Jocelyn Chiwenga kicked out of farm

HARARE - Jocelyn Chiwenga, the ex-wife of commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Constantine Chiwenga, has been evicted from her Shamva farm after the High Court issued a divorce decree.

A writ of ejectment issued on Wednesday by High Court Justice Andrew Mutema saw Jocelyn

being evicted immediately together with all her property, including clothes.

She was kicked out of the farm the evening the order was given.

WALKING AWAY...Jocelyn Chiwenga vows to contest her eviction in the courts.

“Whereas the commander of Defence Forces general Constantine Guveya Chiwenga, whose

address for service is care of Messrs Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners obtained an order in the High Court of Zimbabwe on the 8th of September against defendant Jocelyn Chiwenga (nee Mauchaza), a businesswoman of Chakoma Estate ordering her and all persons claiming through her to be ejected from and out of Chakoma Estate D of Chakoma Estate C held in terms of Certificate of Consolidation Title No. 582/2011 dated 09-02-09, situated in the district of Salisbury in Mashonaland East Province, also known as Dockson Farm at present occupied by the said defendant (Jocelyn) as it appears of record,” read the writ.

A decree of divorce was issued by the High Court on September 8, which will see Jocelyn receiving miscellaneous items like bathroom robes and artificial flowers while Chiwenga gets various firearms and sizeable shares in industrial properties and residential stands in Willowvale, Borrowdale Brooke and Shawasha Hills.

Among Jocelyn’s items attached as part of the divorce settlement are ironing boards, candle stands, carpets, kitchenware, some of Jocelyn’s clothes and other small items. When the Daily News arrived at the farm situated 1,5 kilometres off the Shamva Road, Jocelyn was being denied entry by camouflaged soldiers.

The soldiers advised her that they were working under orders not to let Jocelyn or any of her workers enter or exit the farm.

“Tanzi haumubvumirwe kupinda pagedhi. General havana mukadzi. Imi hatikuzivei.(We have been told you are not allowed to go beyond the gate. The general does not have a wife, we do not know who you are),” said one of the soldiers at the boom gate.

Jocelyn told the Daily News that the deputy sheriff arrived at night and worked until midnight on September 10 to throw out her property.

“Last night, five vehicles arrived together with the deputy sheriff advising my workers that the farm had been seized,” she said.

“They got inside the three bedroomed house and looted everything including my clothes and underwear.” She said that after taking all her belongings, they ordered the workers not to wander around the farm and only allowed one worker to man the wheat so that it would not be damaged by birds. Soldiers were planted at strategic positions with 10 more stationed at the farm house.

Jocelyn and her legal team comprising Advocate Thabani Mpofu and Sue Brighton of Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans said she would be contesting the divorce and seizure of property.

It has been a roller coaster for Jocelyn, who has watched in consternation as her husband moved out of the plush Borrowdale matrimonial home.

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wanzwa bata jocelyn. uchaziva here kuti ndiwe waida kuomborova Tsvangirai muchitoro kuita sekuti wanga usingazivi utsinye hwemurume wako.

chandengenda - 12 September 2014

Shame on you Mr Constantine Chiwenga,i have never known a General who performs a circus.Why brutality to people of weaker sex who in fact we should protect as men?What evil did your ex-wife do that she deserve such inhuman treatment?you should behave a leader and not as a ruthless nobody,

carson Macate - 12 September 2014

carson macate hapana chaunoziva about this Jocelyn thing.She treated workers at this farm like animals.Some were thrown in Shamva road with their belongings.She was a law unto herself.She literally chased away the owner of that farm and harvested his flowers and pocketed the proceeds.The poor farmer left only with his clothes, exactly what has happened to her.Now I believe when they say history repeats itsself.Jocelyn or whatever she calls she calls herself,deserves it.Just imagine the sarcasm from the soldiers.

chimuti - 12 September 2014

Nhai Blaaz Chandengenda mavekurasika papi? Josie haana kunzwa BATA aita yekuzora achinanzvirira he he heeeeeede Uuuuuri!!!!!!!

charlieboy - 12 September 2014

dai wabudiswa nenduwe yawakapfeka chete. watombopihwa hanzu dzako uneraki. une hutsinye hunokonona zvese nemurume wako so taste your own medicine. Ko zvawaida kurowa Tsvngison muchitoro chekwaMakro waiti hazvikuwaniwo here!

Takaz - 12 September 2014

get it gal!u thot u are a law unto yoself uchipfeka nyembe dzachiwenga uchiti unorova morgan nhasi wanzwa mondo. this is the ruthlessness with wc yo ex hubby treats all who dare to ask for freedom. nw u wl see wat the generals do.shut up and ship out! this is the kind of impunity that we are fighting against bt u liked when it served you well,now welcome to the real world we have all been living in under the brutal regime presided over by yo ex,among others

chitova - 12 September 2014

Hameno kuti ichokwadi here kuti josie airova murume wake kunyanya pakai pehusiku achimupomera mhosva yekutadza ku DHINDA zvakasimba mujira. Uyezve anonzi aiti jenarari vane kadiki. Kuti chirichokwadi kuti unofarira nyoro uye refu-refu ini ndinayo huya uchimhanya wakabata bhurugwa mumaoko. Asi on one condition...... ndinoda mudzimai asina kuunyana kumeso .hanzi neimwe shamwari yangu inondibatsira kutsvaga ma babie munhu asara dehwe rega sewe haaite.... sorry teera jenarari pese pavanoenda uchikumbira ruregerero.... kana zvaramba inwa hako wemakonzo nekuti chiyamuro chaicho panyika hausisina

charlieboy - 12 September 2014

Masolder ayo anoda kumboenda kudescipline....matarisire avakaita zvinhu back yamhoms vangangomunokora tsoka.

Chidondova - 12 September 2014


goodlife - 12 September 2014

Eish!!!!!! the lady divorced her white hubby for this thing so cold Chiwengwa . The guy left you for a much younger and sexy woman . Now you have no farm zanu pf courts have ruled against you so where to mama ? Are you still thirst and ready to drink the blood of a white man as you always said during the unlawful farm invasions madness? God 's whip punishes the wicked . How are you going to face the world after all those insults ? Its better you join MDC T for your peace of mind and better future Heey!! you are now a magogo so so shapeless hey!! musoro wegudo chachinokoro shona inodinesa mhani chesa mpaa maa!! bwa one time kwaMatibili.

Diibulaanyika - 12 September 2014

anzwa bhoo ngaachienda kunorova morgan tione kuvhaira ne zpf tsvatu waro

fambai - 12 September 2014


ZUMA - 12 September 2014

Many years ago I went to Bocha in Manicaland for the memorial service of a friend of mine's father. As I was bidding farewell to my friend after the function he said, Mand you know Jocylen Chiwenga and I said yes, the general's wife. He said I want you to take this road on your way back, not the one you used when you came. About 3kms from here, on your left you will see a homestead. He went on to graphically describe the homestead(and it was a sorry description). He told me that under a tree there will be an old man, dressed in a red shirt and sitting on a wooden stool. That was Jocylen's father and that was his life from sunrise to sunset. It was like he was describing a photo and true enough that is what I saw. From that day I never liked this woman. She represents the worst in humanity. I suppose its now pay back time for this evil woman. God has always been watching. How can we ever have expected her to be fair to the world when she treated her own like that?

Kufakwejeyi - 13 September 2014

l remember reading a story in the paper l think it was the daily news about how this woman beat up a human rights lawyer to a pulp. Sad that the things we do never leave us alone but come back to bite us in the a*&%$#ss and l mean bite hard.

Jackson Dube - 13 September 2014

...if you live by the sword you die by the sword.

David - 13 September 2014

Looking at Jocelyn 's picture it resembles a fish in a dried pond .It is exposed to hash weather , the hungry jackals and fish eagles of this world she looks exactly like that .During her hay days she was sitshaya amadoda It is said she used to likitha her former hubby Chiwengwa she wanted to do the same to strong man Morgan haa!!! but now in a split of seconds she is down and out you see amawala and kupaparika is not good .

Diibulaanyika - 13 September 2014

@Chandengenda: U cant be more precise than that countryman - chete mamwe maZimbo ane hanganwa, or are simply damn stupid, no wonder why they are now, or pretending to be, sympathizing with this bloody shameless bully called Jocelyn. Conventional wisdom has it that: a bully with a bruised nose is still a bully. So why shld any sane person pretend to be sorry for a bruised bully? Isn't it simply a matter of a bloody witch testing own witchcraft; so what is there to cry about? Wamama Jocelyn, just have a test of your own medicine - mbovora yomunhu

knox mapingu - 13 September 2014

When you plant a field of thorns, you are surely going to harvest thorns. Josie planted big thorns and she is harvesting what she planted. Ndivo vanhu vaiimba dzimbo dzeZanu(PF) even pabonde chaipo, zvino nhasi zvamuwana. Ngaachiinda kunorova Tsvangirai zvaaida kuita gore riya muchitoro.

Chenjerai Hove - 13 September 2014

what has happened is unfortunate and has nothing to do with politics or public. we need to sympathise with her, she is human. to the general, i say she remains your first wife, zvimwe ngazviitwe kuti zvisaitwa published kuti amai ava vafambe vaine chiremerero. she still needs to be respected because of your name. to the commentetors, mind for you will give account of every idle word and deed before God one day.thank you.

think - 13 September 2014

We are rejoicing for god has brought down to earth this evil umfazi who stole someone 's farm and harvested what she did not plant . Ninsamu yaleza inabha bataavwii ababhaa zintuu zyabantu. haleluya leza ulikujulu tulakutembaulaa twalumba amen.

Diibulaanyika - 13 September 2014

Well Well Jocelyn, you got what was coming to you. The Bible says very clearly you reap what you sow. Now that Jocelyn is off the farm after chasing the previous owner off who gets the farm now? The previous owner? I wonder if he has seen this article and if so, his thoughts? All that can be said is that I hope that Jocelyn has learnt from this debacle and that she will treat her fellow human beings with the compassion that we deserve. Who is going to get the proceeds from the wheat? Only the General? i was called a snake by you Jocelyn. So I sign off Snake Boy.

Ian Hall - 13 September 2014

Vengeance belongs to the Lord. In as much as she was not the person to write home about, let us show our humanness to her and I am sure she has learnt her lesson in life that you have to be good to human kind. Let us not judge her for God is the judge. I would want to believe that at some point in our lives we all had our own moments of madness.

wezhara - 14 September 2014

Umthetho ngumthetho, mutemo mutemo, the law and the courts must not be partisan or in support of or in fear of generals. The judge who presided on Chiwengas divorce must be struck off the bench. The law of divorce is simple! All movable and immovable property must be shared 50-50. Period! That farm is too big for one person, they must share. Generals are high profile VIPs why embarrass the nation, the President and Defence Forces acting like a hooligan against a defenceless and unarmed woman? You have the gall to abuse state soldiers to harass civillians and your wife to fight your private wars! This is a clear case of abuse of office and lawlessness. The genaral must be retired from the Defence Forces. How can an officer and gentleman treat his wife in such a cruel manner. What example are u setting to all generals and soldiers under you nenyika yose yeZimbabwe? Even if she is a hot head handle this divorce issue privately and honourably like a gentlyman. She is still mai vevana vako! Aripi masangano anomirira kodzero ramadzimai?

Mabhuksen - 14 September 2014

sad love story

Chief - 14 September 2014

vanhu vezanu vadzvanyiriri this lady was cruel yet forgeting that she is fast aging. now that she is that ugly, wringled both face and genitalia chiwenga is old to pick a sensetiua sexual arousal from that old lady ..... taste your own concortment

tozvireva - 16 September 2014

Womens presure groups kumirira ani kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk over our dead bodies

WOMEN ARISE - 16 September 2014

Vakadzi havanzwiri tsitsi stereki stereki... they are all cruel!!! Mark my words!!!!

mazi - 17 September 2014

at whose expense is the army guarding personal property of the general.

mgcini - 17 September 2014

Shame how come her breast ar dangling like a Camels asi haana kana Braa kkkkkkkk since they took everything including Undies ICHO CHIMU TEKU

Braa - 17 September 2014

The army is not guarding anything here, it is just performing regular drills and uyu munda waTito. if you want to know who pays for army drills, then thats simple.

Tito - 19 September 2014

Only hypocrites can sympathize with cruel Jocylene.She used to behave like she was herself the general. Chinobhururuka chimhara.Ava mai zvavawana.Ndizvo zvinonzi ZANU chiwororo.Asi hapana chisingaperi.

chakachaya - 19 September 2014

tell me something, is Jocelyn General Chiwenga's first wife? if not so, where is the first wife? zvakambofamba sei....i think history is repeating itself.... thumbs up to the General...

james bond - 19 September 2014

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