Holland takes over MDC renewal team leadership

HARARE - Senator Sekai Holland has been officially appointed the MDC renewal team’s interim president.

Previously led by Tendai Biti, the MDC’s former Guardian Council chairperson told journalists yesterday at her home in Avondale, Harare, that she was now the interim president of the renewal team.

“I therefore on this note and occasion officially assume the role of interim party president as directed by the national council at Mandel,” Holland said.

Jacob Mafume, spokesperson of the MDC renewal team, confirmed that Holland was the new leader, adding that was what came out of the Mandel meeting that resolved that the party was now under the chairmanship of the Guardian Council.

Meanwhile, Holland railed against Morgan Tsvangirai, and said his leadership style was aberrant to democracy and that he had personalised the mainstream MDC.

“It is clear that MDC-Tsvangirai has become a personal property of one individual,” Holland said.

“It is time to reject that and return to our founding principles. The MDC renewal team is where those who still adhere to the original values and principles of the party are regrouping.

“His leadership style is totally unacceptable. A leader of the party should be filled according to experience and ability to contribute.

“Yet someone as talented as Elias Mudzuri, who was a major factor in our winning the 2008 election was unceremoniously sacked. His replacement was a huge failure who failed to organise the party structures,” she said apparently referring to new organising secretary Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa said he would not say anything more than sympathise “with Holland’s mental composition.”

“She seems to be fuelled by hatred of personalities like myself and my president Morgan Tsvangirai to the extent of failing to distinguish between fact and fiction,” Chamisa told the Daily News.

“In the MDC, election strategy is a creature of the elections directorate as chaired by the national chairman, with the office of the secretary-general being the secretariat. Equally, primary elections fall under the gambit or aegis of the elections directorate.

“They must leave me alone. We have done the best under the circumstances. Look at the Cross Over Rally (held two days ahead of the July 31 harmonised elections), the recent one (last weekend) in Masvingo, we are in full throttle. In terms of organising, we are on all fours.

“Our structures are in all parts of the country. We don’t want to give a free lecture to a senior citizen like Sekai Holland, it’s not fair.”

Chamisa said if Holland was  speaking about the success story of 2008, “why is she such a candidate of selective amnesia to forget that we ran the best media campaign, the “Morgan is more campaign” against Zanu PF.

A successful election campaign is a function of both the message and the messenger.

“That’s why I said I sympathise with her mental composition, and I genuinely wish her to get well soon.”

Chamisa said Holand was “driven and motivated by hatred, and motored by malice.

“We don’t lose sleep over petty issues. It’s a childish utterance by such a senior citizen of our country, which is both encyclopaedic and legendary,” Chamisa said.

Holland accused Tsvangirai of being the main engineer of violence in the MDC.

“Violence as a means of and oppression remains a central feature of the party with accusations never investigated properly that it emanates from the president’s office,” she said.

“The failure to institute mechanisms to deal with such a central matter as violence which MDC members in their thousands have experienced remains a sore point for most and for me as a torture survivor, the issue of violence must  be a priority to our politics to normalise.”

Holland alleged party funds were abused. “Party finances have been abused for personal benefit and there has been no accountability to either of the senior party organs, the national executive and the national council,” she said.

“Assets purchased for party work are now explained to members as owned by individuals.”

The senator also accused Tsvangirai of being the sole reason for the demise of talks between the MDC and the renewal team.

“To secure that response, I instituted a process of mediation with a professional, experienced and international mediator.

“That was ultimately rejected by Tsvangirai after an initially promising start and three weeks of intense talking,” Holland said.

On her new role, Holland said she would consolidate the renewal team and make it a viable opposition movement.

“The interim leadership will focus on healing the internal divisions, put mechanisms in place to resolve internal party challenges and strengthen our many policies that will put the opposition party back on track,” she said.

“We will build our entity into a model of what an opposition party must be. It is critical that MDC sets up the standards of a strong viable party that can put our country back on its feet.”


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Chamisa said he would not say anything more than sympathise “with Holland's mental composition.” “She seems to be fuelled by hatred of personalities like myself and my president Morgan Tsvangirai to the extent of failing to distinguish between fact and fiction,” Chamisa told the Daily News. KKKKKKKK.Ndaseka hangu

madaz - 17 September 2014

change your party name so that the electorate can go for you independent of the mdc tag tione

asi chii - 17 September 2014

Who is the deputy and other party structures. Why peacemeal structures ? Is there a problem ? Is your focus on Tsvangirai? Oh please spare us the joke 1

OMAHN - 17 September 2014

Good riddance of bad rubbish.Who really misses Holland,Biti,Mangoma & the entire 'renewal team?' MDC T & Tsvangirai are so popular that MT is now being labelled a dictator.The Party has become too big to even frighten ZANU PF.

KUPERERWA - 17 September 2014

good riddance famba fambai mutetereke nemasango muchem bere. maiita basa rekuba mari dzaibva kumadonor

muchinja - 17 September 2014

My worry is she says Mudzuri was sacked yet we all know that he lost the post through an election, was it Tsvangirayi's vote? Madam president you have taken reigns of a party which wants to rule but you don't rule by beating Morgan Tsvangirayi but one Robert gabriel Mugabe. You can lay on Tsvangirayi until donkeys have horns but that will not win you an election. This is my advise, matove ne half a year muchrwisa Tsvangirayi yet ZanuPf yatove ne Team ZanuPf 2018.

Maita Manyuka - 17 September 2014

Ndiri kuda kuziva kuti riot police yakavhara mugwagwa we HQ ye Mdc vanhu vasina pfuti saka zviri kureva kuti MDC is so powerful pakutaura nemuromo.Since yatanga hapana payakanzwika pane pfuti muromo chete saka isu ve Zanu tinokurirwa neMDC pakutaura ndinoona muParliament ndinotonyara isu tinopedzisira tatsamwa ivo vachiseka

Chinonetsa - 17 September 2014

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repairs - 17 September 2014

Woo... what is going on here guys instead of concentrating with the development of the country people are busy fighting. ma 1 tiri kuenda kupi hama dzangu. Panenyaya

ini - 17 September 2014

These things are common and it does not change or affect anything. Back in time Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples and it will happen now and then anywhere

Gwenaz - 17 September 2014

SeMkaranga wokwangu hangu handingazoposheri makobvu asi ndinongoti tete ndinokushuvira zvakanaka panhabvu yamurikukavira pagombo rinemuchinga nemabhangare . Zvirikwamuri Zimbabwe kushara asi apo panatete apo dzangovawo shungu dzebere kutevera madhongi akasungwa ndinoti dai mazorora marera henyu vazukuru . Ndinorangarira makore aya kuMberengwa amaizama kuita MP mukatadza kukwezvavo vateveri vakawanda handizivi chii chamungapa Zimbabwe kuti ikuvhoterei imwi makatadza zvuru zvishoma kuruzevha . Ndinoti tete marashika apo dai mavona kuti vanhu vanoda kukutambisai mberi kuti mutsvake mari kumadonor vadhle vokangamwa mweya waChokuda , Ndira , Zhou vakafa vachipondwa nemaZANU PF

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 17 September 2014

Hamba!!!! magogo we will never miss you your position will be filled chop , chop . Bcoz you realised that you were not nominated for any position to contest at the forth coming congress hence you decided to join Biti hamba mani we will not lose sleep instead we will have peace of mind hamba!!.

Diibulaanyika - 17 September 2014

gogo ava varinani havatyi kuedza zvimwe panekungoramba munhu achitevera leader asingateerere. turnover yatsangson shows that he has a relational problem. first naNcube, then mdc99 and now renewal. whatever it is, he has a problem and the sooner he realises the better for him. party iya yaita mamvemve takatarisa.

zvirozviyedzwa - 17 September 2014

let the incompetent warthog leave we are emotionally wise enough not to miss a person of that calibre. to hell with renewal team. We, at MDC T we do not beg people to stay especially when we notice that they are valueless and lack consistency . we wont miss you gogo.

zupco - 18 September 2014

In any war, failure to identify your enemy will have you defeated. Nhai imi munozviti MDC Renewal, what is your goal? Are you fighting Tsvangirai or Zanu PF for power? You actions thus far have clearly identified your party as a Zanu PF side kick and I think that is what you guys have been all along. It explains why MDC T got such a stupid deal at the formation of the GNU; Biti and Mangoma were the principal negotiators. Instead of taking the ruling party head on on issues such as lack of water, erratic power supply, early morning road blocks that affect the little production that's left in the country, supposedly "intelligent" lawyers in the likes of Mafume and others waste their eloquent talents fighting the only man who has stood up against the many crimes against humanity being commited by Zanu PF in this country. Itai tione kuti who will you renew?

Isidore Cuthbert Mutungagore - 18 September 2014

It seems as if MDC-T is fight ZANU PF as an official opposition, whilst Mbiti, Musorongoma, Hworandi and their rotten oranges are fighting MDC-T

Masiyambiri - 18 September 2014

they are not happy to see tsvangirai playing handiende game. he should simply pass on the baton. he had his two terms and should hand over power otherwise there is no difference btwn him and zanu. anodawo kufira pachigaro sei. vana biti vari right. no one is indispensable. the idea that anyone who voices their concern is treated like an enemy is self-destructive. ndiyo cream yeparty iri kuenda muchifunga kuti havana basa. muchazoziva leta.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 September 2014


hilton - 18 September 2014


hilton - 18 September 2014

The peoples' party, which is the MDC-T is way bigger than the wishful thinking of a bunch of Lawyers who for some reason I can not fathom, believe that they are more intelligent than everyone else and we need them for guidance. The real enemy here is ZANU PF that has taken us back to 1950s economic levels, it is ZANU that stole the will of the people, it is the one that is responsible for all the job loses, the shortage of medicine in our hospitals, the ballooning unemployment, the power cuts, the unavailabilty of clean safe water, the under development, the low standards of education and our poor standards of living, not Tsvangirai who is the face of the peoples' struggle. People see hope and a better future in Tsvangirai than they would in Holland, Biti, Mafume, Madhuku, Mangoma and the whole Renewal Team of oranges put together.

Dr Know - 18 September 2014

nobody kicks a dead dog it actually took her many months to gather enough courage to officially announce that she is with the renewal team

ndofirakureva - 18 September 2014

Holland is very correct,Tsvangison a serial looser in all elections lost his marbles during the GNU era when he was busy womenising instead of intergrating the party and work strategy to dislodge ZANU PF.Save chave churu chakapinda nyoka karekare, if l were you guys l will go for MDC Renewal Team because they are more principled than this mad messiah who need to go to psychiatric unit hospital first to ascertain his mental capacity.Sure in this day and time someone calls for demostrations for what? Vanhu vari busy kuzvitsvagira mari Save, rongai imwe mwachewe!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 18 September 2014

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