Mutamba to fight suppression of Tuku book

HARARE - Shepherd Mutamba, a veteran journalist and Oliver Mutukudzi’s long-time publicist, has said he will enter an appearance to defend his explosive and controversial book, Tuku Backstage.

Tuku has said he was mulling suing Mutamba over claims he made in his book that dwells on Mtukudzi and Daisy’s romance, squabbles, separation, love affairs, divorce and re-union. The singer’s first wife Melody also opens up on her marriage to the legendary musician and their eventual divorce, and also contains squabbles between the superstar and his daughters.

Tuku has said he was horrified by lurid claims made in the book by his publicist. In a statement,  it emerged that Tuku now wants to appear in court to confront Mutamba, who wrote the book, and to tell him the emotional trauma that it caused.

“We are currently consulting with our lawyers on the action to take but we are moving on with our vision as Tuku Music and won’t let these recent developments slow us down,” Tuku said in a statement.

However, Mutamba told the Daily News yesterday: “I have seen Tuku’s statement everywhere but I am just too busy working on the book to respond. People are waiting to read Tuku Backstage. But should Tuku decide to take me to court, for any reason, I promise him that I will be available any time.”

Tuku outlined how much hurt the book and Mutamba had caused him, and that the claims caused a great deal of distress to him and his family.

He said he “felt betrayed by a man I had trusted so much and brought into my inner circle.”

“Everything about the book that I have seen so far is an attack on me. Nothing positive at all. Is that Mutamba’s summary of who I am as a man?” Tuku asked.

“You can imagine the distress that this has caused my family. If he wanted to pull me down, why attack my family too?

“Our conclusion so far is that Mutamba is simply trying to generate sales for his book using a sensationalised form of journalism that is best suited for tabloids.”

The intriguing 300-page no-holds-barred book to be released before the end of the year, was written over five years and comprises 25 chapters and 200 pictures never published before.

In the book’s preface Mutamba writes: “Tuku Backstage cross pollinates four genres —  biography, criticism and photography steeped in the music and life of Oliver Mtukudzi aka Tuku but also recollects some of my own memoirs from life and work experience and woven into the context of the book.”

“From where I stood as Tuku’s long serving publicist, the book inevitably finds itself criticising the man and his character. I frankly articulate my thoughts about Tuku’s contradicting personality but I also pay homage to his honest music.”

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Why does Mutamba insist of violating Oliver's privacy? Sour grapes indeed! Thats spying at its worst. We dont worship Tuku but he deserves his privacy like any other person without being bullied by the likes of Mutamba simply because he is a musical giant. Zvinovanikwa!

Nyati - 17 September 2014

Tuku let me give you advice on this one. Bad publicity sales!!!! Remember the gem of an album you released after the Joe Mafana/Mwendi debacle? TSIVO- Release backstage 1-5 in response to this than taking the poor soul to court. I am your fan from birth but I find myself badly wanting to read this Mutamba book. Instead of fighting him, this is a chance for you to drink coffee with him. He is not your enemy here but a friend. A friend who obviously doesn't know the real you

Papipacho - 17 September 2014

The naked truth of the matter is that MUTAMBA IS BEING VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!! How can he take info that he got in confidence and splash it into the public domain without the express permission of the concerned person(s)??!! I see SHAMELESS GREED for money!!...

ZVOKWADI - 17 September 2014

Mutamba does not need Tuku authority to release this book. Thats what biography are for. TAking Mutamba to court will leave Tuku with eggs splashed all over his face. There is nothing criminal or immoral happening here. Tekere wrote a book about mugabe, factual facts about what he knows about Robert. Thats not criminal. Mugabe fumed and puffed but that did not stop the publication of the book

mafikizolo - 17 September 2014

I realise that Tuku is insulting tabloids as purveyors of sensational journalism. Perhaps Tuku and his advisers are not aware that tabloids are a form of both popular and professional journalism in Africa and across the whole world including Harare too. Tabloids create employment and families are alive today from the professional work of great men and great women practising journalism at the tabloids, the same tabloids that have helped to spread your work and music to the masses of people. An insult to one is an insult to all. You have just declared war for yourself with the international fraternity of tabloids through your reckless ill advised statement. Perhaps you hate tabloids now because the Daily News which is a tabloid has exposed you.

Student Midlands State University - 17 September 2014

Very interesting observation by the MSU student. I was not really interested in the Mtukudzi and Mutamba exchange but as an academic myself I am compelled to comment. Mtukudzi's advisers should have advised him to focus his statement on Mutamba as an author and leave the journalism fratenity out of the picture completely. Mtukudzi's statement is clearly an insult on tabloids across the world. Tabloids do not exist in the world to deliver sensational stories. Tabloids engage in sober nation building and democratic discourse including advocating for a diversity of human rights that have made our society stable. Those old broadsheet newspapers everywhere are being evolved into tabloids format as a way of moving with the times in the printing and publishing world. I know for a fact that the minister of information Jonathan Moyo visited the tabloids to have an appreciation of operations and challenges at the tabloids when he assumed office. The visit meant that government supports the existence of tabloids as part of a civilised and democratic society. But Mtukudzi gives the impression that tabloids journalism is up to no good. If Mtukudzi cannot withdraw his statement on tabloids he must explain what exactly he was trying to say. He must clear the air. I dont think tabloids and other right thinking journalists and academics will take him seriously after that statement. Perhaps the union of journalists can tell us what they think about this seemingly attack on journalism by Mtukudzi.

University of Zimbabwe - 17 September 2014

Its a shame for Tuku the only thing he has to do is move on and let bygones be bygones for the book has been written although in bad faith and those sad truths exposed, so fighting and suing will not only cause more hurt but waste more of your time. Samanyanga make this situation an opportunity for Tuku Music Project .

Gwenaz - 17 September 2014

tuku handlers are making a killing out of him. no matter how black the cow is, the milk is white.tuku take the publication with an open heart and use it as an opportunity to know the mistakes you have made and the pain you caused to people around you. ears that do not pay attention to details will be cut off together with the now have an apportunity to make peace with your family first and the rest.your lawyers are feasting on you.thank journalism for free advise presented to you at no cost. ko hii nhai tuku mwachewe

tonderai marime - 17 September 2014

Tuku has a right to approach the courts (if he so chooses) like any other citizen. As for Mutamba - a book which reveals pple's salaries in breach of privacy entitlements in the constitution and labour laws too? He an a warpath for real. He could have easily said: sorry if i offended anyone, that was not my intention, but I am going ahead with my effort...hino ngoromera ingoromera

Murah - 17 September 2014

Defending Tuku and offending noone I sincerely think its not unexpected for any person to seek legal meaning of something thats written about him. A legal expert can just bring the parties together and try to coordinate. It should never be taken as "ill advice" if one is consulting a lawyer or whoever. As we live we should also let live.

Shaw Golazi - 17 September 2014

K k k k k...saka Murah uri kuti iwewe Mutamba uyu ane mangoromera....k k k k k. Zvakakuomera shuwa

Icho Charira - 17 September 2014

Tuku must just leave Shephered Mutamba alone and concentrate on correcting his mistakes if he can. He must be weary of GREED LAWYERS. Look at what the man who wanted to sue Magaya was made to do by some lawyers - they want money and will promise you they will. Tuku must ask himself if he made Shepherd to sign any confidentiality statements when he got employed. If he didn't, then Shepherd has not committed any offense by writing his observations while on duty.

Mike Hove - 17 September 2014

Mafikozolo vakafunda kupi iwewe?

Demo - 18 September 2014

Mutamba chiiko kupinda mumasecrets emumwe munhu and making them public, kuuraya munhu especially who is running a successful musi business, urikurwei, be a man, makuhwa through your book zvinoitwa nevakadzi murokishini, haunyare here, hakuna bhuku rakadaro, you are attacking a superstar, you are jealous of his success, asi waida mukadzi wake here, nemo, nemo hukama whekumba kwavo, who appointed you to blow off - side in other peoples marriages, ataura zvako ndiani, indava usina respect for vamwe vanhu, bhuku rekumhura mumwe ndoraurikuda kupfuma naro, tsvaga zvimwe, wakasara, uchabhara madamages instead, yes you know him well, saka, does that mean you have to make us aware of this and for what gain, who appreciates this kind of writing, akomana tese tese tikataurwa zvekumba kwedu mumapepa anoverengwa nemunhu wese zvingafadza here, kowakanyanya kutadzirwa chii tuku akuripe, zvakanyanya izvi, kufarisa uku

tichaona - 18 September 2014

a lot of women have been abused by men and the society has turned a blind eye. it is high time that someone highlighted that the very advocates we trust with important social issues are the instigators of the same vices they openly sing against, it is unfortunate for Tuku that the info came out this way, but he should own up and apologise PUBLICLY to his wife, daughters and everyone that he has hurt. as for mutamba making money, hapana asingadi mari and bland stories do not sell. People want to champion freedom of expression, heyo ka iyo! there is no smoke without fire!!!

jiggy - 18 September 2014

0 # Rudo 2014-09-18 11:49 Rudo wrote this comment on though of sharing with readers what she know about Tuku. Shepherds tales are true . Tuku vana vake vese vanotanga na S . I was there one day when he went to visit this boy in question akati mwana wangu in mutare in a combi full of other people. Tuku ane rough , hutsjnye even to friends anoda zvakabaka zviri zvake . Zvipi zvaanoti vana ndakaendesa kuchikoro , vana selmor ivava na sybil vaigarotevera baba kubhawa tereskane kuzokumbira mari yechikoro sybil aipiwa nekuti mai vake vaitouya naye but ana selmor nevana varobert vainzi kumbirai mari kukwekwe kwaigara daisy. Saka unofunda sei uchingobvisirwa school fees nekutengerwa kana uniform but no clothes. Selmour kuzosvika kubvondira nyaya mupepa akaoma kuti there was no point because nyangwe zvikaita sei tuku haavadi vana ivavo. Daisy asacheme nevamwe vakadzi nekuti its true akatorawo murume wemumwe and akatombonorova ivo maisybil kueastlea uko iye aakuti ndakanzwa nemakuhwa.

Sheila Siziba - 18 September 2014

Good for sales both for the book and Tuku's next album.

paida - 25 September 2014

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