by Rex during the war is the same as hitting the plane down, this can be close to the paradox.

Vusisizwe - 8 November 2014

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