Magaya accuser confesses

HARARE - Denford Mutashu, the man who accused Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader, Walter Magaya of having an illicit sexual relationship with his wife, has openly confessed about his $500 000 demand.

Mutashu yesterday appeared at a PHD midweek service in Harare where he denied ever receiving money from Magaya and asked for forgiveness in front of thousands of people at the church. Mutashu was claiming the money in adultery damages from Magaya, but withdrew the High Court lawsuit on September 12. He filed the suit after Magaya through his lawyers vehemently denied the allegations.

His wife Memory Nomsa Ruvizhe, through an affidavit, had claimed this was a gamble by her husband, aimed at milking money from the preacher. After several reports and further accusations against the man-of-cloth, Mutashu decided to have the matter pulled out of court.

Circumstances leading to Mutashu’s decision to withdraw the case were not clear, since no reasons were proffered in his notice of withdrawal. Claims were made that he had been paid $150 000 to back down.

Denford Mutashu (right) confessing.

Mutashu went to PHD Ministries during the church’s Wednesday prayer session to give a “confession”, dispelling claims that he had been paid to withdraw the lawsuit.

“I have not been given any money… and will not receive money from the prophet,” Mutashu said.

He said if he had been paid such a large sum of money, he would by now be flying around the world, spending the money.

“There is serious God’s work at play here”, Mutashu said, adding that it was never an easy decision to make for him to come before the huge congregation and give a confession.

He said he had been delivered after travelling out of the country, where the Daily News understands was to TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of all Nations.

“I have travelled and after my travelling I got my deliverance. From now onwards, we are going to be friends and brothers with the prophet,” Mutashu said, much to wild cheers from the large congregation.

Asked to confirm if he was the one who was demanding the $500 000, Mutashu said, “The best way is to forget what has happened in the past and move forward.”

His visit to PHD Ministries yesterday put a lid to speculation that surrounded the whole case.

During his visit to Nigeria, Mutashu reportedly told TB Joshua that he was going to withdraw the charges, adding that he had been misled by lawyers to try and tarnish Magaya’s image.

“Take notice that the plaintiff hereby withdraws its claim in this matter and tenders wasted costs,” reads the notice that he filed at the High Court.

In the notice of withdrawal, no reasons had been proffered why Mutashu had decided to drop the lawsuit.

Magaya had always denied the adultery claims, adding that the averments were devoid of any recognised legal basis and deserved to be struck off.

Through his lawyers from Rubaya & Chatambudza Legal Practitioners, who had instructed Thabani Mpofu, Magaya said the application was devoid of merit, and lacked the basic principles expected of such an application.

He said Mutashu’s claim failed to disclose cause of action cognisable at law.

“Whilst making a claim for adultery damages, plaintiff (Mutashu) does not allege, plead or place reliance upon any real or alleged sexual encounter between defendant and his wife,” Magaya argued.

“No date and place of any sexual encounter has been set out as is required by law.”

The PHD leader had further told the court that no particulars that would support the commission of adultery had been set out or relied upon in the entire request.

“The claim is consequently set in vacuo, incompetent and devoid of any recognised legal basis,” he said.

Comments (70)

Glory be to God that the actual truth has come out. Prophet W Magaya continue to remain focused in God's work.WE ARE BACKING YOU. YADAH! YADAH! YADAH!

E NHONGO - 18 September 2014

Satan anonyepa uyo! Satan anonyepa. The devil's lies have been exposed.

Grace - 18 September 2014

One can tell how backward people in Zimbabwe are by the number of comments posted whenever there is a story concerning fake prophets and healers. Zimbabwean society is a backward and hopelessly superstitious society still mired in the Stone Age despite over a century since whites introduced education. Daily News editorial staffers make the situation worse by giving prominence to these uncivilised prophets and healers. Why give prominence to nonsense? Are you not aware this is poison to impressionable young people? You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. I am probably older than most people (most people my age cannot work a computer) who post comments but I don't believe in occult as the young people who own this newspaper and those who write news items in this newspaper. How can this be main news? Christianity was brought by the whites and it's silly and illogical for young blacks to be more religious than the whites were and perform “miracles”. If these prophets or healers were genuine and omnipotent why would they be arrested by the police and be jailed without using their supernatural powers to get out jail or make their accusers disappear? How come these prophets die like everyone else? I know a few old prophets/healers who are now deceased and their families are now living normal lives. Where do they get these supernatural powers at such a young age? This, to me, is just a con.

Musona - 18 September 2014

when this drama started i believed that this man wanted to accuse the prophet for nothing and when it got to the lawyers and all that staff i held back and watched now we this guy going all out to defend what people are saying about the prophet which i still believe to be false but the way its being done it show a new drama looming or will give those accussing the prophet a new calling it a marketing strategy from the very start either from someone in the church or with the knowledge of the church....hameno

lolo - 18 September 2014

Noone fights a man of God and win.... Halleluyah. Glory be to God

tash - 18 September 2014

Thank you Daily News for publishing this story.I also witnessed his confession at church yesterday.Ko where is Herald,Newsday netwumwe twuma newspapers,kubva mati ziiii kudaro kwakanaka here? Ko nyayaka iyi yekuburitsa hamuna kuinzwawo here?ummmmm muri twuma suspects kkkkkk

ome - 18 September 2014

Thank you my lord. this is powerful.. God you are awasome. the truth has final come out. Prophet Magaya keep on delivering the masses, we are behind you. Mbiri kuna Jesu

Slivia - 18 September 2014

My inquisitive mind and sixth sense find me asking myself how a lowly paid Food World manager suddenly finds himself flying all the way to rowdy Nigeria on a religious excursion. Where did the money come suddenly from? It is also curious that after the highly publicised adultery case that threatened to derail the astronomically rising profile of Prophet Magaya the man, Mutashu suddenly makes a u- turn when he had nothing to loose in seeing off the case in court. To crown it all, the now infamous Mutashu finds himself making a courtesy call at Magaya's PHD ministry and offering a public apology; truly something unheard of nor even equalled in recent memory. But on second thought, if one is offered , say, a cool $50 000, (let alone a staggering $150 000!) what would such a person not do, as a pre-condition to receiving such a windfall? Gospel-entrepreneurship at its Hollywood best!

tafamutekwe - 18 September 2014

Musona wasvotwa kuti chokwadi chazobuda chete.The past 2 months painzi Magaya faces adultery iri headline yemanewspapers ese u never complained,now that the truth has finally come out u are now complaining coz u ddnt expect kuti Mutashu achauya kuzokumbira ruregerero ku phd.Satan nema demon ake varwadziwa nhasi,kubva vati ziiiiiii kkkkkkk

ome - 18 September 2014

Lolo something might be wrong upstairs. How can it be a marketing strategy honestly with all these damaging stories against the Prophet and you call that a strategy...Aha mhani BE REAL

Desmond - 18 September 2014

Am thrilled to say what Mutashu said yesterday in church was exceptional..You did well Mutashu may God forgive you for all your sins.

David - 18 September 2014

Mutashu, i hope you were given money to shut up and decided to leave this woman, then make these mickey mouse confessions. This so called whatever slept with your wife and will continue to do so. You Magaya fanatics, can you explain one thing: how can a married woman go and spend three days out in the name of prayers without making prior arrangements with her husband? Answer this simple question? Is it not the issue we are having here?

munhu - 18 September 2014

Our God is a specialist of imposibilities. look at how God has answered his prophet. i tell you no one has ever fought God and won. i love this when the truth has actually

carol - 18 September 2014

Tafamutekwe you are a genius, we need to analyze things as they are. Any man in his right mind can never make such a u-turn overnight unless there is a huge inducement or highly driven by the holy spirit which i doubt very much.

chamakanda - 18 September 2014

Mutashu yu ar a disgrace to manhood... and GOD wl punish yu for making silly confessions jus cz wapihwa mari.. chituta chemunhu...h haunyari.. iyo face yako yakatongopusawo. for money wakafitta kutokwira kumagaro chaiko... duzvi

chamutengure - 18 September 2014

We lift up your name up high My Jesus for the good work you are doing my lord exposing all the plans of the devil he will never bring the man of god down..

redbullet sign - 18 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 18 September 2014

This is just stage management. There Is a lot behind the confession.Do you think congregates would be happy to hear their money is being spend on prostitution?

damit - 18 September 2014

Nyatsosvotwai,satan nhasi agumbuka,Magaya woyeeeee.Mbiri kuna jesu

chokwadi - 18 September 2014

Nhasi dzava nhema manje juss becoz the truth is out,pazvainzi Magaya faces adultery charges u all believed it.Vanhu itai mushe,Chimbotyaiwo mwari pliz

ome - 18 September 2014

manje manje muchaona akugara kuBorrowdale mfana uyeyu....zvaisvibisa Churchka izvi saka achapiwa zvake mari yake asi iye ongonzi aite seapenga

Chidondova - 18 September 2014

Varume nyangwe dai ndakapusa saMatashu ndasvirirwa mukadzi handinyarare. Ko nhai iwe Matashu ku Nigeria wakafamba netsoka here? Wakambokwira ndege before? Ko sei wakafunga kunanga kwakaromba Magaya waurikupomera kuti arikudya nanzvinonyo yako. Uri chitutamangoro chaicho. Pandakatanga kunzwa nyaya yako ndaitoti hameno murume akachangamuka. Handina kuziva kuti ndiwe. Pawapedza kuita dhodho rako wapukuta kumashure here. Tsvaga guri chairo ripare mhezi dziri kumhata kwako ndidzo dzirikukupusia kusvika pakadaro. Chasara kwauri chete kurohwa kumanyowa naMagaya. Achakufongoresa zvaakaita mukadzi wako regedza zvako uone.

charlieboy - 18 September 2014

Mutashu is fooling us after receiving a hefty 150 k out of court settlement. Check the leather jacket he he is putting on on,..... One day all this will be in the open

Don Wezhira - 18 September 2014

Mutashu akabhadhagwa mari naMagaya kuti nyaya ipere. Out of court settlement, imi hamusi kuzviona here. To protect his name Mutashu was made to come and confess in public asi akatodya mari yake kare $150 000. Vhurai maziso nepfungwa maZimbabwe.

studio77 - 18 September 2014

vanhu musarwadziwe navaMagaya hapana kana mari yakabhadharwa paye or even a done hakuna zvakadaro. Mahaters you can take it the way you want but nyaya hapana hapana apa akanyepa Mutashu period................

happy - 18 September 2014

Mutashu kaaa ndiye akakonzeresa kudona kwe church ya TB j

johngorowa - 18 September 2014

Magaya's detractors will stop at nothing short of his death or total pull down.But it's very stupid for anyone to conclusively attack another human being on mere speculation & hate rummour. Honestly, prophet Magaya practically helped a lot of sick pple& the destitute.Hypocrites will always quote bible verses but none live by the word of God.Pained by Mr.Mutashu's confession,evil pple are already speculating about money payments. Hate him or NOT, prophet Magaya is spot on.

KUPERERWA - 18 September 2014

hapana need yekutukirira vanhu vatendi vephd. regai vanhu vataure zvirimupfungwa dzavo. ini ndiri mufundisi. maitiro emaporofita aya haaratidze humwari. why should you be happy kuti umwe munhu anyadziswe pakazara vanhu. if you give with the left hand let not the right know is the principle that Jesus taught. izvizvekunyadzisana zvinongoratidza kuti Mwari havasi munyaya iyi. the prophet would have been examplary and quietly forgiven the lad even if poeple misunderstood him in the end he would have been venerated. this way poeple become more suspecious of magaya's conduct.

pastor - 18 September 2014

I hope a few of those of you who like to post ill advised comments on servants of God have learnt a lesson. You will get a curse from God. Just leave them alone lest you bring harm on your self whether ari mupositori kana fata.

peter juta - 18 September 2014

I am surprised to see some comments where people even think Magaya is their god demetiy , Now we have some people praising the works of diabolos . They ignore the warning which the bible tells us about fake prophets which are going to crop up from every where . The guy is busy poking some people 's wives exactly like his counter part Gumbura did . When the guy bonks your wife that is when your eyes are going to be open but by then it will be too late .Yini ndaba what is wrong with some zimbabweans so backward.

Diibulaanyika - 18 September 2014

mwari huyaimuone vanhu vaye vatangazve. Gospel of prosperity.

moto - 18 September 2014

Dashu dashu kudashura Mutashu!!!!Ndaseka zvangu!Zvakaoma!

dashudashu - 18 September 2014

Iri ndiro DRAMA and mazozvinyanya. Mungada kusimudza Svondo dzenyu nemutoo uyeyu here nhai? Murombo akaita samukwirigwi uyu aiwanepi mari yemalawyer, yekuenda kuNigeria, please maZimbo, kwanai

ZVIRIPACHENA - 18 September 2014

Guys lets look at this issue with a clear eye. 1- Mutashu akaiona kupi mari yedenge. 2- Why go to Nigeria to a person magaya is highly linked with- remember Oscar Pambuka achiti Magaya to bring in Joshua. 3- I am told kuti kuona Prophet T.B. Joshua is not a joke with those who went there, so how come this nobody found it easy to meet him. 4- Why was it news headline even kuNigeria kwacho kuti this nobody was confessing. 5- Mukadzi wako haana kutengerwa mota here as was said in the papers. 6- Mugadzi wako haana kugara kuGuest house here so the time claimed. 7- Zvine jere here kuti one waste lots of dollars to go to Nigeria just to make a confession. Gentleman we need to be wise, I dont want to judge anyone but man, money is not everything. We have some stupid man around who can not stop at anything because of money. Mr. Mutashu ndai ndainge ndirini I was not going to be that stupid. If its true that this accussion wa meant to tanish the prophet then you are the worst criminal and you deserve to be behind bars, not only beacuse you tanish the image of Magaya, but you exposed your wife wanting to make her an object to enrice your selfish, ego. However I highly doubt that you were not in your senses in the first place. Now ndopawatove out of your mind beacuse of other motives.

felix - 19 September 2014

I believe Mr Mutashu you were paid off handsomely......enjoy your money and so what are you going to do about your wife

mhlanga - 19 September 2014

Cant you see mutashu that you are acting silly,,,very confused hey...Money money money........Why did yu go to Nigeria in the first place?

God Have Mercy - 19 September 2014

Mutashu, Learn to leave Men of God Alone...whether theyre wrong or Right God is the only one who can judge them...Look now you are working hard now......

FW - 19 September 2014

"NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER!!!" Though, thumbs up to MUTASHU, ini handaimbogona kupupura zvakadai izvi!!!

Jesus is Power - 19 September 2014

Waona here face yacho!ndaiti munhu akachangamuka ini pandaidzwa kuti mutashu aprover kuti igashu zveshuwa manje vana magaya vanoisa mberi kwemberi!

chido - 19 September 2014

why are the so called prophets failing to see disaster within their compound . TB Joshua building collapses and kills people mweya waivepiko. these are conman in toto

hameno??? - 19 September 2014

@ pastor,how can u attack another man of God.Hu pastor hwenyu ndewe kushaya mabasa muzimbabwe plus ndofunga kuchurch kwenyu hakuna kana demon rinoti n'eeeee muri kutongosvotwa nesimba rakapihwa prophet Magaya namwari

ome - 19 September 2014

Iri ndiro drama haro iri. Mutashu be honest with yourself, what happened. One either you are a jealous man who when you walk in my office and you see me talking to my secretary who happens to be your wife you will accuse me of adultery, or you are a drama actor in this story. Tirikutorwa semapenzi pano apa.

Maita Manyuka - 19 September 2014

musona (second commentary) needs deliverance

ai - 19 September 2014

Prophet Magaya was innocent fom onset i believe thou the way it comes now leave pple with many question

mm - 19 September 2014

God knows what He is doing lets not judge for him but let Him do his will

girlycee - 19 September 2014

@Felix - Thank you for this observation as an Eagle I had already saw it that this guy was lured with money like Balam.Obvious he had been allowed a special meeting with TBJ which was arranged to try to reinforce the reversal of his decision.Does that need one to go to Nigeria and where did he get the money to fly if he could not even buy a car for his wife.Let this guy be warned that he is now living in adultery because of money. He will never divorce that wife because he is now enjoying the fruits of adultery and he is also a partaker of adultery. Anytime the guy will take his wife and go to bed with her because he sealed the deal with money. NOTHING THAT IS HIDDEN WHICH SHALL NOT BE REVEALED.

Eagle's Eye View - 19 September 2014

Magaya imafia muface akapihwa bag rine maconditons

Harare - 19 September 2014

No explanation will ever satisfy prophet Magaya's eternal enemies. They just want to nail him down even in matters that do not affect them.But the truth is Mutashu withdrew & freely confessed on the false allegations.And one would ask where is Henrietta Rushwaya?Why&how did she get involved in this matter?Pple should not just rush into conclusion on issues without verified proof.

manyepo chete - 19 September 2014

Hama ini handifarire ku arguwa ndichi quota bhaibheri nekuti zvinoita kunge ndisingafunge nenjere dzangu. Asi mukaverenga nezva Jesu akarehwa muna Isaiah 53 mo compare nema prophets enyu, u will find it comes to bling/flamboyance vs humility. you may be left wondering like me, if our so called prophets are who they claim to be.

Sabhuku - 19 September 2014

Mutashu never payed any money,and the Mutashu issue all is a lie,how can a man payed by someone who sleep with his wife,these stories about Mutashu all is a lie.

chido - 19 September 2014

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