Biti mocks Grace's PhD

HARARE - Former Finance minister Tendai Biti has said he would never study for a doctorate degree because it has lost its status.

Subtly taking a dig at First Lady Grace Mugabe who has just been awarded a PhD after allegedly registering for the degree in July, Biti told a public meeting called to critique the midterm fiscal policy on Wednesday evening, that he was no longer keen to read towards a PhD.

“These are the doctors (Tapiwa) Mashakada and (Godfrey) Kanyeze, I was telling them before we came here that, ‘gentlemen, today I want to state publicly that I will never ever have a PhD for obvious reasons.’ You know what happened,” Biti said to uproarious laughter from the gallery.

Grace’s doctorate from the flagship University of Zimbabwe was in sociology and she studied the case of children’s homes in Zimbabwe, a subject that comes as no surprise, since she runs an orphanage in Mazowe, north of Harare.

First Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice President Joice Mujuru (in red gowns) after their graduation.

Biti said “doctorates or no doctorates”,  Mugabe’s Zanu PF was no longer up to task in addressing challenges blighting the national economy.

“The ruling party is tired, old and fragile,” he said.

“It is now torn apart by deep structural divisions which are now playing out in the government where we have ministers openly clashing. Zanu PF is clueless and tired and that party will never move us forward.”

The former Finance minister also rubbished the midterm fiscal policy presented by his successor Patrick Chinamasa as “unsound.”

“Minister (Patrick) Chinamasa doesn’t understand that we are in a U-shaped recession and if it’s not controlled, it will lead to a depression,” Biti said.

“To observe the signs of recession, you look at number one, the levels of inflation and during this year we have had persistent deflation and persistent decline in month-on-month inflation.

“Now, because all Zimbabweans have lived in a hyper inflation era, you think that the reduction of prices is positive, it is not positive because it is caused by that we do not have money and there is no aggregate demand, we are not spending. Because we are not spending, there is disinflation and deflation kills business.”

He said the political crisis emanating from rigged elections needs to be addressed.

“We need to deal with politics because without that, we can’t move forward —this economy is subordinated by politics,” he said.

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So Grace registered in July and in September she was awarded a PhD or D.Phil as the Brits call it. Waaal. The greatest and most intelligent woman on the planet. Kana Einstein haasvikipo

dick mboko - 18 September 2014

"He said the political crisis emanating from rigged elections needs to be addressed" Am I missing something here? The spokesman of your so called renewal party is on record as saying ZanuPF won the elections fairly- so which is which? Make up your mind, you are now a laughing stock Mr Biti.

Disaster - 18 September 2014

morons and wenches acquiring PhDs. pasi parohwa nenyundo.

degeneration - 18 September 2014

biti is on record claiming zanu pf trounced the mdc because it had an impccable manifesto and today he has flip flopped saying the plebiscite was rigged. thsi shows how biti and his bunch of idiots are confused.

cde churucheminzwa - 18 September 2014


BITI LAW - 18 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 18 September 2014

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studio77 - 18 September 2014

PhD for Grace means permanent home defender

Denford Bakatwa - 18 September 2014

Or if you like, perennial homes destroyer. She has no business dealing with our lives.

badass - 18 September 2014

To ThabItha Khumalo and Matson Nhlalo You are the candidates for Mdc-t Bulawayo Province and Thokozani Khupe and Abednico Bhebhe reliased their blue eyed boy Gift Banda is going to lose the election so thy r devicing a second plan.Second plan is similar to the plan which thy used in the last congress whn thy rigged for Gorden Moyo thru allowing security guys which are Zulu,Artwell Sibanda,Sidu and Moyo voted for Moyo yet thy wre not delegetes for the congress.Bewarned before,the people who will conduct Bulawayo provincial elections will be up to biasness and Lovemore Moyo is another masterminder of the game.Watch the space

muntu - 18 September 2014

Who cares, doing or not doing PHD is but your choice. You dont it for other people.

Ndugu - 18 September 2014

Biti is just confused. Today he says Zanu won, tmr he says election was rigged. This guy is sick. Those following Biti will just wake-up to hear that the sick man is dead and that will be the end of the renewal team.

kuwait - 18 September 2014

Grace is like anyone with own ambitions. She got the PhD. If any problem its the university to answer

liberty shungu - 19 September 2014

The uz is a public institution. What legal options are there to ensure that standards are maintained?

mudzidzi - 19 September 2014

Nyagura is an idiot!

Bingo Wokwa Gutu - 19 September 2014

PHD thesis are accessible. it may be a good idea to check with the uni library or online. if she studied for it then she like anyone else should apllauded. if she gor it through the back door then that would a shame for the institution that awarded her the degree.

sunga - 19 September 2014

wife of commander in chief of everything zimbabwe so you think Nyagura can refuse to give a degree only wake up zimbos its their time

wife - 19 September 2014

Politically I don't doubt that Biti is dead and buried but on the doctorates, the man is right. UZ despites its high standards has thrown its degrees into the trash bin by this one irrational act. I am studying for a doctorate with an external university but should I finish successfully and I have a choice of titles, I shall continue to be addressed as Mr. until somehow this mischief by the owner of the country and his wife is addressed.

Isidore Cuthbert Mutungagore - 19 September 2014

dai vakamupa ririDegree PHd here is loses all its weight zvakaoma

ini - 19 September 2014

Jacob and Esau heeeeee it is in the bible.Mwari vaiziva kare ndivo vakamusika Grace wacho,

mariyeti Mpala - 19 September 2014


KHUMBU NDLOVU - 20 September 2014

I do not what everyone's problem is about someone obtaining their own personal academic qualifications. The bottom line is that her Master's research degree was retrospectively upgraded to a PhD and there is no anomaly with that, the world over. Save your comments until you read her thesis.

Kuhle - 21 September 2014

uz must say something. this is bad. sends the wrong message to kids, you dont need education, you just need power and education is awarded to you. whats new anyway, we are too broke to attend to such issues

brokezimbo - 21 September 2014

if we can have professors like ncube mdc who cannot even understand correlation between sanctions and suffering of people then we applaud grace Mugabe!

mhazihuru - 21 September 2014

PhD nderake ndere kumba kwake why make t a news item anyway?? hoo bcz ndigrace.....kwanai vanhu vemapepa nhau imi........

glarious - 22 September 2014

@ Kuhle---my friend, we would read the thesis if we could only find it. Please point it out to us please.

dabull - 22 September 2014

hameno ikoko....tongoti congrats

the cocomaster - 23 September 2014

Makorokoto Amai, Matipasa manyemwe. Madadisa! ! Pfuururai mberi. Munopa madzimai ese ese kwese -kwese tariro yakanaka! Zvirambe zvakadaro. VanaMusona woye, izvi zvinokudzwa izvi, veshanje vachafa neshungu rwendo rwuno. Pamberi nekufunda!

Pamberi - 24 September 2014

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codzo - 25 September 2014

bvatotoendawoka paUZ coz kana zvadai paboka.

respie - 25 September 2014

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