Tsvangirai calls for demos

MASVINGO - MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai has urged Zimbabweans to come out of their cocoons and engage in street protests against President Robert Mugabe’s 34-year-rule which has been characterised by suffering and abuse.

Speaking during the party’s 15th anniversary celebrations at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo on Saturday, Tsvangirai called for a nationwide demonstration to put pressure on Mugabe’s government to address the economic challenges facing the country.

At the event attended by close to 15 000 party supporters, Tsvangirai said:

“As we speak now, people are suffering and we are going back to the old days. The problem is that we are docile. I crave to see workers coming to an all people’s demo, demanding a living wage, employers coming to the streets protesting against company closures, churches, students and young people demanding jobs.”

Tsvangirai said his party was ready to support the people of Zimbabwe from the various sectors including labour, employers, church, civic society, youth and women organisations in joining hands to confront Mugabe through nationwide mass protests.

He said the economic nose dive was severely affecting lives of millions of Zimbabweans and it was time for Zimbabweans to say no to Zanu PF abuses.

Tsvangirai added: “Vanhu varikunonga svosve nemuromo mudzimba umo ne nyaya ye economy ye nyika yodzokera kuya (People are suffering because of the bad economy). As MDC, we are ready to support the people to take to the streets to express themselves. It is a given right in the Constitution to demonstrate, so we have every reason to do that and if we are going to be arrested we are prepared to fill all the jails in the country.”

The MDC leader lamented the continued suffering of the people of Zimbabwe while the Zanu PF government was busy fighting for positions along factional lines.

Tsvangirai said he defeated Mugabe and Zanu PF in successive elections since 2002 and that the ruling party had to use illegal means to remain in power.

He added that he was proud that the party rescued the country during the time they were in the inclusive government with Zanu PF.

“We rescued this country from the precipice; opening schools and hospitals that had closed and giving Zimbabweans every reason to believe in the functionality of government once again. We brought confidence to the country, we brought life to a terminally sick economy and gave a distressed people a reason to hope again. And now Zimbabweans can see that without us, the nation is once again headed for the precipice,” he said.

He accused Mugabe of ignoring the people’s concerns and the decaying economy while  focusing on consolidating his power for the benefit of his family.

“The Government has suddenly stopped to work for the people as the Zanu PF politicians are busy fighting for positions, while Mugabe is busy trying to consolidate power so that he will leave it to his wife and children. He is trying to create a Mugabe dynasty to rule this country but we will not allow that,” said Tsvangirai.

The MDC leader said his party will pressurise Mugabe until he gives in to demands of finding a solution to the country’s economy.

He said that the MDC was in total support of intentions by the workers in the country through their Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) body to engage in mass protests just like his party youths have since done.

The anniversary celebrations were attended by the party leadership including Tsvangirai’s deputy, Thokozani Khupe, acting secretary-general Tapiwa Mashakada , the party’s chairman, Lovemore Moyo and women assembly boss, Theresa Makone.


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tikaramba takangoti tuzu zanu pf chokwadi haibvi zvirinani kuto batana pahuro nekuti vanhu ivava zvekusafa kwevanhu havaneyi nako .izvozvi Zimasco vavakugovana chombo, munangagwa na mai mujuru vashandi vachipihwa one week salary times number of yrs chokwadi tikaramba takati kududu hameno hedu ikozvino vakwidza tax kuti zvinhu zvudhure Havana basa nevanhu kumaparastatal vari kupinza ma MD asina ma quilifications seku telone vanhu vachingo nyarara

mr honest - 15 September 2014

People still do not see our situation for what it is- Mugabe does not give a fack about the povo and he is going to do everything he can to safeguard his family's and cronies' interests until somebody steps up and stops him. Who is going to step up and stop him? Tsvangirai has done a good job of keeping this brutal dictator in check so far but his peaceful demos will not be enough. A new tougher approach is required.

Disaster - 15 September 2014

hondo, hondo. we want warrrrrrrrrrr enough is enough. kusiri kufa ndekupi!!! the vampires must be vanquished. vanotya ngatisiyanei navo because we the fearless will form a formidable force.

Hondo, hondo - 15 September 2014

If we do not want to continue eating matoko, mazyuu , uthuvi matuzwi dished out to us by Mugabe then let us take this call by Morgan serious and spring into action but if we still enjoy the type of dish mentioned above which no sane person can want have then let us remain docile like donkeys and nkukuz .

Diibulaanyika - 15 September 2014

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wtr - 15 September 2014

Pliz mr editor can you do something by removing those who advertise on this stable . They are cio trying to disrupt our comments .

Diibulaanyika - 15 September 2014

Pliz mr editor can you do something by removing those who advertise on this stable . They are cio trying to disrupt our comments .

Diibulaanyika - 15 September 2014

Will this bring food on the table. What is needed is to have the country to its old days. All we need is decent wages to feed our families nothing much.

woah - 15 September 2014

morgiza paanga achidya anga akanyarara sei, zvikanzi unity government anomhanya nekuti hapana asingade kufula

Harare - 15 September 2014

We all know that Morgan revived our economy if he had not joined the unity gvt zimbabwe could be totally ruins by now he is the only key to our economy like it or not . But idiots easily forget and they like to continue eating shiite

Diibulaanyika - 15 September 2014

this mad messiah Tsvangison must shutup ,pay the MDCT workers who worked for fovoro whilst he was acting loose-mabhurugwa womenising and globe trotting for nothing. He must also bring\pay back mari dzaaingo dhisha ana Karimatsenga and others first. Vanhu vaakashandisa mahara varikuda mari yavo pliz.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 16 September 2014

What nonsense by Tsvangirai that his party rescued the economy - he says, “He added that he was proud that the party rescued the country during the time they were in the inclusive government with Zanu PF”. This is a false claim in the territory “Joice Mujuru shot down a helicopter”. Reviving an economy is like turning an Ocean liner - it takes long and it takes time. Ordinary people were already using multi-currencies unofficially. It was just a coincidence that the economy got better at the advent of the coalition, when the then Acting Finance Minister Chinamasa formalised the use of multi-currency regime, but it was not down to MDC-T. Tsvangirai is lying. What is it that MDC-T did which revived the ailing economy because in 2012 Tsvangirai admitted it was a good thing had not been able to form a government because they would have caused chaos on the economic front. Did MDC-T inject money into the treasury? Did MDC-T get loans? Did MDC-T suddenly find money which was hidden somewhere? The answers to all these questions in “No”. Here's a report from the Independent on the 7 December 2012, “Tsvangirai who last week said his party would have caused chaos if it had gone into government without the “apprenticeship course”, under Mugabe's mentorship. “It would have been chaos and fighting each other if we had gone straight into power, but God had a plan,” the Herald quotes him saying. “God has a purpose for everything. He did not allow us to go straight into power, but allowed us to go through an apprenticeship course where we have been taught how to rule and know where the keys to govern the country are found.” I go by what Tsvangirai has said in the past. His claim is patently false.

Musona - 16 September 2014

CHEMATAMA APERERWA ZVINO!!....has he forgotten that he used to boast "Mati muri kushaya? manje muchanyatsoshayisisa!" Then he went on to beg and grovel for sanctions to be imposed on his own country; did he think that the economy would improve??!! Iko paanga ari muGNU handiti akakanganwa zvinhu zvine basa akapedza nguva yake mukutandanisa madhirezi??!!

ZVOKWADI - 16 September 2014

there was a marked difference in our general livelyhood compared to prior years - that most people would admit. had it not been for tsvangirai's moral failures, many would have endorsed mdc as the potential alternative to zanu. however, the pm forgot his mandate and got attracted to personal pleasure. that has caused quite a large section of those who had put hope in his leadership to distrust him and his party. that he can do something for the country would depend on how he responds to his past failures especially morally.

taurai - 16 September 2014

Will the MDC Leadership , their wives and children (>18 yrs) be involved in these demos ? will they not be in their mansions and at schools abroad while we run street battles with police waiting to pounce,eat and oppress us again when everything seems to be OK .From 1972 to 1979 takabikira magandanga. Takawanei ? More opression , abject poverty, the worst unemployment rate this country has ever witnessed,heavier taxes, worst corruption to date. Tsvangirai must prove to the people of zimbabwe and the world that he is different from the current regime.what did he change when he was in the inclusive gvt ? nothing. why is it that there are more problems in the MDC than before the inclusive GVT. If he is a good leader why not resolve these problems amicably and chart the best way forward.Why does he believe like Zanu PF that he is the best there is in the whole of Zimbabwe.Who is paying for his stay in the mansion he currently stays ? is he qualified to be there ? Hatidi kubikira magandanga zvakare. Zvakakwana ? God is with the people of Zimbabwe ,HE will never forsake them.A good leader will emage before the 2018 elections.not from the current or old MDC- mark my words.My advise for Tsvangirai : Organise the date of the demos and be in the forefront together with your leadership to show your true colours

archibald gwata - 16 September 2014

masanction anenge asina basa aya. ingori propaganda inoshandiswa nevanhu vasingadi kubvuma kukoniwa kwavo. we can not credibly talk the santions mantra while we are officially using the sacntioning countries' currency. guys it good to own-up to our failures then we can correct them and make progress in the future. we have failed ourselves thats a fact. untill we face this reality, we're gonna sing the same sanctions song while languishing in abject poverty.

taurai - 16 September 2014

Even during the struggle for our independence we had idiots who never wanted us to be liberated they supported those who oppressed us . they demonised the fathers of struggle by calling them names . but the struggle went on and independence came . Now we have another struggle of trying to free ourselves from the dictator and the leader of that struggle is Morgan . Like during the struggle we have a few lunatics who demonise the man who is trying to free suffering zimbabweans but at last the masses will win . The struggle must go on bcoz we are tired of eating shiite dished us by zanu . Those who enjoy eating shiite can stay out of the struggle .

Diibulaanyika - 16 September 2014

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